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Tearjerker / Fire Emblem Heroes

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  • Matthew wondering if he can see Leila again in this world. As of yet, she is not summonable.
  • Both Ephraim and Eirika's lv 40 lines basically are talking about their failure to save Lyon because of their weakness.
  • One of Maria's idle lines is how she wished how her siblings Minerva and Michalis can be together again. Considering Heroes Michalis is still an ass that willingly helps Veronica, you know it's less likely. Exacerbated even further by both Minerva's and Michalis' idle lines stating that they can never be siblings again.
  • Julia's level 40 dialogue has her talking about her fate, written by her bloodline, the Demonic Possession her brother Julius suffered, and the possibility of that happening to her too.
  • In one of her lines, Nino mentions how important family is to her and how she wishes she could have twins someday. Anyone familiar with the character knows that she has her twins, but isn't able to dote on them for long.
  • Another line from Nino has her crying after Lloyd and Linus, and in her "bad level up" quote, she screams she "doesn't want to be useless forever". Even in a crossover, poor girl can't catch a break...
  • Some of the characters' voiced lines can get pretty sad. For example, one of Takumi's lines is him telling the player that he suffers from horrible nightmares every night (a nod to his character bio from his home games, which claimed the exact same thing). He also asks if you think he's stronger than his siblings. Seems like Takumi still has self-esteem problems...
  • Eldigan and Lachesis get especially tear-jerky, partially because their example explains how the summoning works for characters who die midway through their own games — it seems to snatch Heroes soon before they meet their death, so Eldigan is from just before either riding out to fight Sigurd or just before his confrontation with Chagall (it's a bit ambiguous, as depending on player actions, he can die in one of two ways). So he doesn't know what awaits him, and is just grateful to have a sensible lord to follow for once. Meanwhile, Lachesis is from after he died, since he dies midway through generation one, and she never really recovered from losing him. She begs you to be more careful than Eldigan was, because she can't possibly take any more loss. Even having Eldigan in the Order isn't much of a balm, because there's no way to prevent his doomed fate and their reunion is only fleeting.
  • Ryoma and Elise's respective quotes when they are defeated in battle. Anyone who has played Fates will recognize their quotes from the cutscenes in Birthright and Conquest where Elise and Ryoma, respectively, are Killed Off for Real in those specific pathways.
    Ryoma: I'm counting on you...
    Elise: Be at peace...
  • Zephiel's speech upon reaching Level 40 is this. He mentions that you gave him hope and made him slightly less cynical about the world and humanity... But then he tells you a little about the immense shitfest his youth was and how he had to end the life of his own father and gives a thoughtful warning, almost a threat, that you should never betray his trust. Given what he's gone through in the games you meet him, feeling anything but sympathy for Zephiel is hard.
  • In terms of Level 40 speeches, there's also Legion. Legion comments that they know they're mentally unstable, and wonders why you'd ever put up with them. In addition, he seems to believe the theory that you don't hate him is entirely outlandish and far-fetched, showing how he believes that nobody who knows him could ever not hate him. Knowing that in his game, Legion worked in a mercenary group with no one who cared for him but his other selves and was murdered for failing, likely never even meeting anyone who he could even imagine didn't hate him for his insanity... well, it paints a side of him that hasn't been seen before.
  • Speaking of the assassins, Clarisse takes this not just on her Level 40 speech, but every one of her quotes. All of her quotes are about hoping that she proves herself to be the best: she has to, otherwise she will be discarded by even the player. The bitchy attitude turns out to be a mask to cover her own insecurities. It makes her look like a more obvious Jerkass Woobie and a tsundere and knowing her fate in the original game (failing her job to assassinate Marth, and then left to die by the one she looked up to), it makes her look far more tragic and like Legion, paints a very different side of her.
  • Katarina seems to be more well-adjusted than the other two, but take all of her lines into account; it's clear she's just as broken as them and is simply going about it in a different way. A lot of her lines are about her desperation to be useful, and her guilt over her betrayals. If she gets a good level up, she says she hopes you're proud of her. If she gets a bad level up, she pleads with you to not be angry, which says a lot about how she was raised.
