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As a Headscratchers subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Infected Ancients 

  • And just why are Infected Ancients called ancients? I mean, they don't look too old, really, why are they called Ancients?
    • Considering the nature of the plague, they could have been replacing their parts with the crew of whatever ship they last infested.
    • So what you're implying is that these ancients are called so because they take on multiple hosts, and they have a big longevity? That explains why so many appear in a short space of time.
    • The Infested are the result of the Orokin using them as weapons against an unknown enemy. Ancients are most likely called this because they reached a mutated state resembling the original shock trooper form or it might refer to them being simply infested forms that stayed alive long enough to finish their mutation. The current ancients themselves seem to be the end product of infested Corpus Crewmen, as noticeable by the cracked metal plate on top of their head, with what seems like fused fingers stretching underneath it and their stretching arm being exactly the same as the new one on Infested corpus.
    • And now that their model has been updated, they look borderline Lovecraftian, completely different from the rest of their enemies.
    • Kinda remind me of Sligs from the oddworld games. Yes, they definitely look like they're a junkyard of dead bodies molded together by goop.
    • During the beginning of an infested based mission following the Second Dream, the Operator will occasionally mention something about ancients having lived for millennium, growing stronger by feeding.

    Origin of the plague 

  • Speaking of infected, where did this technocyte plague originate, and who would be mad enough to even invent it? Really, did they hate people that much?
    • It's implied the Orokin made it to beat up an even worse enemy, but it went super out of control.
    • Silly Orokin. They should have known it would go bad-like the Chozo and the Metroids...
    • darkSector may or may not explain it depending on what the devs feel like that day, the Warframe Wiki gives us some interesting speculation, The main character, who we already know was the first Tenno, gets infected with the Technocyte virus and dones a special hybrid power suit that is built from refined and modified aspects of the Technocyte virus. This suit is pretty much an Excalibur warframe with some minor differences. It happens on present day Earth and the ending implies that all of humanity is consumed by the virus at some point.
    • The plague's origin was revealed in The Sacrifice, where Ballas's logs confirm that the Orokin did in fact create it to use as a weapon against the Sentients. Its fairly safe to assume that the chaos of the war and eventual destruction of the Orokin by the Tenno is what led to the plague escaping containment and running rampant. I.E the infested Derelict drifting just outside the solar system.

    Fighting Hyena 

  • Why are we fighting just one Hyena proxy? Does the cells that have been lost killed the big majority of the pack to the point where the one we fight is the Sole Survivor?
    • Maybe the corpus are still holding the others for your demise when you least expect it.
    • Or the Lotus is sending you in to pick one off while it's alone. Could be you're hitting a storage facility and the only have time to bring one online before the Tenno reach it.
    • You now fight Hyena packs and they live up to their reputation more so than the previous fight did. They all have separate abilities, ground pounds, energy drains, etc.

