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Warframe is all about you being a badass space ninja ferociously tearing through entire armies, so awesome moments are not short in supply here.

Spoilers Off applies to all moments pages, so beware of unmarked spoilers.


  • In a way, even the tagline itself is this. "Ninjas Play Free" sounds like just a funny slogan... until you remember that Warframe's a free-to-play game. Anyone and everyone can be an awesome space ninja. Dare to Be Badass.

     Promotionals, Developmental Evolution, Player Progression & Setting 

  • Promotionals (past & present):
    • The PS4 trailer shows a Frost, Nyx, and Ash rescuing a newly awakened Excalibur in an excessively awesome (and entirely possible in-game) display. The high point is Frost freezing Captain Vor leading the capture attempt with a massive ice blast and stepping aside, allowing the Excalibur to slide in and chop him in two with a spin attack.
    • The PS4 update 11 launch trailer, where Alad V has cut up and auctioned off an Excalibur, and is about to send an unfortunate Mag to the void... then four Tenno show up to have words with him. The best part? There is no Gameplay and Story Segregation. Every single action and ability seen in the trailer can be executed in game. Even Rhino going fisticuffs can be done provided you have one of the gauntlet style weapons (Rhino in the trailer moves exactly as if he had the Obex gauntlets mounted, although they're not shown in the video). The powers and weapons on display work as advertised (eg. Volt's shock can and will take out large groups of MOAs, and the unmodded Soma might as well be firing spitballs at the Zanuka).
    • The Tennocon 2019 CGI intro finally shows us what the Collapse looked like. Grineer soldiers working side by side with Dax Super Soldiers, using Orokin weapons, armor, and ships... and the Tenno tearing through them anyway.
  • The Operation Slingstone event, that tasked the players with destroying massive Grineer warships, was the first one that could actually be lost. The developers later admitted that they expected the players not to completely succeed in it. Instead, however, the community managed to beat it completely. Never Underestimate Your Playerbase.
  • The Gradivus Dilemma event. It was an unprecedented event where player actions would actually decide which faction would control Mars, tied into in-character roleplaying posts by Alad V and Sargas Ruk, with the result that the event had record participation from players, along with the greatest sense of player participation and enthusiasm. Credit should also be given to the players supporting the Grineer. A player hacked four conflict nodes, setting those nodes to Corpus victories; as a result, DE removed those nodes from the event victory tally. The Grineer players still managed to achieve victory even after losing four nodes. They were apparently so determined that they messed up developer plans for the event, forcing them to make changes mid-way through, three times.
  • The faction conflict missions where you can pick sides. Not only are you mowing down the opposing force, leading the charge of the allied soldiers - you're also moving between two warring ships in some missions. When working for Corpus you are propelled/teleported right into a Grineer frigate. Grineer however aren't as subtle and just ram their ships into the Corpus ones to make tunnels. Seeing the grand scope of two groups fighting against each other really gives you idea of the conflict.
  • Digital Extremes pulling out all the stops when it comes to updates. Since 2013 the game has been updated with fundamental features non-stop on not monthly but weekly basis. See And You Thought It Would Fail entry in YMMV tab.
    • Melee 2.0, while late in arrival, made rather dull melee combat much more awesome.
    • Revamped entire main menu UI. It went from a rather static menu to your own orbiter, whose insides are completely interactive. And DE just keeps expanding and expanding...
    • Vor himself has taken a level of badass. In the original prologue, he doesn't appear until the end of the segment, but this time, he personally leads the Grineer in awakening the Tenno, and successfully subdues you by dropkicking you to your knees and injecting you with a Mind Control parasite. Only the Lotus' timely intervention saves you.
    • The Archwing, which puts the Tenno against freaking warships in the depths of empty space. Unfortunately, the Wave-Motion Gun lasers that are "designed to destroy captial warships" are difficult to dodge and will One-Hit Kill all but the toughest of warframes; which can either force you to burn through several revives to keep going, or feel really good about yourself as you dodge-roll away from the lasers, missing them by a hair. Points also awarded to the gunner who actually manages to hit the comparably tiny player with said lasers.
    • Octavia Warframe is a good example of how DE toys with the game's system in the way only few other developers would dare. Case in point.
    • During TennoCon 2017, Plains of Eidolon was announced. Open-world. In. Warframe. Fandom exploded.
    • Then in TennoCon 2018 they revealed Fortuna, open world on Venus, with all sorts of new features and toys to play with (including rocket hoverboards!). Predictably the fandom exploded again, but that was only the beginning...
    • Railjack. Just when you can't imagine how Warframe could be any more awesome, DE laugh at your limited imagination! Even trying to describe it would be too difficult, so just watch the TennoCon 2018 reveal.
  • Player progression
    • The first time you do a charged melee attack on a poor Grineer. It really sets the tone for the game.
    • The first time you slide on your knees down a ramp while blowing away multiple enemies. Yeah, it's one of those kinds of games.
    • The first time you manage to defeat a Stalker on your own and/or get a blueprint for one of his weapons. This one has been made extremely difficult, as the Stalker is able to deal incredibly high damage and dispel or ignore all ability effects that don't cause direct damage. Rhino's Iron Skin and Loki's and Ash's invisibility won't save you anymore.
    • While killing an Eidolon with a group is awesome on it's own, it is possible to SOLO AN EIDOLON!
  • One of the moves of the Wolverine Claws style Venka blades involves headbutting your enemy to death.
  • The Red Veil, a resistance group composed of normal humans, still manages to come out as the most violent out of the six Syndicates. The Grineer seems to exercise special caution against them.

