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Apr 3rd 2016 at 2:33:43 AM •••

Guys, do you think I should keep Episode 100 in the Season 3 folder or move it back to Season 2?

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Oct 27th 2015 at 6:33:54 AM •••

As the dub comes out with new episodes, are we changing all the names to dub names? I personally would prefer not to because: 1) I find the dub names to be idiotic, 2) it seems like unnecessary work and there is already confusion on how to format that within the pages, 3) the rest of the ARC-V pages all refer to characters by their Japanese names, so it's weird to use them exclusively for the recap pages.

But if a majority want to swap over to dub names, I'll deal with it and help make sure everything stays clean and readable.

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Oct 27th 2015 at 6:50:57 AM •••

I also prefer we keep the original names with my reasons the same as yours. We could just put the Dub names in parenthesis (probably the reverse of what we're doing in the recaps and similar to the current character pages). We could specify which tropes happened exclusively in the dub.

Edited by ABE.Crudele
Oct 27th 2015 at 8:16:39 AM •••

Could we also change the main recap page format to put the dub title in parentheses if we do that? To match?

But I think we should take input from another couple people or we'll end up deciding everything for the recap pages between the two of us.

Nov 6th 2015 at 4:47:32 AM •••

Just to clarify, the format we're planning to do it is this: "Japanese Episode Title (English Dub Episode Title)" instead of "English Dub Episode Title (Japanese Episode Title)". This is allows us to be consistent with the format found in the Character Pages, which follows the "Original Japanese Name (English Dub Name).

For dub-specific tropes, we can just add "In the dub. [insert other explanations]".

So, guys, what do you think or what's your opinion?

Edited by ABE.Crudele
Nov 29th 2015 at 1:22:29 AM •••

I'm all for keeping the original names. It honestly feels like an unnecessary effort to change all the names in the page to the dub ones, especially when the latter ones have received such a bad reception so far.

I agree with the "Japanese Title (English Dub Title)" format, too.

Nov 29th 2015 at 8:26:20 AM •••

"Japanese Title (English Dub Title)" format is my pick as well.

Dec 2nd 2015 at 6:00:45 AM •••

Alright. I edited the recap with the preferred format on the recap page and from ep. 1 -13. Will do the rest tomorrow.

Edit: I'm going to keep using Melodious, Fluffal and Frightfur instead of Fantasia, Furnimal and Death-Toy since everyone is using that. I may change the spelling of Moonlight to Moon-Light

Edit 2: Alright. Everything's done. I just hope the other editors are aware though.

Edited by ABE.Crudele
Dec 2nd 2015 at 6:13:10 PM •••

I was wondering what had happened to all these pages in the last few days. If it is for the sake of consistency, then yes the Original names should be used; with the caveat of standardizing the Archetype names, as ABE suggested.

Apr 15th 2015 at 2:32:29 AM •••

Should we divide this into seasons 1 and 2? I've seen a translated version of an interview with Director Ono and he said that we're going towards Season 2 now.

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Aug 7th 2015 at 5:57:48 AM •••

I'll wait until we have 25-30 episodes of the 2nd season.

Oct 2nd 2015 at 3:45:55 PM •••

We're 25ish episodes into Season 2 now. Do you still want this to happen?

Oct 3rd 2015 at 7:39:02 AM •••

I would but I'm having a bit of a dilemma. If we divide it into seasons, the numbers would restart again and it cause some confusion and extra work. On the other hand, since we're expecting three seasons, this is going to be a long list.

What do you think?

Edited by ABE.Crudele
Oct 3rd 2015 at 7:39:14 AM •••

//double post

Edited by ABE.Crudele
Oct 3rd 2015 at 8:38:41 AM •••

I think we should divide it up. The list is pretty long now and it's only going to get longer, and I feel awkward every time I edit the page and type season 1 episode something to create a new page. Dividing into seasons would also make it easy to folderize.

Oct 3rd 2015 at 8:55:02 AM •••

I'll help you. I guess we should also add a description like Season 1 contains Episode 1-49, Season contains 50- current).

But, how about the format for the new pages for the episodes? Currently it uses the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V_S1_Ep#_Title. Do we just remove the S1 instead?

Edited by ABE.Crudele
Oct 25th 2015 at 3:05:32 AM •••

Going to go through all the old links and add them to the Cut List. Hopefully that will stop people from redirecting to old links.

EDIT: Every extra page should have been submitted to the Cut List now.

Edited by illusion_dreamer
Oct 25th 2015 at 3:15:03 AM •••

Thanks. I'll help you and I'll start from the latest when I get back later.

EDIT: Finished the entirety of Season 2. I really messed the recap.

Edited by ABE.Crudele
Apr 13th 2015 at 7:28:32 AM •••

Are we going to use the Original Japanese names or the English dub names? We need to be consistent.

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Apr 13th 2015 at 9:08:49 AM •••

I'd say: Original Japanese Names. The Dub isn't out yet and all the dub names are still unannounced.

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