Funny: Markiplier

  • "Warning: This video contains scenes of extreme violence, WHICH IS AWESOME!"
  • Him breaking games. That poor, poor man.
  • His playthrough of Dark House.
  • Mark birthes a chair. It's a boy!
  • In this Happy Wheels compilation, he decides to do a ball throw without looking at the screen. "Use the Force" indeed.
  • "Hey Slenderman! You're an ass!"
  • In 7 Days to Die, there's this intro in the third video.
    Markiplier: And I have my good friend or giant douche Wade.
    Wade: (laughs) What?
    Markiplier: Also known as LordMinion777, also known as (deep gravelly voice) Rick.
  • Jump Scare Cut
  • Just the entire video, but most especially the near end where he starts becoming axe crazy
    • This was later given a Call Back in this video after Markiplier underwent surgery. It was made as a way for Mark to ensure his subscribers that he was recovering well.
    Markiplier: *Clutching his stomach as he runs* I'M—ow—KING OF—ow—THE SQUIRRELS! Ow...Ow...Ow... note 
  • In an early episode of Prop Hunt, after Minx jokingly says she ships PewdiePlier, Mark says this, which is a cross between No Yay (for Markiplier) and a disturbing Crowning Moment of Funny:
    Markiplier: Oh god... do you know how bad Markiplier and Yamimash shipping, like, MarkiMash , has gotten? I get daily, daily, emails of just, art of nothing but gay porn of me and Yamimash.
    Mangaminx: What have you two been doing?
    Markiplier: NOTHING!
  • All the Reaction Compilations are general collections of many various CMoFs. The subtitles make them even better.
  • "...Might as well be DEAD!"
  • Truly, rage beyond rage... The video is comedy gold from that point until the end, especially when Markiplier devolves into Angrish just before rage-loading a previous save.
    Markiplier (repeatedly dying at the hands of a ridiculous-looking monster): MOTHER... AAAAARRRGH!!! I'm so mad. I'm soOOO MAAAAAD!!! UUUUUEEEAAAAAAAGH!!! NO! FUUUUCKING HELL! I've got a... I'VE GOT A... LET ME OFF!!! DAMMIT!!! DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMN YOU TO HELL! YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! YOU'RE DEEEAD! Everything! I hate everything! I HATE EVERYTHING!!! GEDOVAHRDEHRYOUFUCKINGFUCKAHR!!! I'm gonna, I swear... I SWEAR! LET ME THROUGH!!!
  • A running gag on his Dead Space 3 walkthrough is that he constantly mentions or talks about Ellie's boobs.
  • Go on, listen to this. Let's see how long you can last.
    YouTube Commenter: After 5 minutes it sounds like some kind of a dark acolyte summoning a demon..
    • In another video Mark attempts to read a note in the foreign language he quips he accidentally summoned a demon into the viewer's home. In later episodes of the same series he continues to apologizes for it and gives helpful suggestions on how to deal with their new resident.
  • In his playthrough of the Amnesia: The Dark Descent full-conversion mod Killings In Altstadt, there is a soundtrack bug that causes the background music to be stuck in a loop of a cheerful tropical tune, which is the Shop theme from Ocarina of Time, and Markiplier is forced to play with the bugged music for at least another ten minutes. This eventually drives him insane enough that he tries to kill the main character by jumping off a tall balcony. Repeatedly. While crying.
    • Becomes especially funny near the end, because the first time he jumps off the balcony, it does stop. And then it starts all over again. It's like the game was being a troll to Mark.
  • During the last segment of Amnesia: Rain, Markiplier thoroughly explains how much he loves meat. And then this slips out:
    Markiplier: "My mouth is just watering at the thought of that giant juicy sausage! Ahhh, I can't wait for the flavor to blow in my mouth..."
  • In Slender: The Arrival, Part 3 when he first encounters the Slender-proxy he repeatedly states that he has a flashlight ("with your name on it!") The actual encounter is very brief, with Markipilier screaming the following: "You're not supposed to do that! You're supposed to be blinded - be blinded, you DICK! THIS IS NOT WORKING!"
    • When it actually does work on the second try, the normally PG Markiplier breaks out the big guns: "Get blinded, you bitch! Be blinded! Yeah, that's right, suck ten thousand cocks right there, in your EYEBALLS!"
  • Markiplier rages at, of all things, a kidney.
    • On the next part, Markiplier, the Nicaraguan nationalist surgeon who always knows what's best,performs a heart transplant in an ambulance. The result is nearly 16 minutes of comedy gold.
    • During yet another attempt at the alien surgery, he manages to finally disconnect one of the body parts, and, to his horror, hears it making noises. His commentary beforehand grinds completely to a halt.
    Mark (After several moments of horrified silence): "KILL IT WITH FIRE!"
  • His playthrough of F*ck This Game isn't too hysterical. Him randomly dancing in the background purely as a distraction is.
  • Most of his playthroughs of rage games. Which include:
  • Haven't seen much of Markiplier recently? The Servant Grunt and SCP-173 explain why.
