Nightmare Fuel / Markiplier
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Markiplier: Charming, funny, all-around good... and scary as all hell.
  • The thumbnail for part 5 of his Fatal Frame 2 LP, which shows him giving a Kubrick Stare and Slasher Smile that is unnerving in all definitions of the word.
  • Spend enough time in Photoshop and you can produce some pretty bad Facial Horror. (WARNING: Both pictures are fairly large.)
  • His thumbnail for the first episode of Train is nothing to sneeze at either. A very hopeless looking Mark is shown sitting down and crying Tears of Blood, staring out in the distance as a demonic version of Mark sporting a ghoulish Slasher Smile eerily eyes him. You can't help but wonder if this is a promotional image for a TV show or not.
  • The "Gun Rave | Raspy Hill" thumbnail is a strange yet perfect blend of scary and seductive. The red lips are killer. And yes, it is the page picture.
  • All of his Vapour thumbnails. The first one shows Mark with a Ghostly Gape, and the "Update #2" thumbnail shows Mark's gaping face reworked into an evil expression complete with sharp teeth that seem to protrude from his skin. Then there's the thumbnail for "THE DEMON WITHIN", which has Mark at his most vicious-looking with appears to be bleeding cracks in his skin...
  • All of his Five Nights at Wario's thumbnails, especially the CONSUME THY MARIO one. For those who haven't experienced it, here you go. (It's Mario with Black Eyes of Evil and a Slasher Smile of razor-sharp teeth. It's more frightening than that description depicts it. Thankfully, the image is not very big.)
  • His "Bunker 16" thumbnail, which has his face crossfading over a skull.
  • His Don't Starve Together part 5 thumbnail can be this for some.

  • An unintentional example but early on in his YouTube career, Markiplier would sometimes have problems, that his game would crash, fading back to the desktop. Apparently he likes to display some of the more infamous faces from Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Don't blink... and Don't move..., both of which have extreme Nothing Is Scarier and Paranoia Fuel levels and just scream Marble Hornets.
  • In the first episode of The Park After witnessing the end of The Hansel and Gretel attraction (which ends on its own unsettling note) Mark goes to a "Spinning octopus ride". After the ride speeds up, the booth is replaced with something LARGE that he doesn't properly see because of the way he has the camera pointed. The shock of actually seeing the giant grinning monstrosity from the thumbnail is apparent on his face.
  • The October of Terror ends...
  • Not as bad but during part 9 of Amnesia: The Great Work JUMP SCARE CUT!
    • Later in the part he is carrying a cog to solve a puzzle when suddenly a monster barrels at him, knocks him so hard that he crashes through a door and with somehow still living, Markiplier frantically tries to go for the door but the monster manages to kill him. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome for the monster and the game. And then it goes into being a Crowning Moment of Funny when he respawns right it front of the monster, triggering the series of events again.
  • Watch the livestream... or stay with him... forever.
  • "Oooh! I found the bo-"
  • Let's go on an adventure...
  • In Part 2 of The Curse of Blackwater, after commenting on the music box in the game, Mark pulls out his own music box, and slowly plays it while staring at the webcam with a Psychotic Smirk.
  • "Haaa-booshkey--NONONONONONONO-"
  • I'm so sorry...
  • "Don't turn around. That ''thing'' standing directly behind you will just get pissed off."
  • Markiplier has ended some of his videos in... very strange ways that need to be seen to be believed. "I've been having strange dreams lately..."
  • Whenever Mark plays a game that's in a 4:3 aspect ratio, he moves the gameplay footage over to the side so the facecam doesn't cover the gameplay, but this leaves some major negative space on the left side of the videos. Mark takes advantage of said negative space to put creepy images in them that randomly appear and disappear via a slow fade, almost like faces looking at you in the darkness...
  • Is a Jump Scare really scary? Mark doesn't know, but this video is. Until Mark mocks the audience at the very end for expecting another jump scare. Then again, the ending itself is a Cat Scare, so...
