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The Discord.EXE Trilogy
  • Given that the first story concerns Facebooknote , it becomes the brunt of a lot of jokes and snark, culminating in Crazy56U celebrating its deletion by Discord.EXE.
    • Earlier, when the Author states their intent in writing the story:
    So I wrote this narrative in an attempt to explain what truly was going on in their servers, why their tech support is terrible, and my anger to Facebook as they have banned my account twice for being under a false name.
    Crazy56U: So, in other words, instead of doing the sensible thing and dropping Facebook like a cheap habit, you're basically going to vilify the site? Didn't "The Social Network" already do that?

Caveat Lector (actually SONIC.EXE and its sequel)

Lost Episode Creepypasta Shuffle

Equestria Girls (Rewritten)

  • When the Mane Six discover what they look like in the new dimension:
    Twilight's wearing a grey shirt with long grey skirt, making her looking like a business lady.
    Crazy56U: Or like she’s in a cult...
    Something: So, a Scientologist?
    Crazy56U: I said a "cult". Not a "collective of dipshits".

The Mysterious Death of the Wonderbolt Leader


Life Change, in 127.8 Seconds

  • Diana, while looking up at the night sky, has a particular dream:
    Mono: Suddenly, "The Sponge Who Could Fly".
    ThatUnknownPony: Oh great, so we're gonna have a town full of selfish assholes who persecute you over trying to achieve your dreams? ...oh wait, that's America in a nutshell.
    Crazy56U: Yeah, that episode wasn't really the best pre-first movie Spongebob episode...
  • When it becomes apparent that Doctor Who is being dragged into the story:
    CaptainPipsqueak: What about the latest onenote ? Because he's kind of a prick.
  • "My hand suddenly bloated!"
    Mono: Honestly, now I want Weird Al to show up. He might save this fic somehow.
    SC276: Not even Weird Al can save this fic.
    Nox: You take that back!
    ThatUnknownPony: Weird Al can make stupid things enjoyable. Have you seen him in "Uncle Grandpa" or "Teen Titans Go!"?
    Crazy56U: No. Because I refuse to watch trash, regardless of guest stars.
  • When the transformation scene happens and continues to get more and more suspect:
    Crazy56U: I would give literally anything right now for Ring to step in, abort the riff, and have us do something else instead. Please?
    ToonGuy: I'll take Mykan, I'll take Felix Dawn, I'll take more Sonic crossovers, I'll even- No, actually, the Catch can still go fuck itself.

Cutie Bloom

  • Crazy56U figures that, given the time table, this fic (which, at one point, sees Apple Bloom depressedly remark that she and the Crusaders do nothing but cause trouble) may have in fact given inspiration to Estee.
    "Rarity, I'm scared," murmured Sweetie Belle. "What if this is the end of the Cutie Mark Crusaders?"
    • It gets worse when, in part 2, we get a line that (at least to Crazy56U) is kinda sad in that respect.
      Although the Cutie Mark Crusaders caused mischief and mayhem several times over, the denizens of Ponyville finally realized it was all unintentional and they were still good little fillies at heart.
      Crazy56U: It's really sad that the shit Author understands this point, but the good Author doesn't.

My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing

  • From Part Two:
    • CaptainPipsqueak suggests the author (a celebrated misogynist) might not understand where babies come from:
    It's raining, it's pouring.
    The old stallion is snoring....
    Giginss: Meter is off. -10/10. "Mare" would work much better, but it's basically confirmed Mykan hates women.
    Topher: Basically confirmed? He might as well go around wearing a novelty light-up t-shirt that says "VAGINAS ARE INFERIOR" With a matching hat!
    CaptainPipsqueak: Let's be honest: Mykan's the kind of guy who thinks 'sex' comes before seven...
  • From Part 5:

Editor-Requested Double Feature

Mystery Jukebox Shuffle

  • In bringing up how languages sound different to different people, Crazy56U mentions how "Честно говоря, Генри Опасный трахается ужасно, и тот факт, что он получает побочный эффект мультфильма, одинаково ужасен." is Russian for "Honestly, the weather looks rough, bring a sweater.". In reality, it's Russian for "Honestly, Henry Danger is fucking horrible and the fact it's getting a cartoon spin-off is equally as terrible."

The Republic of Harmony

My Little Pony: The Acceptance of Friendship

  • During the fourth and final part of the multiparter, after humanized Minnie Mouse shows up in the middle of a gunfight, Crazy56U delivers a speech that is in actuality an edited version of Scyphi's comment explaining why Thorax was killed off in Grief is the Price We Pay, altered to emphasize that Miserable Lancelot Jr. clearly came up with this idea last minute, and acts as an unfavorable comparison between both stories.
    Crazy56U: And if you noticed what I was doing here, congratulations, this was intentional; humanized Minnie Mouse shooting up the fucking place is just as retarded as that little moment from that fic, and it causes me so much grief to be reminded of it. This is not the price we should pay.

