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  • The verbal smackdown she delivers to Back to the Frollo at the end of the review.
  • In her review of "Not So Suite Life", a Twilight fanfiction in which Edward Cullen rapes Bella and it's not treated as a big deal, the Critic repeatedly points out how horrible the story's message is, especially when Edward gives an awful excuse for his attack.
    Fanfiction Critic: That's not how rape works! You don't just get uncontrollably horny and decide you need to rape the first pretty thing you see! It's just...I...NO! No no no no no, I refuse to accept this! Listen, author: Rape is committed by sick individuals who enjoy hurting others! Not by romantic vampires who are overcome by beauty and just can't control themselves! In a nutshell, the author is blaming Bella because if she wasn't sooo beautiful none of this would have ever happened. I just...I need another shower!
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  • Trolls leaving comments on her channel tend to get The Reason You Suck Speeches from her, but the most memorable would probably be this one, for which she reserved an entire video—rather than just a preface of her normal videos—chewing out a young woman who had repeatedly hounded her to review her fanfic and refused to accept some criticisms she gave to her friend's fanfiction.
    Linny: Now, MrPHDinEnglish has been telling me that I won't find anything wrong with her fanfiction. Apparently, her fanfiction is practically perfect in every way and if I were to read it I would have no choice but to give it a glowing review and heap praise upon her. Here's the thing, honey: I don't want to read your fanfiction and I certainly don't want to review it. Why, you ask? Here's the thing. You're being so obnoxious that I'm starting to hate you! And I wouldn't be able to review your fanfic objectively. I would try to find things wrong with it just so I could shoo you out! And that's not something I wanna do. That's why I don't review fanfictions written by people I know. I'm not gonna offer up a tainted review.