  • Speaking of jump scares, the video "Jumpscare Friends" mostly plays it for laughs with various friends of Mark sneaking up behind him Cat Scare style. Until the end, where Mark gives us a jump scare in the form of a Nightmare Face!
  • The Author in both parts of Cyndago's 'Danger in Fiction' videos is pretty disturbing. While there are some funny moments on his part, he serves as an effectively threatening villain. Basically he has the power of making whatever stories he writes come true, and actively uses to mess with Daniel's and Ryan's lives. Daniel ends up having to be admitted at a mental hospital, while he attempts to murder Ryan for not going along with his story. Not to mention that Mark's acting is pretty darn convincing.
  • Some of the preview icons for his videos fall into this, as they tend to feature his face heavily photoshopped into either something resembling Body Horror, something straight out of the Uncanny Valley, or just plain creepy.
    • This also qualifies.
  • Mark's entire playthrough of Five Nights at Freddy's. A highly-atmospheric survival game where you have to fend off attacks from Suck E. Cheese's-style animatronics. There's a reason he calls it the "scariest game in years."
    • Just when he thinks he has a handle on beating the game's sixth night, he gets pounced upon by a lurking Freddy.
    Mark: There, he's gone. See? See, it's over-
  • During one of his slow-motion replays in Turbo Dismount, the "Flappy Bird" vehicle he's driving falls apart and the face lands looking toward the camera. Mark slowly zooms into the bird's lifeless eyes, and incorporates one of the hallucinations from Five Nights at Freddy's. "IT'S ME."
  • And yes, even his playthrough of Five Nights at Freddy's 2. It's pretty good advertising for a horror game sequel when someone who beat the previous game on the hardest possible difficulty level is reduced to a nervous wreck by the sequel's first level.
    • Special mention to Part 3, which he aptly titles ENDLESS CYCLE OF DEATH. Mark even added this little gem for us: The picture for the video is Bonnie and Chica's heads mashed together via photoshop. Think of the Combining Mecha version of Facial Horror.
    • Let's just say there's a very good reason as to why his first video was labelled "SCARIEST GAME EVER MADE."
    • Golden Freddy's first appearance goes by so fast that most people miss it the first time (and Mark adds a freeze frame for proof). Mark, however, sees him instantly and loses his shit., no, what the fuck- WHAT THE FUCK- NO, NO- NOOO, I SAW GOLDEN FREDDY!!! YOU CAN'T FOOL ME!
  • While both of his Photobooth videos are hilarious, he seems to be suffering some Sanity Slippage in the second one, not to mention both videos' endings. *shudder*
  • In Exoptable Money, the interquel of Presentable Liberty, Mark buys the cat powerup whose primary function is to go out and search for money. The first two times, the cat returns with an exorbitant amount of money. The third time, however, it doesn't come back, even after Mark cuts through the video several times. Luckily, the Madame Sinclaire finds the kitty and sends it back to its owner... or at least its face, stuck to a blood-spattered letter that simply reads "Fur is expensive." After Mark reluctantly puts the kitty bits into the money machine, blood, fur, and whiskers begin flying around the screen to his despair.
    • The only thing that tops this is when Doctor Money instructs him to put the organs into the money machine, and literal fountains of organs begin to spray across the screen. Mark even included a gore warning in the description.
  • His playthrough of Monstrum, where the monsters seemed to do a real good job in terrifying him. The lava creature was terrifying in its own merit, but then he realizes there was another one...
    Mark: (After dying because of a stupid mistake, he tries to summon the lava creature by standing in front of a camera) Hey, guess what, camera man? I'm a giant idiot! I'm a big dumb doof bag! Why don't you call Mr. Big, Red and Glowy-Face over here and have him rip me a new one cause I'm suck a damn idiot?!
    (The camera alarm goes off. A very different screech is heard, which Mark realizes)
    (Skittering is heard and a very grotesque creature comes around the corner)
    Mark: (In possibly the highest pitch he's ever gone) AH! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?! WHAT THE FUCK?!
