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You read the sentence on the main page right. "Senki Zesshou Symphogear is a sci-fi series about Magical Girl Warriors who use Power Armor fueled by The Power of Rock to battle Eldritch Abominations." Think of it as taking a little Gurren Lagann, throwing in some singing, and garnishing it with lots of explosions that would make Super Sentai and Power Rangers proud, with a main cast as badass to go with it. Yup, that's Symphogear for you.


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That's a lot of missile she got there! (and this is just the basics!)
  • Old man Genjuro stops Tsubasa's BFS with a punch before it hits Hibiki. He's just badass enough to not need a Relic to stop a Relic user. Rumor is that he is skilled in "a special kind of martial arts". Said martial arts might be Ansatsuken.
  • Hibiki in episode three shows us that no, the Slasher Smile and the Glowing Eyes of Doom in the first episode were not a lie. Beware the Nice Ones, indeed.
  • Tsubasa and the Nehushtan Armour user duke it out in Episode 4. And just when Tsubasa seems to be on the ropes, her opponent is trapped by a restricting technique, "Shadow Weaver". Cue Tsubasa calmly walking towards the Nehushtan girl and singing her swan song, greatly damaging the armour and destrying the surrounding Noise.
  • Hibiki in episode 5 shows us the results of her training by effortlessly defeating a group of Noise by herself. Berserk!Hibiki with Durandal ups the ante by blowing up an entire chemical factory!
  • Hibiki's epic rant and Megaton Punch to the Nehushtan Armor user in Episode 6.
  • Episode 7: One CMOA for the enemies, what with the Nehushtan Girl revealing that she's a Symphogear user, Chris Yukine, and her relic is one of the few completed ones. Cue MEGA DETH PARTY. Fortunately we have Tsubasa's counterattack.
  • A CMOA for the Noise in general, for being so effective a threat even if they're only mooks.
  • Genjuro continues to be awesome in Episode 8, where he shows up from nowhere to save Chris from Noise attacks by using his own feet to stomp the ground and create walls to protect both of them... which is followed by jumping with Chris to the top of a building.
  • Hibiki's MEGA Megaton Punch to the Fortress Noise in episode 9.
  • Episode 10. Two words: Megadeth Quartet!
  • Episode 11 is another Genjuro awesome, owning Finé in combat until she's forced to use Ryoko's voice to distract him and stab him in the chest... which he survived.
    • While he whoops on her, Finé demands to know how a regular guy can take on a Gear user. G-Man's response?
    Genjuro: "I eat, watch movies and sleep. A True Man knows nothing else!"
  • Episode 12:
    • Finé insults Chris, who seemingly died stopping the Kadingir's laser from blowing up the moon. Hibiki goes completely berserk, gaining glowing red eyes and her body turns black. Normal people would be scared out of their wits. Finé, though? She just smiles and takes her on. Hibiki cuts her in half? She simply uses the power of the Nehushtan Armor to put her body back together. Kind of creepy, but cool, nonetheless.
    • Within the span of "Zettō ・ Ame-no-Habakiri" (an awesome song at that), Tsubasa stops a berserk Hibiki from losing her reason, and then challenges Finé by herself. She sends the latter flying into the Kadingir and uses a Diving Kick combined with her BFS, forcing Finé to deploy her strongest barrier. Then Tsubasa reveals that she was aiming to destroy the Kadingir all along, and promptly soars with her katanas like a phoenix.
      • What made that phrase awesome was that it came right after Hibiki came back from the Despair Event Horizon: Chris and Tsubasa appear to be dead, her Symphogear armor disappeared, and Finé was pretty much smacking her around. Then, Miku and the rest of the schoolgirls sing their school's anthem, which gives Hibiki a much needed Heroic Second Wind. The phonic gain coming from her makes Finé do a double take and she starts to question where Hibiki is getting her power from. When she says, "What are you using?!" Hibiki, Tsubasa AND Chris rise from the ground, then shoot off into the sky, clad in new Symphogears, and THEN Hibiki does the Big Word Shout all while Synchrogazer plays in the background. Ladies and gentlemen, our heroes are back!
  • Episode 13. All the girls use the fully-powered up version of their weapons: Ame no Habakiri grows to the length of a skyscraper, Hibiki's gauntlets get their "charge-lines".... that extend for several hundred meters, and Ichii-bal's Mega Deth Quartet gains a battleship's worth of cruise missiles.
    • The reasons their weapons gain this awesome supercharge? To destroy a chunk of the FUCKING MOON!
