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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 109 The Falcon Perishes On The Battlefield

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Yuya and the others have retreated to the Resistance hindout, and Allen and Sayaka acknowledge him as a comrade. At this time, a trio of Obelisk Force soldiers arrive. With the others injured, Yuya and Kurosaki step up to face them alone. Watching the duel with Noro, the Tyler sisters are upset to see Obelisk Force here, but Grace was satisfied with their duel anyway because of the fun they had, and is looking forward to how Yuya's Entertainment Dueling will fare against Obelisk Force. The duel between the five begins as a Battle Royale.


The first Obelisk Force soldier Fusion Summons "Ancient Gear Double Bite Hound Dog" and ends his turn. Kurosaki Xyz Summons "Raidraptors - Rise Falcon" and attacks, but the effect of Double Bite Hound Dog destroys Rise Falcon. Kurosaki activates "Rank-up Magic - Raptor's Force" to revive Rise Falcon and perform a Chaos Xyz Change to summon "Raidraptors - Blaze Falcon." Blaze Falcon attacks directly, taking the soldier to 3000 Life Points, and the effect of Blaze Falcon destroys Double Bite Hound Dog. Kurosaki sets a card and ends his turn. The second Obelisk Force soldier Fusion Summons "Ancient Gear Triple Bite Hound Dog" and activates "Ancient Gear Double Imitate," letting him revive two Ancient Gear monsters from the Graveyard with their effects negated. Hound Dog and Double Bite Hound Dog from the first soldier return.


The soldier attacks Yuya directly with his three monsters, as the duel is a Battle Royale. With no chance to play anything yet, Yuya runs and finds the Action Card "Big Escape" to end the Battle Phase. Yuto speaks to Yuya and tells him he is confident Yuya's Entertainment Dueling may reach Obelisk Force, and Yuya takes his turn. Yuya sets "Timegazer Magician" and "Stargazer Magician" in his Pendulum Zones and Pendulum Summons "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon," "Entermate Silver Claw," and "Entermate Friendonkey." Yuya's monsters attack the three Hound Dogs, taking the second Obelisk Force soldier to 600 Life Points. Yuya ends his turn. Obelisk Force points out that Yuya could have attacked their third member and taken him out of the duel, but Yuya wants to communicate through his dueling rather than just winning.


The third Obelisk Force Normal Summons Ancient Gear Hound Dog and activates "Ancient Gear Scrap Fusion" to perform a Fusion Summon using monsters in the Graveyard. He fuses Hound Dog and Triple Bite Hound Dog to summon "Ancient Gear Ultimate Bite Hound Dog." He then activates Ancient Gear Double Imitate to revive Triple Bite and Double Bite, and uses the effect of Ancient Gear Hound Dog to perform a Fusion Summon. He fuses his four monsters to summon "Ancient Gear Chaos Giant." Sayaka is horrified at the sight of the monster, recognizing it as the one that attacked Heartland, and flees as the Chaos Giant tears into the rubble around them. Kurosaki saves her, but is injured and cannot continue the duel.

Chaos Giant attacks all of Yuya's monsters by its effect. The battle against Odd-Eyes takes him to 2000 Life Points, and Yuya discards "Entermate Barrier Balloon Baku" to negate battle damage from Silver Claw's battle. He reaches for an Action Card as Chaos Giant attacks Friendonkey, but the shockwave from Chaos Giant's footsteps cause it to be blown from his hand. Kaito arrives and catches and activates the card, "Quick Guard," changing Friendonkey to defense. The Obelisk Force soldier ends his turn, and Kaito tells the group to leave them to him. Kaito Xyz Summons "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" and uses its effect to take control of Chaos Giant and treat its name as Cipher Dragon's. He then activates "Cipher Interfere" and "Cipher Diffusion." The effect of Diffusion reduces Chaos Giant's ATK to 0 in exchange for letting Cipher Dragon attack three times this turn. It does so, its ATK doubled by the effect of Cipher Interfere. Obelisk Force is defeated.

Kaito prepares to card Obelisk Force, but stays his hand and approaches Yuya and his friends as they see to Kurosaki. As the Tyler Sisters prepare to step in to duel again, Edo Phoenix arrives with a large number of Academia forces, and gives the order that no one is to duel Yuya but him.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Big Damn Heroes: Just before he would've lost the Duel after missing an Action Card due to the impact of the shock waves caused by Antique Gear Chaos Giant, Yuya was out of nowhere saved by Kaito, who obtains the same Action Card and activates it to switch Yuya's Friendonkey to Defense Position so he would take no damage.
  • Call-Back:
    • Sawatari remembers Big Escape from his duel with Yuya in the Maiami Champion back in Season 1.
    • Ancient Gear Scrap Fusion is an archetype-specific version of Chancellor Samejima's Scrap Fusion he used in GX.
  • Character Development: Kaito was about to card the Obelisk Force soldiers after defeating them, but decides to let them go. Seems like he hasn't forgotten Sayaka's words after defeating Kurosaki...
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Grace is starting to enjoy Yuya's Entertainment Dueling, although she and Gloria are still willing to get their revenge on Yuya for their loss in the last episode.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: This episode shows that Grace has changed from her duel against Yuya and Kurosaki. While Gloria is annoyed at having lost and wants revenge, Grace isn't as annoyed by the loss as she had fun and is interested seeing more of Yuya's dueling style.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Tyler sisters point out how reckless it is to have Chaos Giant start destroying buildings around them in the middle of the duel.
  • Honor Before Reason: Obelisk Force notes that Yuya could had easily 1 turn kill their 3rd member, whom hasn't had a turn yet and be down a teammate to even the odds. Yuya prefers to be a good sport about this duel and gives Obelisk Force a chance. Yuya does this to communicate to Obelisk Force through dueling.
  • Magic Poker Equation: Kurosaki and Kaito each started with all three copies of Vanishing Lanius and Cipher Wing in their hands, and the members of Obelisk Force each had two or all three copies of Hound Dog in their hands too. In the real game, getting all three copies of a card in your opening hand without anything to tutor them from the deck is extremely unlikely.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Edo especially tells everyone that he'll be the one to kill Yuya.

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