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Memes / Yuri!!! on Ice

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • WHERE'S THE YURI / More like "Yaoi on Ice." note 
    • But it is Yuri. note 
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    • The real Yuri on Ice. note 
  • When did Shinichi take up ice skating? note 
    • To a much lesser extent: "What are Gintoki and Shinpachi doing here?" note 
  • It's a Russian taunt. note 
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  • A common joke among fans is to make Yurio the disgusted third-wheeler to Yuri and Victor's Sickeningly Sweethearts.
  • Phichit is the ultimate wingman. note 
  • Victor and Yurio's Russian accents in the English dub have become memes in and of themselves. Victor's in particular has been compared (whether lovingly or mockingly) to Gru from Despicable Me.
  • Lily. note 
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  • Georgi's makeup and routine made him a Fountain of Memes. A favorite among the fans was making jokes about his similarity to Spongebob in the "coral blue" meme, and also to Ursula.
  • Photoshopping Phichit's surprised face over pictures that aren't Victor hugging Yuri while naked became popular even outside the fandom.
  • "The number of exclamation points in a sports anime tell you how gay it's going to get." note 
  • It got gayer. note 
  • Christophe, please don't. note 
  • Yuri!!! On Ice saved 2016. note 
    • Alternatively, Yuri!!! On Ice saved my life.
  • Pray for Makkachin. note 
    • Makkachin has Makkachoked. note 
  • Anime!PewDiePie. note 
  • Yuri is a Queen. note 
  • Victor and Yuri are Yurio's Embarrassing Parents™. note 
  • Honet Emil. note 
  • "Something round and golden." note 
  • Christophe carries a portable stripper pole at all times. note 
  • How will I ever watch anime again? note 
  • The only straight thing about this show are Yurio's splits. note 
  • "And Then What?" note 
    • Similarly, "Can we-" "Okay." note 
  • We need a Mean Girls AU. note 
  • Can you hear mY HEART BREAK? note 
  • Yuri!!! On Ice crashed Tumblr. note 
  • Pochayuu note 


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