    Heavy weapons 

  • The fragor, gram and scindo are all heavy weapons, but why is it that they don't hinder your speed? Logically, they hinder you while using the weapons, but they do nothing to you while you run. You'd think wall running would be made harder.
    • The same space future technology that sticks the weapons to your back also reduces the effects of gravity on them. They become heavy again once you unsheath them.
    • Then why not apply that to the weapons so that you have the ultimate weapon to mash your foes with?
    • Perhaps the weapons have some pool of energy. It's not that far of a stretch, seeing as the Warframes use a similar technology. When the weapon is sheathed, much of the energy is drawn from said pool to give it a weightless effect. When toted about and being fired, the energy's focus is shifted from making the gun lighter to dealing some damage.
    • Not to mention they are HEAVY weapons for a reason, a lot of their strength comes from crushing, which is helped by mass (which increases momentum), after all your huge battle hammer (fragor) wont be doing much damage if it weights like a balloon, same goes for battle axes (scindo) and BFSs (gram).
    • Why not attach rockets to it then?
    • Because that hardly makes any sense, for various reasons; first of all, rockets would add linear momentum, which would only make swinging the weapon harder, as you have to apply a certain force to prevent the weapon from moving in the exact direction the rockets are aiming intead of in an arc, which includes the force needed to prevent it from flying off your hands; secondly, even if you were strong enough to swing it in one direction without it simply flying off, the added(as in total) momentum would be far greater than your own strenght could produce, as such, stoping the weapon or making it change direction would require mayor effort and time, and the added weight of the rockets would mess with the weapon's center of gravity and overall weight balance, both resulting in poor control of the weapon and overall sloppy meelee combat; basically, if you are strong enough to efectively use a rocket mounted meelee weapon, then you can most likelly apply just as much force to it yourself(without the rockets), and handle it much more skillfully that way. Also, its overall a pretty silly idea and doesn't fit the game's style at all(warframe may be over-the-top and hammy at times, but plain old silly it is not)
    • One weapon, the Jat Kittag, is a hammer with rockets attached to one side.
    • However, the Jat did NOT use its rockets in melee 1.0 unless using a charge attack. which consisted on hight speed, highly uncontrolled spinning, and on melee 2.0 it doesn't use its rockets outside of the "Crushing ruin" stance's spinning combo, which replicates the aforementioned spinning; furthermore, the Jat seems to be designed to make rocket powered hammering as effective as possible, the rockets are placed as near to the weapon's center of gravity as possible, and are slightly tilted outwards so as to both stabilize the weapon and help with centripetal force, also, the rockets only kick in once the Jat is already spinning, so the tenno doesn't have to redirect nearly as much linear momentum as it'd have to otherwise; it's actually a very clever and deceptively complex design, specially for a grineer weapon; and while definitely an example of Crazy Is Cool, it's not as silly as simply attaching rockets to whatever weapon you're using because it was designed to use them effectively from the start.
    • I was being silly there. Well, try explaining how a speed mod doesn't affect the strength of the hammer?
    • I WILL ACCEPT THAT CHALLENGE!, the speed mod may function by preserving the weapon's kinetic energy while altering its mass, maybe by abusing E=MC^2; in other words it turns some mass into energy, which in turn is used to accelerate the weapon, add on the extra acceleration from the tenno's own strength(as the weapon is now lighter), and fit in energy lost in the process so that KE=(MV^2)/2 fits with the weapon's original kinetic energy and you got a faster weapon with the same impact energy; btw, i haven't done the calculations for the possible energy gain from the E=MC^2 process, but were talking about turning 100% of a certain mass into energy, so the process would most likely make nuclear fusion look like a tiny candle if given enough efficiency. The weapon looks the same because its density is altered as to prevent it from shrinking, and acceleration is stuck at max permanent 30%, and up to 30% extra on crit, because a certain percentage of the original mass must be kept in order to maintain the weapon's structural integrity(70% on a regular, stable basis; and 40% on a temporal, more unstable setting), and obviously, you can't turn 100% of it into energy as it'd just banish, though most likely with quite a bang.
    • While my head hurts now, I understand where you're coming from. But I think, at this point, warframe pretty much follows its own laws of physics.

    Survival oxygen 

  • In Survival missions how do they turn off the oxygen, when its outside?
    • The vast majority of these planets are incapable of supporting life in the first place. Toxic gases can be found within the air in areas such as Venus. It isn't unlikely that the Corpus and Grineer can set up "bubbles" of filtered air where it is important fr them to be able to breathe.
    • The outdoor areas are surrounding several Corpus buildings as well as Corpus supplies and machinery. That said, I imagine you have folks working out there and moving from building to building who need to breathe. I believe the area has some small, artificial oxygen-filled atmosphere surrounding it which can be controlled from within the nearby buildings.
    • I think it could be some sort of dome that these outposts are surrounded by, and the oxygen is kept there. Really, you should be asking where do these outposts come from, and why was there oxygen in the first place? What planets/moons are they built on?
    • One theory that fits the gameplay is that the "life support" neutralizes some poison in the atmosphere which is harmful only to Tenno. This explains why enemies never need "life support".
    • Only enemies DO need "life support" as they only carry it around for you to grab when they die in survival missions, not all enemies drop it but you can't expect all of their equipment to always stay usable after the massive overkill the tenno bring upon their foes; it doesn't explain how infested drop said "life support" or why they cut life support at all (or how they even manage to do it considering they don't seem very bright, and all the places you find them in are already a complete wreck to begin with), maybe its just the ship's/base's computer doing the life support cutting, and the infested naturally have some sort of built in organ/biological mechanism for "life support" the tenno somehow find a way of using. Besides, if said poison only affected tenno then why would they have "life support" to begin with?
    • Maybe the areas without life support are holding something top secret and important that even the mooks can't be allowed to see...
    • in-game alert notifications state you have to replenish your oxygen supply in survival missions, so life support IS oxygen.
    • The factor that it's outside is a bit of a nuisance to this argument. But look anywhere on these outposts, and point out to me how many green plants you see. None, right? Sure, the odd tree can be seen. Without leaves. So, the oxygen must be a controlled factor, generated for the planets atmosphere. In survival missions they turn that off to kill intruding tenno.
    • The developers have acknowledged the silliness of outdoor Survival missions. They're being removed in favor of the new "Excavation" missions.
    • With the release of The Second Dream the warframes are described as simple puppets or machines that the tenno control. Why do they even need life support?
    • While they may be "puppets", I believe that warframes DO have some biological components, hence requiring organic components like plastids and neural sensors to construct. Also possibly because you aren't the only ones on the ship, there's another team who are working to loot the place while you're diverting attention
    • Wait infested drop life support modules and they look corpus in origin so are we saying infested need oxygen to?