  • All of the Enviro-Bear 2000 video. It's a bear driving simulator. Let that sink in.
    • At one point Mark loses all hope of winning the game when it gives him the message that 'the fish have been over-fished' and he can only fatten up on berries. He then drives over a pond...and a ridiculously large fish falls into the car. It's so big, it fills up the entire dash and Mark can't even eat it because it gets wedged outside of his reach by some rocks that had fallen into the car earlier.
  • Mark trying to find the blacksmith's shop.
    Villager!Mark: Why does he want to know where the blacksmith is? We don't have a blacksmith!
  • Mark playing The World's Hardest Game with a speech jammer.
  • His Drunk Minecraft series can be full of these. Like this example from the first episode when he his considering getting rid of the webcam, to the others' protests.
    Lord Minion 777: Everyone wants to see how stupid you look while you play. *beat* That sounded meaner than it did in my head.
    Mark: I will shove a rake up your anus.
    • Toward the end of the series, Mark, Wade and Bob start getting royally smashed, which culminates in hilarious moments like Mark and Wade goofing around and losing their shit at every opportunity for no reason whatsoever:
    Wade: Hey, uh... what's this episode about before we start?
    Mark: Penises.
    Wade: All right, this is an episode that's a throwback to Mark's desires— let's get started. I made a joke there, guys-- about Mark and him being a homosexual. Not that there's anything wrong with being homosexual, there's just something wrong with Mark being homosexual because it's funny. Because in actuality he prefers sheep...
    Mark: What?!
    Wade: ... but he's too ba-a-a-ashful to admit it!
    Mark, Wade and Bob all collapse (literally, in Wade's case) into fits of hysterical laughter
  • Mark's glorious reaction to the giant Killer Teddy Bear in the first part of The Witch's House. Also counts as an Awesome Moment for the game as it convinced Markiplier that RPG Maker games can indeed be scary.
    • The third part has Mark being so startled by a Jump Scare (namely, the toy soldier shooting Viola with a real gun) that he falls out of his chair and takes his webcam down with him.
    • How about his stunned reaction to the first death?
  • All 30 minutes of the "Where Is Wade!?" episode of Drunk Minecraft. A quick recap: Mark and Bob slaughter a village of innocent moon aliens; discover that Wade has been turned into a block of sand; create a railroad to transport Wade's body back to their spaceship; Markiplier goes insane due to having Wade's body in his possession; and they finally make it back to Earth and create a monument to Wade.
  • The last five minutes of his playthrough of Mental.
  • His initial excitement when thinking The Curse of Blackwater is a pirate themed horror game, and his angry disappointment when he is told it's not.
    Mark: "Oh no! I'm just, I'm tied up in a corner, naked, just for–"
    (monster bursts into the room, breathing very heavily, and immediately kills him)
  • Segway of the Dead. All 61 seconds of it.
  • In Ao Oni Part 4, Markiplier solves the doll puzzle and goes to exit the room. Takeshi's dead body falls from its hanging place, prompting this:
  • The beginning of Ao Oni Part 5.
  • "'I am God.' You might want to brush your teeth, God."
  • The entire collab with Cry. Including but not limited to instances such as:
    • Mark and Cry discovering that ostriches can fly.
    • Cry's multiple failed attempts at using a portal.
    • Abandoning each other for hats.
    • Cry's story about his mother and the haunted house, which leads to an uncomfortable "vibrator" joke.
  • His playthrough of the Oculus Rift horror game Alone provides the following moment:
    Mark (Reading a note that's in the game within the game): "'Whenever I'm in the nursery, I swear I can hear the voices of small children.'"
    Disembodied Voice (Whispering): "Mommy."
    Mark (Freaking out): "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
  • In his playthough of SCP Containment Breach, Mark learns why you shouldn't annoy armed guards.
    Mark: WOOOOO!
    (Guard shoots Mark in the face)
    Guard: Glad that's over with.
  • His playthrough of Death Dice Overdose. Watch as Mark collects a bunch of pills in order to make his black bar much bigger.
  • Penis Cloner. Nothing else needs to be said.
    Mark: "...why?!..."
  • Any time where he ends up playing a game that either features a Shout-Out or is directly based off of him in general. One good example is when he plays a mod of SCP - Containment Breach... based off of him. He spends a few seconds at the start of the video in stunned silence, and later comments that it brings a new level of disturbing to the game.
  • His reactions during the short, Jump Scare filled Psycosis. Even better when animated.
  • The quickest round ever of Trouble in Terrorist Town. It lasts less than a second.
  • Part 7 of his Ib playthrough as him attempting to solve the Toybox puzzle. It's strangely amusing watching him "being stupid".
    • From the same, this coming immediately after Mary's painting is burned, killing her:
    Garry: I have to say... girls sure can be scary...
    • Also of note, his reaction in part 5 to the doll room. He chases after a lone doll, sounding all bold, only to do a complete 180. It gets even better as he realizes just how bad it is.
    Mark: Oh boy... Oh no... Oh no. Oh no!