    • Also, Hibiki wields the Durandal again, vs. Finé's Red Dragon. Though the darkness of the blade is trying to overcome her she gets encouragement from Tsubasa, Chris, Miku and all the others to stay herself. She pulls herself together and unleashes the full power of the sword on Finé, again with Synchrogazer playing, finally defeats her.

    Symphogear G
Looks like someone is having a bad day.
  • The grand return of Hibiki and Chris. Highlights include Chris's Giga Zeppelin, and Hibiki using a train car as a slow down tool, so she can Megaton Punch the Noise in the tunnel.
  • Tsubasa VS Maria in episode 2. Special mention goes to Tsubasa wicked awesome spinning sword of fire.
    • Hibiki and Chris dropping in to assist her, and turning the arena into a 3 VS 3 Gear user fight.
    • The combination Swan Song. Which ends in a rainbow colored punch of awesomeness, that sends the Replicator Noise into the atmosphere.
  • Tsubasa getting a little jumping boost from the 2nd Division's new submarine base in episode 3.
  • Ogawa whooping (over the phone) the asses of a group of thugs. And never breaking conversation with Genjuro.
  • Hibiki VS the Nephilim in episode 5. Until it bites her arm off anyway...
  • Episode 6 gives us Nephilim VS Hibiki, round 2. Which consists of Hibiki going into Berserk Mode, growing her arm back, kicking Nephilim's ass all over the place, and tearing its heart out. And bonus points? Hibiki successfully shifted Dr. Ver's smug disposition and Slasher Smile into utter Freak Out and Villainous Breakdown.
    • Later, when Ver makes his return, Hibiki punches a Noise to save her friends. Untransformed.
  • The TsubasaCycle from episode 7.
  • The introduction of Symphogear Miku from episode 9.
  • Episode 10:
    • Miku's Liuxing laser, which according to Chris is even more powerful than Fine's Moon Buster Cannon.
    • Ogawa running on the water like a damn ninja.
    • Hibiki's Badass Boast to Genjuro when she insists on fighting against Miku.
    Genjoru: I forbid you to die!
    Hibiki: Then I'll come back alive, even it kills me!
    • Hibiki VS Miku. Awesome and then some.
      • The sheer balls of her plan to free Miku from Ver's control. Fighting her while risking a possible death from her body ravaging Gear, and steering her into a GIANT. FREAKING. LASER. And it works!
  • Shirabe VS Kirika and Tsubasa VS Chris in episode 11.
  • Again in episode 12 :
    • Chris survives her showdown with Tsubasa. This alone deserves a mention, but the best has to come.
    • Ver thinks he has Chris cornered with a Power Nullifier, Anti-linker gas, preventing her from retaliating against an army of Noise, and is about to pull a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on her. "Thinks" is the keyword : What does she do? She promptly goes around the Anti-linker problem by blowing up her gear into butt-nakedness, and a rain of shards, taking down half of the Noise in the process and scaring the living shit out of Ver who promptly goes Oh, Crap!.
    • Tsubasa downgrading her Gear into her So Last Season form, with the associated character song, "Zetto - Ame no Habakiri", doubling with a Awesome Music, and bailing out Chris after her call of "Senpai!", kicking ass and totally ignoring the Anti-linker problem since it's a LESS powerful form putting less stress on her! You read this right, Tsubasa combined a Awesome Music, a Moment of Awesome, a Heartwarming Moment with a Power Limiter making her a Weak, but Skilled force to be reckoned with, which is apparently in-universe not a trivial achievement, since this prompts another Oh, Crap! from Ver !
    • Hibiki gets her very own upon grabbing Maria's Armed Gear as it was about to kill Ver, and pulling her Transformation Sequence when she should for all intents and purposes be unable to as she was Brought Down to Normal, prompting an Ironic Echo to Fine in last season's episode 12:
      Maria: What is it? WHAT ARE YOU?
      Hibiki: PIERCING SPEAR, GUNGNIR! [note]] Gekisou Gungnir in Japanese, aka the name of her first insert song in S1.[[/note]]
    • For some, the fact that Maria would no longer stand with Ver's bullshit any longer, even if Hibiki 'stops' her, deserve a crowner here too.
  • Episode 13. All of it. But especially the final attack of the season:
    • Everyone has their own awesome moment. But Miku takes the cake for using that track training to run out and hurl Solomon's Cane straight through the rip in space several meters in the air closing it and saving the world from an exploding Nephilim.

    Symphogear GX
  • What better way to kick off the third season than by having the three main heroines save a rocket from crashing into the Earth? Despite them cutting through a forest, slicing a chunk out of K2, and causing plenty of damage to a nearby town, they succeed.
