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"Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."

He's got your number now
He knows just what you've done
You got no place to hide
You got nowhere to run
He knows your life of crime
I think it's suppertime!
Audrey II, Little Shop of Horrors

Oh dear, seems like you have seen it.
Yoshikage Kira to Shigechi once the latter finds out the former carries human hands, Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable

Selina Kyle: OK, go ahead. Intimidate me. Bully me, if it'll make you feel big. I mean, it's not like you can just kill me.
Max Shreck:'s a lot like that.

Lucille: there's no need to kill him.
Death Squad Leader: Yes, there is, ma'am...once he's told us who else he's spoken to.
Lucille: What? [is machine-gunned by the Death Squad Leader]

"All this, because your wife stuck her nose into things that were none of her business."
Nicole Horne, Max Payne.

Narrator: They knew too much.
Keanu Reeves: We know too much!
Narrator: They went too far.
Keanu Reeves: We went too far!
Narrator: ...Those are my lines.
Keanu Reeves: Those are his lines!
Pablo Francisco, from his stand-up comedy

"You really are a smart man, Lieutenant Colonel. Did you ever think that would be the cause of your death?"
Envy, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

"He knew Johnny's name and
He spoke it out loud
Now Charlie the barman
Has got him a shroud."
Narrator, Doctor Who: "The Gunfighters"

"I'm sorry I can't raise you, my friend, but the exact details here need to remain between me and our god. I just thank the Dark One that I didn't need to execute you myself."

"The more that you know, the shorter your life will be."
Electra, Cowboy Bebop: Knocking On Heaven's Door

"Gentlemen... cat's outta the bag! GET ME THAT MOUSE!"
Warren T. Rat, An American Tail

"So now ya know. But ya won't live to tell the tale..."
Stranger,Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

"First rule of assassination: Kill the assassins."

"She was going to go to the Dean. She would've ruined us. Did she think I was just gonna to sit there and watch it happen? You have no idea what it was like to hold her underwater, watch her life slip away. But she left me no choice...and neither have you."
Norman Spencer,What Lies Beneath

"I guess now you know too much and that kinda naturally leads to killing."

Waternoose: This has gone far enough, James!
Sulley: She's home now! Just leave her alone!
Waternoose: I can't do that! She's seen too much! You both have!

Dick: "But...when we do lay 'em athwart, what are we to do with 'em, anyhow?"
Long John Silver: "There's the man for me! That's what I call business. Well, what would you think? Put 'em ashore like maroons? That would have been England's way. Or cut 'em down like that much pork? That would have been Flint's, or Billy Bones's."
Israel Hands: "Billy was the man for that. 'Dead men don't bite,' says he. Well, he's dead now hisself; he knows the long and short on it now; and if ever a rough hand come to port, it was Billy."
Long John Silver: "Right you are; rough and ready. But mark you here, I'm an easy man—I'm quite the gentleman, says you; but this time it's serious. Dooty is dooty, mates. I give my vote—death. When I'm in Parlyment and riding in my coach, I don't want none of these sea-lawyers in the cabin a-coming home, unlooked for, like the devil at prayers."

There is a story, sweetling. You will hear it on the lips of a drunken sailor or fisherman or the disgraced captain of an oil tanker. This story will be hard to find, but can be heard in any port in the world. The details change, but always there will be a floating city, hidden by magic, travelling the seas of the world as a leviathan ghost. Always, the intoxicated tongue will mutter, "Purple." A day or a week later, the storyteller will go missing, never to be seen again.
The Buzzing, The Secret World

Three months after the transcription staff arrived, Patrick convinced one of the aides assigned to the floor to steal one of the many notebooks they fill. A week after the aide succeeded, he was found raped and murdered in his bed. The notebook, which Patrick had hidden in a small safe in her home, was retrieved, and a note was left in its place with with just two words on it: "No peeking."

Raiden: So grease the gears with some innocent blood, is that it?
Senator Steven Armstrong: Relax, Jack. It's a "war on terror." We're not out to kill civilians. Extremists. Lawless gangs. Madmen. Of course, that would have to include you. Wouldn't want any eyewitness reports complicating the message.

Tyekanik: Sardaukar do not reveal secrets.
Princesss Wensicia: Neither do dead men.