  • Linde might look like a determined Plucky Girl, but then if you get her to Level 40 5-star, while expressing how grateful she is to you, she starts slipping off memories of her past on how she looked up to her father Miloah until he was murdered by Gharnef. The mere mention of that makes Linde's plucky attitude crack that she briefly tears up. So, even if she looked cheery, looks like she couldn't forever hide the fact that deep down she really misses her dad...
  • Damaged portraits tend to be either intense, funny, or veering into fanservice territory. Subaki's damaged portrait, however, ends up outright depressing to look at. This is not helped by some of his home game's support conversations revealing that he has a fear of not being able to live up to the high standards that his parents had pressured into him.
  • Listening to Berkut thinking lovingly about Rinea is rather difficult when you know he will ultimately sacrifice her to Duma in his blind lust for power and revenge.
  • Amelia's level 40 speech has her mention why she wanted to become a soldier: she tells a short story of how bandits attacked her village and killed her mother, and there was nothing she could do back then. It's possibly worse if you've seen her supports with Duessel in Sacred Stones and know her mother is still alive, but this Amelia hasn't found out yet.
  • While delivered with perfect stoicism, many of Jaffar's lines hammer home the fact that he was deprived of anything resembling a childhood, raised from infancy to become a mindless killing machine.
  • As expected of the first generation of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, there's a lot of sadness in the characters, whether because of Dramatic Irony or them knowing what's to come.
    • Arden makes a brief mention of wanting a family of his own, but he's not considered particularly attractive. His confession also talks about his fear of being left behind by his comrades.
    • Tailtiu talks about her fear of disappointing her father. In hindsight, not only that this would come true, that is, her father attempting to kill her just to clear their family name, this makes her eventual downward spiral harsher: Somewhere, she knew that her family would later abuse her for staining their name and then it extended to her daughter, and she partially blames herself for it.
    • Arvis talks a lot about the sort of world he wants to achieve — one free of discrimination, unaware of just how badly he's going to fail. He makes brief mention of Sigurd, calling him a usurper who needed to die, but it feels somewhat hollow, almost as though he's trying to justify it to himself rather than anyone else. His death quote is the names of his wife and daughter, just like in canon.
      Arvis: Deirdre... Julia...
    • Deirdre's lost her memories and is afraid that she's never going to see you again, just like with Sigurd. Making this sadder is that she frequently seems to feel as though she's a burden to the group, which could hardly be further from the truth, yet because of everything that's happened to her, it's not hard to see why she'd feel that way. She's both afraid to lose both you and Sigurd, yet is also afraid that she's The Load to you... Several of Deirdre's lines of dialogue mention her feeling afraid of "something inside of her", or outright mention how afraid her own blood makes her. Considering just what happens to all of her children because of their blood, it's outright tragic, in a What If the Baby Is Like Me? sort of way. Especially when considering what happens to Julius.
    • Sigurd, meanwhile, has a castle quote where he states that he intends to return to Seliph as he promisednote , implying that he's from before his death at Belhalla... But then you reach his confession, which reveals that he's actually well-aware of just how badly things are going to go. Not only does he lament how badly things turn out with Eldigan, he knows what sorts of burdens Seliph is forced to carry.
  • It's implied from some of Sakura's dialogue in her Trick or Defeat! persona that she's from after the war in Fates, most likely Revelation. And one of her Castle Quotes has her mention that legends say nekomatas have the ability to bring people back from the dead. She tries to say what she'd do if she had that power, but gets too choked up to continue, no doubt with tears in her eyes and thinking about Mikoto... Long after the war and she's still pained by her death...
  • One of Joshua's lines has him mention an intent to return to his mother in Jehenna. Anyone who's played Sacred Stones knows that the mother-son reunion won't go well. Dialogue from The Dorcas Gambit implies that this Joshua was summoned after the siege of Jehanna. Not only has he witnessed the death of his mother, but also the death of her killer — a man who used to be a dear friend.
