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  • Ascended Fanon:
    • Clem the Grineer has been acknowledged by the devs, first as the canonical name of the Steel Meridian medallion trader before he became an Ascended Extra and was featured in the "A Man of Few Words" quest. What's more, his weapon of choice, the "Two Grakata", were released as an actual weapon with Update 17 as the Twin Grakata.
    • John Prodman, who originated from a thread about a Prod Crewman taking on Phorid by himself would later become an opponent in The Index who drops an autographed poster of himself.
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    • Fortuna 69 is now a permanent instance, meaning it won't be purged for lack of population
  • Colbert Bump: Two:
    • The devs credit youtubers such as Totalbiscuit for helping to bring them publicity in the early days of Warframe.
    • An odd example; while it was a rather popular game beforehand, the massive ongoing controversy kicked up by the blunders of Destiny 2 (see Dueling Works below) ended up bringing a lot of extra attention to Warframe as people began mentioning it in discussions as "like Destiny 2 if it wasn't crap". Particular attention was paid to how its monetisation methods are less exploitative, despite Warframe being an actual F2P game, unlike Destiny 2 which goes the whole hog with lootboxes and restricted content despite being a full-priced AAA game. As a result, Destiny 2's losses have proved to be Warframe's gains. Extra Credits even did an episode about how Activision had ended up investing $500 million in marketing... for Warframe.
  • Dueling Works: With Destiny, thanks to both being post-apocalyptic sci-fi games set in the distant future with a focus on loot collecting. Considering Plains of Eidolon was released around the same time as Destiny 2 and the expansion's extensive advertising campaign, many believe it's official.
    • Also with Anthem, which is stylistically even closer to Warframe than Destiny is (with a 3rd-person perspective, a range of different powered armour suits to choose from, and an emphasis on high mobility).
  • Fan Community Nicknames: A semi-example; Digital Extreme constantly refers to the players as ''Tenno".
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Orokin Reactors & Catalysts - "potato", specifically "golden" and "blue" potatoes (respectively). Caught on with the devs early on and seems to have stuck. One of the devs was spotted wearing a Warframe-branded shirt with a golden potato on it in Livestream #19. Further, Darvo mentions a "Potent Orokin Technical Augmentation and Tactical Offensive device", AKA "POTATO", in the "A Man of Few Words" quest. Other vegetable-related fan nicknames include:
      • "Tomatoes" for Exilus adapters, whose red body and hollow circular shape makes them look like tomato slices.
      • "Cabbages" for Void Relics, inspired by their shape and previous vegetable-themed nicknames.
      • "Pineapples" for Anasa Ayatan Sculptures, a common reward from Sorties, which are gold with a bulbous bottom and spiny top.
      • "Chilis" or "Chili Peppers" for the new resource Kuva whose mission icon looks extremely similar to a stylized hot pepper.
      • And of course, "Pizzas" for the team Energy/Health/Shield/Ammo Restore items.
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    • Tangentially connected to the above are frequent nicknames "Farmframe" or "Warfarm" — used by both detractors and fans in reference to the heavy amount of Money Grinding and Item Farming required to rank up if you play for free. That many of these resources tend to look like fruits and vegetables just adds fuel to the fire.
    • The operators themselves also are often called potatoes by the fandom, somewhat due to how their faces look.
    • The Stalker is sometimes called Santa by high-level players who farm him for the blueprints of his powerful weapons.
    • Also, "Stalky" for Stalker, "Froggy" for Ivara, "Bonedaddy" for Nekros, "Hentoid" or "Puddle Simulator" for Hydroid, "Trollban" or "Booben" for Vauban, "Master Race"note  and "Rusemaster" for Loki, "MANframe" for Rhino, "Broberon" for Oberon, and many variations on "Lobster" for Trinity and variations on "Chicken" for Ember, "Louise" for Nova due to both causing much Stuff Blowing Up, and "TrAsh" for Ash.
      • "THICCFRAME" for Warframes with generous lower parts such as Saryn, Trinity, Khora, Ember, Mesa Prime, Hildryn, and recently Wisp
      • "Excalibros" for players who still use Excalibur at high levels, as well as (confusingly enough) players who have started with Excalibur
      • Davy Jones or Cthulhu, for Hydroid.
      • V23 or X23 for Valkyr Prime, who was released with the Venka Prime claws, and whose backstory is that of an Iron Woobie who was Strapped to an Operating Table.
      • "Catwoman" for Khora.
      • "ASSets" for Saryn's, well, assets. This has recently extended to Wisp, a frame that takes this aspect of her design Up to Eleven
    • "Speedva" for one of Nova's builds that abuse how power strength mods scale, resulting in Nova's Molecular Prime speeding up enemies instead of slowing them down. Frequently used to speed up attack waves in defense missions for the purpose of item farming.
      • Conversely, "Slowva" is the term for a Nova with incredibly high power strength, to slow down enemies so much that they do not have the time to attack.
    • "Pokeball" for Octavia's Roller.
    • Alad V: "Salad V." Mutalist Alad V is "spoiled Salad" or "tossed Salad".
    • The Jat Kittag warhammer is now being called the Jet Kitty.
