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Awesome / A Knight's Tale as Inquisitor

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Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:


Chapter 3:


Chapter 4:

  • Thanks to the power of the Mark/Anchor, Excalibur is now an Living Weapon...and is now officially the Excalibur from Soul Eater.

Chapter 5:

  • Solas knows EXACTLY who Arturia is and is simply waiting to see what she does next to change Thedas.

Chapter 6:

  • After utterly beating back the rogue Mages and Templars warring in the environment, the Inquisition plants their flag, effectively making an Declaration of Protection that extends to the entirety of the Hinterlands.

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 14:

  • The siege of the fort at the Storm Coast, which showcases just how good of a Strategist the King of Knights is after so many years of obtaining this kind of experience.

    • Shout out to Sera, who single-handedly weakened the entire fortress beforehand without getting caught until it was far too late for its defenders.

Chapter 17:

  • The Inquisition group of companions proving themselves as quite the Badass Crew by taking on and killing almost everything the Fallow Mire had to throw at them, calumniating in them saving the captured Inquisition soldiers.

Chapter 23:

  • Cullen's Rousing Speech to the Templar Order very much deserves mention:
Cullen: We have a new mission to take, making right with what's left in this hold. I once served the Order faithfully, and even now, I still have faith in what it stands for. To protect the people of Thedas, in service of the Maker. For anyone who still believes in their cause, to truly and willing to stand for protecting Thedas, and fight against those who had threaten to dismember and turn our order into a catalyst of destruction. Even as we fight against our own, we fight in their honor and the life of everyone that live outside these walls. We are what's left to stay true to our oath, what says you men!

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