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Recap / Cowboy Bebop Session 22 "Cowboy Funk"

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Short Summary

The crew set their sights on a man named the Teddy Bomber, named so because of his motif of using bombs designed as teddy bears. However a bounty hunter dubbed Cowboy Andy has also set his sights on him, leading into a rivalry between Spike and Andy.

Long Summary

  • Bowdlerise: Jet's hippie costume at the costume party has a picture of a marijuana plant on the shirt. When [adult swim] aired the episode (after pulling it on the heels of the 9/11 attacks), the marijuana plant was digitally changed to a peace symbol in one of the few digital replacement edits on Cartoon Network — or any channel — that wasn't painfully obvious.
  • Batman Gambit: When Spike and Andy are trapped on the elevator, Spike reveals that he predicted that the Teddy Bomber would adjust the emergency access codes and thus reverted them back to normal. It hilariously backfires in that Andy predicted the same thing and unknowingly re-reverted the codes.
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  • Elevator Failure: Due to Teddy Bomber's sabotage (and Spike and Andy's separate attempts to counter it), it locks and turns into a death trap.
  • Graceful Loser: Andy after Spike accidentally "defeats" him by nearly sending him off a building.
  • Gratuitous English: In the Japanese voice track, Andy constantly peppers his speech with English words and phrases as he tries to emulate a classic cowboy.
  • Ignored Enemy: Constantly with the Teddy Bomber when Spike and Andy start fighting on another. It frustrates him to no end.
  • Inspector Javert: Cowboy Andy mistakes both Spike and Jet on separate occasions for the Teddy Bomber... even with the real Teddy Bomber standing right next to them both times.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: Strictly speaking, Spike and Andy are professional rivals, but still on the same side. Nevertheless, they spend the episode trying to kill each other.
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  • Mad Bomber: The Teddy Bomber blows stuff up with teddy bears.
  • Motive Rant: Subverted; a Running Gag in the episode has the Teddy Bomber trying to explain himself, while Andy and Spike keep interrupting him. He's finally able to deliver one to his jailer in the end, at which point it's more of a 'resigned motive explanation' than a 'rant'.
  • Not So Different: Parodied by Spike and Andy. Andy has all Spike's most obnoxious traits exaggerated to the point of absurdity, which simultaneously allows the show's creators to remorselessly take the piss out of all the "cool" things about Spike. Both Jet and Faye lampshade it, and in the end even Spike admits they're pretty similar (but Andy's still not as cool as Spike himself, of course).
  • Samurai Cowboy: Bit of a variant. Andy starts out as a cowboy, but after Spike "beats" him, he switches his motif to that of a samurai.
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  • Second Person Attack: When Faye get the drop on the Teddy Bomber near the end of the episode.


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