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  • The Top 13 Goosebumps video ends with CR defeating The Haunted Mask Ghost Busters style. But not the Ghost Busters you might think.
  • After the Nostalgia Critic revealed his true appearance, CR was revealed to already have a recognisable outfit, a geeky backdrop for his videos, and only a few eps later had the above fight scene.
    • Not only that, but he managed to reason with the Critic and have him calm down and reassure him tht he isn't stealing his thunder. When Critic confronts Linkara, he shot at him.
  • I thought his review/bashing of "Katie Kaboom" was pretty admirable. Speaking as someone who was a teenage girl when she first saw the show, and was deeply offended by her parents comparisons of us, it's nice to know that even someone who was obviously never a teenage girl can have the same opinions.

  • in Part 2 of his My Little Pony retrospective (the FiM part) has him play "The Touch" when the main six use the Elements of Harmony on Nightmare Moon. Yes, I do mean THAT song.
    • Calling out Cartoon Brew for claiming that Friendship is Magic was "The End of the Creator-Driven Era" without even watching the show, but merely posting news about how Symbionic Titan got screwed over by Cartoon Network, and how Genndy Tartakovsky ended up doing animation for an Adam Sandler movie.
    • He points out an odd bit of Circular Reasoning against the character of Rainbow Dash. The critic denounced Rainbow Dash as a Lesbian Jock, then made the series out as drawing on stereotypes... by drawing upon said stereotype as evidence. CR called it "the verbal equivalent of an Escher drawing."
    • I'd like to nominate the entirety of the Retrospective! If ever you find yourself unable to explain to a friend why MLP is so enjoyable, just link that video, and they'll get the general idea.
  • His video on Lamar Smith. CR does an excellent job in summarizing the potential negative effects of SOPA and the hypocrisies in Smith's actions, all while maintaining a captivating voice.
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  • Like the Katie Kaboom episode above, his calling out of the MLP "Mysterious Mare Do Well" episode for including very valid and well thought out arguments of the ways he hated it. He also points out that the episode could have been The rest of the Mane 6 having their egos boosted by being MDW that all of them think they're the best MDW and all of them crash the award ceremony and have a big climax. He also gets a Tara Strong sound-alike to do a Twilight impression in a letter to Celestia.
  • Someone should acknowledge that he tackled the subject of furries (specifically why anthropomorphized animals are used and sometimes sexualized) head-on in his Animalympics review.
  • In his review of Grenadier he makes an argument about the female characters based on their skills, behavior, and motivations that they are indeed more than they appear, and that even a show that invokes fanservice can be feminist-friendly when done correctly.
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  • Animating a My Little Pony sequence for The Nostalgia Critic's review of Ghost Rider. Considering the obvious, it was quite big of him.
  • Shooting off so many Donald Trump potshots in Can You Believe It: Trump the Board Game, that some fans decided that they couldn't make fun of Trump anymore, simply because CR had used up all the jokes.


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