     Main Questline Arc I - Tenno Awakening 

  • The revamped Tutorial in its entirety. Instead of having to be saved by other Tenno, you manage to escape Vor's outpost singlehandedly, cutting through scores of Grineer and even having a short standoff with Vor himself. All while intense music plays in the background.


     Main Questline Arc II - Zariman Ten-Zero 

  • It turns out that there is a Moon. The Lotus hid the entire damn thing in the Void!
    • As you fight for your survival in the last part of the quest The Second Dream, you are given an infinite energy blast that can rapidly blow those Sentients that dared getting close to smithereens. Mind you, we mean the operator who wasn't in your all-powerful warframe to begin with!
    • And in this same way you fend off the Stalker!
    • Even after the separation of their Tenno pilot, the Warframes are able to rip the Sentient Hunhow's sword, War, in half right through their chests by sheer will alone.
    • Let us reiterate: Lotus stole and hid the entire freaking moon. Eat your heart out, Gru.
  • Just... The Second Dream. Warframe has been developing slowly and incrementally over a period of several years, the gameplay evolving and adding more features, new regions, and a steady drip-feed of ever-expanding backstory and a slowly-advancing plot. Update 18.0, particularly the events of The Second Dream quest, hit the game with the impact of an anvil dropped on a carton of eggs, shaking up everything we thought we knew, raising the stakes, hitting points of high drama on a personal level never before seen in the game, managing to reveal answers to almost everything we wondered about, while simultaneously raising new and exciting questions to be resolved in the future (not to mention adding a whole new dimension to the gameplay with the introduction of the Focus system). It was the Wham Episode to end all Wham Episodes and it took Warframe to a new level. Even more incredible is the fact that there were NO leaks about the content of The Second Dream before it came out. NO-ONE knew what was coming, EVERY player felt the full force of the Wham Episode (as the number of reaction videos on Youtube attests to) and Digital Extremes managed to blindside the entire player base, gaining universal acclaim for the update as the greatest one in the history of Warframe.
  • The War Within, the next cinematic quest from Update 19, has it's own share of awesome moments, most importantly the Tenno Operator coming back to Teshin's aid in person, with their Warframe, thought empty and discarded, bursting out of the water reservoir surrounding the Grineer Queens' throne, for the Operator to emerge from within the Frame in the flesh, and proceed to defeat the Queen's personal guardians and kill one of the Queens with their own hands and powers. The finale of the quest also deserves mention for the sheer Scenery Porn of the location where the conclusion takes place. The Tenno, just as they realize that they no longer need the somatic relay thanks to their fully realized power is a particularly awesome moment
  • TennoCon 2016 announced an upcoming animation, done by OtaKing77077 of TIE Fighter fame. The preview is extremely short, but manages to be awesome, funny, and like the pre-rendered trailers, keeps loyal to the game with its mechanics reflecting in it as well!
  • At the end of the Octavia's Anthem quest, the player is uploaded into the Cephalon weave to save Suda and Ordis. Once the second part of the titular anthem is finished, Ordis, who is trapped in a cage at the center of the map, breaks free and joins the player. And starts shooting Frickin' Laser Beams at the Eradycysts. By the time the third part is finished, Simaris arrives with The Cavalry, an army of synthesized creatures to get rid of the rest of the Eradycysts, and unconvincingly denies any sentiment towards Suda afterwards.
