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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 107 The Duel Starved Amazoness

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Sayaka, overcome with guilt and grief for the loss of Ruri and what happened to Kurosaki at Kaito's hands, runs from the Resistance base. Allen follows her, and the two are intercepted by the Tyler Sisters, duelists from Academia. They challenge the two to a tag duel, thinking they're members of the Lancers. By the rules of the tag duel, field, Life Points, and Graveyards are shared.

Allen summons "Ruffian Railcar" and uses its effect to deal 500 damage to the sisters, establishing an early lead. Gloria takes her turn and summons "Amazoness Queen" and attacks, but Allen Special Summons "Construction Train Signal Red" to take the attack, since it cannot be destroyed in battle. Sayaka's turn begins, and she uses "Little Fairy" and Signal Red to Xyz Summon "Fairy Cheer Girl" and increase its ATK TO 2400. Sayaka attacks, but due to the mutual effects of Amazoness Queen and Little Fairy, neither is destroyed by battle since they have equal ATK. Sayaka sets a card and ends her turn, forgetting to use Fairy Cheer Girl's effect. The Tylers realize they are members of the Resistance, not the Lancers, and reveal their identities; Allen recognizes them as sisters who almost wiped out an entire branch of the Resistance by themselves.


Grace takes her turn and Fusion Summons "Amazoness Liger." Liger attacks Fairy Cheer Girl, who is not destroyed by battle, but Liger's effect saps Cheer Girl's ATK by 800, allowing Amazoness Queen to attack it and deal more damage. Allen and Sayaka fall to 2600 Life Points. Allen takes his turn and Xyz Summons "Heavy-Armored Train Iron Wolf." Wolf's effect lets it attack directly by detaching an Xyz Material, but the sisters explain Liger's effect can negate any attack not against Liger itself. Allen uses Fairy Cheer Girl's effect to draw a card, and draws "Limiter Removal."

Allen attacks Liger with Iron Wolf, but the sisters activate "Amazoness Substitution," letting them summon "Amazoness Swords Woman" from their hand and redirect the attack to her. Allen activates Limiter Removal to double Iron Wolf's ATK to 6000, but the sisters explain Swords Woman's effect to cause the opponent to take the battle damage from battles instead. Sayaka activates "Fairy Rail," detaching two Xyz Materials from their field to negate the battle damage, and increase Fairy Cheer Girl's attack by the amount negated. The 4500 ATK Fairy Cheer Girl attacks Amazoness Liger, taking the sisters to 1500 Life Points, but due to the effect of Amazoness Queen, Liger is not destroyed. During the End Phase, Limiter Removal destroys Iron Wolf, and Fairy Rail's effect switches Cheer Girl to defense.


Gloria begins her turn and Fusion Summons "Amazoness Empress." Liger and Empress attack Fairy Cheer Girl, the effect of Empress letting Amazoness monsters deal piercing damage. Allen and Sayaka are defeated. As the sisters prepare to card them, Sawatari and Gongenzaka arrive. Sawatari announces themselves as Lancers, and the sisters decide to duel them as well.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Amazon Brigade: The Tyler Sisters.
  • Blood Knight: The Tyler Sisters, who seek for strong duelists to satisfy their lust for dueling.
  • Hero Killer: The Tyler Sisters nearly defeated the Spade Faction of the Resistance by themselves and defeated Allen and Sayaka.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Just like in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Fairy Cheer Girl was summoned during a Tag Duel by using two monsters that each belongs to one member of the team, with Little Fairy being one of the materials.
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    • Allen and Sayaka use monsters used by Yuma's friends, Anna and Kotori/Tori respectively.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Sayaka presumes they're safe since their monster is in defense position and that they won't take damage from battles involving it. She apparently forgot Piercing Damage is a thing.

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