    • To clarify on the whole K2 debacle, there is this line, said without irony:
      K2 is now only the third highest mountain in the world.
    • And how do they actually stop the rocket, you ask? Hibiki SUPLEXES IT.
    • The build up is epic as well. The astronauts piloting the rocket mistake the rocket carrying the girls up to them as a rocket meant to shoot them down before they could crash into an inhabited area, and resign themselves to their fate. Hibiki's voice comes in over the radio, telling them that things will be fine, and not to give up on living, and Radiant Force hits the lyrics as the girls deploy.
    • When fans of Symphogear wants to show just how Crazy Awesome Symphogear is to the uninitiated, usually this is the scene they pick.
  • Tsubasa and Maria have another duet, which overshadows the one they had in the previous season in spades through sheer visuals alone. It includes the frigging TOWER BRIDGE (in London!) as a backdrop.
  • Hibiki is probably the only person who can make saving people from a fire look awesome, though special props have to go to the ending. Ceiling about to crash down on top of you? Just kick your way out!
  • Maria actually manages to hold her own pretty well when a mysterious assailant attacks her. Note that Maria does not have a Symphogear at this point. And when she messes up? Cue Tsubasa with a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Kirika and Shirabe's Big Damn Heroes moment for the sake of Chris. Even better, they do it smart, dealing with all the attacks and such, so they can get the vulnerable Chris to safety.
  • Maria takes back the Gungnir Symphogear for the entirety of one scene in E4 to save Hibiki and her friends when Hibiki finds herself unable to sing. Granted, Maria doesn't last very long due to the lack of LiNKER to keep her synchronized, but it was amazing to see the black Gungnir in action once again.
  • Hibiki, however, doesn't disappoint. She regains the ability to use her Symphogear after an entire episode of not being able to do so and proceeds to utterly annihilate both the Alca-Noise and the Autoscorer present in the building. Unfortunately, it doesn't end well for her.
    • Miku also gets a moment of awesome. Hibiki has been unable to use her Symphogear due to her fear of hurting people with her powers, and was on the verge of a complete breakdown when Micha started taunting her. Miku, surrounded by Alca-Noise from several floors high, confidently tells Hibiki that she knows her songs don't hurt people, since she fought Hibiki once, and urges her to remember her reason for using the Symphogear. It is this (combined with Micha blasting her off the floor) that gets Hibiki to snap out of it and use her Symphogear to not only save Miku, but to beat down Micha for a bit until Garie reveals it was a set up.
  • Shirabe and Kirika finally get their chance to shine by taking on an army of Alca-Noise, complete with Shirabe showing off how killer her new Killer Yo Yo is. But the awesomeness truly begins when Shirabe and Kirika's character songs sync up like in the last season... at least, until Micha cuts off the song.
    • Not long after that, Tsubasa and Chris show up in the nick of time with their new, enhanced Symphogears, ready to kick major ass for the first time since Episode 2.
  • Hibiki performing a Big Damn Heroes, after having her gear restored and upgraded arrives, riding a missile to punch out the Alcanoise Flunky Boss in the sky!
  • The Ignite Module's first activation in episode 6, which leads to the 3 original Symphogear userscompletely destroying an adult relic wielding version of Carol... and 3000 Alca-Noise. At the same time.
    Aoi: Detecting approximately 3000 Alca-Noise!
    Ogawa: 3000?!
    Hibiki: Just 3000!?
    • The build up deserves some mentioning. Up to this point, the Autoscorers had been winning every fight they got into with every Gear user they ever faced. And Kirika and Shirabe were the last line of defense, supposedly until the senpai-kouhai combo of Tsubasa and Chris show up to save their friends. They obliterate the noise present and things amp up when Carol takes to the field herself with a transformation that wrecks the both of them easily. Taken up a step further when Hibiki comes back, and we get a rockin' version of Radiant Force, from the first episode, but with double the intensity that makes the whole thing a fantastic watch from start to finish.
  • Maria displaying the power of the Airgetlám Symphogear in Episode 7. The first time she transforms, she calls back to Hibiki's attack in G, transforming halfway through punching Garie in the face. Afterwards, she then shows off Airgetlám's capabilities, including Flechette Storm and Whip Sword attacks. The next time Garie attacks, Maria successfully activates IGNITE mode (alone!), and makes very short work of Garie.
