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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 113 The Thirst For Carnage

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Yuya, Gongenzaka, Sawatari and Kaito arrive in Fusion and happen upon Yuzu and Dennis. Dennis calls upon an unlikely ally, Isao Kachidoki, to take on Yuya. As Yuya approaches Yuzu, Kachidoki strikes and knocks him to the ground, revealing himself. Kachidoki explains that since his defeat, he was disgraced and outcast at his dueling school, until Dennis approached him and offered him a chance to face Yuya again. Dennis sics a group of Academia duelists on the other heroes and flees; Kaito pursues him, leaving Gongenzaka and Sawatari to protect Yuzu from Academia. Seeing her defended, Yuya agrees to duel Kachidoki.


Kachidoki takes the first turn and Fusion Summons "Idaten the Conqueror Star" with 3000 ATK, the same monster from his last duel with Yuya. He sets a card and ends his turn, and tells Yuya to summon the Xyz dragon that beat him last time. Yuya draws and sets "Xiangsheng Magician" and "Xiangke Magician" in his Pendulum Zones to Pendulum Summon "Entermate Salutiger," "Entermate Whip Viper" and "Entermate Drumming Kong." Yuya Overlays the Level 4 Salutiger and Whip Viper to Xyz Summon "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon." Yuya activates Dark Rebellion's effect, detaching an overlay unit to sap the ATK of an enemy monster by half and power up Dark Rebellion by the same amount. Idaten falls to 1500 ATK and Dark rebellion grows to 4000. Suddenly, Kachidoki activates the effect of the monster in his Graveyard, "Kaiki the Sky Star," paying 500 Life Points to Special Summon it since a Fusion Monster on his field lost ATK, and then he can then immediately perform a Fusion Summon using Kaiki and monsters on his field. He fuses Kaiki and Idaten to summon "Shura the Conqueror Star."


By Shura's effect, all monsters on the field are set to 0 ATK, and when they battle they gain ATK equal to their level x200; the level 12 Shura will grow to 2400 ATK, while Dark Rebellion will stay at 0 since Xyz Monsters have no levels. Additionally, the effect of Kaiki will deal 500 damage to Kachidoki on each of his turns as long as the monster summoned by its effect remains on the field. Using the effect of his Magicians, Yuya grants Dark Rebellion a level of 12 for his turn and declares an attack, their monsters rising to 2400 ATK. Yuya also uses the effect of Drumming Kong to grant Dark Rebellion 600 more ATK. However, Kachidoki finds the Action card "Selection of Miracle" to negate Shura's destruction. He falls to 2900 Life Points. Yuya sets a card and ends his turn, and Dark Rebellion loses its level.


Kachidoki draws and takes 500 damage due to Kaiki's effect. Kachidoki equips Shura with "Meteor Sword," preventing it from being destroyed in battle by monsters of equal or lower level, and letting it attack again when it destroys a monster with a lower level than it. Shura attacks Drumming Kong and destroys it, dealing 1400 damage to Yuya. Shura then attacks Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon. As he declares his attacks, Kachidoki attacks Yuya to keep him from grabbing Action cards. However, Yuya suddenly activates his Solid Vision rollerblades as he leaps over Kachidoki's attack, and finds the Action card "Revival," letting him restore Dark Rebellion's ATK to its base value of 2500 for this turn. Kachidoki finds the Action card "Bi-Attack" to double Shura's ATK, but Yuya finds another Action card "Evasion," and negates the attack entirely. A crowd has gathered to watch the intense duel, and even Acadamia's agents have stopped their duel with Sawatari and Gongenzaka to watch.

Yuya takes his turn and Pendulum Summons Drumming Kong from the Extra Deck, and "Entermate Pyro Lobster" from his hand. Yuya uses his magicians to grant Dark Rebellion a level of 12 again, and then uses Dark Rebellion's effect by detaching its last overlay unit, but both Shura and Dark Rebellion have 0 ATK outside of battle so nothing happens. Yuya reveals his plan was to get the second overlay unit in the Graveyard; he activates the effect of Pyro Lobster, letting him select two Entermates in the Graveyard and change a monster's level to their combined level. Shura becomes level 8, the combined level of Whip Viper and Salutiger. Dark Rebellion attacks, and it and Shura grow to 2400 and 1600 ATK, and Yuya activates Drumming Kong's effect to boost his dragon further to 3000. Kachidoki activates his Trap "Evil-Sealing Flash" by paying half his Life Points. The ground around the two shatters, leaving them standing on pillars of rock over a chasm. All of Kachidoki's empty Monster zones cannot be used, and his lone monster gains 800 ATK for each of them. The-now 4800 ATK Shura destroys Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, and Yuya falls to 800 Life Points to Kachidoki's 1200.