  • Why "Afuris" rather than "Akfuris" like all the other Akweapons?
    • Could be either one of two things: A) Akfuris doesn't really sound all that good, or B) it's some kind of tenno thing (considering the tenno origin of the weapon). But then, there is the aklato and so on... really, I think they should all be duel [weapon name] or twin [weapon name]. But it's most likely point A.

    Shield lancers 

  • Shield lancers use their shields to send you flying backwards—and that's fine. But what annoys me is how they manage to do it when you're in mid-air. With velocity and the fact that getting hit in the toe by the shield wouldn't actually launch you half way across the map keyed in, how do they manage it?
    • The shields are made out of vibranium, which absorbs the energy of anything hitting them.
      • If that was the case, Punch Through (gunfire and Redeemer pellets can go through surfaces) would not work on their shields, yet they do.
    • Even that doesn't work-if the shield absorbed the energy, there would be no sound. Also, let's keep in mind this isn't a marvel game.
    • The shields have speakers inside them that make a satisfying clang upon Tenno contact in order to boost the morale of the shield-swinging Grineer.
    • I like the theory, but I think playing baseball with a master warrior is enough to make you happy. And like was said, this is not a marvel game. If you want a vibranium theory, try to think, instead of vibranium, the shields are made of something similar, but the warframe universe version.
    • The shields are made from sliced-up Rhino hide, and the "clang" sound is actually just a weird sound the Grineer Shielddudes make with their mouths when they are pleased.
    • Alright, I've been doing some hardcore thinking. Maybe it's some sort of deflector field that only works with high velocity?
    • But if it's a deflector shield, why do bullets equipped with Puncture go right through it?
    • It could be that certain systems in the suit (power, shields etc.) are repelled by some sort of electromagnetic force or something generated by the shield. Bullets wouldn't have these augmentations, so they pass through the shield.
    • Or considering the stature of a Warframe, based on the Codex Scanner's distance marker, looking down yields 1.5 meters. All of the frames are in this threshold, though you still get height variance when looking side to side. 1.5 meters is less then five feet tall. Even the smallest Grineer tower over a Warframe, and they're just a suit. So the shield and bearer probably outmass the Warframe quite a bit.