  • During the Chains of Harrow quest, you learn that Rell kept The Man in the Wall at bay by himself for centuries by Transferring his conscious to his Warframe and instructing his followers, the Red Veil, to keep it chained up. This Tenno, ostracized by everyone from other Tenno to Margulis herself and unknown even to the Lotus, managed to stop an Eldritch Abomination with connections to the Void from driving his companions to madness alone and despite the fact that he had been ostracized by these others. And he did it even though he had autism, meaning he was being overwhelmed by the sensations that The Man in the Wall put him through the entire time, only succumbing to the entity after centuries of doing this. Way to go, Rell.
  • The penultimate quest in The Sacrifice.
    • After once again diving into Excalibur Umbra's mind, the Operator sees the man it was once was being forced to murder his own son by Ballas. The Operator then finds Umbra in a black void and soothes the wrath and despair that has consumed it for who knows how long as Ballas's last entry in the Vitruvian plays, firmly establishing the bond between Operator and Warframe.
      We had created monsters we couldn't control. We drugged them, tortured them, eviscerated them... We brutalized their minds... But it did not work. Until they came. And it was not their force of willNot their void devilryNot their alien darkness... It was something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly, broken thing... And take away its pain.
    • The Operator finally takes control of Umbra just in time for Ordis to warn them that Sentients are coming and to get the hell out of there. The Operator's response?
      Operator: No. Let them come.
    • What follows is a Curb-Stomp Battle for two reasons. First, Umbra has abilities and mods that are tailor-made for stunning Sentients and ripping them apart, with Radial Blind being replaced with Radial Howl, which strips away Sentients' defensive buffs. Secondly, if you have your Operator use Transference, you'll notice that Umbra will move independently and attack enemies on its own. That's right; for the first time ever, Operator and Warframe can go Back-to-Back Badasses.
    • After everything Ballas has done, in their last battle Umbra finally overcomes his Restraining Bolt and goes to stab the bastard through the gut - and when Ballas freezes him by commanding him to stop, your Operator appears and, putting their hand over Umbra's, pushes the blade in. It is immensely satisfying, and getting to throw a Bond One-Liner at Ballas afterwards is just the icing on the cake.
    • The one thing that The Sacrifice does the best is probably that it manages to give Operators at least ten extra levels of awesome. Throughout the quest, your Operator comes off as decisive and proactive, with them taking their own initiative rather than just reacting to events, facing strong opponents on their own without hesitation, but also coming off as older and wiser, seeing through appearances, successfully giving peace and consolation to a tormented soul, and generally so far having the most mature writing and acting the closest to a (chronologically) centuries old veteran of several long and bloody wars that they are. Even those who dislike Operators are bound to improve their opinion of them at least a bit.

     Main Questline Arc III - the New War (& Beyond) 

