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Awesome: Markiplier
  • Anytime he manages to figure out a solution to a puzzle by himself. Especially if it involves Moon Logic.
  • His second try at beating Dead Space 2's final level has him loading his inventory with medikits, stasis recharges and Pulse Rifle ammo. Lots of ammo. All while laughing like a maniac. He owns.
  • This counts as this and also Crowning Moment of Heartwarming but during his livestream of SCP-087-B, he decided to go down to at least floor 50 before ending when requested by a substantial donor, which he not only does during his next attempt but also manages to reach the end.
  • Mark's attempt at Probably Archery, a game that is the bastard child of QWOP and Surgeon Simulator 2013. Which he does very good at.
  • How about the very beginning and end of this? first he managed to kill the traitor at the very second that the match starts and then at the end, he kills himself to frame one of the players who actually turned out to be the traitor!
  • His second Nether video has Mark stumble upon two seemingly friendly players and he helps them kill some monsters. Shortly afterwards, he is betrayed and attacked by one of the other players and has to flee. Immediately after loudly lamenting his lack of a gun, he stumbles across an assault rifle with a full magazine and returns to hunt down his attackers. Made even funnier by the original attacker rushing Mark only to realize he is now significantly outmatched, and his friend trying to make a speedy exit before being gunned down.
    *Going into a nearby building* "Oh, if I find a gun in this house, you're going to get it! RIGHT UP THE ASS! I'm going to pay you back!" *Turns around and finds a Mag DR-15* Ohohaha! "Did they ever make a mistake to mess with me!"
  • After so many times, being so close and failing... Mark finally beats Vanish.
  • He finally makes it to the fifth night in Five Nights at Freddy's but runs out of power before he hits six A.M. The lights go off and Freddy comes out and finishes his song that gives the player extra time. The screen cuts to black and then, in the split-second before he would have died, Markiplier makes it to six A.M.
    • He also managed to clear the game on 4/20 mode (i.e., a custom game with all four AIs set to their hardest difficulty, which even the developers thought would be impossible to clear). It took him seven hours.
    • Mark's so worn out from his seven hour grind trying to survive the last night, he actually has Tears of Joy when he finally beats the 4/20 mode!
    • Part 1 for Five Nights at Freddy's surged to the top of his videos as the most viewed of all time in a matter of a month. Maybe because Mark has some exemplary reactions to all the Jump Scare moments and he loudly billed it the "SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS".

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