  • Lyon's portrayal is heartbreaking for those who have played Sacred Stones. His voice, which sounds bitterly regretful, and confession, where he confesses while he is amnesiac about his past deeds but knows he has done terrible things to the people who cared about him, is a reminder of his position in his game as a Tragic Villain. As he states in a line:
    Lyon: I have no right to be alive... But I shall remain here for as long as you wish.
  • New Year Corrin's summary includes this gem: "His kimono was prepared by Mikoto while she was still alive."
  • While the Fallen Heroes banner is mostly terrifying, it's also rather sad to see heroic figures like Robin, Celica and Hardin under Demonic Possession.
    • One of Hardin's lines in this state talks about how he "Loved hernote  until the very end".
    • Robin's possession by Grima is particularly gut-punching because he is a green dragon unit - both of which would give Falchion wielders like Chrom and Lucina the best chance of finishing him. His lack of memories is also something of a sore spot. He even offers to spare your life if you can help him get them back. Yes, the Fell Dragon who despises humans is willing to let one live if they're able to help him get his memories back.
    • Despite how far they're fallen, all of the Fallen Heroes still have some shred of the people they once were. Celica in particular can recall her time in Ram and is lucid enough to beg for death at Alm's hand. Unlike the other Fallen Heroes, Celica is still trying desperately to regain her body, all while seeming perfectly aware of what's going on around her.
    • Then there's Takumi, who seems to cycle between confusion and bloodthirst. One half of him wants to kill, but he can't remember who, while another side of him still hears Azura's song as he gasps out her and Corrin's names in pain, wishing only to spend time with his family. It's just sad.
    • All the Fallen Heroes have a voice line where they show the humanity they once had.
      Robin: If I were human, and were able to live among you...then perhaps...
      Hardin: I...loved her. Until the very end...
      Celica: You are warm... Like a light that pierces the darkness...
      Takumi: I just want to spend time with my family!
  • One of male Morgan's random quotes seems to confirm the popular fan theory that the Morgans are from a Future Past timeline where they worked with Grima to kill the other future children, with the possibility that some of the others are their siblings.
    Morgan: Huh. How'd I wind up with two copies of this strategy book?
  • Gerome comes off as detached about the possibility of reuniting with his deceased parents, but as one of his voice lines reminds us, it's not without good reason.
  • The new heroes in the World of Thracia aren't any more cheerful than the ones from Genealogy.
    • Leif is suffering from Survivor's Guilt and recalls the day Leonster fell.
    • Finn still feels guilty over the death of Quan and Ethlyn, but seems numb by it. He repeatedly says that everything will be fine as long as Leif is alive - no matter what it takes. He's doubtlessly ready to throw his own life away to keep Leif safe.
  • The second Genealogy banner isn't quite as solemn as the first, but there are still some moments.
    • Lene talks about how difficult her life is as a dancer, and the reason she keeps doing it: she's hoping to find her mother (Silvia) one day. Another voice line has her say she doesn't want to be alone and beg you to stay with her.
    • Ares's wonder at the possibility of seeing his father drives home the fact that Eldigan was taken from him far too soon. He talks about how he grew up seeing Sigurd as an enemy until recently. His confession even has him admit that he's raised his sword toward friends.
    • Ishtar is clearly doubting the path she's chosen, and her confession warns you not to make the same mistakes she has.
    • Julius seems entirely unrepentant, but one voice line has him groaning about his head hurting. That suggests, like the Fallen Heroes, deep down the real Julius is aware of what's going on and trying to fight off Loptous's possession/influence.
  • Takumi's title in the German versionnote  translates to 'The Eternal Second Place'.
  • A number of Canas's lines discuss the possibility that he'll end up like his brothers. He seems more concerned rather than afraid. The really tragic part is that anyone familiar with the Elibe saga knows that he won't end up like his brothers - he and his wife will die trying to stop a snowstorm, leaving their son Hugh to be raised by Canas's mother, Niime.
  • As exciting as the Brave versions of Celica, Hector, Ephraim and Veronica are, there is still some solemness in their forms. Celica's confession reveals that she still feels guilty for her argument with Alm during their reunion, after years of being apart. Ephraim talks about his father, who dies in the first chapter of The Sacred Stones. Hector talks about how he wanted to stand at the side of his brother, who dies offscreen of illness in The Blazing Blade. Veronica, meanwhile, is afraid that her brother has started to hate her.
