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  • Gadgeteer Genius that she is, Skuld of Ah! My Goddess could probably drum up a flamethrower from old engine parts, or a disintegrator ray from a disassembled TV set, but, nope, she relies on bombs. AND HOW!
  • AKIRA begins with the mother of all kabooms that completely obliterates Tokyo. And there's more, too.
  • Armored Trooper VOTOMS loves blowing stuff up, especially Scopedogs, but anything is fair game.
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  • In Axis Powers Hetalia, one of Hong Kong's hobbies is to detonate firecrackers, according to his profile. More than one fanwork goes further and depicts him as a full-blown explosives expert.
  • Naturally, this trope is Nice Holystone's one true love. As a girl, she accidentally blew out an eye tinkering with explosives. She even has explosives stored in her eye socket.
  • Considering that Black Lagoon is essentially the anime equivalent of a Hollywood action film, it should be no surprise that the explosions can get to ridiculous levels at points, especially when it comes to the cars.
  • Three key phrases can be used to succinctly sum up Blame!: Walking the Earth, Amazing Architecture and Stuff Blowing Up.
  • The preferred method of dealing with Genetic engineering mishaps in Blood+ is 'Option D', which means dropping missiles on the affected area. On a smaller scale, Kai uses special bullets which ultimately cause parts of Chiropterans to explode.
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  • The title of Btooom! is supposed to be that of the sound a bomb makes when exploding. The story's whole premise is a Deadly Game where the only weapons given are bombs, so there are plenty of explosions.
  • The "Cowboy Funk" episode of Cowboy Bebop involves the crazed Teddy Bomber; who blows up buildings throughout the episode (the last one nearly taking Spike and the cowboy Andy with it). Jet even states that the reason why no one goes after Teddy Bomber is because they don't want to get blown up.
  • Marcille in Delicious in Dungeon. Her standard offensive spell is to conjure a localized explosion. She can also use stronger versions of it with some cast time.
  • One Contractor in Darker Than Black was a little boy who could blow up anything he'd left handprints on. This was impressive enough when the results were seen from a distance or when he was just using gravel as cherry bombs, but when he marked everything in the room with handprints? Yeesh.
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  • Dirty Pair: The point of the series.
  • Dragon Ball Z is made of this trope by the end of the Frieza saga. Planets get blown up left and right.
  • The final episode of Excel Saga features Nabeshin espousing the philosophy that "Explosions fix everything!", then giving a graphic demonstration: a fused Excel and Hyatt are returned to their original bodies when he dynamites the room they're standing in.
  • This is the standard response of Louise of The Familiar of Zero after she gets magic. And slightly before...
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Solf J. Kimblee is an alchemist whose power is to turn things into bombs. He thoroughly enjoys himself doing so.
    • Roy Mustang. Things go boom when he snaps his fingers. He enjoys it less than Kimblee though.
  • In Part 4 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Yoshikage Kira's Stand, Killer Queen, runs on this trope, with its primary ability turning anything it touches into a detonated bomb (but only one at a time), its secondary ability releasing an autonomous heat-seeking RC-car sized tank that won't stop until its targets are dead, and later on, Bites The Dust, a bomb that creates a time loop by blowing up anyone who tries to inquire Bites The Dust's host about Kira's secrets.
  • Megumin from KonoSuba only ever chose to learn how to use Explosion magic, and dumped all of her skill points into making bigger and faster explosions. However, she regularly exhausts herself after casting the spell once a day, since she never put any skill points into increasing her mana pool.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, this is Nanoha's solution to practically everything. Need to make friends? Blow them up. Humongous Mecha Cosmic Horror on a rampage? Blow it up. Student not following orders? Blow her up. Need to save daughter? Blow her up. Some people forgot to equip brakes? Active Guard with Holding Net. There are some things Full Power Total Destruction can't solve, but for everything else, there's Starlight Breaker.
  • Deidara is an awesomely insane Mad Bomber who enjoys blowing things up with clay. In fact, he met his demise by self-detonation.
