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  • Card games on hippos!
    • As of season 2, some have taken to applying one from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Card Games on Motorcycles.
    • It doesn't take long after the fifth OP aired for the fans to fork it into Card Games on Roller Skates!
  • Yuya's Fusion Summoning Beast-Eyes in episode 26. Due to his stern expression, hands outstretched and the bright light behind him, people have had a field day with calling him "Duel Jesus" and the like.
    • This meme would be later expanded due to Yuya's Messianic Archetype tendencies in later seasons.
  • Many have taken to calling Yuzu the real protagonist of the series as she was far more involved in the plot than Yuya (someone even made the chart) until episode 36, particularly following Yuya's duel with Reiji.
    • A sub-theme of this is referring to the series as a Reverse Harem, and comparing the characters in relation to Yuzu with traditional harem archetypes (Yuya the childhood friend, Yuto the wounded soul, Kurosaki the Aloof Big Brother, Masumi and Olga the lesbian route...). See Launcher of a Thousand Ships above.
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    • And then, ironically, this has been replaced with "Will Yuzu get to do anything?" Starting around the Synchro Dimension arc, where she either does things that have no impact on the plot at large or gets repeatedly kidnapped by the respective Big Bads of the arc.
    • "The four Dimensional Lamps" Explanation 
  • It's traditional to refer to practitioners of different Summoning methods as "[x] scum", in reference to the Fantastic Racism going on in the series. This is particularly common with Kurosaki or Sora.
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  • The "Berserk Mode" or "Berserker Mode" is an unofficial term created by fans to describe the Superpowered Evil Side of Yuya and his Identical Strangers. For a long time, everything known about the Berserk Mode was just fan theories and very little was confirmed about it. Now it's officially called "Awakening".
  • Everyone in this series is colorblind!note 
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  • Carded.note 
  • Egao.note 
    • Egao cult. Explanation 
    • Eggo Explanation 
  • "But you'll still take the damage!"Explanation 

Started in Standard Dimmension

  • Sora's Fusion Monsters (Des-toy/Death-toy/Frightfur) resembling the animatronics of Five Nights at Freddy's. Some fans joke about him finding the game funny, being the owner of the pizza place, or the creator of the infamous killer robots.
  • Sora's rape faces from episode 34, particularly this one.
  • People actually start to use Futoshi's annoying Catchphrase, "shivers"note .
  • Mieru Hochun's psychic nosebleed has seen a bit of circulation on tumblr in regards to cute boys.
  • Yuto's name being written as "Ute" on the Versus Character Splash. Many people saw this as ridiculous, and started using it ironically. The spelling also goes for the other Yus - Uya (Yuya), Uge (Yugo), Uze (Yuzu)...and then we got Yugo being written as "Hyugo" and "Hugo" And then Yuri's name become "Juri" and "Joeri".
  • Yuya's catch phrase ("The fun has just begun!") is usually said ironically by fans when something traumatic happens, like Sora's Nightmare Face during his duel wih Kurosaki, or Yuya's Superpowered Evil Side appearing. Just look.
  • Kurosaki's spectacular Dueling record has led to "BUY RAID RAPTORS" becoming something of a call around him. When they're not talking about his obsession with RUUUURIIII.
    • Related to this, we have the "RURI RAPTORS"!
    • Kurosaki falling down a flight of stairs in episode 47.
      • The fandom has started making fun of stairs as Yuya fell down the stairs twice in his duel against Reiji.
    • The introduction of Crow, in conjunction with his own Merchandise-Driven origins and the fact that he immediately (again) became a prominent character who can defeat just about anyone and rarely loses, led to the counter-call of "BUY BLACKWINGS!"
      • Crow's longterm association with shilling cards and habit of showing up right before periods considered Seasonal Rot has led to him becoming associated with Konami, often in terms of him either being a fanboy defender or an agent of them.
  • Referring to 8 Youth Division finalists chosen to protect Maiami City from Academia's invasion as Reiji's personal male idol group/boy band.note 
  • Related to Reiji's boy band is Reiji's superhero team made up of Yuya, Gongenzaka, Serena, Kurosaki, Sawatari and Tsukikage, based on episode 49 and episode 50's preview, where Reiji states his desire to make them his Lancers. Due to the name, many are comparing the Lancers to the Avengers. Some have even taken to photoshopping the Avengers' movie poster with them. Yuya is Captain America, Gongenzaka is the Hulk, Sawatari is Iron Man, Serena is Black Widow, Kurosaki is Thor, Tsukikage is Hawkeye and Reiji is Nick Fury.
  • While uncommon, Odd-Eyes is occasionally compared to a chicken more than a dragon thanks to it's overall body structure and how it moves about like a chicken thanks to having no wings like other dragon monsters. Of course, then a possible Synchro form for it was revealed in an upcoming Structure Deck, and not only does it look more avian than draconic, but it also appears to have a crest atop its head. To top it off, it's a FIRE monster, and its artwork depicts its body Wreathed in Flames. Naturally, Mega Ultra Chicken comparisons ensued.
  • Fans starting to photoshop Kurosaki running in his Indiana Jones outfit, resulting in pictures that feature him outrunning cars, trains, or running alongside with José.
    • He is later joined by Tsukikage as well.
  • Fans mistaking Yuri's ace monster for the incredibly generic card Kaiser Dragon due to its silhouette. They share a few laughs when it is noted how ridiculous that is.
  • Referring to Nico Smiley as Hitler or being a Nazi in some fashion, mostly for his design and apparent skeeviness contrasting oddly with his genial personality.

