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Recap / Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

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This is the recap page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V anime episodes.
Note: ALL spoilers are unmarked, and English terms and names are in brackets.

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    Season 1 (Episodes 1-49) 
  1. Swing Into Action: Part 1
  2. Swing Into Action: Part 2
  3. Trade Bait: Part 1
  4. Trade Bait: Part 2
  5. Aspiring Apprentice!? A Strange Fanboy, "Sora Shiun'in" (Toying Around, Part 1)
  6. Innocent Toy - Des-Toy Scissors Bear (Toying Around, Part 2)
  7. Imperial Wrath of Revolt - Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon (Mr. Mystery)
  8. You Show School's Crisis!! LDS Invasion (Bad Business)
  9. Judgment of the Stars! Xyz User "Hokuto Shijima" (Dueling With The Stars)
  10. Knight of the Secret Stone! Fusion User "Masumi Kotsu" (You Show 'Em)
  11. At One With The Sword!! Synchro User "Yaiba Todo" (Going, Going, Going)
  12. DDD: King of the Different Dimension (Battle Under The Big Top)
  13. Magical Sages Galilei & Kepler (Circus Surprise!)
  14. Hotblooded!! Shuzo Theater (The Show Must Go On)
  15. The Aim is the Junior Youth Championship!! (In It To Win It)
  16. Genius Master Chef "Michio Mokota" (Menu Venue, Part 1)
  17. An Exciting Performance!! A Fulfilling Meal! (Menu Venue, Part 2)
  18. The Two Shadows of Rebellion (Trapped In A Card)
  19. The Universe of Knowledge!! Eita Kyuando (Quiz Quagmire, Part 1)
  20. A Difficult Question!? Attack Duel Quiz!! (Quiz Quagmire, Part 2)
  21. Beyond the Pendulum (Beyond Belief)
  22. The Fortunetelling Girl - Mieru Hochun (A Date With Fate, Part 1)
  23. Arcane Eye (A Date With Fate, Part 2)
  24. The Wings of Rebellion - Raid Raptors (For Our Tomorrows)
  25. Steadfast Resolution!! Noboru Gongenzaka (Battle Between Buddies, Part 1 )
  26. A New Boundary - Superheavy Koujin Susano-O (Battle Between Buddies, Part 2)
  27. Opening!! Maiami Championship (Challengers Assemble)
  28. Ayu's Entertainment Aquarium (Something's Fishy)
  29. The Fusing Maestras! (Fusion Foes)
  30. The Tested Steadfast Heart (Gong the Strong)
  31. The Howling Whirlwind - Yosen Lost Tornado! (The Pendulum Swings Both Ways Part 1)
  32. White-Hot Battle! Entertainment Duel Show (The Pendulum Swings Both Ways Part 2)
  33. Future Metropolis Heartland (Making the Cut Part 1)
  34. Chimeric Beast VS The Evolving Falcon (Making the Cut Part 2)
  35. Academia And The Resistance (Sora's Secrets Part 1)
  36. The Resonating Dragons (Sora's Secrets Part 2)
  37. The Destiny that Starts Moving (A Dark Reflection)
  38. The Four Dimensions (Warped)
  39. Awakening of the Gekirin (Imperial Wrath Awakening)
  40. The Warrior of Academia (Stealth Warriors)
  41. The Land of Ambition - Duel Academia (Bracing for Battle)
  42. Battle Royal Begins (Battle Fields)
  43. The Marvellous Exchange Student Dennis (Fire And Ice)
  44. Shiun'in Sora Storms Forth!! (Danger Zones)
  45. Destruction and Creation (Obelisk Assault)
  46. The Rebellious Supreme King Black Dragon (Dragon's Vengeance)
  47. The Cold Smile of Yuri (Identity Crisis)
  48. The Wounded Falcon (Battlefronts)
  49. Make Everyone Smile with Your Duels (Fighting for Fun)