    • And in the first Naruto film the Big Bad, Doto, blows up his own fortress for no apparent reason.
    • When Tailed Beasts aren't flattening mountains and crushing villages with their tails/feet, they are blowing stuff up on the gargantuan scale with the Tailed Beast Bomb.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion has a particularly awesome explosion in End of Evangelion when Asuka in Unit 02 throws a battleship at a bunch of tanks.
  • In Pokémon, there is a good chance those cutting leaves are Made of Explodium. The anime is in love with explosions.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: This is how Homura planned on defeating Walpurgis Night. Using her Hammer Space, or stuff she just put there ahead of time, she attacks with hundreds of rocket launchers, mortars, mobile artilleries, and a building covered wall-to-wall with explosives. Too bad none of it helped.
    • This was her original shtick in previous timelines, she relied exclusively on homemade explosives until one of her teammates complained about stuff blowing up in front of them. So she started stealing guns from the local Yakuza.
  • In Ranma ½, Akane tries to get some hard-boiled eggs by popping a tray of about a dozen or so in the microwave. It explodes spectacularly, blasting its own door off its hinges with such force, the shockwave knocks Ranma (a powerful martial artist) off his feet and the door itself breaks through the plumbing, flooding the kitchen.
    • This could be Truth in Television, as when you put eggs in microwaves, they do actually explode. Violently. Seriously kids, Don't Try This at Home.
    • Earlier, in the OAV version of the same story, Kasumi reminisces about her childhood and how she couldn't cook anything either —up to, and including, setting a pot of boiling water ablaze.
  • Redline explodes enough stuff to rival Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann for sheer explodyness. This includes JP, but he's Made of Iron so he lives.
  • In Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Ariel has a vision of Space station Liberty being blown up Space station Liberty really is blown up, with blast radius of hundreds of kilometers - wiping out the Haydonite Fleet.
  • Slayers plays with this a lot. To the point that by the beginning of the second season, as soon as hot-tempered ultra-powerful sorceress Lina Inverse starts chanting her most powerful spell (which usually results in mile wide craters, at least), the other characters are running for the hills and trying to evacuate civilians.
  • At the end of The Movie of Space Runaway Ideon, the Ideon explodes so hard it takes down a galaxy with it.
  • In Speed Grapher, main character Tatsumi Saiga adquires the power to make anything blow up by taking a picture of it. He then decides to save the girl who gave said power to him, Kagura Tennouzou.
  • In Super Dimension Fortress Macross (and a few of its sequels,) the first part of the Daedalus Attack consists of the title mecha punching into an enemy ship. The second part consists of deploying lots and lots of Humongous Mecha from the "fist" to deliver a Macross Missile Massacre within the ship's interior, causing it to explode spectacularly.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is particularly fond of filling the screen with explosions. Namely, if something is pierced with a drill, it explodes. The first Big Bad is defeated by getting a hole DETONATED on his torso, and the second one EXPLODES SEVEN TIMES.
    • It opened with a zooming space-galaxy-thing shot...which then blew up. Then there were lots more explosions. Really, with a start like that you should've expected this sort of thing.
      • And then we have the volcano that spontaneously explodes when Kamina and Simon combine for the last time. The movies had the Chouginga Dai-Gurren-Dan create a Galaxy-sized volcano, for the sole purpose of making it explode seconds later, due to their own pure awesomeness that summoned it in the first place.
      • When the Dai-Gun Doten Kaizan was destroyed, it was done in parts. First Guame's part, due to the thousands of beams pulled after Gurren-Lagann, then Cytomander's, then Adiane's and finally Viral's part, by a Giga Drill Breaker... all from the inside. Safe to say, the recurring explosion looked fucking awesome, and somehow missed Viral, despite the Giga Drill also hitting him in the head. From below. And he survived being inside a giant mecha that blew up several times.
  • Zeorymer's Dimensional Coupler Cannon warps space to blow stuff up directly. Its Meioh attack creates a Sphere of Destruction visible from space.


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