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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 122 Glory On The Academia

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The Battle Beast uses Sanders' own monster effect against him, destroying itself and taking him out of the duel. The watching Academia students say he is a beast who does not distinguish between friend or foe, but this is the harsh reality of war and even their commander can lose. BB leaps on Sanders to card him, and he knocks Yuya away when he tries to intervene. Yuya calls out to him that he doesn't really want to fight, and BB's face is pained. He and BB are similar, fighting to mask their pain, and he likens BB hiding in his Gladiator Fort to Yuya wearing his goggles to hide his emotions.


BB snarls he doesn't care about the war, and prepares to card Sanders so he can flee the academy. The watching Academia students agree that Sanders should be penalized for his loss as he has taught them would happen to soldiers. Sanders agrees and tells BB to card him, with his final words being that he wanted to forge the ultimate duelist from this test to defeat Yuya, on the Professor's orders. BB is that ultimate duelist, and he must defeat Yuya. Though BB rejects the order, Sanders tells him he must defeat Yuya to survive. BB goes berserk at the words and leaps away to his fort to continue the duel.

BB activates the effect of his Gladiator Beast Fort, returning a Gladiator Beast placed under it to the deck to deal 1000 damage to the opponent. He returns "Gladiator Beast Augustus," but Yuya finds the Action Card "Acceleration" to negate the damage. BB returns "Gladiator Beast Laquari" and uses his fort's effect, and Jack activates "Red Gazer," paying half his Life Points to negate the damage and summon a "Red Token." Since his forts are empty, BB uses their effects to return Augustus and Laquari to them from the deck, and ends his turn. The Academia students call for losers for be carded, and when Yuya tries to reason with them, Jack tells him they have been taught otherwise and they must shake their hearts to reach them.


Jack draws and summons "Double Resonator" and uses its effect to treat Red Token as a Tuner. He Tunes Double Resonator and the Red Token with "Red Demon's Dragon Scar-light" to Double Tune Synchro Summon "Red Demon's Dragon Tyrant." Jack activates its effect, destroying all cards on the field. As BB's fort is destroyed in an inferno, Yuya things the fort he hid in is gone, but is shocked to see a larger fort rise from the smoke. When Gladiator Beast Fort is destroyed, BB can activate "Gladiator Beast Great Fortress" and place all Gladiator Beasts in his Graveyard under it. He has four, now in the fortress. Furthermore, the effects of all face-up monsters are negated.

Jack attacks directly, but BB activates the effect of Great Fortress. When the opponent attacks, he summons a Gladiator Beast placed beneath the fortress to intercept the attack, and its ATK becomes 1000 plus the number of other Gladiator Beasts in the fort times 1000. He summons "Gladiator Beast Andabatae" who rises to 4000 ATK. Additionally, Great Fortress deals 500 damage to a player when a card of theirs is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, so this battle will defeat Jack. Jack banishes "Red Armor" from his Graveyard to negate his monster's destruction, but he takes 500 battle damage, leaving him at 500 Life Points. When the Battle Phase ends, BB's monsters return to the Fortress. Jack ends his turn. Yuya is worried about Jack, but Jack tells Yuya to focus on what he must do. Yuya draws and looks at his card, and tells Jack he will tear the armor off BB's heart.


Yuya activates "Entermate Pendulum Art and Clean." Since he controls no monsters, he summons as many Level 1 Entermate Pendulum monsters as he can from the Extra Deck, and they are allowed to perform direct attacks this turn, but he cannot Special Summon other monsters this turn and their effects are negated. He summons "Shieldrummer," "Pararhino," "Odd-Eyes Unicorn," and "Gongato." Yuya also Normal Summons "Entermate Undercover Hippo" from his hand. Yuya declares a direct attack, and BB uses the effect of Great Fortress to summon Andabatae and intercept the attack. Yuya activates the Quickplay Spell "Entermate Guard Dance" from his hand, negating the destruction of Entermate monsters by battle this turn and negating battle damage he takes. Yuya declares direct attacks with his other monsters, forcing BB to summon all his Gladiator Beasts to the field to stop them. By the effects of Yuya's cards, their battling monsters stop to dance and fight with paintball guns, stunning the students.

Yuya declares his final direct attack, but BB summons "Gladiator Beast Noxious" from his hand to intercept it. Waiting for his monsters to return, BB sticks his head out of the fort to look for them. Yuya activates the effect of Guard Dance in the Graveyard, banishing it to swap control of all "Entermate" monsters he controls with opposing monsters. Yuya's Entermates grab BB and pull him out to the field. Seeing the fun around him, Yuya tells BB that real dueling should bring smiles to people, and now BB is free to duel as he wants. Yuya banishes Art and Clean in the Graveyard and activates its effect, returning Undercover Hippo to the deck to destroy all monsters on the field. Yuya's monsters return to the Extra Deck, but BB's are sent to the Graveyard. By the effect of his own fortress, he takes 500 damage for each monster of his that is destroyed. The Battle Beast is defeated.

Sanders is furious but is taken away by his students. Jack, Gongenzaka and Sawatari tell Yuya to continue alone, and one of Sanders' students volunteers to lead him out.

Meanwhile, Reiji reunites with Yusho, when Yuri confronts them.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Antagonist Title: This episode refers to Academia's Might Makes Right principle.
  • The Dog Bites Back: In the last episode, Sanders repeatedly threatened BB and ordered him around. Now BB is turning against him.
  • Foreshadowing: Turns out that BB isn't the only person that acts aggressive out of fear. Episode 146 reveals that the Four Dimension Dragons are the same as well.
  • Graceful Loser: Sanders tells BB to card him, because he wants to live up to the example he set for his students that losing a duel must be punished. Even if BB used a cheap tactic to beat him, he accepts the consequences.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • In a more indirect example, Sanders' own students advocate turning him into a card, since by his own teachings he deserves to be punished for failing on the battlefield.
    • Yuya's winning move uses BB's own card effect to deal the final damage.
  • Jerkass Façade: BB's true personality is actually similar to that of an emotionally wounded beast.
  • Not So Different: BB and Yuya. Yuya realizes that BB pretends to be a wild man out of fear from Sanders and the Academia, not unlike Yuya and his goggles to pretend he wasn't hurt when he was mocked.
  • Warrior Therapist: Yuya and Jack are planning to use this on BB, who recently conspired against Sanders in front of the Academia audience.

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