    • Said episode does more than just show off Airgetlám's capabilities - it serves as Character Development for a character that used to be considered The Scrappy. In a certain amount of meta-awareness, much of GX E7 had flashbacks to instances in G which many thought made Maria The Scrappy. Part of the lesson Maria learnt was to be true to herself, instead of clinging to false images and lies, and she eventually gains the strength to defeat an Auto-scorer solo.
  • On the more mundane side of things, we have a Rock–Paper–Scissors match, also in Episode 7, that's played out a bit more dramatically than it should have been.
  • For Episode 8, Shirabe and Kirika's combined IGNITE mode attack, ZABABA ECLIPSE: Forbidden Wheel of Evil. It combines Shirabe's Extreme Sigma Style Forbidden Moon Ring with Kirika's Slasher Jabberwock to form a really large guillotine.
    • Micha is not to be outdone, either. Unlike Carol or Garie, who fell against the Ignite Module without much resistance, Micha actually gives Kirika and Shirabe a run for their money by roughing them as soon as they're done transforming and unleashing Gilgamesh-like amounts of pillars in her Super Mode.
  • Each GX episode seems to be attempting to outdo the last in terms of any ultimate attack shown. GX E9 gives us Tsubasa's Rasetsu Stance Zero, which is essentially her old Soaring Phoenix taken Up to Eleven and combined with a motion that approximates Shirabe's Sigma Style - Extreme Forbidden Moon Ring.
  • Villainous it may be, but it's hard to deny that Dr. Ver's reintroduction in GX E9 is awesome, using his Nephilim arm to outright eat one of Chris' missiles. Considering he would panic and run from confrontation in G, this is one hell of an upgrade for him.
  • Episode 11, being the beginning of the season's Final Battle, has a lot of awesome.
    • Lieur's "little sister" breakes the Song HQ in half, and right after that Chris one-shots her with a new attack: Artemis Spiral, a huge missile fired from a longbow.
    • Hibiki's dad grows a spine and saves his daughter, pretending to be a coward while he looks for Hibiki's pendand right under the eyes of Carol. He also apologizes for what a shitty parent he's been before throwing the pendant to Hibiki, who transforms with a new Image Song.
    • Hibiki breaks right through Carol's defensive barriers, punching her right in the face and sending her flying. And then Chris has a Big Damn Heroes moment saving Hibiki's dad from some Alca-noise.
    • Carol herself finally starts singing, unleashing the power of a swan song on the heroes, who are powerless to stop her. That is until the heroes notice she gains power form the Château de Tiffauges and Maria, Kirika and Shirabe decides to Storm the Castle.
    • Dr Ver has some impressivly insane ramblings about being a hero, and how he's going to use the Château to further his world domination. Then Carol stabs him in the back.
  • Episode 12 is so overloaded with Serial Escalation that it Crosses the Line Twice - the amount of phlebotinum in this episode alone easily outstrips the rest of the season. Maria, Shirabe and Kirika kick things off with their very own image song, battling to disable the Chateau from within, and along the way join cause with Dr. Ver, who reveals himself to be much less villainous than previously believed. Outside the Chateau, Hibiki, Chris and Tsubasa fight a delaying action against Carol, including triggering all three safety locks of the IGNITE module and eating an attack from Carol that is proudly self-proclaimed to have the power of 7 billion Climax Songs.
    • Speaking of Climax Songs, at that very moment Maria, Shirabe and Kirika appear singing it, helping to save Hibiki, Chris and Tsubasa from much of the impact, and then all six Symphogears combine their Climax Songs to upgrade Hibiki's old S2CA Tri-burst into S2CA Hexa-Conversion. Cue obligatory rainbow tornado and clouds parting, and the episode ending with all 6 Symphogears in X-Drive form and ready to kick serious ass.
  • Episode 13: GLORIOUS BREAK!

    Symphogear AXZ
  • Episode 1 starts things off with Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris going up against a terrorist organization armed with infantry, tanks, a giant airship, and lots of Alca-Noise. That's three girls against an entire army. And they win. Here are some highlights:
    • Tsubasa kicking things off by using her motorcycle to cut through waves of Alca-Noise before spinning it around to take down some anti-aircraft guns. She then spends the rest of her time slicing bullets and mortars in midair and disposing of enemy weapons and tanks.
    • Chris comes face to face against a squad from the army and gets barraged with half a dozen small-arms and a rocket propelled grenade. She just shrugs them off and spits one bullet in their face just for show before returning fire.
    • Hibiki once again showing us the fruits of her training by casually knocking aside explosive mortars as she slowly walks towards a group of tanks. Once she reaches them, she proceeds to go utterly ballistic and uses her strength to literally tear the tanks apart.
      • One particular spot is that she blocks a shot aimed at Chris from what looks like a Sturmtiger!