  • With the Empyrean update, we get Railjacks. What is a Railjack? A combat ready spaceship. Sure, we have the orbiter, but it was only used for transportation. Now players can actually perform ship to ship combat, with a crew of up to 3 other players. Archwing Slingshot is used to launch a warframe in an archwing at the enemy, and after upgrades ships can be penetrated. Forward Artillery takes a second to charge, but the laser decimates anything in front of it.
  • Tennocon 2021 dropped the long awaited gameplay reveal of "The New War", and it did not disappoint!
    • The Sentients finally arrive in the Origin System in force, and their first order of business is to knock down the Bleeding Tower.
    • You briefly get to play as both Grineer and Corpus, and at one point, even Teshin!
    • All of the above characters play differently, and wield unique powers - from Lancer Kahl's grenades and classic Third-Person Shooter gameplay to Crewman Veso's Minion Master powers and Teshin using his swords and Orvius to carve through the Sentients, it's a fight unlike any other!
    • Despite both Kahl and Veso being Mooks, both hold their own against the forces of the Sentients.
      • This actually serves to show just how amazing the Tenno are, because there's nothing indicating that Kahl or Veso are special compared to the rest of their fellow clones/crewmen. If these two are the average of what their factions can deploy, then it gives you an idea of how head and shoulders beyond them the Tenno actually are.
  • The New War is out. It is the longest and most insane cinematic questline yet, to the point where you can't do anything else until it's finished. And it is a doozy.
    Vay Hek: There! You are so close! Detonate near enough and your brothers shall live to fight another day! ... I salute you, One-Seven-Five! FOR THE QUEEEENS!
    • Crewman Veso successfully defeats a Jackal with his ingenuity, and when it seems like he's allowing Alad V to surrender the entire Corpus force, he re-engages the fire controls and orders the fleet to open fire, before making his ship blast a Murex with a Wave Motion Gun. The brass balls on this man.
    • Villainous example - the first act ends with the villains winning. The New War itself ends with Teshin Killed Off for Real, both the Lotus and the Operator cast into the Void, and Ballas and Erra taking over the system. What a way to end the first act.
    • The warrior who picks up the slack is a powerless Drifter who appears to be the Operator, back from the Void. Except it turns out it's the Operator from a different timeline. And if they're chosen to handle the finale, the Drifter gets a handle on Void powers and using a Warframe almost instantly. They also proceed to kill two Archons alone and unpowered, with only the special bow gifted to them by Hunhow. Also, speaking of Hunhow, the Drifter gives one hell of a Kirk Summation to him to convince him to help save Natah.
      • To add to the awesome, the Drifter kills the Archons with the bow while it has absolutely no mods yet they still prevail. It's only after the quest ends that the player can get the bow and mod it to be significantly more powerful.
    • On the Drifter's way down to speak with Hunhow, The Stalker shows up during an elevator ride down.... and motions for you to follow him. You then get to watch as The Stalker cuts a bloody path through the Narmer-controlled Grineer, one-shotting them left and right. The commander in charge of the area tries to put on a brave face, but her dialogue shows that she knows The Stalker will easily slaughter her.... and while it is sadly off-screen, she's right.
    • After years of ambiguity, we finally get confirmation that the Unum is real, and get a showing of her power when she slows down time to give you a chance to catch up to Lotus.
    • Even only partially healed, the Lotus proceeds to wage a one-woman war against Ballas' forces. And later, she finally gets her revenge by basically giving Ballas a kiss of death.
    • Cephalon Cy returns post-timeskip in the most awesome way possible with only four words:
      Cy: Tenno. On your six.
    • The final Archon awaits right before the final boss fight. After you disable the Orphix generators, however, you get to bring your fully powered warframe to bear against it, and as a result this fight isn't even a contest, especially with an endgame build. It's entirely possible to just casually one-shot the final Archon.
    • The entire quest itself, from a storyline perspective, can be summed up as one helluva Rescue Arc of a Grand Finale (at least the End of an Era anyway), since the bulk of this quest is bringing back the Lotus while plowing your way through Ballas' coup d'etat Sentient army first with the Operator/Drifter, and later with the their chosen Warframe. Heck, even the Sentient leaders agree that Ballas has gone the deep end, going so far as to willingly team up with the Operator/Drifter just to stop him.
    • The final fight is on a platform close to the Sun.
    • Not long after Natah regains her full strength, the Man in the Wall shows up in his true form, much to the shock of both the Operator/Drifter and Natah herself. Without hesitation, Natah immediately starts holding the Man in the Wall back and actually manages to succeed in repelling him, showing just how powerful she is at full power, before finally passing out in exhaustion.
  • The Duviri Paradox shows that even before they escaped the Void, the Drifter was a badass, capable of taking on the servants of Dominus Thrax by themselves.
  • Teshin is still alive inside Duviri, and is now the mentor of the Drifter.
  • Another update, Veilbreaker, announced, and it brings its own treats.
    • Kahl-175 is still alive. Even better, the new footage shows that he has customization, confirming that he's being promoted to a main playable character.
    • The Archons are back, and so is Erra!

