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Recap / Teen Titans S 4 E 10 Mother Mae Eye

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Using an enchanted pie accidentally brought back to the Tower by Cyborg, Mother Mae-Eye manages to induce mind-control over all the Titans, mentally regressing them into obedient, sweet "children" who regard her as their mother.


  • Actor Allusion: Mother Mae-Eye is voiced by Billie Hayes, who is most famous for portraying another twistedly maternal wicked witch.
  • Almighty Mom: Mother Mae-Eye acts as one during a fight with The H.I.V.E Five.
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  • Apologetic Attacker: Starfire does this when she hits the Titans with a giant rolling pin to get them to regain their senses.
    Starfire: Forgive me.
  • Beat the Curse Out of Him: The only way to stop the mind control is to knock some sense into the victim. Naturally Starfire does it as soon as she's cured.
  • Berserk Button: Out of all of the Titans that are pissed off at Mae-Eye, Cyborg and Robin are especially livid. Cyborg doesn't like anyone messing with the Tower he worked so hard to build and Robin hated that someone so evil tried to be his Parental Substitute. Considering that this is the second time that happened to him, it's a double whammy.
    Robin: Lady, you are not my mother.
  • Bizarro Episode: In-Universe. Definitely one of the weirder episodes.
    Robin: "Why am I in a giant pie?"
    Beast Boy: "Why am I in a bunny suit?"
    Raven: "Why am I in a dress?"
    Cyborg: "Who's been redecorating my tower?!"
    Starfire: "Uh ... Perhaps I could explain later."
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  • Bolivian Army Ending: For the Hive Five it is, as they're in the same danger the heroes were in, but it seems they managed to handle it eventually.
  • Catching Some Z's: When the Titans are given their "5:00 beddy-bye" by Mother Mae Eye, Robin, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy comedically fall asleep the instant she leaves their bedroom and start snoring very loudly as white "z"s rise from their heads. They appear again after falling asleep a second time after Starfire's failed attempt to convince them that Mae Eye's a witch.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: Mother Mae Eye's pink and white polka-dotted bloomers are visible twice; once when she is startled by the tower's alarm and once when she is fighting the Hive. Her true form's white and black polka-dotted bloomers are briefly seen as she is being resealed into her pie.
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  • Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are: Said verbatim by Mother Mae-Eye chasing the Titans.
  • Crapsaccharine World: Mother Mae-Eye's world is a Sugar Bowl that hides the fact that she uses her magic to entrance her victims and make them suggestible to the point of allowing her to turn them into pies.
  • Curse Cut Short:
    Robin: Let us go, you crazy—-
    Mother Mae-Eye: You didn't say "Mother Mae-Eye"!
  • Defeat by Modesty: SeeMore distracts Starfire by bringing up his X-ray vision, then attacks her while she uses her arms to cover herself.
  • Embarrassing Pyjamas: Beast Boy is forced to wear a pink bunny pajama onesie by Mae Eye after she places him and the other Titans under mind control. This is no ordinary pajama suit; Mae Eye made it so he "didn't have to turn into all those ugly animals" since he would already look like an animal. When he tries to change anyway, he finds that the suit is so tight that it keeps him from transforming. Not even his T Rex form could break the suit.
  • End-of-Episode Silliness: Taken seriously, the Titans dumping Mother Mae-Eye on the HIVE Five is uncharacteristically cruel and irresponsible, as she would eventually try to kill them, and could well move on to someone else. As is, it's played as a slightly mean-spirited prank, and nothing comes of it.
  • Evil Matriarch: Mother Mae-Eye could be seen as one.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Mae Eye. She pampers each of the Teen Titans like babies, speaks to them in a motherly tone, tells them that she loves them... and tries to bake and eat them.
  • The Face of the Sun: After Mae Eye alters the tower and island, a grinning sun with a face on it and teeth takes presence over the island.
  • Foreshadowing: Even before missing her pie when Mae Eye tried to give each of the five Titans a pie in the operations room after they questioned her forbidding them to fight crime and later getting hit on the head, Starfire is shown to be more resistant to the mind control than the others; when Mae Eye is cleaning Starfire's nose, her eyes are their normal green instead of pink, and she is clearly much more confused about what is going on and Mother Mae-Eye has to feed her another spoonful of pie to get her eyes to turn pink. It's then revealed later in the episode that she has nine stomachs—a digestive system that complex would mean she'd need to eat a lot more pies before they'd be fully effective the way they are on her teammates.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Raven gets her hair tied into two braided pigtails tied with yellow bows. These are pulled so tight that they stick straight out of the sides of her head.
  • Glamour Failure: Starfire is able to see through Mother Mae-Eye's magic when she gets hit on the head.
  • Involuntary Smile of Incapacitation: The Titans sport large mindless smiles while under the effects of the titular villain's mind-controlling pie.
  • It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Cyborg says this word for word after explaining how he got the enchanted pie.
  • Jaw Drop: Gizmo has an EPIC one when he spots the Teen Titans facing them ready for battle in such ridiculous fashion.
  • The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday: Cyborg buys the enchanted pie from one of these.
  • Mind-Control Eyes: While under Mother Mae-Eye's control, the Titans and the Hive Five have pink eyes. Since Robin's eyes are covered by his mask, the eye patches turn pink. Jinx's eyes are already pink, so when she gets brainwashed at the end, they get even pinker.
  • Mythology Gag: Mother May-Eye keeps restyling Robin's hair in the same style as Golden Age Dick Grayson.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Of course, there's a reason for that...
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Robin decides the best thing to do with the Mother Mae-Eye pie is to give it to the Hive Five.
  • Pretend to Be Brainwashed: After Starfire gets released from Mother May-Eye’s mind control, the woman tries to bring Starfire back under her control by force-feeding her the mind control pies, which seemed to have worked. Once Mother May-Eye leaves, Starfire quickly spits out the pies, muttering how she’s glad to have nine stomachs.
  • Remember the New Guy?: In-Universe: Due to her magic, the Titans act like Mother Mae-Eye has always been there to take care of them.
  • Safety Worst: Before letting the Titans go out to fight the Hive Five, Mother Mae-Eye makes Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire wear ridiculous protective clothing that hinders their ability to fight. She also replaces Robin's gadgets with baby rattles & pacifiers and makes Raven wear a frilly sundress.
  • Soap Punishment: Mother Mae-Eye does it to Starfire after Starfire breaks her conditioning and attempts to tell the other Titans what Mother is really doing.
  • Squeaky Eyes:
    • Raven does an audible blink after Mother Mae Eye puts her in a dress.
    • Starfire also does an audible blink after first being freed from mind control.
  • Unwillingly Girly Tomboy: Mother Mae Eye forces Raven to wear a yellow Shirley Temple styled dress with a large white bow in the back and her hair tied into Girlish Pigtails tied with matching yellow bows. Because Raven is being mind controlled, she raises no complaints and even giggles when Mae Eye puts her in it and proceeds to pinch her cheek while telling her she can still dress pretty. After the spell is broken however, Raven is furious to find herself in a little girl's dress with her hair done up so girly, and uses her powers to change back to her usual looks.
  • Wicked Witch: Mother Mae-Eye is something of a super-villain parody of the one in Hansel and Gretel.
  • X-Ray Vision: SeeMore stares at Starfire by using his X-ray vision, causing her to cover up her private parts.
  • You No Take Candle: "You broke mother's cookies".