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Ho Yay / Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

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It may have been dubbed the straightest Yu-Gi-Oh! series yet, and have the most prominent female characters, but it's still Yu-Gi-Oh!, and there is inevitably going to be a lot of Ho Yay.

  • Gongenzaka and Yuya have a bromance going on, and are even the Team Dad and Team Mom respectively for the Lancers.
  • There is some of Sora/Yuya, with Sora stalking Yuya as obsessive fanboy, and Yuya having dreams about Sora giving him very intense hugs. Even official art of them is pretty suggestive. This seemed to go away after he was revealed to be a warrior from the Fusion Dimension, but fired up again because of Yuya's insistent belief in him, turning this into the YGO version of Naruto/Sasuke!
  • For Les Yay, Masumi and Yuzu have several moments during their second duel. Such as an indirect Bridal Carry and a Luminescent Blush courtesy of Masumi.
    • Additionally, the real life version of Crystal Rose will support only the Gem-Knight and Melodious archetypes.
  • In another Ambiguously Bi instance, after Yuzu defeats Naname Mikiyo, a cute idol duelist, she does this.
  • Yuzu and Serena have a lot of Les Yay as well.
    • In 3rd opening Yuzu and Serena are dancing together while holding hands and switching clothes!
  • There's also Yuya's "body getting hot" and "heart pumping" when one of his extradimensional counterparts shows up in episode 36.
  • Episode 37 was basically one big angsty Yuto/Yuya fanfiction, with some occasional Yuto/Yugo moments.
    • Episode 39. The moment when Yuya and Yuto were fusing together looks almost like a kiss!
  • Reiji and Yuya. Their obsessions over each other as rivals are similar to Kaiba and Atem especially at Reiji's side where he always stalks Yuya's duels. There's also the 2nd ED, Future Fighters! where it was sung by Reiji and Yuya's voice actors!
  • Dennis is shaping up to be the Johan to Yuya's Judai. The reveal that he's a mole from the Fusion Dimension has put their initial interaction into a new light, however. See Harsher in Hindsight.
    • The fact their signature archetypesnote  have similar names, share a support cardnote  and together form the most dominant deck of the July 2015 format at the OCGnote  (refer to this page for more information) also helps.
  • Sawatari acted very flirty with Yuya during their first meeting, sending heart-shaped darts into Yuya's forehead and taking his hand very gently. It was only an act to lure Yuya into a trap, but still...
    • A piece of official art depicts these two sitting under falling cherry petals with their jackets removed and showing each other their decks. Don't tell me it wasn't intentional.
    • It was published in a women's magazine, to boot.
  • Yuto is Kurosaki's "one and only best friend", according to episode 75.
    • Yuto is the only character on First-Name Basis with Kurosaki.
    • When Yuya shows up with Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Kurosaki is desperate to interrogate Yuya about what happened to Yuto. Later, Yuto is able to make Kurosaki give Yuya a chance as an ally with only a few words.
  • Crow and his friend Shinji Weber not only have a lot of bromance, but are also basically raising 3 kids together!
  • Gongenzaka and Kurosaki have teamed up twice so far, and both times Kurosaki refused anyone's help while Gongenzaka insisted on being there for him. The first time, it even leads Kurosaki to accept that other people care and that he might be able to make new friends in another dimension.
  • Before they were carded, Teppei and Michio got along really well, with Teppei even referring to Michio as his partner and Michio helping Teppei break out of his Jerkass personality a little. It's kinda romantically tragic when they're carded together.
  • Some have started shipping Crow and Kurosaki due to their newfound bond in episode 82.
  • Sergey and Jack of all people. Bonus points for Yuzu claiming that their souls have connected and them whispering each other's names before Sergey's demise.
  • Yuzu and Asuka appear to be getting along exceptionally well in Season 3.
  • The growing bromance between Edo and Kaito cultivating in episode 130 where the two duel together against an awakened Yugo.
  • Episode 132 has Yuri's dialogue to both Yugo & Yuya has been very suggestive, especially with Yuya given the way he talks to Yusho about him, it almost sounds like a child's boyfriend/girlfriend telling their significant other's parents that they'll be together whether they have the parents' blessing or not.
    Yuri: Don't think I'll give up because you two are family, after all he wants to become one with me right?
    Berserk Yuya:I....I...You and I will...
    Yuri: You see? I'm all that's on his mind. So even if the father doesn't approve...
  • Episode 133 manages to take Yuri's suggestive dialogue up to eleven with Yuri even losing his composure at one point.
    Yuri: What's that? You don't want to become one with me?
    Yuya: You will not! It will never happen! I will never let that happen!
    Yuri: Oh no, I'm not worried. So you'll be crazy about me again.
    • Towards the end of the episode before Yuri defeats and cards Yusho
    Yusho: Even if I know I can't win, I shall continue to be on stage with the pride of an entertainment duelist! For Yuya, this form...will forever burn into the hearts of my children! Even though Yuya is not my son...
    Yuri: SHUT UP!! No matter WHAT you do, he's mine!! I won't give him to anyone!!
  • Episode 134 takes the suggestiveness up to 100 with Yuri getting even more deranged when Yuya finally summoned Odd-Eyes and Dark Rebellion with his extremely pleasured screaming and orgasmic expressions reaching Vector levels making one question his sanity and orientation. And he even spends the entire episode tempting Yuya just to surrender to him and become one with him, getting angry when Reiji and the others tried to interfere.
    • And when he was defeated in 135, he's actually happy that it was Yuya who defeated him, saying that they're one and the same and just tells him to hurry up and absorb him. He's even happy getting absorbed when Zarc finally awakens.
  • In the manga, Kurosaki after claiming he hates people like Yuya who duel for fun is seen staring at footage of Yuya while declaring that Yuya will 'quench his thirst'. Later he kidnaps Shuzou in order to draw Yuya out of hiding just so he can duel him, and continues demanding that Yuya satisfy him, asking him to hurt him more when he takes damage from Yuya's attacks.
    • Yuya in his turn wants to befriend Kurosaki, and after defeating him saves him from falling to his death while asking if Kurosaki had fun dueling him. Kurosaki gives a genuine smile after his departure (which is a big deal coming from Kurosaki, promising to repay him for the duel.
  • In the manga, Yuya seems awfully close with his counterparts and it isn't just because they share the same body. Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri want to protect Yuya at any cost, even erasing memories that would have caused Yuya nothing but pain, including cherished memories containing the time they spent together when they all had their own bodies. These images prove that Yuya was basically Yugo's Rin, and we all know how he felt about her in the anime. Although the reveal that they're brothers somewhat mitigates this.