  • So I was just checking the Warframe Wiki when I found out that the Dera is pin-point accurate, with no recoil whatsoever. What I'd like to know is why are corpus such bad aim? How the heck are they able to miss you?
    • Also, inverted with the Grakata - when high-level Grineer use it, it's an incredibly accurate stream of death. When you use it, it's possibly less accurate than a Soma or Gorgon on full-auto.
    • The Grakata can be semi-explained. It could be that at high levels the Grineer have elite training, and learn to fire their Grakatas without recoil. I cannot, however, explain the corpus and their deras.
      • Less "Elite Training" (They are basically Cannon Fodder after all), and more "Ergonomics". The Grakata has no stock, a Tenno firing it would rely entirely on his/her wrist strength to keep the weapon pointed the right way. Grineer armor is notably bulkier around the shoulder area than a Warframe, allowing them to use their armor to actually shoulder the Grakata.
    • Simple. The weapon is pinpoint accurate, but the user is human, and isn't able to react as fast and as precisely as the Tenno. It's like the FEAR 3 trailer where to the Replica, the point man appears to blink in and out of existence whenever he uses slow-mo, because he's actually moving faster than they perceive.
    • Yes, but what about when you're behind cover and poke your head up to shoot? They just seem to flail their guns about and shoot all over the place-except at you. Besides, it it was fear, I think the corpus would either be too full of themselves or too emotionless to feel it-they do have a large platoon of robots on their side after all.
    • The Tenno version of the Dera requires a lot of expensive materials. It might be that the mass-produced Corpus Dera is inferior to it.
    • It could be that, but considering the corpus multi-billion enterprise, I doubt that theories likeliness. Plus, the Tenno aren't exactly owners of mining industries or marketers of goods.
      • But that could be the reason. They're a CORPORATION. They're not going to use the good stuff that they mine or procure for the gear they're issuing to the rank and file grunts. They would be hoarding those materials for more important things like selling or R&D.
    • Maybe the brainwashing used on the Crewmen is designed to create workers only, and it doesn't make them very good at combat and aiming. Alternatively, the Crewmen can't see anything out of their big dumb helmets.
    • In a universe filled with war, I'm sure there would be combat training for the crewmen. Yeah, probably the helmet.
    • Or perhaps the crewmen aren't exactly trained for combat but are rather placed in outposts as engineers and maintenance workers, given combat equipment only to support the proxies. This could be reinforced by the fact that in Corpus outposts we see robots do all the heavy lifting, so it would make sense their security system is also mechanized, though all that machinery requires checkups especially in the colder areas and space vessels. And the helmet doesn't look comfortable either.
    • the crewmen's stormtrooper aiming skills can be easily explained by the fact that pin-point accurate weapons aren't as easy to aim as it sounds, just think of what happens when you use the dera or flux rifle through volt's electric shield, once far enough a tiny difference in firing angle can make you miss your mark by a few meters, if you have a pin-point accurate weapon you don't have the aiming error margin that a regular weapon's light spread gives you; also, there's a chance they may have no HUD on their helmets (though i admit this one is VERY unlikely) and so they wouldn't have the "your weapon is gonna hit here" marker us tenno get, and considering no corpus weapon but the lanka has even the slightest hint of an aiming sight...
    • The helmet is still a factor of that bad aim then. And they would have a HUD in that helmet. Why not?
      • Perhaps it doesn't have a combat-spec HUD, instead having simple diagnostic tools or similar.
    • Tenno versions of weapons have different specs compared with the "native" versions of those weapons. This is most notable when you wield a weapon used by the enemy. For example, the Ogris is used by Bombards but it doesn't have the homing ability it has when the Grineer use it, but in Tenno hands its projectiles move a lot faster. The Tenno Dera is inherently more accurate than the Corpus version, probably because the Tenno use more complex and expensive components to assemble them.


  • The Karak is described as a standard-issue rifle in many Grineer platoons. Yet, most enemies you fight uses the Grakata, which is a SMG. Their elite troopers uses the Hind, which is a burst rifle. Clearly, the Grineer R&D team only came up with the weapon recently, right? The Grakata was introduced in Update 7.8. The Hind became available in Update 9.6. The Karak? Update 11.5.
    • And it's only used by frontier troops in the jungles and forests of Earth.
    • It could be that the platoons it's referring to are platoons of higher trained troops (such as the one's in the jungles of earth),who are trained to survive in the jungles. They might also be shifting grineer to have karak's instead of grakata's, like the grineer troopers having their struns changed for sobeks.
    • Since the Grakata seems to use smaller, less powerful rounds than the Karak, it could be that all the Grineer stationed on spaceships/asteroid bases are issued it to lower the chances of them breaking a window or rupturing the hull or something. The Frontier troops use the standard-issue Karak because there's no danger of that happening planetside.

