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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 121 The Brand Of Misfortune

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As Gongenzaka falls before the Battle Beast and Yuya is down to 100 Life Points, BB prepares to card Gongenzaka. Suddenly the Wheel of Fortune roars from the jungle, and Jack Atlas intrudes on the duel, losing half his starting Life Points. Sanders demands his identity, and Jack identifies himself as a comrade of the Lancers. Jack explains to Yuya he came on request of the kids to aid Crow in fighting Academia, and when he learns Crow has been carded, Jack becomes furious at BB and declares he will crush him. BB sets a card and ends his turn, and Jack's turn begins.


Jack sets a card and summons "Red Resonator" and "Red Warg" and Synchro Summons "Red Demon's Dragon Scar-light." Jack activates Scar-light's effect to destroy BB's "Gladiator Beast Gyzarus." BB chains the Trap "Gladiator Beast Medusa Shield" to negate the destruction, but Jack chains his set "Red Vanish," which he can activate immediately since he controls a "Red" monster. Red Vanish negates and destroys Medusa Shield, and Scar-light destroys Gyzarus. BB takes 500 damage, plus another thousand due to his own Continuous Trap "Pollice Verso," taking him to 1100 Life Points. Jack tells BB that since he used Red Warg's effect to summon itself, he cannot attack this turn, so BB will survive. When BB smiles at the news, Sanders grows angry at him and leaps into the arena. Declaring he will remind BB of what he should be, he enters the duel, taking a 2000 point penalty. Jack sets two cards and ends his turn. At this time BB uses the effect of "Medusa Shield" in the Graveyard to Set a "Gladiator Beast" Trap from his deck.


Sanders activates "Test Fusion," letting him Fusion Summon a "Gladiator Beast" monster while ignoring its summoning conditions. He fuses "Test Tiger" and "Test Ape" in his hand to summon "Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor." Sanders activates Editor's effect to summon a "Gladiator Beast" Fusion monster from any player's deck, ignoring its summoning conditions. He summons BB's "Gladiator Beast Andabatae" to BB's field. The others are stunned to see Sanders command another's monster, and he laughs that Tamer Editor is the leader of the Gladiator Beasts that commands all of them. He tells BB to fight to his full power now that his best monster is back; as per direct orders from Leo, all Lancers but Reiji must die, especially Yuya, who wonders why Leo would personally order his death, and remembers Revival Zero and Leo's plans involving Yuya and his counterparts.


Sanders activates the effect of Tamer Editor. As there are at least two Gladiator Beasts on the field, their controllers can use Tamer Editor's effect to destroy any monster and deal its ATK as damage to the controller. He targets Scar-light. Jack chains "Red Armor" to negate the destruction of "Red" monsters by effects this turn. Sanders instead attacks Yuya directly. Yuya activates his rollerskates and rockets towards an Action card behind BB. Sanders orders him to stop Yuya, but BB still as Yuya grabs and activates it, "Evasion," negating the attack. Sanders tells BB this is why he's not a true soldier, as a commanding officer's orders are absolute in the battlefield. He shouts the same to the watching students. Sanders ends his turn.

Speaking mentally to Yuto, Yuya ponders what Revival Zero means, and what the connection between him and his counterparts is. Yuto also brings up the dark voices that awaken in each of them and drive them to violence. Though Yuya has no answers to these mysteries, he thinks Leo does. Jack and Sawatari call out to him, and remembering his comrades who have fallen, Yuya resolves to win for their sake. Yuya summons "Entermate Pararhino" and activates its effect, negating the effects of Andabatae for this turn. Then Yuya can summon an "Entermate" monster from his hand and make the targeted monster's ATK equal to the summoned monster's. Yuya summons "Performapal Gongato" and the ATK of Andabatae falls to 100. Pararhino attacks Andabatae, with the effect of the Continuous Trap "Medallion of Gladiator Beast" negating its destruction in battle and doubling the battle damage BB takes. He falls to 300 Life Points.

BB activates the Continuous Trap "Gladiator Beast Assault Fort." He destroys his Pollice Verso and then negates the effects of Medallion of Gladiator Beast and "Virtus of Gladiator Beast." They are now treated as Continuous Spell Cards named "Gladiator Beast Fort." As long as Beast Fort is in play, BB takes no battle damage, and once per turn one of his Gladiator Beasts is not destroyed in battle or by card effects. Furthermore, BB places a Gladiator Beast monster from his deck under each Beast Fort." He chooses "Gladiator Beast Augustus" and "Gladiator Beast Laquari." Once per turn he can return them to the deck to deal 1000 damage. Leaping to the top turret of his fortress, he declares that this is his unstoppable trump card.

Yuya recognizes something in BB's behavior about himself, and ends his turn. Sanders laughs and tells BB to crush his enemies. When he hesitates, Sanders orders him to obey or be turned into a card. BB's eyes change and he draws. Since he controls a Gladiator Beast, he activates the effect of Tamer Editor. To the surprise of everyone, BB's target is Tamer Editor itself, which will deal enough damage to Sanders to defeat him.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Bash Brothers: This is Yuya and Jack's first official team-up Duel, not counting their Battle Royal Duel against Roget's forces back in the Friendship Cup finals. Justified, since the Battle Beast gives Gongenzaka serious injuries, and Jack has to take his place.
  • Berserk Button: JACK ATLAS does not give any chivalry to the likes of the Battle Beast!
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: What BB thinks of "killing" Crow and Tsukikage. If he's in the original manga, he could've mutilated them horribly.
  • Contemplate Our Navels: Yuya stops in the middle of the duel to have some introspection. Jack snaps him out of it, a bit peeved he's doing it in the middle of a Duel.
  • The Dog Bites Back: To conclude the episode on a cliffhanger, the Battle Beast decides he's had enough of Sanders' attitude and starts his turn by triggering the effect of Sander's monster in such a way that it selfdestructs and will take Sanders with it.
  • Mythology Gag: "The Brand of Misfortune".
  • The Promise: The reason why Jack came to Academia in the first place is because of Crow's kids.
  • Sixth Ranger: Jack is the fourth Duelist to become this for the Lancers. The first three being Kaito, Sora, and Crow.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: This is Jack's reaction to the Battle Beast's latest "fatality".
    Jack: Are you the one who did this to Crow?
    Battle Beast: And what if I am?
    Jack: UNFORGIVABLE! I'll crush you in behalf of the children who sent me off!
  • Villainous BSoD: The arrival of Sanders stuns BB and sends him into this mode.
  • Warrior Therapist: Jack gives Yuya a small pep talk.

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