The second effect of Evil-Sealing Flash destroys Shura and switches Yuya's monsters to defense. Kachidoki reveals he saw Yuya practicing Entertainment Dueling with his father 8 years ago when they were kids, and decides this is a fitting way for them both to die. At the end of the battle phase, both players take 500 damage for each sealed Monster zone; the 2000 damage will result in a draw. The remaining ground crumbles and the two begin to fall, and Yuya activates his Trap "Acrobat Tower." The fallen monsters of both duelists rise from the chasm and carry them to safety, and then turn into a giant balls that balance on top of a new tower that has appeared between them. By the effect of Acrobat Tower, both duelists draw two cards and revealing them; the cards are sent to the Graveyard, and the player who reveals the two cards with the highest total monster levels between them has the tower of balls fall on them, dealing 200 damage for each monster on the Field and in the Graveyard. Kachidoki accepts the terms and the two draw. Yuya draws "Entermate Hip Hippo" and "Entermate Bite Turtle," both level 3; Kachidoki draws "Tenma the Sky Star" and "Hayate the Earth Star," level 5. The "weight" of Kachidoki's higher level monsters causes the tower to topple onto him, and he loses.

Yuya offers Kachidoki his hand and says the duel was fun, and the crowd applauds. Kachidoki stands and walks away, muttering that "Entertainment Dueling" isn't so bad.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Bring It: Kachidoki makes this hand gesture after ending his first turn.
  • The Bus Came Back:
    • After 74 episodes, Isao Kachidoki makes a return.
    • In terms of dueling, Yuya hasn't summoned Whip Viper since Episode 44 (though he did use it outside a duel in Episode 99 to swing across a chasm). Incidentally, the last time he used it was to summon Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, the same thing he does with it here.
  • Call-Back: The "Xyz Monster = Level 0" comment pops up again, but this time, Kachidoki brings out Shura, whose effect means that Dark Rebellion might as well be Level 0.
  • Captain Obvious: Kachidoki uses an Action Card that allows him to either prevent his monster from being destroyed by battle or negate battle damage, and he chooses the former. All together now: "But you still take the damage!"
  • Chekhov's Gun: The roller blades Yuya acquired from Allen proves to be really come in handy against Kachidoki.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Once again Kachidoki physically attacks Yuya to stop him from getting Action cards.
  • Deal with the Devil: Kachidoki's use of "Kaiki" is presented as such: he's slowly offering his life and falling deeper into darkness, but in exchange gets the power to fight and defeat Yuya.
  • Death by Irony: Kachidoki does this to himself twice.
    • He dominates Yuya this time by exploiting the high level of his new ace monster, and then loses by drawing two monsters whose levels are too high.
    • He also kept lowering his life points through effects to the point where Acrobat Tower's effect damage was more than enough to finish him off.
  • Foreshadowing: Sawatari angrily asking Dennis about Serena's whereabouts is answered in the next episode: She's in the Fusion Dimension.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: While he wasn't necessarily a nobody, Kachidoki was just a one episode antagonist with some very harsh tactics in dueling. Now he seems to be working with Dennis, and by proxy, Academia, all for revenge against Yuya.
  • Graceful Loser: Kachidoki takes his loss against Yuya well this time, and acknowledges the worth of Entertainment Dueling.
  • Kick the Dog: Kachidoki is planning to give Yuya a rather cruel one.
  • Mark of the Beast: Kachidoki has marks on his face and his arms due to Kaiki's life point draining effect.
  • Meaningful Name: This episode refers to Kachidoki wanting to get revenge on Yuya for his earlier loss and has a really malicious intent in doing so.
    • The episode's title in Japanese, Shura no Katsubō, also references Kachidoki's new Ace Monster's name, Shura the Conqueror Star.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: How Yuya feels about Kachidoki's attitude. He feels because he defeated Kachidoki in such a violent manner, he made him worse.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You:
    • Kachidoki has grown obsessed with defeating Yuya due to his loss in the MCS.
    • Dennis is obsessed with defeating Yusho to prove that he is a better Entertainer.
  • The Resenter: A rather sad version for Kachidoki. Due to his loss to Yuya, he was effectively expelled from his school added to his taste that Yuya had proven stronger than him despite not suffering for his power, which, in Kachidoki's words, drove him mad.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Kachidoki is willingly siding with Dennis, and by proxy, Academia, to get back at Yuya, despite the fact that Standard, his home dimension, is sided AGAINST Academia!
  • Rollerblade Good: And Yuya's damn good at using them. After a bit of a rocky start, that is.
  • Rule of Symbolism: Kachidoki is themed after the Asura Realm, which is the plane of demigods which people are reincarnated in due to actions based on jealousy, struggle, combat or rationalization in a previous life, and though powerful, live in constant violence and conflict to which there is no resolution nor peace. Mortals who are sent to this realm became Asuras because in human form, they had good intentions, but committed bad actions such as harming others. The Asuras of some inferior realms however, are malevolent and can be more closely related to the translation of demon that is sometimes ascribed to them. These can be alternatively referred to as Rakshasas.
  • Taking You with Me: Subverted. Kachidoki attempts this using his Trap Card Evil-Sealing Flash, as he was slowly losing to Yuya anyways and won't accept defeat. Yuya thankfully uses his own Trap Card to save the two from falling into the abyss.
  • This Cannot Be!: Kachidoki's reaction when he looks for an Action Card to defend Shura from Dark Rebellion's attack and can't find one.

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