Anniversary Shuffle

The first (???) chapters of Three of Me: School Society

  • During part four, as Crazy56U goes into a monologue in response to a character asking for a joke, as a build up to the punchline of Bore Ragnarok, he (without outright using the titles) mentions that Thor "was a chore to get through", and that he fell asleep during Thor: The Dark World.

Beast Boy in Equestria

My Immortal (Handbook for Mortals)

  • From Part 6 of the recap:
    • During the flashback portion of the book, Crazy56U goes out of his way to paint The '70s as being a "godless era of American culture".
      • "It was 1977.["]
        Crazy56U: "The evil that is the Star Wars franchise began to terrorize the land."
        BittplexMutt: "Jimmy Carter became president."
        Crazy56U: And thus began the reign of history's greatest monster.
      • When the flashback takes us to a carnival being held in an open field, it's described as being "Detroit, in happier days".
      • "You're having nightmares."
        Crazy56U: Well, no shit, it's the late 1970s, people were having nightmares left, right, and center.
      • "[B]arely anyone goes to a card reader, especially in 1977[.]"
      • When it's stated that Charles is going to perform a bullet trick for the circus on Sunday:
        SC276: What fucking circus in '77 performs on SUNDAY?!
        Crazy56U: What, don't you know about the Circus Act that Carter passed in 1977? It states that going to church must be replaced with going to the circus. It only lasted one month because Carter didn't realize it was a joke.
      • When Della informs Charlie that she has an appointment she needs to deal with:
        Crazy56U: [Stacy's Mom] "President Carter wants to know how is next term will go, and I am way too sober for this..."

The Darkness Rises

Let's Play

  • "'You might not wanna watch me play.' I said."
    Crazy56U: No one wants to watch your Let's Play channel, dude, just end the fic now.
    Mono: Crazy, I'm pretty sure there are people that still watch DarkSydePhil unironically, I can imagine this fucker at least having, like, two views per video at max.
    Crazy56U: That is the most hateful thing you have ever said to me.
  • Internet culture is flawed.
    Yeaaaah... that thing is "2spooky4me" and I am out. My brain is screaming "GTFO" So loudly that my ears are ringing.
    Crazy56U: I am going to vomit blood.
    UnknownSkull: The internet was a mistake.
  • Adventures in game design:
    I slowly tapped and dragged my pony
    Crazy56U: Oh, so all you do is tap shit, this is basically Clash of Clans but with worse morals, got it.
    a little from where it was standing, and my pony tentatively took a step. I dragged again, and my pony began to walk.
    Mono: [Protag] "...I'm sorry, this game is way too hard."
    BittplexMutt: "How do I control character?"
    UnknownSkull:"Why can't I use a regular controller?"
    Crazy56U: Hey, kids. Remember how Super Mario 64 DS decided, for some fucking reason, to include that option of using the stylus as a movement option instead of that lame ass D-pad? Welcome back to Hell!

Toy Story/Mario Creepypasta Shuffle

  • From "The Black Friday Incident":
  • During "MaRIo", when the protagonist describes his copy of Super Mario Bros.:
    Well, the game is old... I thought to myself. Maybe it is just a little glitchy, and that is why it skipped the start-up screen. Dad DID buy it at its midnight release, after all....
    SC276: Buddy, 1985 is nothing like 2015 or whenever this came out. Companies back then released COMPLETED games.
  • In "Toy Story Deleted Scene", a lot of crap is given the Narrator's way due to his willing decision to vacation in Alabama:
    A while back, I was on holiday in Alabama.
    Crazy56U: Why?!
    • "The guy at the cashier explained to me that those videos were found outside the store and that I could take the entire box for free."
      SC276: Gheeze, this store sucks at business.
      Crazy56U: Well, what do you expect, it’s a gas station in Alabama.
    • "I picked up the cardboard box and paid for my snacks."
      Crazy56U: "Granted, it was with Monopoly money, but luckily it's legal tender in Alabama."
    • "I haven't seen all of the shorts,"
      Crazy56U: "-due to having a rich social life, hence why I'm in Alabama alone."
    • When the Narrator states he tried contacting Pixar about the tape he watched, only to keep getting automated messages, SC276 states that Pixar couldn't be bothered to respond since he was calling from Alabama.
    • "I only wish I could of watched the rest of the tapes."
      Crazy56U: Well, that's what you get for going to Alabama, we don't get nice things.
      Mono: Moral of the story, never go to the South.


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