    (He realizes he's trapped in a room, and has to find an item. With a time limit.)
    • His reaction to finding out that rabbit ornaments were actually disturbing dolls was pure gold. And let's not forget his search for the fish key back in part 1
  • His reaction to a distorted, disembodied voice of a little girl in The Darkest Words:
    Voice: "Where's my mommy?"
    Mark (Freaked out): "Whoa-kay, nope! (Beat) I don't know where she is!"
  • Part 2 of his playthrough of the Obvious Beta Hell Was Here. Especially at the end when he decides to Rage Quit after he died immediately after he walked into an empty room.
  • Any time one of the monsters in a game interrupts his outro, like in this video of him playing SCP Containment Breach.
  • Pretty much all of the Octodad playthrough, and how much it just makes him rage hilariously.
    I'm normal! NORMAL! (BONK) Sorry, I'm normal!
    • When he finally beats the game, his maniacal laughter breaks down into a confused sob.
    • And then there's his brief Octodad-related freakout at the end of Catlateral Damage:
    (smooth voice) And now we know there's more to life (starting to rant) than screaming at a stupid freaking octopus that doesn't know what he's doing and won't ever cooperate with you, (starting to shout) and will never do what you say-
  • Every time he plays a game where you have to destroy yourself, such as Skate 3 or Turbo Dismount. Crowner goes to this accident, where he manages to get sandwiched between two camions. And he doesn't realize it until he sees the replay.
  • His playthrough of Bleached Eyeballs, which he calls OCULUS RIFT AT ITS BEST!!!
    • It now has an animated version.
  • "Magic Missile!"
    Tensions ride high however when Crusader JonTron agrees with Wizard Markiplier that Witch Doctor Cry shouldn't call himself a Witch Doctor if he can't even bring Uber back from the dead! I mean seriously, what kind of Witch Doctor has zombie dogs but can't make a zombie Monk? That is ridiculous!
  • From his Let's Play of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs:
    CHILD: This way, Papa - come and see!
    Markiplier: (heading down the stairs) I don't think you're real! Or if you are- (the house trembles, and the chandeliers shake) Okay, you're real! You're real as you wanna be, just... be real!
    • Later on in the LP when Mandus activates the Machine, the sound it makes gives us this little gem.
      Markiplier: Okay, I built a Reaper apparently...
    • His commentary after a staircase collapses from underneath Mandus:
    MARKIPLIER: I knew it was gonna be a trap! I had a feeling... then I had that other feeling that you get when you land on your ass, and your legs go inside of you! It's a bad feeling...
  • When Markiplier meets Yamimash at Pax on his channel it starts with them dueling in an inflatable american gladiator style battle with Yamimash repeatedly losing Mark rejects his offer of a hug at the beginning pretending to be a heel he then later offers Yami a hand up and and pushes him over his battle stand. However on Yamimash's channel we're treated to Yamimash spotting Mark and eagerly calling out for him. Mark gets lost in the crowd and Yamimash sounds dissappointed until Mark reappears and after a brief discussion Mark pretends to get overly emotional. Then it cuts to the words "Edited Version" The video is shown in a purple tint and saxophones play "I will always love you"
  • Turbo Dismount:
    Markiplier: (singing) I'm a little chicken; Short and stout...
    A few seconds later, still singing: "Yeah! I'm gonna make it! (crunch!) no I'm not!"
  • The Hot Sauce Challenge must be seen to be believed. The Subtitles just add to the hilarity.
  • All four Impossible Quiz playthroughs.
  • Markiplier's Magic Touch, which starts out with Mark reuniting with his friends Cyndago and Wade, but quickly turns into what can only be described as somatosensory porn. Also counts as a Heartwarming Moment when Bob shows up at the end.
  • From Prop Hunt, Mark gets stuck in a plushie stand and hams up his suffering.
  • Playing the Dark Souls level in Happy Wheels, we have his constant rage after constant rage... It has to be seen to make you realise how hilarious it is!
    Mark (annoyingly): "I spilled my drink!"
  • There's quite a few hilarious moments in his playthrough of Hotline Miami, but this line is absolute gold.
    Mark (after beating a mission): "Ooh! 'C' is for 'average'! 'C' is for..." (Beat) "We're not gonna talk about what 'C' is for."
  • Exploring Insanity in The Forest. Pretty much the entire video.
  • Impossible Let's Play: Ice Bath Challenge Up until he accidentally drops his iPad and wrecks it.
  • Murder Clown, which has the same level of weirdness as Revenge of the Sunfish. There's no need to explain how Mark reacts to it.
    Mark: "I just got mind fucked and I don't know what happened! It's too early in the morning for this bullshit!"
  • In this Prop Hunt, Mark, Wade, and JackSepticEye make funny faces in their webcams...and Bob just looks into his webcam and shakes his head.
    • The best part is the gold 'you tried' stars that appear by each of them. Bob's is "I don't even think you tried at all".
  • The That's What She Said counter in his Leg-Waxing Impossible Quiz Challenge. At one point it explodes.