  • Quan, much like Sigurd, doesn't appear to be aware of his ultimate fate until you reach his confession, where he reveals that he is. Ethlyn likewise seems oblivious, expressing a hope that Sigurd and Deirdre will live a happy life together, but one of her unused critical lines has her screaming a desperate "I'll protect you!" (This particular line can even be heard at times before battle when she's part of your team). Players familiar with her fate know that she made such a declaration towards her daughter, Altena, right before she and Quan were slain by Travant and Altena abducted.
  • Helbindi's summoning quote. He also calls Askr "heaven," comparing it to his former "filth pile" home, and then goes on to say that "filth pile" is where he belongs.
    "This is a joke, right? The only place I'm heading is hell."
  • Legendary Tiki's dialogue is laced with her fear of being left alone. Especially heartbreaking considering how young and childlike she is at this point.
    "I heard someone say I’m going to live much, much longer than everyone else...How much longer, do you think?"
  • Everything about Young Azura is utterly heartbreaking. She comes from a time where she was treated horribly by the Nohrian court, with no one to come to her aid and ease her suffering. Her critical quotes are basically her screaming at the enemy to get out of her face and leave her alone. All in all, her entire character just makes you want to give her a big hug and protect her from any harm. It becomes even WORSE if you're aware of her fate at the end of Birthright and Conquest...
  • Hríd, in one of his castle lines, expresses great regret in failing to protect his country's people and his sisters, believing it will haunt him for the rest of his life.
  • When you max out either Grima to Level 40, their dialogue paints a rather depressing outlook on their beliefs and reason for being.
    Grima (Female): Come to butter me up some more? How very irksome. I've nothing to chat about with a human. Humans spout their ideals, but it's nothing but lip service. Let's all join together and hold hands, you'll say. We can overcome our differences despite being different species, despite our differing core ideologies. The truth is what you see daily in this place. Day after day, night after night, all you have is never-ending war. One person's satisfaction means another must suffer. That is the truth of all worlds. But my power of destruction is the one true equalizer. If you think there's someone out there capable of leading the world with such high-minded ideas of love and bonds... I'd love to meet them. Hmph. After all that, you still talk your big talk? Very well. I'll watch over you... Right until your bitter end.
    Grima (Male): You are a curious one... You willingly come to chat with me? The fell dragon? Alone? You know full well how I detest humans. They have no qualms asking for divine assistance when it meets their fickle needs... But how quick they are to shun their benefactors once they get what they desire. They become arrogant and make the same mistakes repeatedly, incapable of learning the folly of their ways. They claim their actions are for the good of others, but that's merely a show of self-indulgence. Humans are selfish. And the ugliness of mankind has turned me repulsive. It's the world that wants me to be evil. And yet you claim to need me here? Enough of your lies, worm. How dare you look at me with such a gaze. Do not dare pity me!
  • One of Valentine Soren's quotes has him comment about the festival and how he never got the chance to experience it when he was young. If you're familiar with his background, this counts double.
  • Really, everything about Greil. He has a Tempest and a Paralogue Chapter devoted to him, yes, but here's the catch: Greil comes from after Chapter 8 of Path of Radiance. Which means he's already had his duel with Black Knight. And he knows it. The Paralogue can be best summed up as "Ike, Mist, Titania and Soren get one more day with Greil" while a couple of Greil's voice lines drive the entire point home in force:
    Greil: The name's Greil. I was the commander of a mercenary company, but...Well, I retired.
    Greil: I told Ike to forget about revenge, but...
    Greil: I didn't want anybody dying on me. I ordered it. And then...Oh, Mist, I'm sorry.
  • The Darkness Within banner makes all of the featured characters tragic foes.
    • Mareeta has fallen prey to the corruption of the Shadow Sword, but even in her controlled state, she can only express her desire to not hurt her mother; a few quotes show her visibly trying to fight or otherwise showing cracks, and her death quote in particular has her apologizing to her father. Her Confession has her coldly noting the war and the purposes of a sword in her 'usual' manner...before, in a moment of lucidity, quickly realizing what she just said, backtracking and saying that her sword was to protect; only, she can't remember anything. As she calls out for her parents, she also calls out for you.
