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All spoilers are unmarked.


  • Since the revival started, they have riffed terrible fanfiction, ranging from mediocre to irredeemably horrific, on a constant weekly basis. For five years.
  • SC276 is a particular brand of Determinator. From the beginning of the project in mid-2015 to the end of 2017, at the rate of four riffs a month, he has only missed one week and failed to finish twice.


Community Shuffle #4
  • The fics chosen for this shuffle didn't have a theme to them like many others do. SC276 found one anyway and used it as the basis of the longest ending rant by a single riffer in the entire project.

My Brave Pony Starfleet Humans: Starpops

  • Through logic and established facts of the story - like how the Demonites could be defeated with just Equestrian magic, how it was Lightning Dawn's idea to hold off on direct action and thus allowing the villains to finish stage one unhindered, and how Grandruler would have been in no danger of dying in space without Lightning to deflect a fireball at the satellite Grandruler was working on - SC276 manages to prove that the whole story would have turned out a lot better for everyone involved had Lightning Dawn never returned to Earth.

Sister Dash

  • In a warped way, the fact that the story finally got riffed.

10/15 Poll Winner (actually SONIC.EXE)

  • In an evil sense, you have Ring tricking the other riffers into thinking "Caveat Lector" won the poll.

Past Sins Original Edit

Snow days are forever

Ponyville Love Story

MLPokemon Redone

the rest of My Little Sonic Friendship is way past cool

Cutie Bloom

From One World to Another

Mighty Morphin Kaiju Rangers: An EQG Crossover

Equestria chronicles : the lesson of a human adaptation

  • At the conclusion of both this riff and the Multipart Blitz as a whole, SC276 manages to deduce how every fic in the Blitz is connected to every other fic in the Blitz, as illustrated in his diagram being a wheel.
    SC276: This wasn't just a mere daisy-chain where consecutive fics have a common shit element to them. No, as I realized, this is a fucking wheel with this fic as the spoke, combining all the shit from these stories into one ball of horrible barely-legible travesty of a character array. Worst part is I know Ring didn't plan it this way because he was as surprised by Sombra being Dinky's dad in "From One World to Another" as we were, which means he didn't read them all through and so couldn’t order it like this. This is a purely organic arrangement born from each independent author thinking they're being original with the same ideas, like how swarms only appear to have collective intelligence when it's really each unit working entirely on its own.
    • He even admits that he could've gone deeper, but the Blitz as a whole doesn't deserve anymore thought put into it.

My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing

  • From Part 1:
    • Mono's parody of the Red Lantern oath.
      He held the rod up high as it began to glow, and he recited the phrase engraved on the rod...
      Mono: "With blood and rage of crimson red
      Made by a bitch who's not well read
      Together with my hellish hate
      I’ll bore you all, that is your fate."
  • From Part 2:
    The gang headed outside, and noticed the clouds were getting darker, and thunder and lightning began to strike.
    SC276: ~Thunderbolt and lightning, very very fright’ning me!~
    Topher: ~GALILEO!~
    CaptainPipsqueak: ~GALILEO!~
    Legendbringer: ~GALILEO!~
    ThatUnknownPony: ~MAGNIFICOOO-OO-OOO!~
    CaptainPipsqueak: ~Mykan’s a sad boy: “Nobody loves me”/He’s a crappy author as we can all see/Please spare us all from this monstrosity!~
  • From Part 6:
    • SC276 effectively sends off his interpretation of Titan with his own massive Motive Rant and exposition detailing how he's destroyed or taken everything Grand Ruler's cared about, including Celestia's reveal that Grand Ruler only became Captain of the Guard in his backstory because she paid the judges off. Crazy56U actually gives him a "You Win Forever" award for it.

The First 24 Chapters of Living the Dream

Ring's Birthday Special #2 (Around The Bend)

  • SC276's ending rant consists of a solid five-point dressing-down of how Chatoyance's explanation for the tech differences in the show makes no sense, neither with the show or even with itself, and how bullshit its origin is.

My Immortal (actually Handbook for Mortals)

  • The sheer balls of the editors in riffing a published novel. And finishing and releasing the results in the form of recaps that are legally permissible.

Obscure Crossover Shuffle #3

  • Crazy56U, SC276 and PanzerThiefZero's performance of Meat Loaf's "Paradise By the Dashboard Light". All of it.

Friendship is Failure Double Feature

Rise of the Dark Queen

  • Similar to the "Equestria chronicles" example above, Crazy56U mentions at the outset that this story is "practically a fucking macrocosm of every fic [he had] personally submitted", which he elaborates in greater detail when Discord reveals he faked his redemption:
    "Oh, yes I did!" sneered Discord triumphantly. "I faked it! All of it!
    Crazy56U: You see, the Cutie Bloom parallels were blatant from the start, but: mishandled flash forward intro along with characters crying (Sister Dash), Ponyville suffers from a fucking siege from giant monsters, meanwhile Twilight shits on someone's hopes and dreams (Moonlight, Moonlight, Let my Fangs Gleem Tonight), Fluttershy realizes her friends were being dickwaffles and drops them like a bad habit (The Conversion Bureau: The Price of Victory), a Nightmare Moon-eque figure factors into the plot in the stupidest goddamn way possible, and a character delivers an "epic" speech that's in actuality just vomited text (better season 5 end), the story is technically a crossover in the loose sense of the term while also having songs in it for no goddamn reason (The Siren Chronicles), it doesn't even try with the advertised crossover material (The Knight Rider of Equestria), the plot abruptly changes mid-story (Springtrapped), Rainbow Dash kicks off the plot by being a poorly written jackass and ultimately doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things (Mare Do Well: Fallout), and the "twist" involves a character faking their redemption for literally no goddamn reason (Duty or Friendship?). The blatant Men in Black plagiarism is what initially got my attention, but it was realizing how many connections to past riffs there were that made me double down on asking Ring have us do this.

The Brother's Adventure


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