  • There's a "neckbeard" themed version of Flappy Bird, called Flappy Fedora. In Mark's playthrough of it he spends the entire video doing an impression of pick up artist types, only to repeatedly get interrupted by the game.
  • In his playthrough of OFF, Mark scolds the foul-mouthed Dedan after the latter calls the ghosts invading his office "phantoms of shit". Four minutes later, he gets stuck on a puzzle.
    • He renames Alpha, Omega, and Epsilon into Oliver, Orville, and Oxnard.
    • Him dancing during some of the battle sequences for the first half of the game. That is, until he discovers the truth behind what he's really doing.
    • In Zone 3, Mark runs into Zacharie who's wearing a cat mask and pretending to be the Judge. He instantly assumes that Zacharie has fused with the Judge. Considering what the game is like, it's almost understandable.
    • He's clearly having a fun time going full ham when reading most of the characters' dialogue, the Batter especially.
    • Enoch's voice was downright hilarious to listen to.
  • The entirety of his Impossible Let's Play series. Most hilarious is his Makeup Challenge, in which he spends the entire video attempting to apply makeup to himself blind. When he finally gets out a mirror...
    Mark: [attempting to not laugh] Oh my god, I look like a friggin' clown...
  • Markiplier and CaptainSparklez team up in A Gentlemen's Dispute! Featuring Mark and Jordan in tuxedos, hilariously bad English accents, and increasingly juvenile insults as the two play a pair of "gentlemen's dispute" games.
    • Highlights include:
      • The insult that prompts Mark to declare a gentlemen's dispute? "Your mother's cooking tastes like ass" Especially funny since, in Jordan's version, the trigger insult was directed at his suit.
      • "Monacle monacle, tophat, monacle!" Actually, all of Mark's attempts at a British accent. They're massively overdone. Jordan isn't much better admittedly, and slips out more frequently. Mostly because of laughter.
      • Jordan shooting himself in the foot, complete with laughing fit.
      • Mark's Insane Troll Logic explanation of how one wins:
      Mark: If I lose I win, and if I win I win. That is how it works.
      • At the end of the games, after Jordan says red is in style these days:
      (Beat, Jordan covers the camera with his hat)
      Mark: No! Stop throttling me! No! Jordapper is molesting me!
      (Beat, Jordan laughing in the background)
      Mark: Not, not really.
      • Most of the outtakes:
      Mark: Good evening. May I come in?
      Jordan: If you must.
      Mark: Oh well fuck you.

      Jordan: Your family is so poor, they couldn't even afford the hubcap off a Studebaker!
      Mark: What's a Studebaker? Does that show how poor my family is?
      (just after) Mark: Yours are actually timely and make sense. Me, I'm just calling your mom a whore on whore alley!

      Jordan: Well I killed a lion next time I was in Africa. And it reminded me of no one in your family because it was much greater than them all!
      Mark: You killed it the next time you were in Africa? Are you from the future?
      Jordan: (laughing) Did I say that?
  • Mark learns to poledance. Complete with ridiculous underwear.
  • The Call Back to his attempted playthrough of Cold Fusion in his Let's Play of Outlast Whistleblower:
    Mark: Those brass, they really like to pump up the atmosphere. This game doesn't rely on a string quartet on my back [as Cold Fusion did every time there was a Jump Scare], just has a guy playing a sousaphone in my ear- (said sousaphone makes its presence known) Stop that, Sousaphone Man!
    • The animated highlights have their own charm. The highlight of the highlights occur at the end of the video. Mark chances upon the scene that he censored in the source video. The artist decides to depict it as Bob and Wade performing a tango. As well as their reaction shot to his further comment.
  • His moments of Wrong Genre Savvy throughout Among the Sleep, particularly his assumption that the teddy bear is the one responsible for all the horrible things when it's actually the mother. This results in close to every statement the teddy makes making Mark uncomfortable and suspicious.
  • At one point in his playthrough of It Moves, he makes his character interact with what appears to be a red-faced young girl dressed in a green cloak that audibly growls and stamps a demonic face on his screen, which leaves a faint after-image. It takes Mark two minutes to notice it.
  • His reaction to the 6th Night of Five Nights at Freddy's.
    • The entirety of his FNaF playthrough is hilarious (well, when it isn't being terrifying), he hurts himself multiple times during the jumpscares, his reaction to Golden Freddy appearing in the security room, at one part he speaks about some of the fanart being produced of the animatronics, and when he unlocks the Custom Night he immediately sets all of the robot's AIs to 20 and gets killed three times in the first hour.
    • At one point on the 2nd night, he gets very worried and says this:
      Mark: Ooh I'm not gonna have enough power to survive the night. My butt is gonna be munched, I'm gonna be shoved into a teddy bear outfit, and they're gonna laugh!
    • After spending seven hours trying to complete 4/20 mode on the 7th night (all 4 AIs set to a difficulty of 20), he finally completes it and explodes with joy.