On the cover of the file was stenciled WILDFIRE, and underneath, an ominous note:
Examination by unauthorized persons is a criminal offense punishable by fines and imprisonment up to 20 years and $20,000.
When Leavitt gave him the file, Hall had read the note and whistled.
"Don't you believe it," Leavitt said.
"Just a scare?"
"Scare, hell," Leavitt said. "If the wrong man reads this file, he just disappears."

So... Lamb broke out, and she's coming back. Wow. Okay. Didn't see that coming, but... okay. That is gonna be... what am I gonna do!? And I... I've heard some of these - a lot of these people down here - talking. Some of them I know saw the thing with Eleanor, and who knows who knows what. You can't just stop, you know, a whole... cult... from, from talking, can you? Maybe you can.
Yeah... Maybe you can.
Stanley Poole, Bioshock 2

Most who seek the Inquisition's past go a lifetime without proof, and those that do uncover evidence have a tendency to disappear. Some attract an Inquisitor's attention, their skills deemed suitable for advancing the Inquisition's goals. Most simply perish, their lifeless bodies later discovered in situations so damning as to call their character into question.
The Inquisition watch over the Imperium – they do not care to be watched in return.
Warhammer 40,000: Codex - Inquisition

Inspector, you've obviously learned too much about me. I can't have that. Not even in my death.
Agent 47, Hitman: Contracts

Saxon, information is a valuable commodity. See to it that the Prime Minister does not become an asset to our enemy.

Blurr: While stationed on Earth, I intercepted a transmission between Megatron and his double agent on Cybertron who I can now positively identify is the Decepticon Shockwave. Further analysis revealed that Shockwave's voice did not match up with that of the suspected traitor Wasp. However, a detailed cross-reference with the Cybertron intel database should determine the identity of the real traitor!
Longarm Prime: Have you shared this information with anyone else?
Blurr: I have not, as per your orders!
Longarm Prime/Shockwave: "Good..."
Transformers Animated, "TransWarped"

Did you see a hit-and-run on Cromwell Road on Tuesday night? Please get in touch, because I'm keen to silence any witnesses.
Frankie Boyle, Mock the Week, "Unlikely Small Ads"

Haban: They're keeping us in isolation.
Breya: That's a good thing, right?
Haban: No. They're already planning to kill anybody who knows too much. They're trying to limit the damage by isolating me from anybody I might talk to.
Breya: Umm... Honey, have you told me enough that I know too much?
Haban: I don't think they care. Besides, you know I know too much, and that may be too much in and of itself.

Ted: Sis? Janet? Is it you?
Janet: Yeah, Ted. What the hell's going on?
Ted: Playing Nancy Drew, are we, sis? You caught me at a rather awkward moment. I was just about to...restrain myself. But now that you're here, that might be somewhat pointless.
Janet: You're going to come clean with me right now!
Ted: Family love, Janet. I thought it could save me...but I was wrong. But, hey, we all make mistakes! You sent the dog to the pound, Janet. I warned you. I told you I shouldn't be here, but you wouldn't let me go. You wanted to play big sister. You had to be right. You always have to be right, but this time you're wrong! You should have listened to the dog, Janet. He was trying to protect you. Handcuffs. I was going to use these on myself. Can you believe that?
Janet: What's happening?
Ted: They were supposed to keep people from finding out about my...private affair. My mistress.
Janet: Oh, my God.
Ted: But, you... You already know, don't you, sis? Yes, you know...the handcuffs won't keep my little secret a secret any longer.

Ask yourself if you want to know.

If the answer is no, then you need to stop reading now. If you go and report this unauthorized file to your superiors, act contrite, and claim that you only read to this paragraph, you might get away with a Class A Amnestic. If you’re lucky. And if the O5s aren’t particularly paranoid at the moment.

"As you and your fellows develop toward normal size, you will interfere with my work, and that is something I cannot permit."
Dr. Alexander Thorkel, Dr. Cyclops

"Ashley is still there, but she's not screaming anymore, she saw something she wasn't supposed to see, and now she's beautiful, she's beautiful, she's beautiful, she's beau-"

Draco: W-was that a muggle?
Harry: Of course not! That was a witness.
Draco: To what?
Harry: That matters even less than if he was a muggle. He thought he saw something, that was enough. You haven't seen anything today, have you, cousin?
Draco: No! Not a thing! I gotta go!

"It stands to reason that she had him put out of the way so he wouldn't talk! He was the weak link in her gang!"


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