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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 102 The Heartless Hunter

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As Gongenzaka and Sawatari are defeated by Kaito, he challenges Yuya next. Yuya tries to reason with him, but Kaito is certain he is from Academia and prepares to duel him. Yuya decides to reach Kaito through his dueling and the match begins. Kaito swiftly summons "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" using the effect of "Double Exposure" to increase the levels of his monsters, and he ends his turn by setting a card. As Yuya begins his turn, Yuto speaks to him and warns that Kaito will not be like Jack was; Jack had the same desire as Yuya, but Kaito is an enemy consumed by anger. Yuya is sure Kaito is like Yuto and truly wants peace, and will reach him through his dueling. Yuya places "Entermate Whim Witch" and "Timebreaker Magician" in his Pendulum Zones and performs a Pendulum Summon, summoning "Entermate Drumming Kong" and "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon."


Yuya attacks Galaxy-Eyes with Odd-Eyes, using the effect of Drumming Kong to raise Odd-Eyes' ATK by 600. Kaito activates the other effect of Double Exposure, allowing him to treat Drumming Kong as having the same name as Odd-Eyes. He then activates the Continuous Trap "Double Censorship" which lets him negate an attack once per turn if the attacking monster shares its name with another monster in play. Odd-Eyes' attack is halted. With his combo thwarted, Yuya ends his turn. Kaito declares it was a mistake to duel him, as he has seen how duelists that use Pendulum Summoning play, and he is prepared to interrupt Yuya's combos with his multiple monsters.

Kaito uses the effect of Galaxy-Eyes to take control of Odd-Eyes until the end of his turn, and treat it like Galaxy-Eyes with the same ATK and its effects negated. Kaito then activates "Cipher Interfere" which lets him double the ATK of a battling Cipher monster if he controls two or more. Kaito attacks Drumming Kong with the transformed Odd-Eyes, their ATKs increasing to 2200 and 6000. Yuya finds the Action card "Miracle" and activates it to halve the battle damage and save Drumming Kong from destruction. Kaito's original Galaxy-Eyes attacks, destroying Drummin Kong and take Yuya to 1300 Life Points. Kaito sets a card and ends his turn, and Odd-Eyes returns to normal and goes back to Yuya's control.


Yuya begins his turn and draws "Descend Dragon Magician." He Special Summons Whim Witch from the Pendulum Zone by its own effect and treats it as two tributes to summon Descend Dragon Magician. Yuya uses the effect of his Magician to treat it as a Dragon-type, and overlays it with Odd-Eyes to Xyz Summon "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon." As Kaito is stunned by this play, Yuya attacks and activates the effect of Descend Dragon Magician, doubling the ATK of an Xyz Monster it is attached to as a material. In response Kaito activates his Trap "Double Cipher" to detach all Xyz Material from Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon and summon another copy of it from the Extra Deck. With two Cipher monsters on the field, the ATK of the battling Galaxy-Eyes is doubled by the effect of Cipher Inferere. Both dragons destroy each other in a Double KO.


Yuya wonders if not even that was enough, but Yuto reminds him of Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon's effect. Yuya activates it, destroying all cards in his Pendulum Zones and placing Odd-Eyes in the Pendulum Zone. The effect of Odd-Eyes then lets Yuya play "Entermate Le-Bellman" from his Deck to the other Pendulum Zone, and he performs a Pendulum Summon to call Timebreaker Magician and Whim Witch to the field. Yuya and Yuto agree that Kaito's heart is closed off, and there is only one more chance to try and reach it. Yuya uses the effect of Le-Bellman to increase the levels of his monsters by 1, and he overlays the Level 4 Whim Witch and Timebreaker to summon "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon."

Kaito recognizes Yuto's ace monster and accuses Yuya of defeating him and stealing it, but suddenly sees Yuya as Yuto. Kurosaki arrives with two kids, and they tell Kaito the three at Kurosaki's comrades. Kurosaki mentions Yuya's last name, and Kaito is stunned at the name "Sakaki." The group ask Kaito to return with them and work together, but Kaito refuses and activates a card to teleport himself away.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Breaking the Fellowship: It seems in the past Kaito worked with Allen and Sayaka. But currently he refuses to associate with them anymore.
  • Character Development: Kurosaki shows some major development, calling Yuya his friend.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Kaito was not expecting Yuya to know Xyz Summoning. He gets even more freaked out when Yuya summons Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.
  • First-Name Basis: Allen, Sayaka and Kaito are on this with Kurosaki.
  • Forgot About His Powers: Yuto reminds Yuya about the effect of Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon that activates when it's destroyed. Justified in that this is the first time Yuya has ever used that effect, and the second time he's even had a chance to use itnote ; it may be less "forgot about his powers" and more "didn't even know he had that power until Yuto told him."
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: We see Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon duke it out with Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon.
  • Nice Guy: Allen. He refuses to fight against the Lancers as they need all the help they can get.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Kaito feels no guilt about carding so many Academia soldiers, because they've carded far more of his people already.
  • Reality Ensues: What happens when you try to reason with a man blinded by pure rage? He refuses to see reason and tries to kill you.
  • Sheathe Your Sword: How Yuto eventually figures out how they can get through to Kaito. Realizing trying to battle him directly will only result in more resistance, Yuto has Yuya summon Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragonnote  to make Kaito remember him, which also causes him to finally see the resemblance between him and Yuya.
  • Spirit Advisor: Yuto's first act upon his return is to encourage Yuya to summon Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.
  • Warrior Therapist: Deconstructed. Yuto states that while Yuya's duel with Jack was able to change everyone in the City. That was simply because Jack had the same goal. Kaito is different and as a result it won't work.
  • Wham Line: Kaito's "Sakaki" reveals he knows who Yusho is.
  • Worf Had the Flu: Yuya's Duel against Kaito is different than his first Duel against Jack in Episode 64. In this case, Yuya attempts to reason with Kaito, who gives zero craps about "Egao". He would've been beaten by Kaito if it weren't for Yuto's advice.

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