    • It's rather ironic, because the creature's shriek is heard not even a second after Mark stops talking.
  • In his Five Nights at Freddy's 3 playthrough on the second night his facecam suddenly starts glitching, switching between him either looking devilishly into the camera or screaming in terror while a Golden Freddy head suddenly appears in the static of his security cam. There was no explanation for this.
    • The text at the end of the first video reads "It's all in your mind...", a reference to the Phantom Foxy and Chica picture that Scott put on his website. The second video has the same thing, only missing the elipses—"It's all in your mind". In the third video, the text has changed again to "It's AlL iN yOur mInD". What does the fourth video say? "It's all in my mind..."note 
      It's all in your mind...note 
    • The end of his sixth FNAF 3 video. It goes to the usual ending shot promoting Markiplier's other videos... but it's completely silent. Then you hear a laugh from FNAF 2 as the heads' eyes start to glow again... then the Phantom Puppet stares at you again. It's all very unsettling.
      They wilL kNoW tHE joy of CREATION
  • Hello Kitty Island Adventure + Markiplier's creepy face + unsettling commentary + dissonant music that plays alongside a colorful, cheerful game.
    • The creepy part? His camera wasn't frozen. He was just sitting there the entire time, not moving or blinking at all, and slowly grinning wider and wider as the video went on.
  • In the Air Control video, Mark finds himself using the phrase "cola and meal please, no bread" and turns it into a Madness Mantra. Then he gets the Voice of the Legion to help him.
  • His playthrough of the Oculus Rift game ''Don't Let Go'', particularly the moments involving the swarm of bees and the spider. WARNING: be wise about using headphones while watching.
  • His video on Swamp Sim, a Slender-type game based around the "Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life" meme. The game itself is horrifying enough, and near the end, Markiplier treats us to a closeup of the ogre himself giving chase shortly before getting caught. Not to mention that Jump Scare he can't seem to avoid...
  • In the middle of his Yandere Simulator playthrough, he abruptly speaks in a spooky rasp. This, combined with him getting into character as Yandere-chan quickly, makes this rather terrifying.
    • The intro for part 12 has Mark, Tyler, and Ethan act out a happy anime intro while wearing Sailor Fuku, which would simply be funny... until it repeatedly cuts to Mark murdering the other two with distorted music and video. It doesn't help that Mark seems to have mastered Yan-chan's infamous twitching, either.
  • Markiplier's Woody mask. It's not as creepy normally, but given the spooky atmosphere in the intro and outro...
    "This is the creepiest shit I have ever seen in my life."
  • His outro to his 7th FNAF 4 video parallels his 6th FNAF 3 video's outro, with the music starting up only to cut to silence and the fullscreen picture of Nightmare's killscreen. Then it switches to the picture of the empty animatronic heads, with their eyes lighting up...and the sprite of the crying child appears, begins weeping heavily and turns gray while a mechanical voice spells out 'H-E-L-P M-E'.
  • His reaction compilation for Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is, as expected, utterly hilarious...except for the parts where Mark's face abruptly turns into a Nightmare Face that screams right at you!
  • One second into his third Rocket League video, he throws in a random (but quick) Jump Scare.
  • His two-parter playthrough of Sonic Dreams Collection. He is lucky enough to experience first hand the joys of Sonic Creator, the awesomeness of Sonic Movie Maker, the sexy romance in My Roommate Sonic, and even the cuteness of Eggman Origins! Also, to add more nightmare fuel to the fire, after finishing viewing a movie he filmed in the Movie Maker or after a certain point in the creator, Mark starts screaming out of nowhere. In the ending of the video, the sound of a warning siren plays as he narrates in a creepy, raspy voice, the horrors that await in the next video, accompanied by some very creepy images.
  • In the 'Warfstache Interviews Markiplier' video, Warfstache stabs Mark to death after Mark insults him - continuously in the same spot. And Warf eerily remains his silly jovial self while doing so. Afterwards we get a close-up of Mark's dead face as the boom microphone prods at his mouth.
