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  • In Part Five of his Eleusis Let's Play, Mark mentions that he has scars on his neck that turn red when he's frightened, but he never explains how he got them. Clearly the reason he has scars on his neck is from from Slenderman, the Grunt, the Mooseman, and various other monsters attacking him off-camera. He fought all of them off with his bare hands, but not before they attacked his neck. Now the scars turn bright red whenever he is afraid, for it means that they are near...
    • During the Cyndago livestream, Mark revealed how he got the scars. When he was in the hospital to have his tumor removed, he had an IV in his neck. The pharmacy screwed up his medication so he didn't have numbing meds or pain killers, so he was awake for 24 hours straight. When he did finally sleep, he partially ripped the IV out, hence the scars.

Markiplier feeds off laughter.

Markiplier really is the Purple Guy
Not OP but I personally ADORE this theory and subscribe to it. Scott is a fan of his...
  • About that...
  • He wouldn't call himself a bitch and try to put himself in Spring Trap. Good guess, though.
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