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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 112 Toward A City Filled With Smiles

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In the aftermath of Yuya's victory over Edo, Obelisk soldiers surround the two on orders from Noro. Noro orders Obelisk Force to attack, but Edo defends him, claiming he has seen the value of Yuya's beliefs. Noro accuses Edo of questioning the Arc Area Project and betraying the Professor, and Edo agrees and discards his commander's cloak to symbolize his treason. Grace also defects to aid Yuya, and a reluctant Gloria is talked into doing the same. Noro attempts to declare himself commander with Edo's treason, but Kaito arrives to stop him with the remnants of the Resistance. Not being a duelist himself, Noro surrenders. Edo gives a speech to the Obelisk soldiers, telling them the destruction of the Xyz Dimension is contrary to what the Arc Area Project was to accomplish, and thus they will rebuild the Xyz Dimension themselves and abandon the project.


The Tylers and Noro oversee the Obelisk forces as food and medical supplies are distributed to the Xyz citizens. Edo has also offered to take Kurosaki back to Fusion, as in his current injured state Xyz Dimension lacks the means to care for him. Allen is suspicious, but Kaito speaks in his defense, having felt the same bond and beliefs in Yuya's dueling that Edo has. Seeing the Academia forces begin to atone, Kaito contemplates doing the same, given the fear he spread among them. Yuto speaks from Yuya and repeats his earlier words that responding to violence with violence will just cause more violence. Forgiveness is the way to end the conflict, even if it can be hard to forgive something like Kaito's family being carded.

Edo arrives and tells the group he was told those carded would be reborn in a new utopia, and that carding them was to gather life energy for the Arc Area Project. The cards have all been sent back to Academia for that purpose. At Edo's forward base in Xyz, he shows them the teleport device to Fusion. Yuya, Gongenzaka, and Sawatari decide to go to Fusion, Kaito also coming to find Ruri in Shun's place while he recovers. Edo gives Yuya the torn Smile World from Yusho and Allen gives Yuya his rollerblades, while Sayaka gives Kaito her "Little Fairy" card. The four enter the machine and teleport to Fusion.


In Fusion, Yuzu, Yugo and Asuka speak to Yusho in front of the You Show students, telling him about Yuri's carding of five students and insisting now is the time to fight back now that they have Yuzu and Yugo's aid. The other students cheer, and Yusho agrees to accompany them to fight in spite of his injury. Dennis arrives at the hall with a force of Academia soldiers and calls out to the group. He addresses Yusho as his mentor, and reveals that he looked up to him when he saw Yusho dueling in Heartland. Dennis adopted Entertainment Dueling as his own and says he has surpassed Yusho, and challenges him. Yusho stands and accepts.

Yusho takes the first turn and ends it by setting one card. Dennis takes his turn, and sets "Entermage Fire Dancer" and "Entermage Mirror Conductor" in his Pendulum Zones, and uses them to Pendulum Summon "Entermage Ball Rider and "Entermage Plush Fire." Dennis overlays his two Level 4 monsters to summon "Entermage Trapeze Magician." Dennis uses Trapeze Magician's effect to detach an Xyz Material from it so it can attack twice. Trapeze Magician attacks directly, and Yusho activates "Miracle Silk Hat." Two giant top hats appear before Dennis amid a field of stars, and Yusho calls to him that he is hidden in one of the hats. Under one hat is a Spell card, under the other is a 0 ATK monster and Yusho. If Dennis attacks the Spell card, Yusho will take no battle damage, but if Dennis attacks the monster, Yusho will take doubled damage.


Dennis attacks one of the hats, revealing it to be the Spell "Wonder Balloon." Dennis declares his second attack on the other hat, but it bursts to reveal a paper cut-out of Yusho. The card is "Paper Doll," a Spell card that can be treated as a Monster card while in the hand; Yusho takes no damage since the second hat contained a Spell card too. The field fades, revealing that Yusho and the other You Show students have fled down a secret passage while Dennis was busy dueling. In the passage, Asuka and Yusho escape. On the streets, Yugo and Yuzu flee on Yugo's D-Wheel, and Academia gives chase, firing at them with Ancient Gear Soldiers. They stop to split up, but Yuzu's bracelet activates, teleporting Yugo away; Yuya's party has arrived in Fusion.

Seeing Yuya, Dennis calls to a waiting figure that it is his turn now: Isao Kachidoki.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • The Bus Came Back:
  • Decapitated Army: Of a sort. After Edo's Heel–Face Turn when Yuya defeats him, he convinces the other Academia students to do the same (starting with, perhaps unsurprisingly, the Tyler Sisters).
  • Face Framed in Shadow: How Kachidoki was reintroduced.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Edo, the Tyler Sisters and later, the Obelisk Blue students after Edo's Rousing Speech.
  • Loophole Abuse: To fend off the attack of Dennis's Trapeze Magician, Yusho plays Miracle Silk Hat to place a Spell Card and a 0 ATK monster from his hand on the field for Trapeze Magician to attack: if it hits the Spell, Yusho takes no damage, but if it hits the monster, he takes doubled damage. The catch here is that Yusho used a Spell Card treated as a Monster in the hand to ensure that Dennis cannot deal damage to him, even with two attacks, since both of the hats technically contain Spells.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Under his commander robe, Edo wears a grey suit very reminiscent of what he wore in GX, but with a more military style to it and some gold decorations.
    • Yusho's Miracle Silk hat is a take on Yami Yugi's infamous Magical Hats combo from Duel Monsters.
  • Oh, Crap!: Noro gets a hilarious one when Kaito shows up with Resistance reinforcements after Edo, the Tyler Sisters, and what seems to be every Academia soldier under his command decide to jump ship.
    • Yuzu gets a less hilarious one when her bracelet teleports Yugo away while the two of them are surrounded by Academia forces. Fortunately, Yuya and company show up a second later.
  • Put on a Bus: Kurosaki is left to heal in the Xyz Dimension while Yuya, Gongenzaka, Sawatari and Kaito go to the Fusion Dimension.
  • The Reveal: After the cast spent 2 entire seasons without ever touching on the subject, Edo finally confirms that the people who were carded can indeed be brought back.
  • Smoke Out: Yusho's Duel against Dennis amounts to pulling one of these so that he can get out safely with his students.
  • Wham Shot: Okay, who expected Kachidoki of all people to show up in Dennis's crew?

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