    • On the fifth day, he expresses confusion when the phone starts ringing, since the Phone Guy died yesterday. When the call picks up, he drops his jaw in horror as it plays horrific noises. And then Foxy decides to pay him a visit when he least expects it.
    • On his video of completing 4/20 mode, both Bonnie and Chica show up outside his door. His response? "Great. Bring the whole family."
    • The first four seconds of the 4/20 Fail compilation. The funniest intro ever, and a great tone-setter.
    Mark: Hello, everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to F-UCK ME!
    • Also, the progression from Mark being startled by each death to him being alternately completely unfazed and cursing up the storm every time he goofs up.
    • His referring to Foxy as "Pirate Cove man" on the first night is actually rather entertaining.
      • Him nicknaming all of the characters is hilarious.
      Mark: 'Cause what would it be a party without my good friend, Mr. Bun-Bun... and Mr. Happy-Duck... Mr. Quacky-Smack.
      • On a similar note, but regarding Freddy instead of Foxy: DON'T YOU HA-HA ME!
    • Mark is so distracted by the fourth night's phone call that he doesn't notice Foxy coming until he comes up to the door... before the call is even finished.
    • At the start of the first video, he makes increasingly shocked expressions as Phone Guy explains what the robots will do if they catch him. Then comes the reveal on Night 2 that there's a fourth one... and on Night 3, perhaps a fifth...
      • The ending when Phone Guy hangs up on him just clinches it.
      Phone Guy:...and remember to close the doors only if absolutely necessary. Gotta conserve power. Okay, good night!
    • On one of his 5th Night attempts, Mark yet again ran out of power, and to avoid hearing the loud, mechanical squealing sound of Freddy's attack, he took off his headphones and held them far away from him while looking at the camera. After a brief time cut, Mark starts looking confused as to why he hasn't been killed yet and tentatively starts bringing the headphones closer and closer while looking at the game once more. Guess what happens the instant the headphones are about an inch from his ears?
    • During one of the first few days, Bonnie stations himself outside the left door. And just sits there. And sits there. The animated version of this event makes it funnier because the artist depicts Bonnie as first leaning against the door like a creepy stalker, then leaning against the frame of the door when it's opened. His expression the second time is basically, "How you doin'?"
    "Oh, God, I'm never gonna make it because he's still there! Go away!" (opens door, Bonnie is still outside) "HE'S STILL THERE!"
    • Ducky, Ducky, quack quack quack! Ducky, Ducky, quack quack quack! Ducky, Ducky, go away! Ducky, Ducky, no one loves you!
    • Markiplier's impromptu poem
    You do you
    And I'll do me
    We won't do eachother...
    That's a good poem right there...
    • And then Mark and friends play a horror map in GMOD as the cast of Five Nights at Freddy's. Memorable moments include Mark-as-Freddy making an impression of his trademark Evil Laugh, and him constantly blowing up Wade (as Foxy) each time he grabs a puzzle piece and taking it from him to add to the wall.
      • "I really don't wanna cross the threshold of slam... [Wade runs towards Mark] But Wade is! [Wade tries to cross, blowing himself up]"
      • Everything after they give up trying to solve the puzzles and cheat, especially when the Gravity Gun comes into play.
      • See this adaptation by a fan using the models from GMOD. Bonus points for giving both Golden Freddy and the security guard a Reaction Shot.
  • Mark's video of Mole Hammers with Wade, especially his meltdown at the end after losing badly to Wade.
  • And then there's the sequel, in which Mark redoes the intro every time he loses.
  • Mark plays again Table Tug with Wade. Starting from this moment, he begins recounting the history of the Tit Tanic. It has to be heard.
  • His playthrough of Spore. All of it.
  • Part 3 of his Alien: Isolation walkthrough has his incredibly freaked out reaction to the Working Joe androids. So freaked out in fact that he shoots at one and provokes a hostile reaction, not knowing that the androids are non-hostile in this portion of the game.
    • Another incredible moment happens when he throws a noisemaker... and it clips the desk in front of him and falls right next to him!
    • He threw another noisemaker, really far away... and it clipped itself onto a reactor and back to him. He got up, got out, and gets bum-rushed by the Alien, who pushes him to the floor.
    • The third time's the charm - he sent another noisemaker at a lower level, which attracted the Alien. Mark, being Mark, embellished his hope that the Alien would focus on the noisemaker more than him, quickly saying "Stab it! Stab it with your tenis pail!" He meant penis tail. The look of instant confusion on Mark's face is priceless.
    • Another time he huddles by a door and outlines a plan to juke the xenomorph so he can escape to an objective; as he's doing this, the alien literally walks right past him and stands a few feet away,' causing Mark to blanch in terror. Thinking on the fly, he decides to try and ease his way out the room behind the alien while it's distracted. He does so and turns his back, only to be greeted by an enraged shriek and a penis-tail through the chest. However, he actually busts up laughing at his death this time because:
    Markiplier (dying laughing): Hahahahahahahahaha! I STEPPED ON HIS TAIL!
