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Memes / Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS

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Even before the series started, fans already made jokes about the series.

Memes created by Revolver/Ryoken

  • Revolver's poses from his second Master Duel with Playmaker are incredibly memetic. One frequent variant is having him do the exact same poses in his real life persona Kogami Ryoken.
  • Idol Ryoken! explanation 
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  • Ryoken, The True Angel Of Hanoi.explanation 
  • Hanoi abroad!explanation 
  • Yusaku's new boyfriend./Ryoken come back.explanation 
  • Honey Trap Ryoken.explantion 
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  • Top fashion model Ryoken.explanation 
  • Axolotl Revolver.explanation 
  • Classic Duelist Revolver. explanation 


Other Memes

  • Yusaku is predetermined in the eyes of the fandom to be The Woobie by the nature of his status as a series protagonist. His Meaningful Name also heavily implies an inevitable Superpowered Evil Side. At least part of this reaction was due to how his predecessor Yuya suffered throughout his series. In addition, his surname suggests that he comes from a broken family. And then, the Lost incident/Hanoi Project was revealed...
  • Until it was confirmed that VRAINS would feature duels on hover boards, many of the first fan comics featured any skater stereotype possible. Totally Radical being in full effect. And of course, there's the "Card Game On Hover Board" joke.
  • "Take a step forward and try!" The Tag Line and the central theme being how kids shouldn't be intimidated to try new things often gets poked fun at as a sign that Konami has realized just how overly complicated the card game has become over the years and are trying to encourage players to not give up because of it.
  • "Take a step forward and die!" or "Step forward...if you want to die." are also became popular jokes among the fandom as, going into VRAINS, the new rules and focus on Links would heavily Nerf several decks.
  • Link Start! explanation 
  • HYPE VRAINS.explanation 
  • Ever since Shoichi Kusanagi being a hacker assisting Playmaker while hiding behind a hot dog vendor facade was revealed, Yusaku is often depicted as a part-time hot dog vendor. The brief clip of Yusaku actually doing so in the preview for episode 47 single-handily reignited it, usually with Ryoken using it as an excuse to visit him. Also, the customer service in Café Nagi tends to be subjected to mockery, given that it is only a facade and that Shoichi has a habit of abruptly closing the place whenever Playmaker is in trouble.
  • They don't teach card games at this school?!? explanation 
  • Aoi's changes in avatar from Blue Angel, to Blue Girl & then Blue Maiden has been compared to her creating new accounts to avoid having to pay to use Link VRAINS.
  • After the Ferris wheel scene in episode 50, there have been many jokes related to that other Ferris wheel scene.
  • Soulburner's scarf has become a source of various jokes on its own.
  • As the similarities between him and Shun became more and more obvious, Kengo Dojun/Blood Shepherd is frequently 'starring' in parody comics where he takes the role of Shun. Yes, even the infamous Gut Punch scene.
  • While he is more likely to simply have average understanding of technologies, Takeru's usually regarded as literally Hopeless with Tech in fan comics, destroying any computer he comes in contact with.
  • "I found you, faker!"explanation 
  • "I am socially awkward."explanation 
  • Crystal Heart is cursed. explanation 
  • Everything is Lightning's fault.explanation 
  • The fact that the show has 3 recap episodes within its first 30 episodes has lead to many fans referring to Vrains as "Yugioh: Recap"
  • Sora? explanation 


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