Funny / Mario Party TV

  • That infamous Chance Time at the end of E Gadd's Garage. You know the one.
  • The finale of the Clockwork Castle run, where DK firmly establishes himself as Toadette's best buddy.
  • The team's first attempt at an 8-Player game, on 7's Neon Heights. An incredible run of luck leads to Team Dolphin averaging one Star per turn before everyone else Rage Quits.
  • At Snowflake Lake, the Reverend Inferno proves why you should always trust your instincts.
  • Revisiting Mario Party 4's Shy Guy's Jungle Jam for their one year anniversary... on a scratched game disc.
  • At Pirate Dream, Holms' first capsule is a Bowser Capsule. And the second. He skips the third.
  • Their run through Mario Party 9's Bob-Omb Factory. It's one thing for Holms to be repeatedly screwed over and get salty about it. It's another thing when the other players are able to guess how he'll be screwed over next, right down to individual die rolls.
    • As a bonus, the game then starts a round of "10 To Win" and hands him every single card. He doesn't accept the apology.
  • During the group's play-through of Mario Party 2's Space Land, Holms' gambit in a duel minigame late in the game against Steeler failed. Holms, who was having a rough game as it was, took himself out of the game by setting his controller to the Easy-level CPU. In the ensuing 3-vs-1 minigame, the Easy-level CPU Peach proceeded to take out Mr. Doom!
    • Similarly, after Holms ragequits after losing his coins to Steeler in their second Chilly Waters match, his uncontrolled character manages to get three times as many coins as Steeler in the next minigame.
  • On the Pirate Land board during LP Every Mario Party, Clel lands on Chance Time and the players state that everyone has a star except Clel. The outcome is Clel and Holms switching stars, causing Holms to run upstairs. Right after he leaves, everyone else realizes that it was Clel, not Holms, who bought a star earlier, and he just gave it to Holms. Cue a discussion over how he just ragequit over being given the lead.
  • Their second playthrough of Woody Woods lasts nine turns thanks to Mr. Doom getting the Wacky Watch, which when used automatically turns the game to five turns left.note 
    • In that same game Holms and Steeler duel each other for coins and end up playing Tick Tock Hop, where they have to jump over the minute hand as it and the hour hand rotate around the clock. They manage to last for seventy-two jumps before Steeler finally lost. If that doesn't sound impressive to you, the game lasted for roughly two and a half minutes.
  • Mr. Doom's computer crashed during recording of the Mystery Land playthrough. The funny part is that they didn't even notice for about a minute, so for a minute you're staring at the (fake) Blue Screen of Death while the game goes on in the background.
  • In the fourth season run of Mario's Rainbow Castle, Mr. Doom and Steeler are handed a lucky break in Handcar Havoc when their opponents fall off the track, so they decide to take the course more carefully. Until they reach a hill they don't have enough speed to pass, and end up going backward.
  • Bowser's Gnarly Party is absoultely hilarious, with gems such as Steeler getting small numbers for most of the game and Holms getting screwed over in general.
    Steeler: Come on, can I make some progress please!?
    Holms: (after seeing Ky roll a 10) DAMN!
    The Reverend Inferno: Kyle, making progress.
    Steeler: I haven't rolled higher than a three since we were before the first bridge!
    • There also Steeler's reaction to what the Happening Spaces on the board do:
    Steeler: (just as he gets a 2) Oh my god!
    The Reverend Inferno: (as he lands on the Happening Space) Oh my god!
  • This early minigame, where Steeler is so frustrated at how his game was going that he decided to just say random swear words instead of fruit... and won. No one could even be mad at the outcome.
  • Barely a minute passed in the 'Let's Play Every Board' series before Steeler tried to ruin your childhood.
    Mr. Doom: We need to reunite the two Yoshis.
    Steeler: They're trying to fuck!
  • During a series of matches of Smash Tour in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, when it comes time for a Home Run Contest, the Reverend Inferno equips the "start with a hammer" powerup. And picks it up by accident. And the head falls off.
  • Waluigi's Island is an absolute riot, especially when the Island of Deathnote changes to Chance Time. Hilarity Ensues.