    • In episode 8, Markiplier accidentally sets a Working Joe on fire, which causes a chase around a stairwell and adjoining hallway. The Working Joe catches up to him and moves to throw him at a wall and choke him, but instead throws him right at the Alien, which kills him. The way the animations are chained together, it looks like the Working Joe threw him at the Alien intentionally, like they were wrestling tag team partners.
    • Episode 8 gets several based around Markiplier getting the flamethrower and the increase in confidence that comes with it.
    Working Joe: You are carrying some very dangerous items.
    Markiplier (aiming the flamethrower): I KNOW! You wanna' taste of it, bruuuh?
    Markiplier:You know, if this was Dead Space the Necromorphs would have a feeding-
    Xenomorph drops out of the vent in front of him
    Markiplier: GAH, ok, oh, ok (draws and fires flamethrower) GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! LIGHT IT UP, BABY!
    • Every time he throws a noisemaker, and then talks to the xenomorph like it's a dog he's playing with.
    Markiplier: (playful voice) What is that? Better go check that out, huh? That's weeeeeird, isn't it?
  • Mark does the time-honored tradition of screwing around in Photobooth. It's much funnier than it sounds.
  • The end of GMOD Murder #14. Bob is on a ledge with a gun pointed at Wade, Mark, and Jack, and says that if the murderer pulls out his knife, he will shoot one of the bystanders and leave the remaining two to duke it out. Mark, who is currently the murderer, pulls out the knife, and Bob immediately shoots him.
  • During a round of GMOD Sandbox with Jacksepticeye, the two build their own forts, and each try to destroy the other. Jack's is made out of ammo crates and a few wooden ones, so that when Mark tosses a grenade, only one of the wooden boxes is destroyed. Fort Blam-Ass (Mark's fort), on the other hand is mostly made out of explosive barrels, so when Jack throws his grenade - BOOM.
  • Mark and Bob play Don't Starve Together. At the start of day 2, they chop down a tree and immediately awaken a treeguard. Hilarity Ensues.
  • After several episodes of failure after failure, he swears off Vanish for forever. He eventually returns and, lacking any new material to talk about (since he's already covered everything about the game in the previous six episodes), he decides to retell the history of America. It eventually devolves into 25 minutes of pure rage.
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the game proper opens with yet another classified ad for a job at the eponymous pizzeria. This time they're offering $100.50 per week, which offends Mark considerably.
    "Even less money?! Why would you give me even less money than before?"
    Markiplier: WHAT THE FUCK?! GOLDEN FREDDY!!!
    • His reaction when he realizes the second game has a 10/20 mode.
    • "...hi? Hi? HI!! HIII!! HIIIII?! WHAT THE HEEELL?!" His reaction to first seeing Balloon Boy.
      • After Balloon Boy disables his lights, leaving him open to Foxy, he says this:
    "Oh, okay, that's what Balloon Boy does, he stops me from doing what I need to do! Great, now that I've died to everybody, can I move on please?"
  • From the Octodad DLC:
    • His horrified expression when Stacy seems about to go into an in-depth description of surgery, and the ensuing discussion of Tommy's last story - Sports Johnson and the Zombie Hurricane.
    • His deadpan reaction to the Jerkass in room 205 going into cardiac arrest.
    • His disappointment that Dr. Nigel was just a person and not a giant hand.
  • Mark going savagely apeshit over the insanely bad QWOP-style controls of I Am Bread. Made by the same people who brought us Surgeon Simulator and its notoriously difficult controls.
    • On his second attempt, where he used a controller (which was recommended for the game), he gets so angry he literally breaks said controller on camera.
  • The end of part 5 of Anna is comedy gold. When Mark places the Mask of the Divine and the mourning dress on the chair, he freaks out when the ensemble pops onto the chair and looks right at him. He regains his composure, lamenting how he'd actually hoped that wouldn't work, then turns around and a phantom copy of the mask appears right in his face, prompting Cluster F-Bomb angrish.
    • He then opens part 6 stating he is NOT going to look behind him at the horror he just created. Only to nearly collapse yet again later when the Assassin's Mask abruptly falls off his face due to completing a puzzle.
  • Mark plays Zoo Race, a racing game where a bunch of animals celebrate surviving The Great Flood by racing each other. It's even stranger than it sounds.
  • Misao asks you to give a name to the player character and an NPC. Mark comes up with "Samanthera" for the player character and "Isabelonkr" for Miss Library. He cracks up the second time.
    • Any Hello, Insert Name Here situation in any game is going to end in madness where Mark is involved. The Escapists is a very good example of this, with YouTube commenters jokingly pondering just how hilariously bad the names of Mark's kids might be if he had any.
  • When Mark plays Whack Your Boss, he picks the scissors, resulting in a Slashed Throat for the Boss alongside a huge amount of High-Pressure Blood. Now, that's not funny in itself (well, depending on your point of view). What is funny, however, is Mark's squicked-out reaction to it. The moment the scissors hit...
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEERRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! OOOOHH, GOD!!! ...UUURHH! That's like my worst one! I hate that! Ohh, God!
