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Future Season themes.
  • Well, let's start with the obvious: the Bowser boards, with Waluigi's Island and...let's go with Clockwork Castle filling in on the games that don't have it.
    • Waluigi's Island and Clockwork Castle already got played, but it is hinted in one video that the final season will indeed be the Bowser boards.
  • Jungles, with possibly Creepy Cavern filling in on 3. Don't know what would fit in 5.
  • Space/Stars
  • Cutesy stuff

If they LP Mario Party 10, Mr. Doom will be Bowser.
Finally, he's the ultimate freakin' cheatin' stinker.
  • Alternate option: Reverend Inferno, under the pretext of Bowser collecting for Waluigi's Polio Fund. And he's been popping up again, in the Randomized Emerald Nuzlocke challenge and the 2000 Subscribers Video.
    • Mr. Doom did indeed play Bowser in the one Bowser mode game they played. No word on if they'll do more. (They didn't exactly like the game, barring Amiibo Mode.)