    Volt's powers 

  • Volt may be a bit defiant of logic (being able to create shields out of electricity). However, logically, he would be devastating to all considering electricity's nature. Electricity in the real world fries you alive at the high voltages Volt is using. Surely, wouldn't there just be smoldering corpses anywhere near Volt?
    • Given that his first power is just that, I'm assuming the suit keeps the charges in check until it's needed.
    • Yes, but I was implying that technically, electricity would one shot on kill, but apparently all it does is deal damage and cause the target to spaz out from that said electricity. I didn't mean that the voltage just flies off him randomly, I meant when he actually uses his electricity.
    • Consider that Rhino Stomp and Bastille literally warp time and Wormhole does the same to space, frost is dealing in literally cold enough to cause you to die from all the water in your body expanding not to mention frozen things are fragile, and Volt is the one you think is underpowered?
    • I never said underpowered I said that he's unrealistic. Just go ahead and look up for information on high voltages. Volt's bolt of electricity, if it's powerful enough to conduct in thin air, then it would surely be high enough voltage to basically vaporise the target. With Frost, Rhino and Vauban, though, that's something that I cannot explain. All I know is time is a concept of man, that which is a man's own perception. Fun makes time faster, and boredom makes it slower etc. Time in video games just seems to be a completely different law.
    • Actually, our understanding of time is subjective like you said, but time itself exists. (This science may be all wrong, it's just memory here) Think of a lightyear, which is a measurement of distance, despite the fact it sounds like time. The reason is, it's measuring distance by the time it takes light to travel. So time is normally a hard concept. However, relativity states that accelerating fast enough can bend light, or something similar. Make it move faster- But for some pure Mind Screw, the light isn't moving faster, it has the same speed- it's just not taking as much time. Quantum mechanics, I think it is, states that time is relative, hence relativity, and it can be bent. So Rhino's powers of bending time aren't actually bending time, it's something quantum, which, is theoretically possible, if far more difficult to understand.
    • Well, it might be justified in that the Grineer have armorthat is insulated with something that is a poor electrical conductor, perhaps coupled with the cybernetic augmentations to try and keep self-electrocution from occurring. While being shocked still hurts, it isn't nearly as effective as it is on Corpus enemies, who are still more towards typical humans, and the robots are simply fried when Volt electrocutes them. Infested have a lot of weird stuff going on with their biology, so that is still in the air.
  • It is possible that Volt's electricity doesn't directly conduct through air, but is conducted through void energy, and that Corpus suits in particular have electrical insulation, as they seem to do repairs as well.


  • Bolto is made from Lato, Akbolto has to be made form two Boltos instead of an Aklato, which, with some resources, is essentially the same thing you made those two boltos with.
    • Yes, but this is a game where the only way to use two pistols at once is to combine them with an orokin cell. And they can never be pulled apart.
    • Yup, that one is definitely a gameplay thing, specially considering dual sidearms tend to be much stronger/more efficient than their regular counterparts, so it makes sense to make the akimbo version that much harder to get.
    • Or Akwhatever guns are Smart Gun technology (guns are notoriously hard to dual wield), and the smart gun upgrade for the Aklato (a pair of conventional handguns) is incompatible with the smart gun upgrade for the Akbolto (the bolto being a nail gun).
    • Tenno weapons are strongly implied to not just be weapons but also somewhat integrated with the Warframe, which is why they need to be specifically engineered and modified. You're not just equipping a second weapon but also modifying the Warframes to interface with the second weapon.
    • the above theory is more or less confirmed by prime ak weapons which require two of the weapon and a special ak link.


  • Ember's powers are explained in-universe as her superheating the air. If that is the case, why are there visible fireballs flying around in the fuelless air? Shouldn't her powers manifest as enemies spontaneously combusting? Sure, Rule of Cool may be in effect, but it doesn't fit the in-universe explanation.
    • Oxygen is the fuel source of fire. Basically, whilst Rule of Cool is in play, she's clearly converting so much of the gravitational potential/kinetic energy found in the oxygen to heat energy that it literally bursts into flames.
    • Oxygen isn't fuel. Sure, fire requires it, but it doesn't burn on its own.
    • Yeah, I realised my mistake. Maybe, whilst the air is super heated, traces of flammable gas are sprayed out of embers suit (From her wrists or something) which is combined with superheated air to make a fireball etc.
    • Void Energies are involved with any Tenno's powers. It's magic, basically. The Orokin even specifically note that logic fails in the void, so it's only fitting that the powers the Void grants would also defy logic.
    • Superheated air is plasma, and plasma glows. Not sure if that would look like it does in the game, but you can make fire out of thin air, like during orbital reentry. Honorary mention goes to railgun shots - while a good deal of that "fire" is due to glowing particles ablated from the rails and projectile, regular air isn't exactly sterile, either.


