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Funny / A Knight's Tale as Inquisitor

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Chapter 4:


Chapter 5:


Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

  • At the end of their first training lesson, Solas sends Arturia to Aden to begin learning how alchemy works in order to get a better grasp on how the inner workings of magic works. However, he warns her not get herself blown up because of simple curiosity.
    Solas: Then where exactly would all my own effort have gone to?
    Arturia (internally): ...Arse.

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:

  • After the siege of the fortress and while giving orders for how to proceed with clean up, Arturia warns Harding to tell the soldiers to be careful of the after effects of traps Sera had set. Cue said elf cartwheeling while commenting, "The fun's in the surprises!"
  • During an meaningful and introspective conversation about Arturia and her past between the former and Cassandra, Sera interrupts in order to reveal that she's managed to convince the Inquisition soldiers to let her up the flags of the organization before dragging Arturia with her to do so.
    Sera: I need someone as small as you to stand on my hands to put up the flag on the pole! It's gonna be fun and really hilarious!

Chapter 16:

  • Arturia accidentally blowing up smoke in the apothecary due to mixing together incompatible ingredients
    Sera: O-Okay! we know! That we definitely DON'T mix the powder with that fire tonic...and add in a little pinch of pepper just to see what happens. Good effort though, Turi!
  • There's also this following conversation, which caused Arturia's Oh, Crap! face to grow more and more as it goes on:
    Aden: You know, maybe we should focus on reading through the recipes instead, do some minor assignments, pick out and name which ingredient is which, and if you so happen to make another minuscule mistake Herald, then a repercussion is in order.
    Sera: Oh? Now that's really interesting! What do we give? Sitting on a block of butter? Feet inside a bucket of ice?" A sudden loud gasp at the most enrapturing idea. Strip teases? Wait, wait even better! Running across Haven in nothing but your breeches!
    Aden: I wouldn't go that far, though that butter and ice suggestion does sound appealing.
    Sera: Why just stick to ice and butter? Let's put in something alive.
    Aden: You know I have a friend who's raising a rare breed of toothless rats. Those critters loves to teethe on people's toes.
    Sera: Gross! And awesome! I actually know someone who could lend us her pet lizard that likes to crawl around under people's shirts and trousers!

Chapter 18:

Chapter 19:

  • The scene where Arturia has cooked food for Sera and Vivienne, knowing how good she is, and being the smuggest little shit about it. She even wipes the mess on Sera's face without skipping a beat!

Chapter 22:

  • The group that is gathered to recruit the Templars to help seal the Breach makes sense(Artuia - Hearld of Andraste, Cassandra - Seeker of Truth and Right Hand of Divine Justina, Vivienne - First Enchanter and leader of the Loyalist Mages, Cullen - former member of the Templar Order)...until you reach Sera. Then comes The Reveal: she accidentally egged Leliana and is now running away from away from Haven until things cooldown.
    Sera: ...S'not my fault. Stupid worker pointed the wrong building.
    • Its even better when Arturia describes the moment she realized who was responible for the prank:
    Arturia: Well, it just so happens that I was around when Leliana came to me, who asked me if I happened to take note of anyone familiar in the area, all while she appeared to have some yolk on her face and a stench of puke - so to speak. It also just so happened that I saw a certain blonde elven archer hiding behind some craters and muttering some clear regrets. Of course, I didn't put two-to-two together until after our spymaster left with vengeful purpose in her stomping, a wrathful warbird hunting for her prey is how I would best describe it. Then, as if by fate itself, Sera soon after came to me, suddenly quite eager to join in on our negotiation venture, practically begging actually for some reason...

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