    • Ogawa even gets in on the action by using his ninja techniques to knock out some of the soldiers.
    • Chris trades missile and bullet against the airship's barrage, akin to air defense systems.
    • Shirabe and Kirika get their own moment without being transformed when they save a helicopter from being destroyed by opening the helicopter doors at just the right moment for an incoming missile to pass by them cleanly.
    • Tsubasa and Hibiki jumping off of missiles to approach an airship before Tsubasa summons the mother of all BFSs to cut it in half. Hibiki then proceeds to jump in, grab the enemy commander, and use her Gear to drill her way out before Chris finishes the job with one big missile barrage.
    • Props also go to the girls for doing all of the above without taking a single human life. It doesn't seem important at first, but as the following episode shows, the Symphogears are still capable of hurting regular humans and can severely injure them in the worst case scenario. The fact that the main trio is still able to win without harming the human soldiers while still going all out against the Noise only further shows just how skilled they are, being able to disarm the infantry without so much as hurting them and forcing them to retreat of their own accord.
    • And this all happens over TEN MINUTES. Not just 30 seconds of action, TEN MINUTES OF AWESOMENESS AND EXPLOSIONS.
  • Hibiki, ever the Hot-Blooded Large Ham that she is, stopping a giant drill Alca-Noise from attacking a nuclear power plant by punching straight through it. Complete with a large magenta-colored explosion.
    • Tsubasa and Chris are not to be outdone though, as they take down a gargantuan Alca-Noise with little effort, first with Chris firing an arrow which impales the Alca-Noise from the inside before Tsubasa finishes it with a flying fiery slash.
  • The FIS group get their own moment to shine in Episode 2 when they take on two members of the Bavarian Illuminati alongside an army of Alca-Noise. After some fighting, Shirabe and Kirika leave to help an airplane that is running from Alca-Noise and succeed in getting it to take flight. Meanwhile, Maria holds off both of the alchemists by herself before blasting them with a Wave-Motion Gun. What makes this part better is the fact that by this point they are starting to destabilize with their Gears because the effects of the LiNKER are starting to wane. Despite this, they still persevere and ultimately show that just because they're limited to the amount of time they can stay transformed doesn't mean that they're powerless.
    • Bonus points also goes to their group image song, "Senritsu Sorority", which perfectly describes their drive and determination to never give up.
    Our limits aren't decided by anyone else
    It's only up to us how far we can go!
  • The giant serpent the alchemists conjure up is shown to be able to dive underground, chase after foes relentlessly, and withstand attacks from Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika combined. Hibiki defeats it with one punch.
    Cagliostro: What happened to the whole "invincible" thing?!
    Hibiki: You're looking at her!
  • The climax of the second fight of Episode 3, in which the main trio break out the IGNITE Modules when they are trapped in a sub-space pocket filled with regenerating Noise. After clearing more waves of Noise set to the first IGNITED arrangement of the season, they then proceed to break themselves out with their combination attack, Trinity Resonance.
    • Elfnein manages to contribute to the fight from the sidelines by deducing the shape of the sub-space pocket the trio are in and where the main control mechanism is all within less than a minute. Chris then proves that she really is smarter than she looks by planting speakers throughout the field and using the music from the Gears as a form of sonar to determine their location and find the leader Noise so they can bust themselves out.
  • Chris riding into battle in Episode 4 on top of a missile and then proceeding to stay on it while shooting down waves of Noise from above. After Cagliostro forces her to land, Chris prepares to fire a gigantic arrow which Cagliostro tries to exploit by attacking her blind spot...only for her to be met with Hibiki's elbow.
  • On the villainous side of things, the alchemists finally turn things around with their own super mode and easily take down the main trio while they're in their IGNITE forms. Then, the Big Bad Adam shows up and makes quite the on-screen debut, summoning an explosion bigger than the The Tunguska Event within moments of his first appearance.
    • Adding to the above, Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika, despite them running out of LiNKER to keep themselves stabilized to their Gears, still manage to activate their IGNITE modules and get an unconscious Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris to safety. Despite the enormous strain that was put on their bodies and almost coming into direct contact with Adam's explosion, they come out of it without any major injuries.
  • In Episode 6, the main trio spend almost all of their screentime trying to take down an army of Noise, but between the Noise being able to regenerate and the girls being forced to limit themselves to their regular mode, they're fighting a losing battle. Then, right as Hibiki is about to activate her IGNITE Module, out come Shirabe and Kirika, fresh off of taking a new form of LiNKER made by Elfnein, ready to lend a helping hand. Within the span of about three minutes, they make quick work of most of the Noise and succeed in catching the alchemists by surprise and destroying their airship. Not bad for two girls who spent the previous episode doubting their usefulness to the team!
