Trivia / Mario Party TV

  • Missing Episode: The players have made mention of 'lost episodes', gameplays that for one reason or another were either not uploaded onto the channel or not recorded altogether. One noted one was a run on Mario Party 7's Grand Canal sometime before the playthrough for the Summer Salt season, one where (yet again) Mr. Doom had an insanely good amount of luck. Clips from that episode were used as The Stinger for the 'canon' playthrough.
    • One of those lost episodes, a playthrough of 6's Castaway Bay, was found on Mr. Doom's computer and uploaded to his personal account.
    • He found another one!
    • And a third! (And technically that one is two episodes because it also contained what Mr. Doom managed to salvage from the first attempt.)
    • All episodes made prior to the making of the Mario Party TV channe are now uploaded onto Mr. Doom's personal Youtube channel here and pretty much sent here. Note: the three lost episodes aren't on that list.
    • According to Mr. Doom (As asked on the Discord server), half of Season 4 all the way up to the first third of Season 6 had to be redone entirely because the hard drive those videos were stored on went kaput. The Shy Guy's Perplex Express episode had to be done three times before it stuck.