Heartwarming / Markiplier

True Companions at its finest.

  • The entirety of Thank You, A new year and 50000 Subscriber Special, where Mark shows just how much he's happy about what he does, and how happy he is to have his audience, and how thankful he is for all of them to help him get where he is now.
    • All of his "thank you" videos are very heartfelt, particularly his 1000th video special. In "Draw My Life," Mark really goes in-depth into his pre-YouTube home life and his motivation for making videos.
    • His video when he reached one million subscribers is very low-key, showing a montage of some of his best moments while he talks in a very low tone about how much the channel and his fans mean to him.
  • In the final minutes of Presentable Liberty, Mark practically begs Sal to break the generator and survive, and becomes despondent upon hearing of his death.
  • During his Dead Space 3 walkthrough, while entering a bunker, Mark encounters Buckell who, moments later, dies from hypothermia. Mark then says that he had liked the character and is quite sad that he had to die. Whilst he isn't really devastated, it's nice to know that Mark shows that he has some respect for Buckell; especially when Mark exits the bunker, he states that he will not try to stomp on Buckell's body, even though he greatly distrusts dead (or supposedly dead) bodies.
    • It's the same reaction with Hammond's body during Dead Space.
  • The end of this video is the most heartwarming yet. 38:40 mark is where your heart will start melting.
  • Markiplier's Omegle Adventure. It's so nice to see Mark talking to all his fans over Omegle and making everyone's dreams come true, which was enough to make some of them cry.
  • The entirety of Mark's "Farewell Charity Livestream" promotional video, put out three weeks in advance as a send off to his time spent in Ohio before moving to LA. He spends the entire video gushing about how much he loves his work and thanking the fans for supporting him since the channel's inception, and for donating to the cause of each livestream. You can just hear how much this means to him in his voice as he talks about how much he appreciates the support of his fans, and it tugs on your heartstrings to hear that, especially how much time he puts forth towards each and every video he makes. Even though he says he "feels like an old man in a younger man's body," his enthusiasm for what he does is just palpable, and it really speaks to him as a person, as well as an entertainer and gamer.
    • The entirety of the livestream itself also counts. While it's ludicrously long, it's very nice to see just how close Mark, Wade, and Bob's friendship is, and how much fun they're havingnote  while playing games for charity.
  • The last part of his playthrough of Outlast: Whistleblower is simply full of Mark having multiple fanboy moments over the various nods to continuity. The way he gushes is pretty nice to see.
  • Mark finally beating Vanish. Just watch it here.
  • In Off, when he encounters the Critic Burnt and realizes that it's only calling out for help and is completely defenseless, he attempts to delay the battle for as long as possible before being forced to kill him.
    • When Mark discovers he has to fight Hugo, who's only a toddler, his first reaction is to spam the Flee option. You can even hear him furiously pressing his space bar. It takes him a while to finally start attacking and when he does he uses his most powerful attacks, trying to end the battle as soon as possible.
  • Mark's milestone video for 3,000,000 subscribers. He's audibly on the edge of tears at several points as he describes how far he's come, and he concludes it with an inspirational message to all of his fans. Then the ice challenge comes on...
  • It's hard not to feel good for Mark after he completes the 4-20 mode on Five Nights at Freddy's, considering the sheer joy and happiness that he exerts.
    • In the same way, Mark's reaction to just barely beating night 5.
  • In the last video of Mark's playthrough of Five Nights at Freddy's 3, when the Golden Ending is revealed.
    Markiplier: "You want some cake? Cake?"
  • All his charity work. According to this and this, Mark does all of his charity work as a dedication to his father, who as stated in his Draw My Life video, passed away from cancer.
  • His "thank you" video for the four million subscriber milestone features Mark playing with two of his brother Tom's dogs.
  • The bulk of his Let's Play of the Indie game "To The Moon" is either this or hilarious.
  • Most recently, he released ''An Important Message'', apparently "just because". Have some tissues handy.
  • During Happy Wheels Highlights #65, someone posted their own thoughts on Mark's previous video 'An Important Message', stating how much they love him and thank him for everything he's done for them. A bigger heartwarming aspect is that it was done by Happy Wheels user Caspie 1405, whose levels has appeared frequently in Mark's Happy Wheels videos. Counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome too being this was done on Happy Wheels.
  • It's definitely saddening to hear that Mark had been in an abusive relationship... and yet he refuses to buy into the rhetoric that "equality means both genders can hit each other", and stating that no one, regardless of gender, should ever have to be hit by their partner.
  • His 5 million sub video. It slides towards Tear Jerker territory at times, as Mark says that he misses the simplicity of the earlier days when he can just pick up an indie horror game and play it, but he's also proud of the community that's been built because of him.
    • While saddening, it was pretty heartwarming to hear Mark mention his father, stating he would have loved to ask him how proud he would be for what he's done. Remember: Mark never mentions his father for the obvious reason.
