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Memes for the original series Yu-Gi-Oh! Those pertaining to other series can be entered in their own series subpages.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V



  • "You've activated my trap card!" is probably the series's biggest.
  • "It's time to D-D-DD-DDDDDD-DUEL" from the dub's intro is another popular one.
  • Exaggerated facial expressions are the basis of many a meme.
    • Kaiba's chin from episode 200. Heck, just the episode itself for its Off-Model animation.
    • Dark Marik's crazy facial expressions. Characters from later series eventually do the same.
    • Joey's (and Tristan's, on the occasion Joey was unconscious) "Creepy Chin" facial expressions in the anime. The facial expressions in question were inspired by Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki, who's well known for having a large chin.
  • AIBOOOOO! Explanation 
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  • In Japan, the green hairstyle of Seto (first anime only) and Noah is compared and even referred to as a cabbage. A few examples ...
  • What does Pot of Greed do again? Explanation 
    • Ascended as one of the subscription emotes for the Twitch Marathon is the artwork of Pot of Greed.
  • According to the Japanese fandom, the Pharaoh is pretty much obsessed with silver.
  • A 4chan frequenter had a habit of making "If my post number ends in 5" bets accompanied by pictures of Dark Yugi from Season Zero and consistently winning (or if it were funnier, losing). He was then dubbed the "King of GETs. Apparently when they meant "King of Games", that includes forum games.
  • "The Dignity of the Retarded" Explanation 
  • "DORO! MONSUTA KAADO!!!" Explanation 
    • From the same episode, after Anzu stops Yugi from continuing his move long after he defeated Haga, his "HANASE!" (Let go) is stylized on the comments for this clip on YouTube as "HA☆NA☆SE".
  • Enemy Controller, along with characters shouting commands, has become the basis of a few Stupid Statement Dance Mix videos.
  • Seto Kaiba, the most autistic man in the universe.Explanation 
  • 'Duel me Yugi' Explanation 
  • "Damn it Yugi, that's why nobody wants to play with you!" Explanation 
  • "As President of Kaiba Corp, I declare this invalid!" Explanation 
  • Next episode, Jonouchi dies! Explanation 
  • "EXODIA IT'S NOT POSSIBLE"Explanation 
    • In a variation, Kaiba's Defeat (usually "adapted" as a four-screencap set) has become its own template for all kinds of online comebacks.
  • Yes, this is the real audio for this clip. Explanation 

Card Game/Meta

  • "MST Negates." Explanation 
  • "After that Cubic shit, I'm not surprised." Explanation 
  • "And with no monsters left on the field, I summon Dark Magician and attack for game." Explanation 
  • All I know what to do anymore is... Explanation 

Individual Cards

Many cards in the game have grown through Memetic Mutation on their own for multiple reasons. Here is a little list of them:
  • Shapesnatch, a Level 5 Normal Monster with 1200 ATK, is a popular meme figure in the community because of it's low ATK for its Level and lack of any true functionality. However, some crazy bastard made an OTK Deck (A Deck focused on killing your opponent within a turn) out of the guy. This became more popular with Ratamakafon's The One Whose Shape Was Snatched.
  • Larvae Moth, a monster who, and we quote, "can only be Special Summoned by Tributing "Petit Moth" on the 2nd of your turns after "Petit Moth" has been equipped with "Cocoon of Evolution"." And nothing else. It grew in popularity by a Yugituber named YugiNoNo ended up making a meme Deck out of it. It grew to a point where Konami ended up making new support for it.
  • Darkness Approaches was this until its erratum. By discarding two cards from your hand, you could flip a face-up monster face-down, without changing its battle position. Its confusion-inducing rulings caused it to reached this point. Not to worry: Konami errata'd the card so that it changes the monster to face-down Defense Position instead.
  • Genex Recycled is a Level 1 Tuner who can change its name to another "Genex" monster in your Graveyard (Or GY, if we are following the new PSCT). Its intended purpose was to make a Genex Controller that had better utility, but it was used for something completely different in the War of the Worthless Tournament - Special Summoning fucking Trishula! For those who don't know, Trishula is a beast. For the normally-awkward Summoning condition of one Tuner Monster and at least 2 non-Tuners, you get to banish a card on the field, GY, and hand (chosen at random in this case). Recycled, along with Machine Duplication, make summoning this guy pathetically easy. And so the card became beloved and Genex were the favorite Deck to win the tournament. They lost in the Grand Finals to Meklords.
  • Flamvell Magician is a Level 4 FIRE Spellcaster Tuner that has no synergy with his own archetype, gaining 400 ATK when there is an Ally Of Justice monster. Not even a boost for each one, just 400 ATK, and no more. This is because in Duel Terminal lore, Flamvell Magician helped to make the Allies of Justice. This Prompted RANK10YGO, yes, him again, to yell "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" due to Konami preferring lore relevance over meta relavance. And so the meme was born, and Flamvell Magician became "Flamvell Loreman."
  • Elemental HERO Stratos is one of the biggest Woobies in the game, right behind Sangan. It destroys backrow and has searching capabilities when Summoned, which even though it is not once per turn, it was not a completely broken card, so when Konami banned the card in the TCG in 2015, an outrage among fans, particularly HERO players, brewed. This led to the hashtag #FreeMyNiggaStratos to be a thing. The fandom rejoiced when it was finally taken off the banlist on September 2018.
  • The entire Fur Hire became this when their TCG effects came to be. See, how Problem-Solving Card Text would normally work would be that the name of the archetype would come before the name of its type. Just for Pun, Konami decided to put the type of the card before the archetype name (monster "Fur Hire," as an example). The archetype proceeded to get laughed at and basically lost any credibility it once had. Not like it was going to get better after they had name changed "Skyfang Brigade" to this.
  • The "Blue-Eyes brings power, Red-Eyes brings potential" line from the anime has been memed in application to the card game, where later cards to support the Blue-Eyes archetype seemes focused and capable of winning duels in one turn, while Red-Eyes support is disjointed and of notably poor quality even when a support card has the same inspiration as its Blue-Eyes counterpart. Fans have also taken to the belief that someone at Konami hates Red-Eyes, or Joey, or that the company is run by Kaiba.

Twitch Marathon Chat Memes

On October 23, 2017, Twitch began a marathon of the entire original series. Much like Twitch Plays Pokémon and the RWBY marathon before it, these were bound to happen.

  • BANNED Explanation 
  • VAC Explanation 
  • SEASON 1 RULES LUL Explanation 
  • Using proper card names Explanation 
  • HAZAMA Explanation 
    • FEDORA PEGASUS Explanation 
  • LINK Explanation 
    • ZELDA Explanation 
    • HEY! LISTEN! Explanation 
  • KIDS SHOW Explanation 
  • ACTUAL MURDER Explanation 
  • 18+ Explanation 
  • CENSORED LUL Explanation 
  • RARE CARD Explanation 
  • ?????????? Explanation 
  • RESET Explanation 
  • MADA MADA Explanation 
    • I NEED HEALING Explanation 
  • OH YES Explanation 
    • I JUST DID Explanation 
  • NOT MY MAI Explanation 
  • TOXIC Explanation 
    • NOT TOXIC Explanation 
  • NOAH WHO? Explanation 
  • DISNEY DECK Explanation 
    • DISNEYLAND Explanation 
  • NAZGUL Explanation 
  • JOJO REFERENCE Explanation 
  • QUICK MAFFS Explanation 

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