  • Mark being scared of the giant window behind him while he is staying with the Game Grumps. Towards the start of "Whack Your Computer" he even mentions "Five Nights at Grumps" because of it.
  • Using stupidity as a method of procrastination.
  • All of A Day/Year in the Life of Markiplier. It's Mark being...Mark.
  • Mark plays the Henry Stickmin series. It's fun laughing along with Mark at the series' silliness.
  • In Mark's play-through of Exoptable Money, he gets worried because his cat hasn't come back yet. After a while, he picks up a ukulele and starts improvising a song about how much he misses it. Though, it does result in Mood Whiplash once it's revealed Madame Sinclair killed the cat and wants to sell its fur.
  • Mark's playthrough of Monstrum had three deaths and each of those were hilarious. The first was him getting cornered by the monster and staring with his mouth wide open for a good ten seconds after screaming "What the hell?! Holy shit!" The second was him running into steam, his old enemy. The final one had him getting two of the needed things to get out... and then he walked into steam.
    • The first of these is made even funnier by the fact that Mark was seriously Tempting Fate, shouting that all the noise was going to get one of the crew members killed, only to be immediately answered by the monster's roar. This practically becomes a Running Gag when he first meets the second monster.
    • In his second video, he gets all the components for the raft, assembles and lowers it...then proceeds to leap over the railing and die from the fall.
    • His reaction to running into a second monster after the above-mentioned failure, and everything that proceeds from it, is spectacular. It's likely he thought he had the game figured out at that point, making it all the more hilarious. It's probably the first time in a long while an indie horror game caught Markiplier so off-guard
  • The entirety of Mark's playthrough of Air Control. Moments include:
  • During his play of Fatal Frame II, in the fight where he first meets the Kusabi, while trying to discover what he need to do, Mark tries to take a photo of him (witch yields no results) making him say "Instructions not clear, got dick stuck in ghost!".
    • Mark usually reads any found files outloud for the viewers, but lot of the Apocalyptic Logs found throughout the game have words missing and replaced with asterisks. By the fourth video he's retching at every other word to fill in the gaps.
    • MIOOOOOOO!!!
      • The outro of the video where ghosts suddenly appear as he's about to say his goodbyes.
    • After not playing for quite awhile, he started playing it again. The title for the episode? MIOOOOOOOOO!!
      • His frustrations at the numerous amounts of backtracking that he had to do that he realizes too late that he just started the final chapter.
  • The random JUMPCUT in his first I Am Bread video.
  • His Hot Sauce + I Am Bread + Sick Day CHALLENGE!! is chock full of hilarity, particularly the moment where he just loses it and screams for seven full seconds.
  • The first episode of his Five Nights at Freddy's playthrough was titled "WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS". Continuing in the same vein, he titled the first episode of the second game "SCARIEST GAME EVER MADE". What does he name Five Nights at Freddy's 3's first episode? "WARNING: YOU WILL DIE".
    • In part 1, when he first gets jumped by Balloon Boy, he expresses great shock at not getting a game over. It's the hilarious way he shouts that really sells it:
    Markiplier: I'M ALIVE?! WHY AM I ALIVE?!?!
    • In part 2 of FNAF 3, Mark decides to take an alternate approach to handling Springtrap and starts having a heart-to-heart conversation with him when the animatronic appears at his doorway. Mark continues talking even as the room starts flashing red lights, and Springtrap only attacks him once he starts blacking out. But still, it was a valiant effort.
      • And on the third one, it works.
    Markiplier: THE VENTILATION SYSTEM GOES OUT AND THEN THAT SON OF BITCH-Oh hey, heyyy, heyyyyyyyy! I was just talking about you! Oh, we had the best time, you remember? You remember back when I told you to go fuck yourself and you didn't? Oh, I thought that was a very clever choice. You know, me and you get along so well these days. I really feel, you know, staring into your eyes this long, scientists proves it builds a connection between two people-(Lights start flashing red)-All and all, the lights may be blaring but I'd like to think of that the red hot burning love that I feel for you-(Cue 6:00AM) YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH HA HA!!! (flips the bird with both hands) BOOP-A-DOOP-A-DOOP-DOOP, I DON'T LOVE YOU AT ALL! (Laughs maniacally)
    • Another failed attempt.
    Markiplier: If he's just in my doorway, I'm gonna have a nice little tea party with him. (lowers control panel to see Springtrap in the doorway) Heyyy, ohhh, you know what? I just met your friends, like Chica and Balloon Boy came back together, we had a big gang bang together, we had so much fun in a big orgy pile with all the spare parts and — it was great. Lemme tell you! Oh, lemme tell ya all the improvements that Chica's made! Really glassed up her face by smudging dirt everywhere, (lights start flashing) and then Balloon Boy, you know, he was annoying before, but now he graduated to terrifying! And you're not listening to me, are you? There's only a little bit of time left before I start blacking out. But hey, I like these conversations that we have, because it gets me and you together, and scientists say that direct eye contact...(blacks out)...I really fuckin' hope...(Springtrap attacks him)...AW, GODDAMMIT! GODDAMN! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! (starts Flipping the Bird repeatedly) FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! FUCKY FUCKY FUCKY YOU!