  • Lore headscratcher here, who is the "Kaleen" mentioned in the new Ember codex entry? Is she the first Ember? one of the Orokin?
    • Kaleen is an unspecified individual who found the original Ember, a kid, on a space vessel that was once lost in the void. Possibly one of the Orokin.

    Grineer reloading 

  • Why are some Grineer weapons reloaded only by switching a small tube/ampule on the side? It makes sense for the Seer, but for weapons like Hek or Marelok it doesn't make sense. Unless we're just replacing detonite canisters and that power the apparently infinite ammo inside.
    • Remember that every weapon of the same class uses the same ammo drops, so it might have something to do with Universal Ammo shenanigans. It's also entirely possible that some of the guns are like Mass Effect's guns, and you're swapping out blocks of metal that the guns fire. Hell, for the Hek, I wouldn't be surprised if you're literally just firing raw chunks of Ferrite.

    Infestation and Alad V 

  • Does the Infestation have a hand in keeping Alad V alive?
    • As of Mesa Update, it is.

    Corpus logistics 

  • Corpus is described as a megacorporation that maintains economic control over the solar system. But who besides the Grineer are they selling to?
    • Everyone else who lives in the system. There are a large number of regular human colonies scattered around the system. They are actually what you are fighting to protect from the Grineer to begin with.
    • The Corpus are also not one single entity, but many different businesses, individuals, and corporations across the system. They have an extensive internal trade as well as an external trade with various smaller colonies and factions.


  • What's the point of "maintaining the balance" between the Grineer and the Corpus? Wouldn't the Origin System be better off without either side?
    • The Tenno don't have the numbers or firepower to wipe out both sides. The most they can do is tip the balance back into one side's favor if the other begins to get an advantage. If one side ends up completely falling, then the other will be able to direct its full, undivided attention against the Tenno, who will be very quickly crushed.
      • Also, both factions (and the Infestation) have proven to be, by and large, terrible towards those under them, so we're going to weaken both to ehe point that those subjugated by them can fight back.
    • Also keep in mind that while the 'balance' might be maintained between them, ideally both sides are gradually weakening due to Tenno shenanigans.
    • Or Lotus was using Tenno to keep humanity weak until the Sentients can return. Her sudden departure in Heel–Face Turn that seem to have no reason in her Lotus personality can make think that we served our arch-enemy during all previous game.

    Alad V's survival 

  • How does Alad V survive the multiple assassination attempts that you act out against him?
    • The way bosses come right back after you're done with an assassination mission has always been a sticking point. The game's answer is almost always "please don't ask about it".
    • Rule of MMO. It's like how the first quest giver is all "Only YOU can save the kingdom" while a line of players is waiting to be tended to.
    • Alad V is unique in that you explicitly kick his teeth in during his normal Assassinate Mission as well as Mutalist Alad V Assassinate. And if the original plotline were to be followed (whereupon he he helps the lotus after the whole Mutalist thing), this means that he canonically (somehow) survived being kicked in the teeth twice. The only other non-robotic boss that appears in two different assassinates are Vor and Kril (and Vor at least has the in-universe explanation of his Janus Key reviving him, which is the explicit reason for his appearance in the void), and even then it's implied the Vor-Kril teamup is sort of a "what if" scenario.

     Toxin, Gas, Viral, and robotics. 