    • Berkut has gone full Ax-Crazy, but one of his quotes has him in a panicked tone asking where Rinea is. The implication is that at that moment, Berkut was so unhinged he genuinely couldn't understand what he just did to Rinea. The Japanese delivery of the line makes this even worse, however; normally Berkut has Duma's voice speaking alongside his to indicate his Demonic Possession, but when he asks about Rinea, it's just his voice, implying that in a moment of lucidity, he has no idea what he just did.
    • Corrin's voice lines are pained and she is trying to do her best to warn people to stay away from her. Even her critical quotes sound less like a Pre-Mortem One-Liner, and more like a warning.
    • Young Tiki sounds robotic and her voice is filled with Dull Surprise in a way that makes it clear how feral she is compared to her normal forms.
    • Delthea likewise sounds robotic and focused solely on killing Tatarrah's enemies. At five stars, she admits that if you find yourself as one of them, killing you would give her pause, but she'd still do it. In one of Delthea's status page quotes at five stars, she briefly regains control, and says how she actually feels about her situation.
      Fallen Delthea: Save me, brother... I'm... I'm scared... I want to see our village again... I want to go home!
  • Most of Ylgr's quotes highlight her desire to go out on an adventure... save one, where she sounds like she's on the verge of crying and barely spurts out "I' sorry."
  • Summer Helbindi has two quotes expressing a hope that his sister, Menja, will show up. One of them even has him about to ask the Summoner to try, only to change his mind and tell them to "forget it".
  • Summer Helbindi's conversation with Loki at the end of the Tempest Trial "A Promise or Joy" has him seeing through her manipulations. She promised him the chance to see his sister again, but he feels that he doesn't belong where she is. After all of the things he's done, he believes that he belongs in hell.
  • Dimitri brings up how it is evil to kill, which even if you don't know what happens in Three Houses, is upsetting if you see the trailer during E3 and seeing how Dimitri shouts "KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!" in the Time Skip.
  • Halloween Hector and Lilina are cute at first glance... Until you get to their conversation, where they end up discussing about the future... in case 'something bad' happened to Hector. Lilina starts crying in fear of what would happen, and while Hector managed to calm her down, it may be the only time he realized he was too brash back then when he took up the curse of Armads. At that point, he knew what kind of grief he would leave to his daughter when the curse came to fruition and there's no turning back. The end of "A Child's Wish" only rubs salt into the wound when L'Arachel, who also lost her father, urges Hector not to die for Lilina's sake. Hector promises to stay alive, but anyone aware of how things play out in The Binding Blade knows it's a promise Hector can't keep.
  • The arrival of a non-corrupted Mareeta alongside her mother Eyvel is heartwarming at first, but Eyvel still notes that there are certain things about her life that she can't remember (namely, her time with Sigurd's army, her twin sister AND her two biological children Patty and Febail).
  • Shannan still holds a lot of guilt over Deirdre's disappearance, but there's also the fact that his aunt, Ayra, left behind his cousins Larcei and Ulster.

  • The "To Die On The Battlefield" Tempest Trial stars Hector as both the main character and the final boss. After the Tempest vanishes, Hector talks with "Marth" about this odd predicament. In contrast to his usual jolliness, Hector expresses his concern and sadness about having to fight a copy of himself, as well as the implication that, as stated in The Blazing Blade, his Armads has cursed him with the fate of dying on the battlefield. This is especially sad since this is exactly what will happen to him in The Binding Blade.
  • Chapter 13 reveals more about the Mysterious Man: As expected, he is both Prince Bruno and Zacharias. He was banished from Embla because his mother was accused of being a spy. He became friends with Alfonse and Sharena, but the curse on his bloodline began to take its toll. In the last part of the chapter, he reveals that not only did he once make an attempt on Alfonse's life with Alfonse not knowing it, but he also attempted to kill himself (and his wording suggests he's done so more than once). He starts begging his friends to kill him.
