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It shouldn't come as a surprise that Warframe has an excellent soundtrack: Digital Extremes did a good job in picking Keith Powers for their composer. From the harsh, oppressive industrialism of the Grineer's themes to the fast, furious, and inspiring drums of the Tenno, the game's soundtrack is top-notch. It's also available on Bandcamp!


The Game

  • "Corrupted", the Void battle theme. The sweeping orchestra and choir perfectly illustrate the splendor - and arrogance - of the ancient Orokin, while the pounding drums represent the Tenno's intrusion upon their 'sacred' ground.
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  • "This is What You Are" is the main theme of the Tenno and captures the essence of what the theme of a Heavenly Emperor should be, sounding both regal and elegant yet bold and commanding through its use of Japanese string instruments and powerful drums. The One-Woman Wail and the childlike Ethereal Choir that do a call-and-response routine throughout the song also serves as the Leitmotif of the Operators. The song's main melody can also be found in "The Second Dream" when your Operator first comes out of the Reservoir on Lua, and the drum solo that appears toward the end also shows up in "Wretched Things" when your Warframe breaks the War Sword and stops Hunhow during The Second Dream's climax.
  • "Hunhow" is the oppressive, metallic theme of the Sentient Destroyer of Worlds and father of The Lotus. It first appears in full during The Second Dream's opening as Hunhow converses with The Stalker, and later shows up in "Wretched Things" as The Stalker impales your Warframe on the War Sword and begins strangling your Operator during The Second Dream's climax. Its use of the Drone of Dread makes it a suitably frightening theme for a terrifying villain.
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  • "The Witches Lair" is the Leitmotif of the Grineer Queens and blends the cruel, brutish industrialism of the Grineer's motifs with the eerie, pristine beauty of the Orokin's motifs to create a regal and horrific piece of music entirely appropriate for your adventures aboard the Kuva Fortress, whether you're confronting the Twin Queens during The War Within or simply meandering about.
  • The song for The War Within's finale, "Your Decisions Make You"note , is a beautiful, mournful piece of music befitting the meeting of an old, weary Dax Soldier and the Operator he had to betray for his Twin Queens. It also includes a beautiful rendition of the Operator's motif found in "This is What You Are" that ultimately leads into a nightmarish sound once your Operator makes their choice of what to do with the Kuva they now have and the Outside-Context Problem first appears, before closing out with uncertainty as the Operator thinks on how much more heavily the world weighs on them.
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  • The Operation: Ambulas Reborn event included a faux-eighties promo featuring Frohd Bek and the instantly-memetic term "Grofit". The promo also included a music track that helped to sell the whole thing, rife with synthesizer-flavored Stylistic Suck.
  • The main theme of the Apostasy Prologue, "Apostate", is a Dark Reprise of "This is What You Are" that features the Ethereal Choir of children from the latter, now desperately calling out for the Lotus - who was symbolized by "This is What You Are"'s One-Woman Wail - following Ballas taking her away. There's also a deep, masculine, and droning vocal that continually plays throughout the track that represents Ballas.
  • The Sacrifice has a lot of really good music going for it. "Old Friend", a harsh, metallic tune that transitions into a frighteningly regal orchestral piece with an ominous Ethereal Choir in the background, serves as the main theme of the quest and as Ballas' Leitmotif within it.
  • "Smiles from Juran"/"To Take Away its Pain" is a beautiful, bittersweet song played on a shamisen that first plays when you finally give comfort and solace to the grieving Excalibur Umbra. As the last shamisen notes fade into the night, the melody of the song blossoms into a majestic, sweeping rendition played on a full orchestra.
  • During TennoCon 2018 DE showed a preview of the new Venus zone in their upcoming Fortuna content patch. And how did they do that? With a Chain Gang song. It also plays when entering into Fortuna. It starts off with a catchy whistling tune before the song goes into a beautiful chorus about uniting and working together as one, describing the situation of the Solaris in Fortuna having to unite with one another in order to survive. It's a very fitting song for the Solaris rebellion.
  • Profit Taker plays during login and during the final parts of the Vox Solaris quest after the Fortuna update. It really gives spacey and futuristic vibes with the electronic techno instruments. And during the final parts of Vox Solaris, it starts playing when the Tenno helps the Solaris United rebellion fight against Nef Anyo and the Corpus enemies. It really sets the mood of rebellion and triumph in Fortuna.
  • Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii, focuses on the titular Ghost Ship, and brings with it a frigging Pirate Song, Sleeping In The Cold Below. Not only is it one of the few songs with vocals during warframe, it accompanies an epic (if somewhat Mind Screwy) battle where Sevagoth's Shadow duels an army of Corpus.

Fan Music

  • "Codex" is a beautiful and haunting song that peers into the mind of the Operators and tells us exactly what they would say if they could answer Ordis' question: "What are you thinking about?"
  • Joey Zero's song "Dream A Dream" serves as a love letter to the game's title Warframes in each verse and a love letter to their Tenno Operators in the chorus. The melody is regal and inspiring, and serves as a symbol of the Tenno's status as Hope Bringers for the Origin System. Finally, as it closes, it includes the parting words of Archimedian Margulis before her death: "Dream, not of what you are: but of what you want to be."
  • "Dream Again" by Miracle of Sound. Rather than take the more somber route many fan-songs take, "Dream Again" is instead a powerful and fast-paced rock anthem about how the Tenno now fight to defend what's left of a once-great empire so that they can finally see an end to all of the fighting, and dream again.
    I dream of towers in a world consumed, a void in the sentient sky/I dream of fissures across the moon, leaves of the Lotus rise.
  • Warframe 80's Action Theme, the winner of the third Tennotunes music competition. It's both awesome and just plain dumb in the most hilarious way. Rebecca and Megan would simply not stop laughing during Prime Time #209. And Mashed animated this.
  • A Tenno's Dream from Jt Music is an incredible blend of their usual Boastful Rap, but also has a wonderful chorus, where the music switches to a more melancholic and hopeful piece.
  • We All Lift Together (Epic Metal Cover). As one commentator summarised it: "The original one is while the Solaris United are slaving away in secrecy. This one is for when they break free and stand up to Nef Anyo with the support of the Tenno behind them."

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