  • How are these elements supposed to damage machinery and robotics? Heat cuts down on metal support strength, cold make most metals brittle, electricity, magnetic and radiation fry the circuits, blast just blasts the machine appart, corrosive eats at the metal, but what are toxin, gas and viral supposed do to machines???
    • Toxic chemicals aren't exactly friendly to silicon either; most toxins are mildly acidic or basic, while venoms are made of enzymes. They don't do as much damage as Corrosive damage because, well, they aren't as corrosive. Cyanide-based gases are often ionic, and thus reactive. As for viral damage, insert your own computer virus joke here (since Robotic enemies are vulnerable to it but the simpler Machinery enemies are not).
    • The Orokin make heavy use of biotech, all machine enemys you encounter are either of orikin origin or derived from there design, so its possible they are partially organic, or that the toxins and viruses are similar to the technocite virus and can harm them the same reason it can infect them

    Argon Crystals 

  • It makes sense that argon crystals decay, but how are they used in components? The crystals can't be a permanent part of the end product. The decay prevents that. Argon is inert, so it can't be used as a reactant.
    • Perhaps the Foundry has some kind of specialized component that's required for the production of those blueprints and consumes the Argons in some other way, like a super-precise laser that uses the crystals as lenses, or a Void Resonance Infuser that extracts all the Void residue from the crystals, or a ...thing.
      • Or maybe the components just need a bunch of argon gas and well a solid form contains a lot of those molecules in a compact form that is easy to grab and allow to sublimate rather than trying to find a bunch of the gas to vacuum up and bottle.
    • The Argon Crystal is likely a catalyst in the production of the device rather than a component in the final product. Since the crystal is explicitly described as a "Void-based radioactive resource" and argon is an inert gas, the properties that make it worth using are likely Void-related (in other words, running off space magic) which decays rapidly outside of the Void. The argon itself isn't really as important as much as the Void energies contained in the crystal.
    • Another possibility is that once they're integrated into something, they're stabilized in some form (contained in sonething that stabilizes or contains the decay, like neon in lights, or suspended within Void conduits)

    Asymmetrical Dual Swords 

  • Why does the longer blade go in the off-hand and the shorter blade in the main hand, when single swords go in the main hand by default!?
    • I think this might have something to do with what the Tenno are based on: Ninjas and Samurai. While Ninjas obviously didn't use multiple swords (if they carried any, they only carried one), the Samurai would often carry two swords into combat. Now, if both swords were out, the longer one would be in the more dominate hand, but not always. Each Samurai honed and perfected his own fighting style from the moment he could pick up the sword, and there were likely some that switched the swords in combat. Some would even switch hands on the fly if required. As for the Tenno defaulting to that 'alternate' style... well... maybe one of the animators thought it looked cooler?
    • Perhaps the Tenno realize that the shorter blade requires more precision and strength behind it, so they use their dominant hand. The larger sword can be used with less emphasis on both.

    Plains day/night cycle 

  • The Plains of Eidolon have a day/night cycle of 100 minute days, 50 minute nights. 150 minutes in total. What could've happened to Earth to cause this?
    • It's likely just a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation; non-Plains Earth tilesets have a day/night cycle of four hours, meaning that the short cycle is just for the convenience of players.
    • It could also be justified through the Unum/Tower, who are explicitly stated to have near-godlike control over the region's terraforming and the ability to see into all possibilities. Maybe s/he/it wants the Teralysts to have less waking time, but has to have SOME night lest Cetus bake?
    • this is more likely simply Gameplay and Story Segregation; as Venus in real life has a nearly year long day cycle but in game it’s warm and cold within roughly hour so they mostly likely did so players wouldn’t be up at night hunting Teralysts

    rail jack cephalon 

  • why when building a chepalon why do you need physical materials are you constructing the computer that holds it or paying the chepalon to be the railjack ai
    • Most likely, what we're building is the network conduits that allow a Cephalon to integrate with the ship properly and act as a central control unit

    Arbiters of Hexis 

  • These guys are just a bunch of regular humans appropriating Tenno culture and trying to insist that the Tenno should be more than they are, right? So please explain to me how they, of all people in the entire Origin System, managed to apparently subvert an Orokin Neural Sentry? Since the Death Squads they send after you are composed of CORRUPTED LANCERS.
    • They're using specters of Corrupted Lancers. They're not connected to a Neural Sentry any more than Red Veil's Charger specters or New Loka's Ancient Healer specters are connected to the Infested Hive Mind. They're shoddy knock-off clones, that's all.