     Season 2 (Episodes 50-99) 
  1. Lancers - The Chosen Warriors (Dueling Declan)
  2. Raise the Banner of Revolution - Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon (Kings Vs. Dragons)
  3. The Legendary Grandmaster Returns!!! (Parental Guidance Part 1)
  4. ''Smile World'' - Duel with Smiles (Parental Guidance Part 2)
  5. The Synchro Dimension ''City'' (City 'Scape)
  6. Public Safety Force - The Duel Chasers (Tops Speed)
  7. Security's Perfect Encirclement (Synchro Sector)
  8. Crow Hogan - The Black Whirlwind (Super Duelists)
  9. Invitation to the Dark Duel (Scream for the Green)
  10. Underground Riding Duel (Dueling’s Most Wanted)
  11. No Cards, No Pardon (Showdown in the Slammer)
  12. The Man who Threw Away a Draw (Hero’s Fall)
  13. The Great Entertainment Duel Tournament (The Great Escape)
  14. The King of Captors - Goyo King (Fight for Freedom)
  15. Duel King - Jack Atlas (Match with the Master)
  16. The Shattered Entertainment (Traits of a Traitor)
  17. Opening Duel!!! Crow VS Gongenzaka (Crow's Crew)
  18. The Light and Shadows of The City (Riley's Reveal)
  19. Rise of the Bee Forces (Common Cause)
  20. The Speeding Divas (A Concerted Effort)
  21. An Out-Of-Reach Shout (A Gift of Grit)
  22. The Sword of White Silver (Duel Consequences)
  23. Slaying the Dragon!! Yuugo vs Sawatari (Turbotainers)
  24. The Crawling Losers (Turning Point)
  25. Mask of the Clown (A Traitor Unmasked)
  26. Curse of the Rebels (Shay's Revenge)
  27. King's Gambit (Plans of Attack)
  28. The Beauty of Destruction (A Cons Game)
  29. The Storm of Revolution (Rebel Road)
  30. The Enlightened Paladin (Road To Rebellion)
  31. The Reunion That Exceeds Dimensions (Where the Truth Lies)
  32. To Each His Own Battlefield (Battle Birds)
  33. The Ultimate Falcon vs The Jet-Black Lightning (Warriors of the Air)
  34. Bonds With The Disciple (A Matter of Trust)
  35. The Destiny Dice-Roll (A Plan and a Promise Part 1)
  36. Crystal Wings (A Plan and a Promise Part 2)
  37. Unflinching Determination (Against All Odds)
  38. Memories of the Beast (The Many Dimensions of Yuya)
  39. The Thunder Strikes! (Wake Up Call)
  40. A Fierce Assault! The Obelisk Force (Hunted and Hounded)
  41. The Beacon of Revolution (Down with the Underground)
  42. A Fateful Encounter (Chain Game)
  43. A Tragic Reunion
  44. The Destructive Duel Machine (Road Rage Part 1)
  45. The Right Arm that Carved Souls (Road Rage Part 2)
  46. The Duel You Believe In (Martial Law)
  47. Borrowed Words (The Imitation)
  48. The Noble Supreme Paladin (Making It Mine)
  49. To the Only Path (Friendship Finale)
  50. The Eternal Duel (A Vicious Cycle)

     Season 3 (Episodes 100-148) 
  1. The Metropolis of Despair - Heartland (A Warlike Welcome)
  2. Galactic Eyes (Realm of The Cipher Dragon)
  3. The Heartless Hunter (Rush For Revenge)
  4. The Brilliant Mechanical Angels (Rise of the Resistance)
  5. The HERO Bearing the Name of “D” (Rumble in the Rubble)
  6. The Bonds of the Resistance (Fighting For Friendship)
  7. Arc Area Project (An Academic Test)
  8. The Duel-Starved Amazoness (Belles and Whistles)
  9. Amazoness Trap (Twins with ‘Tude)
  10. The Falcon Perishes on the Battlefield (Surprise Showing)
  11. The Torn “Smile World” (Fenced In)
  12. Pendulum Heart (Last Laugh)
  13. Toward a City Filled with Smiles (Hat Trick)
  14. The Thirst for Carnage (Joy of Revenge)
  15. The Supreme Galaxy Shining In The Dark (All Duel Hands on Deck)
  16. Duel Pirate Captain Solo (Shiver Me Lancers)
  17. Guardians of the Sun and Moon (A Towering Achievement)
  18. The Threatening Toll (Grip of the Parasite)
  19. Survival Duel (Survival of the Fittest)
  20. The Little Bird Trapped in Darkness (Family Face Off)
  21. The Battle Beast
  22. The Brand of Misfortune (Taming of the BB)
  23. Glory on the Academia (Show of Nature)
  24. The Glorious Machine Dragon (Fusion Destruction)
  25. The Revived Phantom Knights (Paraside Seeing)
  26. The Blazing Dragon (Rise of the Parasites)
  27. The Day the Devil was Born (An Evil Ascends)
  28. Revival Zero
  29. Decisive Battle! Spirit Tech Force (What Lurks Beneath)
  30. Glimpse of the Supreme King (A Duel Within)
  31. The Avaricious Venom Dragon (Duel Interrupted)
  32. The Light Shining in Eternal Darkness (Sibling Standoff)
  33. The Peerless Entertainer (Sleight of Hands)
  34. A Dazzling Entertainment Show (A Father’s Finale)
  35. Allure of Darkness (Relentless)
  36. The Trembling Dimensions (Time to Reunite!)
  37. Reign of the Supreme Dragon King (A Most Brutal Duel)
  38. The Rebellious Supreme King Fraternal Dragon (A Dark Summoning)
  39. The Shadow-Winged Dragon (Master of Disaster)
  40. The Eyes Tainted by Darkness (Clash Talk)
  41. Pendulum of the Soul (A Ray of Hope)
  42. Junior Youth Championship (Swinging Back Into Action)
  43. Overflowing Memories (Deja Duel)
  44. Soul of the Supreme King (Amateur Hour)
  45. The Cursed Gear Mask (Showtime Showdown)
  46. Endless Rebellion (Closure By Cards)
  47. Dimension Highway (One Way Street to Defeat)
  48. The Unleashed Dragons (One Last Duel)
  49. The Miracle Drawn by the Pendulum (That's a Wrap!)


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