  • If the above example wasn't enough, Shirabe and Kirika proceed to one-up that in Episode 7 where they team up against Prelati and succeed in beating the crap out of her as their battle songs sync up in the background. Just goes to show that when they fight together as a team, there's very little they can't handle.
  • Genjuro finally gets to show off his stuff again in Episode 8 and proves that he's still as badass as ever by utterly demolishing all of the Symphogear users while they're transformed. He, in order:
    • Rushes at Maria and overwhelms her with a flurry of punches before sending her flying with a single kick.
    • Fends off Hibiki's assault with one hand behind his back before catching her fist and tossing her aside.
    • Dodges Tsubasa's sword strikes before he catches her sword between two fingers, pulls her towards him, and performs a Tetsuzanko.
    • Catches all of the missiles sent by Chris's MEGADETH PARTY and throws them right back at her.
    • Makes quick work of Shirabe and Kirika by stomping his foot into the floor so hard he creates a miniature earthquake.
  • Chris and Maria teaming up to fight Cagliostro, working together in unison to the point where they become as competent a pair as Shirabe and Kirika. Then, as Cagliostro takes to the skies, the two combine their Gears into a mini-airship and fly after her, leading to an exchange of aerial blows that would make the characters of Lyrical Nanoha proud before Chris and Maria finish Cagliostro off with an explosion of epic proportions. All set to an amazingly awesome duet with a title that's just as awesome as the move of the same name: CHANGE THE FUTURE.
    • Though things don't end well for her in the end, props must be given to Cagliostro for her strategy of dealing with the Gear users. Taking into account what happened the last time she fought them, she uses the sub-space pockets from Episode 3 to deliberately separate them all into (presumably) unfamiliar pairings (Tsubasa with Shirabe, Hibiki with Kirika) so that she won't have to deal with Shirabe and Kirika fighting together. Of course, the girls were already prepared for this, but still, it's a rare instance of a villain actually learning from their experience!
    • Stefan, the kid whose leg Chris shot off back in Episode 2, cements his status as a Badass Bystander for having the guts to stand up from his wheelchair without receiving proper rehabilitation and kick a steel pipe with his prosthetic leg in Cagliostro's direction, distracting her long enough for Chris to get a couple shots in. Not even a disability can prevent this kid from doing whatever he can to help!
  • Shirabe finally overcoming her difficulty of opening up to people other than Maria and Kirika and performing a unison with Tsubasa in Episode 9, which allows the two of them to chase down and defeat Prelati.
  • The entirety of the second half of Episode 10 is filled with these.
    • Hibiki and Kirika's fight against Saint-Germain, with the former two engaging their opponent in close combat while singing to a rocking duet and the latter not yielding an inch. Then, as Saint-Germain tries to attack Hibiki while she's downed, Hibiki retaliates with a Rocket Punch to the stomach, followed by Kirika giving her a boost with a rocket-powered Diving Kick as the two drive Saint-Germain into the ground.
    • Kirika using her swan song to protect Hibiki and Saint-Germain from an energy blast fired by Tiki. Granted, it puts her completely out of commission, but it's still an impressive feat considering the higher risk that comes having a low sync rate with her Gear.
    • Saint-Germain finally turning on Adam and allying herself with her former enemy Hibiki, culminating in a pretty awesome speech from the both of them.
    Saint-Germain: We both hold what we believe is right. We are enemies who can never possibly reach an understanding.
    Hibiki: But now we face the same direction, squaring off against the same opponent.
    Saint-Germain: The enemy is great, the odds overwhelming. What do you say, Hibiki Tachibana?
    Hibiki: The same thing I always say when confronted by the impossible.
    Saint-Germain and Hibiki: 'Even so!'
  • Episode 11 can best be summed up in one sentence: Hibiki the God Slayer.
  • Episode 12: Saint-Germain and her Not Quite Dead teammates singing a completely boss combination song to stop the missile launched at the girls.
  • The entire first half of Episode 13, though special mention must be made to Hibiki's final bout against Adam. After Hibiki briefly suffers backfire from her Gear due to it not having been treated since its last battle, the other Gear users transfer their powers to her, resulting in Hibiki being given access to all of their abilities. Then, Hibiki channels a Gold Saint and turns her battered Gear to the golden form as seen in the image above thanks to help from the alchemists before channeling her inner Star Platinum (complete with the "ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!!") to give Adam the beating of his life.