     Sidequests & Related Miscellany 
  • One of the Archwing tilesets is a ruined, burning Corpus ship. You can zip through its narrow corridors in high velocities, a la Star Wars trench runs.
  • In the Fortuna update (now known as Fortuna's initiation questline, 'Vox Solaris'), getting Eudico to stand up for herself again and finally humiliating Nef Anyo in front of the entire Corpus Board of Directors by showing how easily he's cowed by a labor union (that was threatening to blow themselves up along with his holdings. Unfortunately, the Corpus Board of Directors is so arrogant that they don't care, only that Nef blinked).
  • Specific sidequests involve retrieving warframes which had become scattered across the Origin System for millenia in the absence of the Tenno. As the player progresses through their unique questlines they are usually treated to historic anecdotes which add narrative background to the game's setting while often giving a colourful biographical illustration of the impact each frame had from their conception and deeds.
    • The death of the original Mirage. Alone vs. a Sentient army, she runs out of energy, has a ship dropped on her, loses her shields and her weapons. Does she give up? No, she starts tearing them apart barehanded while laughing like a loon. And she is a caster.
    • 'Saya's Vigil' reveals how Gara defeated what must've been a comet-sized sentient on the Plains of Eidolon by rigging a bomb onto herself and allowing the monolithic creature consume her.
  • Parvos's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Nef Anyo when the two finally meet is incredibly gratifying after all the shit he put you through. It also serves as an Establishing Character Moment, showing that Parvos is a far greater man than his successors, equally disdainful of what the Corpus has become.
    Parvos: 'My name'... I have watched you. Monuments to narcissism. Demanding others sweat in your stead. Gorging upon that which you have not earned. Watched... as you claimed for yourself my teachings of self-reliance, perverting them into a flaccid philosophy of sloth. Of... Idleness. Is that you, my son?
  • The updated J3-Golem is, quite frankly, awesome. What was once a simple reskin of a regular Infested enemy has become an absolutely gigantic multi-layered boss fight against the hugest opponent that the Tenno have had to face yet, in a fight that has you start out in a regular ship, hop into your Archwing to fight the Infested monstrosity, and finally go inside of it to rip it apart from the inside. DE has outdone themselves with this rework.
  • At the end of Nightwave Series 3, the Tenno must defeat a gigantic version of Nihil the Glassmaker to save Nora Night from being glassed and end his madness. What follows is a legitimate Puzzle Boss fight where Nihil shoots glass shards at the Tenno only for them to throw back at him. At the end, Nihil is sealed in a oubliette so that he will never cause havoc in the Origin System again.



  • Over the years since its launch, Warframe has come to be recognised as one of the greatest examples of how to make a free-to-play game that is enjoyable to play and profitable for its developers without exploiting the players, with Digital Extremes being held up as a beacon of intelligence and integrity in an increasing corrupt industry. Perhaps their crowning achievement came when they realised they had (quite unintentionally) made a form of loot box when they discovered a single player who had paid for the Kubrow fur pattern randomiser 200 times (To quote a documentary made by noclip, the immediate reaction was "We've created a slot machine!") and in response... they patched it out of the game!
  • From Tennocon 2020: Just as Rebecca leaves a cave on Deimos, the Sun Worm emerges from beneath the surface of Deimos and fires something at his sister, the moon worm, which results in new and more powerful infested emerging en-masse on the surface of Deimos. Rebecca's response? Summon a Necramech to engage them in battle!
    • Speaking of Tennocon 2020, it was an entirely digital event due to the real-life pandemic going on. Digital Extremes, however, brought the event to players who were in the Tennocon relay in a really cool way, showing real-time playable previews of content from the upcoming Heart of Deimos update as it was being shown on the stream itself, going above and beyond to do something special for fans to make up for not having a traditional convention that year.
  • During Tennocon 2021, Rebecca and the rest of Digital Extremes reveal a feature that was long overdue, "Cross-Play" for Warframe.
  • Proving just how all-encompassing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is, The Lotus is being featured as a spirit in the game! To quote a pair of Redditors on the matter:
    DrManik: Rebecca Ford joined as an intern, was able to voice the main character in one of the biggest f2p titles ever and is now featured in Smash, pretty damn cool.
    Hell_Mel: In Smash, community manager for massive free to play game, referred to adoringly by the internet as space mom, in Forbes 30 under 30.
    She's kinda killing it.