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Heartwarming / Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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  • The depiction of God in this movie. Although the movie is known for its utter hilarity, even Monty Python instills the message or depiction that God Is Good and by that they meant that God is not trying to make people revere and worship Him blindly. He's a pretty chill God and would rather that His followers don't do depressing things like grovelling, starting conversations with "Sorry" this, "Forgive me" that or "I'm not worthy"... He also wants His followers to accomplish great things to serve as an example to others.
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  • Bedeviere becoming part of Arthur's knights. After Arthur introducing himself as king, Bedeviere kneels before him and after the former asks the latter if he wants to join him to Camelot, he didn't hesitate to accept his offer as it was like a dream come true.
    Arthur: What is your name?
    Bediviere: Bediviere, my ledge.
    Arthur: Then I dub you... Sir Bedieviere, Knight of the Round Table.

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