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The Aspie in question. In case that wasn't clear.

Life of an Aspie is an ongoing indie shoujo inspired slice of life webcomic updated Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on Tapastic. Created by Tapastic user Aspie Gamer, Life of an Aspie revolves around its main character, Susan Elizabeth Graham, a young American redheaded woman with Asperger Syndrome living in Japan with her grandmother who runs the boarding school she attends, Fukuzawa High.

After being accidentally humiliated by the popular guy just hours after arriving at her now school, Fukuzawa High, Susan decides to take a vow of "chastity" (read: no contact with guys that's anything more than casual everyday conversation period) that will last for the next three years of her education. Being an Aspie however, it's anybody's guess as to how long this will last.

Life of an Aspie can be read here.


This series contains examples of:

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: Chapter 4 takes place from Jeong's perspective as he gathers snippets about Susan's nasty one sided fight with Ayame from his peers.
  • Berserk Button: People who call Susan "retarded" because of her Asperger's is one for her. People making fun of what's in her diary seems to be another. It's shown in passing that said diary is dedicated to the memory of her late parents who passed away sometime prior to the start of LoaA.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Hiroshi quickly puts Eiji in his place when the latter makes a tasteless joke about Asperger Syndrome that only *he* finds funny.
  • Childhood Friend: Hiroshi is this to Susan. According to the latter's grandmother, He's the *only* friend Susan's had her whole life.
  • Cold Opening: The webcomic starts with the PC from Dragon Age: Origins giving orders to the party following an off-screen battle with the darkspawn before flirting with Alistair, the game's straight option for female Grey Wardens. Those who've played Dragon Age know that the PC is mute hinting that someone is talking to the game instead.
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  • Dull Surprise: Pretty much Susan's reaction to Mizuki seeing her naked in Chapter 5.
    Mizuki (Sees Susan butt naked): W-were you about to take a shower?
    Susan: Yeah. That was the plan.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Risa and Tachibana are initially just two random girls shown in passing during Chapter 1 when the following chapter would later establish them as part of Ayame's posse which makes it slightly confusing as to why the girls don't sit with her, Eiji, and Takeshi during Chapter 1 when they are in the same room.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The Cold Opening mentioned above serves as this regarding Susan's Asperger's.
    • Hiroshi gets his by acting as the sane man to Susan's Asperger's.
    • Takeshi is quickly established as a calm and collected "ladies man" while Eiji acts like an abrasive tool in a counterpart example of the relationship Susan and Hiroshi have with each other personality wise.
    • Ayame vocally announces her displeasure of our heroine marking her as the Alpha Bitch of the comic.
  • Hates Being Touched: Susan. Whether you gently tap her or pat her on the back, she doesn't like it all the same. Truth in Television though. Many autistic people are sensitive to being touched in general.
  • Imagine Spot:
    • Takeshi has one about a beautiful girl whom Eiji suggests he imagines to help him finish his final set of heavy bench pressing at the schools rec center.
    • Susan has one about her being a superhero during math class.
    • She also has one during Chapter 4 when she's grieving about how she's really crossed the line this time with her actions.
  • Late for School: Susan is subject to this trope at the start of Chapter 2 despite having her roommate Kyouko, Mizuki wake her up ahead of time.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Chapter 5 shows Mizuki acting abnormal in comparison to her normal sweet demeanor. Namely, she acts jumpy over the slightest things, blows up in Susan's face when she presses her on what's the matter, and is going through a bout of artist's block. In addition to all that, she also has a terrifying nightmare about her low self esteem regarding her body.
  • Product Placement: A PlayStation 3 is referred to by name instead of some clever name spoof.
  • Significant Green-Eyed Redhead: Susan
  • Schedule Slip: In-Universe: The trope is discussed when Eiji thinks he can get away with doing the bare minimum and still pass in Manga 1 to which Keichii and Daisuke both correct him before Susan brings up the fact that the only way Eiji could slack off and still get paid in the ruthless world of the manga industry would be if he was Yoshihiro Togashi, a real life mangaka who's current long running work, Hunter X Hunter is often more on hiatus than its not; Often lasting up to a full year at worst.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Take That!:
    • Eiji and Takeshi give one to crazy social media "feminist" extremists in passing conversation.
    • Susan has one towards the First Girl Wins trope in harem series.
    Susan (while talking about Harem Genre clichés with Keichii): "I mean, what the hell is the point of the other girls then if the main lead is just going to wind up with either the childhood friend, school beauty, or the magical girl in some cases? In real life, people often date or screw around with other potential mates before making an informed decision on whom they wish to settle down with and raise a family!"
  • The Cutie: Mizuki


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