  • The post credits scene delivers an awesome moment in hindsight: Remember when Hibiki threw both her and Miku into a laser to free her from her Symphogear and cure Hibiki of the merge between her and Gungnir? Turns out it purified the Curse of Balal. Hibiki and Miku have been free since that point of that infamous curse (that ultimately drives the whole plot) and are, in that regard, pure enough to contain divine power.

    Symphogear XV
"I'm getting back my girlfriend, Shem-Ha!"
  • Episode 1: As per the Symphogear tradition, the first episode is filled with action.
    • All six of the Gear users take center stage, showcasing their improved strength and teamwork from last season. Then, after they briefly get incapacitated, they bounce back with a six-person song.
    • Hibiki gets captured by the enemy and gets dragged underwater, but she doesn't let that stop her. After releasing from its grasp, she drifts down to the ocean floor, then rises back up with a blow so hard it knocks the enemy straight into the sky.
    • Chris showcases her strength as the team's long-range specialist by identifying the enemy's weak spot while it's falling through the air and surrounded by defenses. Once she does find the weak point, all of the girls combine all their powers into one supercharged attack that finishes the job.
    • An animation highlight comes in the form of Hibiki's transformation. It begins with a Call-Back to Season 1's transformations before transitioning to an electrifying sequence that has Hibiki manifesting her Gear while performing martial arts moves, all the while making subtle throw-backs to every one of her previous transformations.
  • Episode 2:
    • Shirabe and Kirika defending an American ship, first from the Alca-Noise and then from Elsa of the Pavarian Illuminati, proving just how much stronger they have become, both individually and as a team.
      • Kirika single-handedly taking down an Alca-Noise that's taller than the ship they're currently on.
      • Shirabe holding her own against Elsa with a dizzying display of saws and yo-yo tricks. When she reunites with Kirika, the two combine their weapons to send Elsa packing.
    • After a glaring absence from AXZ, Tsubasa and Maria team up to give us yet another gorgeous concert scene. A meta-crowner for the animation team, as usual.
  • Episode 3:
    • After three seasons of trying and failing to do it right, Chris finally gets to use her RED HOT BLAZE attack properly: a shot from a sniper rifle that flies so fast and so hard it explodes once it hits the ground.
    • Shirabe and Kirika show off their teamwork once again, this time creating a rocket-powered blade that successfully blindsides Millaarc.
  • Episode 4:
    • In a massive Call-Back to the previous season, Hibiki receives some timely assistance from Saint-Germain and receives a new Golden Super Mode for the Symphogear, at which point she manages to single-handedly turn the tide of battle. Furthermore, as this is happening, we are treated to a fitting reprisal of "Hanasaku Yuuki", the song Hibiki sings in AXZ when she and Saint-Germain first teamed up against Adam, but this time around, Saint-Germain lends her own voice to turn it into a duet (much like in the second day of the 2018 concert).
  • Episode 5:
    • Yet another meta-example for the animation team: Tsubasa’s transformation is absolutely gorgeous, highlighting her ability with a blade and her flaming spirit as a bird. The far away shot of Tsubasa and dozens of blades against the backdrop of a giant moon is especially memorable.
  • Episode 6:
    • Ogawa gets to show off his driving skills with Vanessa in pursuit, finally giving her the slip by pulling off a Doppelgänger Spin with his car.
  • Episode 7:
    • The epic call-backs just keep coming, and this time it’s for GX.
    • Who are the ones who save a captured Elfnein from being killed by Vanessa? Carol’s Autoscorers, who now recognize Elfnein as their master. Though they’re in damaged, rejected bodies, the puppets do their best to hold the line against the antagonists for Elfnein’s sake.
    • Elfnein, encouraged and inspired by the Autoscorers’ sacrifices, finally uses her alchemy abilities to not only block Vanessa’s attack, but summon the harp Dur da Bla and transform. However, it’s quickly revealed that it’s not exactly Elfnein doing this.
    Vanessa: Another impossible miracle at the last second?
    Carol: A miracle, you say? Not at all. I am the murderer of miracles!
  • Episode 8:
    • Following from the last episode, Carol trouncing Noble Red without taking one step or even turning around when they try to flank her. The only reason they got away was Elfnein’s insistence on staying to rescue Miku.
    • When Noble Red comes back for round two, they manage to catch Carol in their Labyrinth. The Labyrinth promptly explodes thanks to Carol’s swan song. The effort burns through most of her power, but leaves Noble Red scattered with Elfnein free to keep an eye on Miku. And that’s not all...
    • Meanwhile, the main cast sans an injured Hibiki have been trying to break through the divine cradle by activating the Chateau with their Swan Songs. It’s not getting them far, until two things happen. First, the power of Carol’s song activates X-drive mode for all five of them. Second, Hibiki gets launched into the scene determined to rescue Miku. What follows is an epic aerial battle to get Hibiki past the cradle’s defenses and deliver the final blow.
  • Episode 9:
    • Genjuro has a much awaited showdown with his own father, Fudo. Fudo wins.
    • Maria beats some sense in Tsubasa, literally slapping her out of her trance.
    • Fudo crosses the Moral Event Horizon once again and one time too many, as he kills his other son Yatsuhiro in front of Tsubasa, giving her the drive to finally give him what's coming. AGAIN, it should be noted that he is bare-handed and fighting a fully armed gear user!
      • The implication from the fight is that the Kazanari bloodline likely has outright inhuman blood. It takes Tsubasa going into Amalgam form to win the fight!
    • Tachibana Akira might be a controversial individual who has much to atone, but he unwittingly gives Hibiki one of the keys to her problems:
    Akira: In kanji, curse and blessing look alike, right? Just like the opposite sides of the same coin!
  • Episode 10:
    • Shem-Ha shows she means business with her silver transmutation that is like alchemy, but completely different. And she only has a fragment of her power!
    • Noble Red making their come back as full-fledged beasts. Shem-Ha did that on a WHIM to boast her power.
  • Episode 11:
    • We get to see via Maria's dream an awesome battle between custodians, Enki and Shem-Ha... And now we understand one very important fact... Enki activated a network jammer... The curse of Balal. This was to protect mankind from Shem-Ha's Assimilation Plot, since she had transformed herself into language data... And made herself immortal via the unified language. The curse of mankind was their greatest protection from the threat that Shem-Ha was.
    • A very badass duo battle by Tsubasa and Maria bringing out the big guns and their first duet song "Fushichou no Flamme"!
  • Episode 12:
    • Carol's very commendable performance against Shem-Ha, giving her one or two Oh, Crap! moments.
    Carol: I have analyzed the concept of "man" a long while ago. I just have to define the remaining impurities as "God", and decompose them! Don't look down on alchemy!
    • Vanessa being forced to commit Suicide by Cop, asking Hibiki to kill her with her God Slayer fist, if only to save her pride.
    • Noble Red's Heroic Sacrifice to bring everyone back from the moon, using Daedalus' Labyrinth.
    • The whole group activating their X-drive forms upon re-entry in the atmosphere for the final battle along with Carol.
  • Episode 13:
    • With seven harmonies united, even Shem-Ha can not use her divine healing ability that basically reverses time.
    • With everyone's help, Hibiki was about to launch the final strike on Shem-Ha, who pulls a very epic Manipulative Bastard moment by reverting for one second to Miku's persona:
    Shem-Ha/Miku: Will you kill me, with this cursed fist?
    • Carol burns again all of her memories to pull a gold transmutation capable of repelling Shem-Ha's silver transmutation.
    • Carol forces Hibiki to be honest with herself as to what she wants to do. She also gives her the pep talk she needed to finally understand that calling a curse "a curse" will only reinforce that concept.
    • Just as it seems Shem-ha has won and taken control of mankind as a whole, Hibiki ALONE remains capable of independent action thanks to her being freed of the curse of balal, reversing the connection.
      • And Hibiki pulls a "World of Cardboard" Speech of epic proportions, combining it with the closest possible thing to a love confession, putting her father's advice to good use, by outright overwriting her God Slayer curse and managing to beat the God out of her:
    Hibiki: Who decided that my feelings for Miku were smaller than 2000 years of curses?!
    • All of mankind is now united in wishing for a brighter tomorrow, INCLUDING the until now unrepentant U.S. president.
    • Miku pulling an 11th-Hour Ranger moment to join the rest of the group in controlling Shem-Ha's system with the harmony of seven Symphogear users!
      • Carol FINALLY found an answer to the question her father had thrust upon her!
      • It is FINALLY revealed why Fine had created SEVEN Symphogears.
      • The sheer harmony capable of overriding the divine laws, offers both this and a Heartwarming Moment as humankind as a whole seems to experience catharsis.
      • Shem-Ha in her death throes seems to be coming back for more, but Hibiki and Miku manage Talking the Monster to Death, convincing them they will lead mankind's future with a light that even the gods ignore.
      • It nearly looks like the most badass wedding ceremony EVER, as Shem-Ha gives them her grudging blessings for the future.


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