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YMMV / Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

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  • Awesome Music: The Final Boss music.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Snapdragons; see Infinity +1 Sword on the main page.
    • Also, liches, who are good spellcasters with downright insane physical defense stats. Considering they'll usually be standing behind your frontliners anyway, you typically don't need to bother giving them armor.
    • The Teleport spell is gamebreaking for the optional treasure maps accessible through special books. You can just teleport your heaviest hitter right behind the boss and OHKO them, winning instantly.
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  • Goddamn Bats: Fights with lots of undead enemies. Unless you're absurdly efficient, there's a good chance that the first ones down will auto-revive before you finish the rest off. Keep an exorcism spell handy for those fights.
  • Scrappy Weapon:
    • Axes. Despite some classes having a preferred weapon as axe... only one of which is available to the player who you can easily miss. Soldiers can use them, but they aren't any better with an axe than they would be with a much cheaper sword or spear. Not only that but while virtually every other weapon gets a generic upgrade, axes don't.
    • Hammers. Much like axes, only one is available from the shop and is a starting weapon. Only the Hawkman (who is fortunately a generic class) prefers to use them, but if you want any stronger hammers you have to either persuade enemies who happen to carry one, or play through Quest Mode a lot.
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    • Bow Guns. Only three are available in the game, and they are much less powerful than a regular bow is. Bows in general have been Nerfed from the original Tactics Ogre, so bow guns are seen as much less useful.

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