Synchro Dimmension

  • Tokumatsu's "ENJOY!" and "KOIKOIKOIKOI" have become very popular on Reddit. Just mentioning Cardians, Tokumatsu or the even word "enjoy" sparks responses.
  • Due to the Lancers rather spotty win record, "Being Lancers is suffering".
  • Due to the massive amount of ship tease between the respective Yuyas' and their Yuzus', many are joking that ARC-V is the straightest Yu-Gi-Oh! show yet.
  • Reiji's line "All According to Plan."note  And now Jean Michel Roget has used this line.
  • After episode 77, it has become a meme between artists in the fandom to draw Yuzu as a Dark Signer. It started on Twitter and then entered Pixiv and Tumblr.note 
    • Some artists have even gone as far as to draw all the Bracelet Girls as Dark Signers.
  • "Are they still in the Synchro Dimension?" Explanation 
  • Whenever Yuri enters an episode, new image reaction memes are born, in no part thanks to his wide range of facial expressions throughout the series. Really, Yuri can qualify as a Fountain of Memes thanks to being the series Memetic Psychopath. Who else would give this casual of a smile just before attempting to card someone?
  • Kurosaki carrying a ghetto blaster in episode 90 has also become a meme.
  • Roget's Villainous Breakdown in episode 94 quickly caught off with the fandom, thanks to his Japanese VA's show-stopping performance and Roget's facial reactions to what's going on. In particular, his "SEEEEEEERRGEEEEEEEEEY!!!" line quickly become one of the most memorable moments in the show so far, and is wildly regarded as a Moment of Awesome for Roget's VA because of how high and enraged he managed to make it sound. Similarly, jokes about his VA needing a cough drop afterwards are common as well.
  • Ping-Pong on Motorcycles / Ping-Pong Dimension Explanation 
  • Neo New. Explanation 
  • UTSUKUSHII. Explanation 
  • HITOTSU NI.Explanation 
  • Yūgō jane! Yūgo da!note 

Xyz Dimmension

  • The reveal of Asuka joining the series caused some fans to use her picture in her white uniform, since she was Brainwashed and Crazy in season 2, fitting to the Ax-Crazy behaviour of Academia students. This became ironic, since it has turned out that she is not an antagonist.
  • Similarly, the reveal of Edo Phoenix caused fans to re-use the jokes with the letter D.
  • The preview talks about a character all by him/herself, all by him/herself. Explanation 
  • Dark Rebellion's EGAO face.Explanation 
  • Yuya checked an opponent's card effect. No one has any excuses now. Explanation 
  • The show won't go on.Explanation 
  • Yuto is really inside him! Explanation 

Fusion Dimmension

  • Merry Christmas! Here, have Satan! note 
    • Zarcmas Explanation 
  • IS THIS HOW YOU END A SERIES?! Explanation 


  • Yuzu is Yuya's mom. note 


  • Crossing over with Digimon Universe Applimonsters. Due to that show's protagonist looking like Yuya, tons of jokes sprung up about Yuya taking the dimension-hopping game into another franchise. The fact that Universe has added a pink-haired heroine with twintails, makes it even more obvious.
    • Similarly, in the wake of the infamous bait and switch concerning the Pokemon XY&Z anime league, the resulting salt it ended up generating in the Pokemon fandom has somehow gotten people comparing Alain and Yuya. Explanation 


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