    • Greedy Milk for the Corpus, coined by General Sargas Ruk unintentionally, yet grabbed by the community. Just imagine what happens when he squeezes a pair of heads for you when you work with him.
    • The Grineer Hyekka Master: Crazy Cat Lady.
    • "Eggman" or "Robotnik" for Vay Hek.
    • "Ambulance" for Ambulas.
    • "Space AK" for the Karak. Odd, as the Karak has more in common with the M16note . The game files even refer to it as the "GrineerM16Rifle".
    • "Space AK" would be later assigned for the Soma, which look like a combination between the AK-47 and the infamous Chauchat.
    • "Tenno FAMAS" for the Burston.
    • "Powerdrills" for the Twin Gremlins or the Dex Furis.
    • "Space AIDS" or "Space Ebola" for the Infestation, although it's also frequently used to refer to the Helminith Cyst.
    • "Naked Nick" for the guy that used to be in the Defense cryopod, it's not even the player nickname for him, but that of the developers. Succeeded by Bondage Bob
    • "Hallway Hero(es)" for people in Defense maps (both regular and mobile) who camp enemies at spawnpoints or chokepoints instead of near the terminal.note 
    • "Zorencopter", or simply "coptering", for the trick of performing sliding melee attacks with Dual Zorens equipped, in order to glide across the map. With the Melee 2.0 update, both Zoren and the Fury mod were nerfed, and the Scoliac whip and Amphis staff outstripped the Zorens for coptering potential, due to higher attack speeds allowing for more impulse on the slide attack. The nickname has stuck though, even though U17 and Parkour 2.0 killed off the maneuver for good.
    • "Lotus Interrupt" for when the Lotus interrupts your current mission to tell you to kill everything in sight.
    • The "Pacifying Bolts" augment to Nyx's Psychic Bolts is also known as "Dancifying Bolts" because the stunning effect makes enemies look like they started an impromptu dance-off.
    • "Spinny Bois" for the Ratels.
    • "Discoball" for the Sentients' spinning laser attack.
    • "Friendship Door" for the doors that need two players to open in multiplayer games.
    • "Shrino" for the giant Rhino statue in the middle of the Relay hubs.
    • "Alertium" for Nitain Extract, the once alert-exclusive resource introduced in 17.12. Funnily enough, that's also how it's referred to in the game's code.
    • "Twin Bolsak" for the (once) insultingly-underpowered Twin Basolk.
    • Fashionframe, jokingly referred to as "the True Endgame of Warframe": people who will spend a fortune on cosmetic items so their Warframe looks absolutely beautiful, badass, FABULOUS, ugly or any combination thereof.
    • "Pocket Sand" for Inaros' Desiccate ability.
    • "Space Mom" for the Lotus, whose relationship with the Tenno is decidedly maternal. Also applied by extension to Rebecca Ford, the Warframe Community Manager and Lotus' voice actor. Really came into preeminence after Natah and Second Dream quests, but had been used before those as well.
      • "Space Uncle" for Teshin or rarely Hunhow.
      • Or, even more rarely, Space Hat Adoptive Dad for Tenno.
      • "Space Robot Butler" for Ordis.
      • "Space Stepdad" for Ballas.
      • "Space Dad" and "Warfriend" rapidly became the new nicknames for Umbra after The Sacrifice.
    • "Batpuppies" for Kubrow.
      • "Cancer Pupper" for the Helminth Charger.
      • Kavats: Katbrows.
    • The Sonicor is often called "the Corpus Space Program", thanks to its ragdolling capabilities.
      • The "Tenno Space Program" for weapons who cause massive ragdolling.
    • Taking on the challenge where you fight and capture the three Eidolon bosses Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst is called 'Tridolon.'
      • The three Eidolons are often called Terry, Garry and Harry
    • "Birb Prime" for Zephyr Prime.
    • "Wally" for The Man in the Wall.
    • After the announcement of Warframe for the Nintendo Switch, the community wasted no time in dubbing the Switch players the NinTenno.
    • "Roflcopter" for Ropalolyst.
    • One of the upcoming Warframes in 2019 has been referred to as "Voreframe", "Kirbyframe", or "Chonkframe", due to its robust design and the inclusion of a mouth on its stomach, as can be seen Here.
    • While there aren't many fans of this particular mechanic, the underwater sections on Uranus where you're required to use your Archwing to maneuver around are sometimes referred to as "Sharkwing" levels.
  • Funny Character, Boring Actor: Inverted with The Lotus / Rebecca Ford. While The Lotus is a stoic, calculating Voice with an Internet Connection who only really emotes when things are about to go truly pear-shaped, like when the Grustrag Three are sent after you in a mission, Rebecca Ford is more along the lines of a fun-loving and energetic lady with a charming sense of humor.
  • Genius Bonus: The name of the Perrin Sequence syndicate originates from the mathematical number sequence named after mathematician Raoul Perinn.
  • What Could Have Been: Inverted — Warframe is this to darkSector, or to be more precise, to this trailer. The lore might be different, but the looks are nearly identical.
  • The Wiki Rule: The WARFRAME Wiki.

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