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Characters / Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

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The characters of Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.

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    Main Characters 

Alphonse Loeher

Class: Soldier
Birthday: Tierra 22 (02/15) — default
Element: Varies
Alignment: Varies

Protagonist of Knight of Lodis. A young knight from the Felis region of Lodis, assigned to the Order of the Sacred Flame. He leaves Lodis with his friend and commander, Rictor Lasanti, for the island of Ovis.

  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: His battle sprite has blue hair. Despite this, his portrait has black hair. The distinctive shade also hints that he is in fact a young Lanselot Tartaros.

Eleanor Olato

Class: Soldier
Birthday: Sombra 7 (03/20)
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral

A young, orphaned girl living at a church on Solea beach. She finds Alphonse washed up on the shore and saves his life. Alphonse later returns to her to gain information on mermaids. He would later save her life from northern troops, who likewise had come for information on the mermaids. She accompanies him from then on, and the two become lovers.

  • Blessed with Suck: Her pearl necklace, which has the power to protect her. Unfortunately, it's rather overzealous about it and it's power kills a bully, which ends with her being driven out of her hometown. She ends up at the Solea church.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Appears to be completely unimportant, until a one-off line of her's about a mermaid becomes the main plot point.
  • Kid Hero: Her age isn't stated, but she's clearly younger than Alphonse.
  • Orphan's Plot Trinket: Her pearl necklace.
  • Rescue Romance: Interesting case. She initially saves Alphonse after finding him washed up on a beach. He later saves her from being kidnapped.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Despite all the misery and death Shaher's actions have caused, she can't bring herself to hate him but ultimately pities and even FORGIVES him, saying she understands how lonely and hurt he was at believing God turned his back on him. It makes her death all the more of an emotional sucker punch.

Ivanna Baatral

Class: Knight
Birthday: Deus 9 (01/09)
Element: Earth
Alignment: Lawful

A former knight of Ranaculus and the niece of Lord Naris.

Cybil Alinda

Class: Sorceress
Birthday: Petra 22 (10/16)
Element: Wind
Alignment: Neutral

A agent of the Hand of Pope, an organization that wishes to return political power to the pope of Lodis. She saves Alphonse's life at Formido, and contracts his services for her cause after that. After his debt is repaid, he chooses to continue serving the Hand.

Shiven Verde

Class: Ninja
Birthday: Tierra 8 (02/01)
Element: Fire
Alignment: Chaotic

A ninja and the right-hand man of Cybil.

Rictor Lasanti

Class: High Priest
Birthday: Trevas 6 (08/12)
Element: Earth
Alignment: Lawful

The son of the Duke of Felis and a friend of Alphonse's. He is sent to Ovis under the guise of solving it's political turmoil, when in reality it is a power play by his father.

Orson Lamies

Class: Archer
Birthday: Deus 20 (01/20)
Element: Wind
Alignment: Lawful

An archer sent with Rictor to Ovis. Acts an adviser and mentor to both Rictor and Alphonse.


Class: Mermaid
Birthday: Branca 2 (04/08)
Element: Wind
Alignment: Neutral

The self-proclaimed strongest mermaid on Ovis. Harbors a grudge against humans for events in the past history of Ovis.

  • Our Mermaids Are Different: Despite being a mermaid, Aerial armor similar to humans and wields a silver lance in combat.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Under the impression that Alphonse injured another mermaid named Minerva, she attacks you. She never gives Alphonse the chance to explain himself, as he had actually saved said mermaid from an attack by Rictor's forces. Due to this, up to seven of her comrades end up dead.
    • However; this is different in the "B" path where the previous map has Minerva as the boss and can either be killed or reduced to a low health level and escape. So maybe she has a point for assuming you're dangerous. (Granted, Minerva was the one who attacked you, but she's not telling that.)

    Recruitable Characters 


Class: Summoner
Birthday: Fogo 24 (12/05)
Element: Water
Alignment: Chaotic

A necromancer obsessed with reviving his dead wife. He successfully calls her spirit back, which possessed their daughter. He exiles himself to an abandoned fort, and will join your party if you defeat him.

  • Poor Communication Kills: When he's confronted by Euphaire, he assumes that she's still possessed by her dead mother's soul, and is willing to kill her so that both can rest in peace. Euphaire does nothing to dispel this, and depending on how the battle goes, up to seven of Elrik's comrades end up dead.
  • Summon Magic: Fenrir, the water wolf spirit.


Class: Shaman
Birthday: Ouro 11 (06/29)
Element: Fire
Alignment: Chaotic

Elrik's daughter. She attacks you at Blete while under the possession of her mother's soul. Defeating her will put the spirit the rest, and she'll join you out of gratitude.

  • Cast from Hit Points: Her energy transfer ability essentially allows other characters to cast from her hit points.

Glycinia and Lubina

Class: Fairy
Birthday: Oceano 21 (09/20)
Element: Wind (Glycinia), Water (Lubina)
Alignment: Lawful (Glycinia), Neutral (Lubina)

Twin fairies. The latter runs away, and the former spends her time trying to find her, before being assaulted by enemies.


Class: Lesser Demon
Birthday: Sombra 16 (03/29)
Element: Bane
Alignment: Chaotic

A lesser minion of the netherworld. He comes to the human world in order to find strong opponents to fight. Upon his defeat, he offers his services to Alphonse so he can find more strong opponents to fight. However, he will not join the party if Lobelia is in it.


Class: Angel Knight
Birthday: Agua 14 (03/04)
Element: Virtue
Alignment: Lawful

An angel knight sent by God to assist Alphonse in his mission against Shaher. Will not join the party if Saia is in it.


Class: Witch

    Characters from the Ranaculus region 

Naris Baatral

Class: General
Birthday: Vento 20 (06/14)
Element: Fire
Alignment: Lawful

Lord of Ranaculus, the northern region of Ovis. Allies himself with Rictor while plotting against him.

Nichart Briffaut

Class: Esquire
Birthday: Trueno 21 (08/03)
Element: Water
Alignment: Lawful

Naris' former right-hand man and esquire of Ranaculus.


Class: Swordmaster
Birthday: Agua 2 (02/20)
Element: Wind
Alignment: Lawful

Margret is the best swordmaster in Ranaculus and Ivanna's mentor.

    Fallen Angels 

Cirvante and Lethe

Class: Dark Angel
Birthday: Flama 7 (05/08)
Element: Wind (Lethe)
Alignment: Chaotic

Naris' advisers, who are secretly agents of Shaher.

  • Mook Maker: Cirvante can summon Undead and Gremlins to replace fallen allies.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Downplayed. Lethe wears pink shoes, and Cirvante has blue socks and blue hat.
  • Squishy Wizard: Surprisingly averted. Both are quite durable in their initial forms. They actually have lower defenses in their true forms, despite those forms being physical classes.
  • Truth Serums: Lethe uses one to interrogate Alphonse after his capture by Nichart.


An angel fallen from grace, sealed by God in a sheet of ice in the northwest area of Ovis. Seeks revenge on God. He fell when he started a revolution in the legendary Ogre Battle in an attempt to draw God's attention.

  • An Ice Person: Has one spell in his initial form that involves freezing.


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