  • His vlog simply entitled Out with the Old. It comes off as a saddening video about Mark summarizing his entire year and stating how amazing it was for his two milestones (hitting four million and then later on hitting five million subscribers), but ends with him stating how he's hoping for a new year, even stating he will put out two videos a day for his fans in order to not be so far behind from them.
    • What makes it so sweet is Mark insisting in the end that he's okay and that it isn't a sad video, but moving into a new journey. Seeing him throw his arms up at the end before the fade out makes it better.
  • There's something sweet about Mark being offended by the portrayal of him in the fan made game New Home. In the game Mark is portrayed as someone whose fame got to him and he comments multiple times that he is nothing like this.
    • It gets better. It turns out that the reason Markiplier (in the game) was acting so odd was that he was actually an unknown entity who had taken Mark's body. The white figure persuing "Mark" in the game is actually Markiplier, trying to recover his body from his imposter's control.
  • His reaction to the 6 million fan music video done by his fans is a real tearjerker, and very heartwarming. Mark cries tears of happiness, talking about how all this means so much to him, how he appreciates and loves every one of his fans for their continuing support, and even brings up his late father while mentioning his trip to the White House. Despite tears, Mark is really grateful for his community, and how much they support and inspire him to be a better person.
  • His video on getting FNAF3's Good Ending: in where the murderer dies and the ghosts of the children are finally able to pass on. In it, he thanks everyone who provided him with the clues to getting it and admits he's very happy and content with this ending of the Fazbear saga, even going so far as to say he kinda hopes there won't be another game just to preserve the beauty of this moment.
    • It's oddly cute to see how he feels about the original four animatronics that he spent so many hours with, he's upset and shocked when Purple Guy rushes out during the between-level minigames to dismantle them. While playing as Bonnie he yells "Oh God! Run away!" when he encountered the ERR message and realized Bonnie was about to befall the same fate as Freddy, while playing as Chica he begs in a deadpan but slightly frustrated voice "Chica no! Why do I care? Why do I care? Why do I care what happens to Chica?" and during Foxy's minigame he starts by giving Foxy a wimp voice and talking about going to visit his friends but when Purple Guy dismantles him Mark yells "You killed Foxy too?!" in a dismayed voice.
  • On March 21, 2015, Mark posted on Facebook that he'd been admitted to the hospital (nothing life-threatening) and insisted that he'd be back to making videos in no time, apologizing for possible delays. The comments were filled with nothing but messages telling him "Don't worry about the videos; we just want you to get better!"
  • In his video of him playing Good Husband, the game makes him pick up a gun to shoot the wife to death. Needless to say, even though the wife is a total Asshole Victim (she even says "fuck you" to the main character as he points the gun at her), Markiplier does not want to do it. At all. He keeps trying to not do it. He tries to leave the room and find ways to avoid doing it. The only reason he goes through with it is because the game gives him no other choice. Even though he finds the whole thing funny in a dark way, he makes sure to say at the end of the video to just be nice to people and give a kind word to your family.
  • Surprisingly enough, his playthrough of Five Nights at Fuckboy's. Specifically, part 4.
    Mark: I have the best time of my life just entertaining you guys, because that's what I love to do! It is so fun! Every part of it. I wouldn't- I wouldn't trade it for a single thing in the world, I would not. Thank you guys, that's why I say thank you. It's hard to describe what you guys have allowed me to do with my life. The fact that from the start of what I was doing to now I'm able to just have the best time of anything I've ever done in my life. I'm just able to have the best time every single day. And I might gripe and groan about certain games and whatnot, but that doesn't mean I'm ever, ever, ungrateful for the opportunities I've been given.
  • Markiplier grants a wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation with a young man named Patrick who wanted to be a YouTuber. Patrick's channel gained more than 150,000 subscribers less than one day after the video was posted. Now that's an awesome way to use your Popularity Power.
  • Mark's tweet to his late father wishing him a happy Father's Day and calling him the greatest man he'll ever know.
  • His reaction to the 8th Million Subscriber Fan Reaction Video can be considered this. While being a huge Tear Jerker, it hits the heartwarming levels when Mark speaks about how, as a community, they all have each other, and should always help each other out no matter what.
    • While it's just a reaction video he's seeing, seeing Mark tell his fans not to cry when seeing their reaction is really sweet.
    • When Mark speaks about his father again, he talks about the ideals he passed down to him, which Mark tells us that he's now passing those same ideals down to us.
    • Mark having to re-watch the 6 million subscriber video just to calm himself is pretty heartwarming too, even if it only causes Mark to break down even more.
      • "Everything is going to be alright."
  • The end of this video (at Indy Pop Con) calls back to the Goofy Goober song, including Bob not joining in and walking away at the end. What makes this heartwarming? At the line 'We're all goofy goobers', Mark literally drags in Jack in the way only friends can, getting him to join in with the group. Jack even joins in in the last line and action!