  • Performing Arts Shigure is so excited to find Performing Arts Azura, his mother. She faded away in his timeline, which is why he has the pendant. And then he finds out she's a different Azura from a different timeline. This Azura is the Nohr Azura, and she comments that she'll be "going to the same place his mother did." Which she does at the end of the Nohr timeline.
  • Book II reveals that Fjorm also witnessed the death of her mother at the hands of Surtr. Given that Surtr specializes in using fire, Fjorm's mother almost certainly died horribly. This is extended in Chapter 7 of Book II, as Fjorm also has to witness Surtr killing her sister Gunnthrá just when the Order of Heroes had found her hiding spot. However, if you had summoned Gunnthrá beforehand, it comes as awkward.
  • While both of Alfonse and Sharena’s parents may be alive and well, Book II Chapter 4 reveals that their father was among those strongly opposed to Alfonse joining the Order of Heroes, and that he still won’t see him because of it. Since Sharena is also part of the Order of Heroes, it’s possible that she’s on the receiving end of this as well.
  • Book II Chapter 4, specifically in part 5, takes an extremely dark turn. As Alfonse, Fjorm, Sharena and Anna are about to pass into Nifl, they are accosted by King Surtr and his minions, Laevateinn and Loki. Surtr points out how close they are to an Askran village, and gives Alfonse an ultimatum: Give his life for a chance to save the people in the village, or let them burn. Surtr begins describing exactly how they will die, and it's terrifying to think about. Alfonse is understandably mortified by this, and it's painful to see Surtr so happy to burn people alive.
    Surtr: Let me tell you something you might not know... being burned alive is one of the most painful ways to die. [cue Slasher Smile] First the skin burns off... Then the muscles themselves begin to fall apart. In the end, they all wail. "Please... kill me! Please!"
    Alfonse: What drives your madness?!
  • Chapter 10 Book II reveals that everything you did was All for Nothing. Damn you, Surtr.
  • While in the Feud of the Fangs Tempest Trials, the temporary team-up of the former Black Fang is successful in paying back Ursula for nearly killing Lloyd, Linus makes it clear afterwards that he hasn't forgiven Nino and the others for defecting. He refuses to even let her call him her brother. However, his conversation with Legault afterwards may have convinced him to try and patch up their relationship some day.
  • The Paralogue for the "Love Abounds" banner is mostly funny and heartwarming until the end, when Lilina gives Hector the present he thought was for Roy. Then Hector drops this line.
    Hector: Where you come from, I'm already dead.
  • Book II Chapter 12 reveals that Surtr burned down the slums and killed Helbindi's sister to make an example of her after he failed against the Order of Heroes. Laegjarn's delivery of the news doesn't help either, as she says it in a very straight laced manner, but the subtle look on her face shows how genuinely horrified she is.
  • Book II Chapter 13. All right, Surtr is dead for good! Yay! But wait... the Rite of Frost that Fjorm undertook was still in effect. Fjorm is literally Living on Borrowed Time for a failed attempt to take down Surtr earlier. And Book II closes with a happy end turned utterly bittersweet...
    • There's also Laegjarn and Helbindi's deaths. Laegjarn is forced to use the flames of Múspell to empower herself in the place of poor Laevatein, and ends up dying shortly afterwards. In her last moments, she notes how she and Fjorm could have been friends, and begs her and the Order of Heroes to save Laevatein. Meanwhile, Helbindi decides to stay behind and face Surtr to ensure Veronica and Ylgr escape, fully knowing it will lead to his death.
    • To say nothing of poor Laevatein herself at the end. Sure, Surtr is out of the picture, and Múspell can finally begin a new reign of peace. However, this thrusts Laevatein into a position of having to rule an entire kingdom by herself, without someone like Laegjarn to guide her. Given how much of an Extreme Doormat she has been throughout her life, only time will tell how she rules Múspell as its new queen...
