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Goodbye, so long, to you my friend.
Goodbye for now, until we meet again.
The Goodbye Song, Out of the Box

Congratulations! You've just finished writing the first few episodes of your new television show. But probably because your demographic is young and wants things to be predictable, or that you want to be different from other shows, you decide to add a song to close out every episode.

In order to create a sense of unity between the creator and his audience, and/or between all the fans of the show, a song may be used as an Every Episode Ending. Often, the presenter will address the fun they had for that episode, but emphasize that now it's time to conclude the episode and say goodbye to everybody. As a spark of hope they'll be informed to tune in next week or the next day, depending on how frequently the show airs.


In most cases, an Wrap-Up Song is used at the end of children's programming; on occasion it is the final number in a piece intended for an older audience, usually variety shows (which is doubtless where this trope got its start). May double as — or occasionally be replaced by — a Solemn Ending Theme.

A sub-trope of Every Episode Ending.


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     Live Action TV 
  • "I Love You" from Barney & Friends is one of the most famous examples. With this song, Barney and his friends express how much they love one another unconditionally at the end of each episode. Beginning with Season 9, Barney would sing it to the viewer if no other cast members are with him.
  • Each episode of Bassie & Adriaan had a closing song that told viewers would tell it was time to say goodbye, but they should tune in next week.
  • Bear in the Big Blue House features a song at the end of the show's episodes where Bear and Luna sing a song about saying goodbye at the end of the day.
  • The Book of Pooh ends with "Goodbye For Now". It tells goodbye to the viewer until they watch the show again.
  • Every episode of It's a Big Big World ends with the song "Try to Touch the Sky", as Snook sings to the audience that their time is through for now and will be waiting the next time they come to the World Tree.
  • The Fresh Beat Band ends with the song "Great Day", as the band celebrates the problem being solved and what a great day it has been.
  • Every episode of Imagination Movers ends with the song "Mover Music". In the last 2 seasons, the credits roll while the song still goes on.
  • The song "Bing Bang" ends each episode of LazyTown. It's a non-standard Wrap-Up Song as it's not about saying goodbye's. It's just an energetic song.
  • The original run of The Mickey Mouse Club ended with a reprise of the opening theme about saying goodbye:
Now it's time to say goodbye
To all our company
M-I-C, (See you real soon!)
K-E-Y, (Why? Because we like you!)
It's such a good feeling to know you're alive
It's a such happy feeling you're growing inside
And when you wake up, ready to say "I think I'll make a snappy new day"!
It's such a good feeling
A very good feeling
The feeling you know that
I'll be back
When the day is new note 
And I'll have more ideas for you
And you'll have things you'll want to talk about
I will, too.
  • All episodes of Morecambe and Wise ended with the duo doing a song and dance routine to the standard "Bring Me Sunshine" as the credits rolled.
  • Out of the Box has "The Goodbye Song", which is sung to the audience at the end of each episode. The two leads sing to the audience about how it's "goodbye for now" but they'll meet again soon.
  • Sesame Street:
    • Elmo's World ends with Elmo playing the piano and singing a song To the Tune of... "Jingle Bells" about that day's subject, ending by saying goodbye to Dorothy, the viewers, and the topic of the day.
    • The British spin-off The Furchester Hotel has "Don't Check Out", in which the monsters plead with the viewer not to leave.
    • The main show itself started playing a song called "Smarter, Stronger, Kinder" over the end credits starting with the Channel Hop to HBO. It has just about all the Muppet characters singing about how much there is to learn on Sesame Street.
  • Spoofed in an episode of Spitting Image featuring politicians David Owen and David Steele, singing "Now Is The Time To Say Goodbye" in black-and-white at a piano, after losing the elections.
  • Each episode in the second season of The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss ends with "Just Shout Hooray!", a song sung by The Cat in the Hat, telling the viewers to come back next time for more fun with him. In some episodes, the Cat is accompanied by the Little Cats and Terrence McBird.
    Hooray for us,
    Hooray I say,
    Hooray for all the fun that we have every day,
    And all the new faces and all the new places we see,
    Just you and me!
    So come back soon, and when you do,
    I'll have some new surprises in my hat for you!
    Just one last thing, and then I'm on my way,
    Let's shout hooray!
    Just shout hooray!
  • Zoboomafoo uses the song "Animal Friends". It's about how animals are all different yet also similar and how you should "make an animal friend today"

     Western Animation 
It's time to go, au revoir,
Though you may shout, "Encore!"
That's all there is,
There isn't any more!
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ends every episode with "The Hot Dog Song" and its dance, as Mickey and the gang celebrate the finished mission before Mickey bids the viewer farewell.
  • Muzzy in Gondoland ends with one. All main characters say goodbye to Muzzy, and then break the fourth wall and say goodbye to the audience.
  • PAW Patrol: This kind of song plays at the end of every show. It's praising the dogs for doing a good job and saving the day. However, after Season One, the lyrics were removed and an instrumental plays instead. The lyrics:
You're all good pups,
And we saved the day!
And now it's time to play
Around Adventure Bay!
Pa-Pa-Pa-PAW-PAW-PAW-Patrol! (repeated 3 more times)
  • Pib and Pog is a Subverted Kids Show. After five minutes of escalating violence, it ends with the title characters singing a completely straight Wrap Up Song to the viewers as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.
  • Downplayed with "Do the Mario!" from The Super Mario Bros Super Show!. While it does contain the lyrics, "It's time to go!", the song is more focused on how to perform the titular dance.
  • Super Why! has a Wrap-Up Song with the lyrics "Hip hip hooray! The Super Readers saved the day!"
  • Starting with Season 8, Thomas the Tank Engine ends with the "Engine Roll Call", a song about the eight members of the Steam Team; Thomas, James, Percy, Gordon, Emily, Henry, Edward, and Toby, in that respective order. In Season 22, as part of the changes made for the Big World! Big Adventures! era, the song is given updated lyrics, with Nia and Rebecca taking Edward and Henry's positions.
  • VeggieTales's song, "What We Have Learned", is a mix of this trope, as well as And Knowing Is Half the Battle.

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