    • Earlier in part 2, when Markiplier encounters a hallucination of Freddy...
    Markiplier: Oh, boy! So, anyway, what I was trying to get at and what he just said there was that these animatronic...(notices something is amiss)...WHAZUHZAT?!...(opens camera panel)...AHHHVENTILATIONERROR...(goes to reboot the ventilation) that the sound of the ventilation error, because I don't think I heard it last time. Probably because I was panicking a little too hard. But anyway...(red lights and alarms in the security room)...GAH, what are you doing, I just fixed it! You can't tell me that I didn't fix it, because I fixed this, it's clearly being fixed right now! (flips on camera panel) Okay, so anyway, what I was trying to get to is that these animatronic suits (plays audio) Oh, he's already in there. DAMMIT, I just made him go away! (turns of camera panel, and Freddy can be seen lurching outside the office) HEEEEEEEEEY! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! WHAT AM (Freddy ducks below the window) OKAY BYE! (Jump Scare) AHHHHHHHHHHHHFUCK! GODDAMMIT!
    • In Nightmare Mode, Mark encounters back-to-back hallucinations: first of BB, then of Foxy, who spends a few moments leering at Mark before lunging.
    Markiplier: (jumped by a BB hallucination) Oh, goddammit! There was, like, no time! There was like no time (starts blacking out) oh, goddammit (sees Foxy) ...HI FOXY! (pulls up panel to reboot ventilation) HOW ARE YOU?! YOU JUST GONNA STAND THERE?! OKAY! I got some tea and biscuits, if you want that! That's a cool thing that foxes like, I think! What does the fox say?! What does the fox say? .....that didn't do anything? (lowers panel and gets jumped) OHFUCKGODOHFUCK! Goddammit! I knew something was gonna happen.
  • One of Mark's creations in Besiege is the Nota-Pe-Nis 3000, the very latest in farming technology.
    Markiplier: It comes with a patented cannon! FOR FARMING!
    • Mark showing off the FARMING cannons effectiveness against a stone harp, first with one cannon, four cannons and finally FIFTEEN cannons. All failing each time.
  • At the SXSW Gaming Awards, Mark asked Janet if she could teach him Pi Sho. She asks him if he has a lifetime to learn, which Mark takes as a marriage proposal. She tells him no and that he will forever be available to all of his fan girls. Mark is very disgruntled after this.
    • He also becomes very sad when the award they accepted for Nintendo gets taken away.
  • Markiplier playing Plug and Play. At the end of the game, he's at a loss for words.
    Markiplier: <slurred> Awright, I guess that's the end of it! Sooooo, there you go! That's Plug and Play! Uhhweh- the moral of the story is... <long beat>
    Markiplier: I don't know why I wasted your time or why you stuck with this! So, HEY-HEY! WOO-HOO! HA-HA! PRIZES FOR EVERYBO- <trails off>
  • In his play through of Antumbra:
    Markiplier: People are saying it's very, very good, and since I'm so good at games, I'm not going to have any trouble with this at all... Please stop laughing, I haven't even gotten to the game yet.
  • The outro of the first part of Five Nights at Fuckboy's is the Purple Man getting eviscerated by the Spring-Bonnie suit from Five Nights at Freddy's 3's ending, with the annotation "They... they shat on me..."
    • In the third video Mark actually takes two shots at the beginning, as he began to sober up while level grinding. He then goes to engage the second to last camera, talking happily about the nostalgia he's getting from playing the game... but forgets about the Puppet timer.
    "God, it's like a flashback to when I first played this game and it was all new, and there was like no story to be found and everything was just new and interesting; and I'm not saying it's bad now it's just a bunch of nostalgia and it's like, oh this time OH SHIT THE PUPPET"
    • The game uses copyrighted music during the battles, so Mark has to replace it with other tracks. He fails to notice I'll Face Myself and Pepper Steak though.
    • In part five.
    Markiplier: If you are of drinking age and are participating, I hope that you are drinking responsibly, and please for the love of god don't even think about driving or doing something stupid like calling your ex. That's a terrible idea, don't do it, don't even te- No, put the phone down, put the phone down!
  • Mark plays The Terrible Old Man (based on the HP Lovecraft story of the same name.) In the beginning he gives a brief, rambling explanation on what he thinks the game will be about. Highlights are the phrase "It's like a bad Japanese hentai!", and Cthulhu and the Old Man bonding because they hate minorities, both of which cause Mark to laugh as he realizes what he just said.
    • His voices for the characters are also pretty entertaining, including but not limited to, making the bartender sound like Sylvester Stallone. Also the annotation at the end which has the Old Man saying "They're after me lucky charms..."
  • #SEXYMARK shows Mark making pancakes in the most over-the-top Fanservice-y way possible.
  • Mark's incredibly girly scream when The Owl kills him in One Night At Flumpty's.