  • The entire balcony chat with both Wade and Mark. The three hours on that balcony that would change their lives forever.
  • Markiplier dedicated an entire video to helping a longtime friend of his get a better job in his field, just promoting his friend and his skills.
  • Seeing Markiplier just geeking out over something is just adorable to watch. Even if he didn't become an engineer the passion that he has is just cool.
  • In Markiplier Reacts to Teens React to Markiplier, he goes into the video expecting the teens to hate him. The reality turns out to be the exact opposite; everyone, whether they had already been subscribed or hadn't heard of him until now, loved him and his videos, with members of the latter category saying they're going to subscribe to him later. Mark is understandably overjoyed.
    • He's particularly touched by Daniel's story about how his (Marks) videos helped keep Daniels' spirits up during a rather depressing series of events, and Mark even says that he needs to get in contact with Daniel afterwards.
  • Markiplier likes Ashley from Until Dawn so much that when he accidentally gets her killed, he refuses to accept it and decides to replay the entire game from scratch so she can survive and get together with Chris.
    "I'm gonna play through the whole goddamn game again, the whole game again, I'm gonna play through the whole game again, I like Ashley too much for my stupidity to get in the way of her love. I am gonna make sure that she ends her experience here on this mountain in the happiest way, being bone zoned by Chris because that's! What their love! DESERVES!"
  • Fanbase example: After the announcement of Mark's hiatus after Daniel's passing, the fans came out in support. Quite a few have intentionally made sure to watch his old videos, or even just having a playlist on mute in another tab, just to make sure he still gets an income as he takes time to grieve.
    "So this was made by Nichole quite a while ago but I decided to upload it for a few reasons which are important. First is that I just really like it. The Forest series with Mark was so much fun and this perfectly displays how much fun it actually was.

    Second reason is because Mark is gonna be away for a while and for a very very good reason. I am very happy that he IS taking that time off but sadly youtube algorithms don't care about the reasoning behind that and it's all automation and numbers. Therefore the time away will could hurt his channel slightly due to the consistent uploads being broken so I wanted to remind people that Mark is still here in a way. He WILL be back and until then it's up to us to keep his channel moving and grooving so youtube doesn't punish him too much for taking time off. If this video can help keep him in the spotlight a bit more or drive new people going to his channel then I am happy :)

    I'm not doing this to suck up to a youtuber bigger than me either, I'm doing this to help out a friend during a very hard time the way I think he would return the favour for someone else. He'd say he doesn't care about that but I still don't want to see his channel suffer."
  • His latest Facebook post after returning to LA following Daniel's death, "I think everything is going to be okay"
    • Even before hand, he said he was going to do a livestream to raise money for Daniel's family and in his memory.
  • Markiplier returns indeed, even more when he's shown that he's healing from Daniel's passing and praising him as his friend. Get some tissues.
    • In that video, he said that he set up a fundraiser for Daniel's family. As of this writing, that fundraiser reached its $50,000 goal in 3 days.
  • In the opening for his first Undertale video he mentions that while he had been advised to play the game in a Pacifistic way he would have done so anyway, and is upset when he accidentally destroys the Dummy (luckily that doesn't count against him). He's also very kind to the monsters he meets—he compliments Froggit, happily flirts with Moldsmal, and determinedly tries to cheer up Whimsun.
    • When he meets Napstablook, he does his best to cheer them up and is upset when he realizes that all of Napstablook's attacks involve them crying.
      Mark: Who would murder them? They're so cute!
    • While initially distrustful of Toriel, he starts to warm up to her as he realizes that she really is just a kind old lady and worries that something bad might happen to her. Of course, the worst thing that could happen to Toriel is Mark himself but luckily he refuses. He's also slightly horrified at the fact that while you can kill Toriel, unless you brazenly walk into her attacks she will not kill you.
  • Mark finally adopted a dog, and her name is Chica. It's positively adorable to see how much he already loves his puppy.
    • Also, the fact that his puppy was named Chica. Seems as though the series had a positive impact.
    • One adorable story comes from when she played in the mud. It's full of d'aaaawwww.
  • Mark Squeeing over space in his Universe Sandbox video.
  • In his Super Mario Maker let's plays, he tries very hard not to insult or berate Ross like the way the Game Grumps did, feeling that his levels are somewhat fun and doesn't want to hit that level of animosity that Arin and Dan had for him.
  • In his third Agar.io video, Mark uses one of his nicknames to name his cell, causing a lot of his fans that're playing to crowd around him and donate their mass so he can get bigger. Some of them even careen straight towards him and let his cell eat them entirely, sacrificing all their hard-earned progress for the cause. Mark is visibly surprised and touched by all the kindness.
  • You wouldn't expect this trope to happen in Drunk Minecraft but episode 9, PEN1S CANNON has Wade meeting his future wife Molly when he jokingly asks who wants to marry him as Mark does marry Bob in-game. The rest of the video has the both of them chatting.