  • The entirety of Paralogue 27 occurs because a young Azura is lured into a dream world by Loki, where she is loved and understood by her family and friends. Adult Azura recounts that she was lonely and felt trapped, and even implies she was suicidal from the isolation. Even when Azura is trying to convince her younger self not to hide away in dreams and sorrow, and to wait for better days that will come, she acknowledges that even her future life isn't guaranteed to be happier. The entire chapter just makes you want to give young Azura a hug, especially after the Askrans break the Dream heroes' contracts and they disappear:
    Young Azura: Don't go! Please... don't leave me alone.
    Azura: Oh, Azura... You aren't alone. For now, you may be wrapped in your sorrow. Worse things may yet happen to you. But someday...
    Young Azura: Shut up! You just shut up! How... How can you possibly understand?
    Azura: Of course I understand. I know exactly how you feel... because I am you. All of the pain, all of the sadness... It is mine as well as yours.
    Young Azura: *sob* Aagh! *SOB*
  • Book III's intro movie, showing that it's already much more Darker and Edgier than the previous two seasons. In the climax of the movie, Eir has a vision of Hel slaying Sharena in front of Alfonse while he is helpless to save her. While this may just be a vision for now, this may be the fate that may end our beloved princess's life.
  • As of Chapter 3, Book III, Alfonse's days are numbered—he has only nine left. Damn you, Hel...
  • Similar to the Paralogue story, Ike meets with an alternate dimension Greil in the Tempest. As happy as he is to see him, Greil reveals the he is the source of the Tempest, and it's up to Ike to defeat his father to quell the Tempest. Needless to say, Ike is hesitant.
  • At the end of Book III Chapter 4, Gustav's Heroic Sacrifice for his son and naming him King of Askr. Even though in the previous scenes he accepted that Alfonse will die to Hel's curse and that there is nothing they can do about it, the turnaround on the end when he realizes on the nature of the curse is so sudden that it take everyone off guard, stating that Gustav's duty of a king means that sacrifices had to made for the greater good, even his own life.
  • Book III Chapter 5 twists the knife further, by having Gustav revived by Hel as a puppet leader for her armies. He asks Alfonse and Sharena to strike him down.
  • Book III Chapter 6 tells us Eir's backstory. She had thousands of lives thanks to her dragon ancestry, but unfortunately, Hel exploited this by killing her over and over and over again, every single day to boost her own power, until she was at her last life. And Eir has to experience the pain of death every single time. What the fuck, Hel?! No wonder the poor girl looks so depressed...
  • In a rather surprisingly display of emotion for someone who has thus far been portrayed as a Cold Ham, Lif practically begs Alfonse not to tell the rest of the Order and especially Sharena about his true identity at the end of Chapter 8.
  • In Chapter 10 of Book III, we get the reveal that Thrasir is actually an alternate version of Veronica, who worked for Hel so her world can get restored at the expense of the Order of Heroes. Her last words after getting killed by Veronica and Alfonse (our versions) lament her failure for her version of Bruno.
  • In Chapter 11 of Book III (based on a preview), we get what happens to be the ruins of the Askr castle - in particular, the home screen menu. That's right, we get to see that VERY screen all destroyed and ruined. It's quite sad to know that nothing in Askr was spared. Chapter 11 reveals a flashback with "Líf"/Alfonse with "Thrasir"/Veronica before the events of Chapter 10 of Book III, "Thrasir" made a promise with "Líf" to talk with each other again as friends after they accomplish their goals in reviving their realm, in which "Líf" accepts. One can hear the heartbreak that "Líf" got after "Thrasir" got Killed Off for Real at the end of Book III Chapter 10.

  • From the official manga: Masked Lucina is musing about her mission to protect the future, only to come across Spring Chrom hanging out with Spring Lucina...the sight of which brings her to tears. (An alternate reading of the manga's title is "A Successfully Saved Future...It Exists!")
  • The 1/30/2018 Feh Channel has poor Feh spend so much time talking about the upcoming anniversary events that she doesn't notice Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Fjorm, and Effie gobble up her birthday cake before she can get a single bite in.
    Feh: Aww...the cake is all gone...everybody got to have some ex...cept for me...
  • At the end of the November 7th, 2018 Feh Channel, Sharena, in a stark contrast to her character, is shown reaching towards the viewer with tears streaming down her face. Such a sight surely made many summoners' hearts sink.

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