  • The appropriately titled Nightmare Fuel Simulator. We don't know either.
  • Popcorn is good fun involving a microwave that turns everything put into it into popcorn until, when getting a knife to turn into popcorn, accidentally stabs Ryan. Shortly afterwards, Matt arrives, so to cover up the grisly scene, Markiplier stuffs Ryan into the microwave. All that's left of him is his hat and a bunch of popcorn.
    • The microwave itself looks like something out of the SCP Foundation.
  • Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE is a short skit played for very dark laughs. Although the tone is comedic, it doesn't change the fact that Mark essentially wants to kill Matt (who's eerily okay with it) in order to gain views and is using Ryan as an unwilling accomplice.
  • In Part 3 of his "Joy of Creation: Reborn," the player might be expecting Mark's intro, but only get a black screen with an eerie whistling. Then two red eyes appear.....
  • relax. Dear lord... the Mood Whiplash can't even describe it!
  • Even though Mark criticizes The Hospital for relying on poorly implemented jumpscares that ruin an otherwise decent atmosphere (one of the jumpscares even being a picture lifted straight out of PT), fellow YouTuber Gloomy House later pointed out that the jumpscares that use gore imagery are actually real photographs and not photoshop like Mark seems to believe.
  • The ending to his 5th Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location video, following in the footsteps of the other grand finale episodes of him playing the FNAF games, features the crying child from FNAF 2 slowly crying more and more until it becomes the ghost child from FNAF 3 with intercutting scenes of Baby killing the little girl in her cupcake minigame (along with the deafening screech that accompanies it), while the mechanical voice from 2 spells out I-T-S M-E.
    • When learning about how Baby killed Afton's daughter after using her ice cream-making device to draw her in, Mark quickly jumps to the assumption that Baby killed her young victim by turning her into the ice cream she was asking for. While this isn't supported by the game, it's an incredibly disturbing idea... to the point that one wishes it WERE Baby's canonical killing method to add more creep factor to the game.
  • This Markiplier stop-motion animation based on his Timore Inferno made by Cranbersher. Like the other two Timore animations before it, it's humorous and only mildly scary at first (save for that freaking doll), but then it enters Mind Screw territory halfway through: it abruptly cuts to Cranbersher's doll self at his animaton set-up getting murdered by a cloaked individual who seems like Mark, stop-motion doll Mark silently getting cornered into a cage by the game's monsters (one of which is making horrible sounds), and ends with a psychotic robe-wearing Mark (who may or may not be Darkiplier) cackling like a madman.
  • While initially starting off sad, Don't Take This Risk very quickly drops into horror. The first ending he gets involves the man sending multiple messages that he can't breathe and Mark, in a panic, calls him. The call is nothing but the sound of the man gasping for breath that eventually stops with the name of the ending: Out of Breath. After a few more failed endings Mark consults a walkthrough and learns that the only way to get anything resembling a good ending is to tell the man you love him, which unsettles Mark immensely. Upon arriving to the house the man is extremely forward, moving in for a hug from a person he doesn't know at all. Running away leads to him shooting himself. Staying leads to the man bringing you to his bed, where you either sleep over (while he whispers rambling sweet nothings to you until the game restarts) or you reject his advances. Doing so leads to him taking things into his own hands and forcing himself on you with a kiss, and in the ending 'Keep Your Eyes on Me' he implies he's not above taking advantage of you if you fall asleep while watching over him. It's clear after meeting the man that Mark is deeply disturbed by the circumstances (telling someone you love them so they won't kill them self, the man's behavior), he goes from being torn up over his failures to bewilderment and disbelief at what's happening.
  • During a livestream, Markiplier calls up a friend/fan, and they're having a nice conversation, when out of nowhere the guy screams bloody murder, scaring the hell out of Mark, his friends, and everyone watching the livestream. The guy's implantable defibrillator had activated, and he had to call 9-1-1.
