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Webcomic / Living with Hipstergirl and Gamergirl

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A lucky guy shares apartment with two beautiful girls, each one of them with a singular way of life.

Living with Hipstergirl and Gamergirl is a comic, written in Spanish and English, that puts its own millennial spin on the old Three's Company formula. Written by Colombian artist Jago (possibly NSFW)note , the comic follows Artur and his two incredibly attractive and decidedly strange roommates, snarky hipster Sophie and obsessive gamer Erika.

Strips first used to run irregularly, first in Spanish, then usually a few weeks later in English. (Links should be considered NSFW for occasional toplessness.) Jago also puts strips (and much other material) on his DeviantArt account (guaranteed NSFW). A Russian translation is available here.

Nowaway his strips and NSFW material are published on his Patreon profile. Previews and spanish version of his strip are still published on DeviantArt, while the English version is published one to two days later on Patreon.


Tropes for this work include: