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A list of references, parodies, homages and shout-outs to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


  • The first Prince Herbert scene ("Someday son, all this will be yours." "What, the curtains?") has been referenced in a radio commercial for a fabric store. Naturally, Herbert gets fixated on the curtains and derails the conversation: "What's the number? If this place is going to be all mine, I'd like to get some more of those!"

Anime and Manga

Animated Film

  • Finding Nemo: A variation on "Run away!" ("Swim away!") is used twice. Once when Bruce the shark realizes that a torpedo is about to detonate the old land mines, and again by krill escaping from the whale that swallows Marlin and Dory.
  • Shrek the Third, which stars Eric Idle and John Cleese, has a scene set at a play where the sound of a horse's trot is replicated by knocking two coconut halves together. Idle reportedly wasn't happy about the gag being copied wholesale.

Comic Books

  • Fables: At one point, the Lady of the Lake wears a shirt with the quote "Basis for a System of Government".

Live-Action Film

  • Kenneth Branagh's 1993 adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing has constable Dogberry entering stage riding an imaginary horse after the fashion of the Pythons.
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  • While the interactive-movie segment from the book was cut, the Holy Hand Grenade makes an appearance in Ready Player One (2018), Parzival purchasing it in a shopping spree after he finds the Copper Key, later using it in the Battle of Castle Anorak against an squad of Sixers.


  • The Dresden Files:
    • In the short "Something Borrowed" Harry calls Jenny Greenteeth a "watery tart", an epithet nicked from Dennis the Constitutional Peasant in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    • White Night: Murphy and Harry quote a few lines from the film at each other early in the book, much to Harry's delight and amusement.
    • Skin Game: While in Hades' vault, where they're stealing the grail, Michael quotes the film inadvertently.
      Michael: Only a flesh wound.
      Harry: Yeah. 'Tis but a scratch. Come on, ya pansy.
      Michael: Pansy?
      Harry: Oh, you weren't quoting the movie. Sorry.
      Michael: Movie?
      Harry: Holy Grail?
      Michael: Nicodemus still has it.
      Harry: Never mind.
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  • In Ready Player One, one of James Halliday's favorite films of all time was Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Because of this, the second trail in the third gate involves Wade Watts/Parzival acting out a full-on virtual recreation of the film, beginning as Graham Chapman's King Arthur and alternating characters between scenes.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: A character mentions that Dany's Unsullied don't run if you "fart in their general direction".

Live-Action TV

  • In NCIS, Abby gets her hands on a computer that responds to verbal commands and questions. Of course, she asks it "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"


  • Medieval Madness has a random line alluding to the Knights of Ni's demands for a shrubbery.
    Peasant Leader: THEY TOOK OUR SHRUBBERY!

Print Media

  • In the Doctor Who Magazine Comic Assassins parody of "The Curse of Fenric", the Doctor claims the "ancient Viking curse" is "Your mother was an elk and your father smells of smorgasbord."

Video Games

  • Solaire's armor from Dark Souls is very reminiscent of King Arthur's armor, both sporting green and white colors, mail coat and a sun symbol on the front.
  • The Bridge Of Death appears as a random encounter in Fallout 2. The Chosen One can even trick the bridgekeeper in the same way as Arthur does. The Holy Hand Grenade was supposed to appear as a weapon in the game, as the player can encounter King Arthur and his knights searching for it. It's available in the Restoration mod.
    • The HHG does make its appearance properly in Fallout: New Vegas, found in the town of Searchlight, in the basement of the fire department. The directions for use are spray-painted on a nearby crate, including the phrase 'Five is right out.' There are the only three in the entire game, and they require the Wild Wasteland quirk to find.
  • The Holy Hand Grenade appears as a weapon in the Worms games, starting from the second game.
    • The Holy Hand Grenade appears in the Mobile and 3DS versions of Terraria, based on the Worms games.
  • In Battle Chess, jumping a knight with a knight will result in a recreation of Arthur's battle with the Black Knight.
  • Although it won't spawn under normal circumstances, Minecraft has a killer rabbit in it.
  • 1985's Lord of the Rings: Game One features a scene where a "watery tart" throws something at Merry if he tries to swim in a lake.
  • In Quest for Glory IV, the Vorpal Bunny references the Rabbit of Caerbannog.
  • In the Idle Game Transport Defender, the Holy Grenade references the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Web Videos

  • Tristan spends one episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series accusing Duke Devlin of being a witch, saying "He must be a witch! He turned me into a newt! (beat) I got better."


Western Animation

  • In the Darkwing Duck episode "Heavy Mental", Darkwing and company subject Major Synapse to a barrage of inane and confusing questions to psych Synapse into self-destructing himself. The first question lobbed at him is, "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • In "The Chronicle of Meap", when Phineas asks Mitch his name and he answers, "I'm am known by many names throughout the universe, well two mainly, Mitch and some of the guys call me Big Mitch" is like when King Arthur asks Tim the Enchanter "By what name are you known?" and he responds with "there are some who call me... Tim?".
    • In "Split Personality", Major Monogram's other half who really wanted to sing is actually similar to Prince Herbert.
    • In "Excaliferb", when they attempt to cross Professor Poofenplotz bridge, she requires them to answer three questions, just as where King Arthur and his knights have to cross the Bridge of Death. The use of a Spam-like can also be considered a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as it's referenced in the song sung during the Camelot scene. "We eat ham and jam and spam a lot!" In turn, Spamalot is the name of the stage musical adaptation of said movie.
    • In "One Good Turn", the start of the war between Gimmelshtump and Stumblegimp showing animals thrown via catapult comes from the film and its Broadway musical.
    • In "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel", Fury asks Major Monogram if the agent he heard about is "behind the platypus", much like King Arthur asks if the hideous killer beast is "behind the rabbit".
  • The Simpsons: In "Pulpit Friction", the townspeople are throwing away their mattresses during a bed bug epidemic, and Moe wheels a cart full of mattresses while shouting "Bring out your beds!".
  • The Littlest Pet Shop (2012) episode "Game of Groans":
    • The guards resembling the Black Knight.
    • Russell shouting "Ha-ha!" like Lancelot upon escaping Ye Olde Pet Zone.
    • Shivers hits two acorn shells together to make the sound of a horse trotting while Russell pretends to ride a horse.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • In the short, "Bat's All Folks!" (part of "Inside Plucky Duck"), Plucky and Question Mark's dialogue is similar to that of King Arthur and the Keeper of the Bridge of Death.
    Question Mark: How can you tell if an elephant's been in your bed, Duck Knight?
    Plucky: African Elephant or Indian?
    Question Mark: Gee, I don't know.
    • In the short, "Day For Knight" (part of "Brave Tales of Real Rabbits"), Shirley is accused of witchcraft, which leads to this exchange:
    Montana Max: You're accused of being a witch! How do you plead?
    Shirley: Like, totally not guilty.
    Frog: She turned me into a prince!
    (Monty and Arnold stare at the frog.)
    Frog: Well... I got better.

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