  • Darkiplier's appearance in some routes of A Date With Markiplier. Wanna know what's worse than a Yandere? How about one who's also a Humanoid Abomination? Sounds fun?
    • The scarier thing? Darkiplier is more terrifying here, as Mark decided to make him more unnerving, unstable, and as mentioned above, a full blown Yandere Humanoid Abomination that is nothing compared to the Draco in Leather Pants treatment some fans gave him. That and the fact it's implied Mark made a deal with him...
    • At the end of that particular route, you have to choose between shooting Mark and Dark, but it's difficult to tell which is which. If you choose the wrong one, Dark will trick you into thinking you got a good ending only for just long enough.
    Darkiplier: Oops. Looks like you made the wrong choice. But now we're going to be together. Forever.
  • His 2017 April Fool's Day video, a 360 video where he plays Minecraft, starts off like a normal Let's Play... then the screen suddenly glitches and hits a blue screen of death. Then out of nowhere, Googleplier slowly walks up to the screen, acting like a demented robot before flashing a Slasher Smile right into your face.
    Googleplier: Having some technical difficulties? Would you like me to search for a solution to your p-pr-roblem? My p-p-primary objective is to answer questions as quickly as possible, while my secondary obj-e-ective is to destroy mankind.
  • In a more literal sense, Mark talking about some of the nightmares he had as a kid while playing Five Nights At Candys 3 are likely to give you some of your own. Special mention to the nightmare where he remembers waking up, seeing the ceiling crawling, grabbing his notebook and a pencil, walking downstairs, sitting on the stairs and starring into the darkness. Occasionally he saw the shape of some sort of humanoid figure, sketched it, and looked down at the sketch and realized that he unknowingly drew eyes on the figure. He also doesn't know why exactly he went down to the stairwell and drew the shadow creature.
  • DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE. If the title alone doesn't already tell you, this is a scary video where the two dark selves of Mark and Jack collide. It starts out as a fairly normal playthrough of The Forest, but it quickly goes to hell... culminating in a giant, demonic Chica devouring them both.
  • While also doubling as a Tear Jerker, the ending of "Who Killed Markiplier?" has some pretty horrific implications. According to Celine the Seer and Damien the Mayor, Mark, for unknown reasons, killed himself and then used magic to kill Damien and Celine and take the former's body, allegedly in an act of vengeance. After killing the Detective and then accidentally shooting the Featureless Protagonist, the Colonel goes insane and becomes convinced that death is nothing more than a joke and that everyone will come back at some point down the line. Many fans have interpreted this as him turning into Wilford Warfstache, which would explain why he kills so recklessly and nonchalantly. Meanwhile, Celine merges Damien's and the protagonist's souls with hers, the end result being Darkiplier, who then goes to get revenge on Mark. JESUS CHRIST.
  • Demon Markiplier, anyone?
  • Also, the fandom has come up with Darkiplier. Apparently now canon, given one of his newer videos mentions Darkiplier...
    • Even scarier when you remember Mark's original reaction to "Darkiplier".
      ''For the people picking Darkiplier as their favorite character of mine… I don’t know who Darkiplier is. He is not a “character” I play. I don’t even know when you all started calling him by that name. You made him real. And now he knows who you are. Why did you do this…
  • This gif that Mark tweeted. He's not kidding when he says that once you see it, you'll wish to unsee it. For those who aren't so prone to Schmuck Bait, it shows Mark walking onstage with his feet backwards.
  • He did a cameo at the beginning of Game Theory's second video regarding the fourth entry in the FNaF series. His role? He's the mastermind behind ALL of the Five Nights at Freddy's games, and what was hidden inside the locked chest all along. Coupled with the eerie music and his raspy voice, it can be a bit creepy.
  • MMMMMMMMMMM. A race full of Body Horror. While their appearance ranges from Ugly Cute to outright lovecraftian Depending on the Artist, seeing one in real life just staring and yelling MMMMMMMMMMM! would be horrifying.