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Examples of type 1 (characters involved in production)

Examples of type 2 (characters are fans)

  • Advice and Trust: in chapter 8 Shinji and Asuka watch a show -based on an Adeptus Evangelion campaign the author takes part in-. Asuka describes it like this:
    "You wanna plop down and watch another episode with me, Misato? Shinji and I have been watching it lately. It's like someone heard about NERV, took a lot of drugs, and then tried to make it a comedy-drama-angst-romance with an ensemble cast of traumatized lunatics. It's a cheesy giant robot show, but a lot of fun. Everyone in it is pretty hot, too. Especially that Akram guy. Yow."
  • Several in Aeon Natum Engel:
  • Children of an Elder God: In chapter 4 Kensuke proposes go to the cinema to watch Gekiganger-X, a movie based on a Super Robot Genre show (the name being a homage to Gekiganger3 and Mazinger Z).
    "They've got Gekiganger X down at the movie theatre today."
  • The Ikaris: The "Super Gendo Super Show", created by the PR department to make people more aware about Commander Ikari. It is like Evangelion on crack with a healthy helping of Super Robot Genre and tokusatsu tropes. They are making lunchboxes, too.
  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero has a Trope-tan anime and movie, with shades of Type 3 and possibly 4 mixed in as well.
  • Sonic Evil Reborn Zero gives us ''Atom The Porcupine,'' a video game franchise about the adventures atomic rodent and friends who trumps Atom's arch nemesis, Doctor Nucleo. Tails is a massive fan, even going so far as to write novel-length fanfiction that is much deeper and more serious than the saccharine source material, to the point of being laughable.
  • In The Vinyl And Octavia Series the protagonists get a book written about their first adventure. It's implied to be badly written.
  • Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy:
    • Futari wa Hearty Pure. The Cures (and also most people at their school) are big fans of the show, and Lapinyuu becomes part of the cast, playing a Shiny Luminous parody.
    • The two shows that helped Chloe and Chiara's father Theodore become a trampoline fetishist, Bounce and Thud, also count.
  • Rosalina loves the show "Comet Academy", which comes on once every 86 years. Peach and Daisy find it utterly boring.
    Rosalina: 12 Lumas are sent on the Academy Comet, which is the host of the Comet Academy! During the 86 years it takes for the comet to come back, the Lumas are training by eating the most Star Bits they can, so once in competition, they can transform into the most formidable things!
  • In Chrysalis Visits The Hague, Queen Chrysalis somehow manages to tv-zap to a supremely clichéd prison drama (while being in prison herself, naturally), complete with a Deep South setting, a sadistic warden and some heavily implied soap-droppin'. The author calls it 'The Shawshank Pretension'.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Izuku has an entire collection of comics titled, "The Adventures of the All Mighty Huntsman", which are a loose adaptation of Toshinori's various adventures. There's also a TV show based on the comics, in which Toshinori's voice is impersonated by a guy named Chris Sabat.

Examples of type 3 (the show is a plot point)

Examples of type 4 (the show is eerily similar to the main show)


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