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The cast in episode 3, ROMEO in the Darkness

2.5 Dimension Dance Live S.Q.S. - SolidS and Quell on Stage is the stage play series of Tsukipro's SolidS and QUELL (SQ series) units.

Like the other Tsukipro stage series, many of the episodes are part of the larger Alternate Universe series, which have their own pages.

  • SQS episode 1 - Hajimari no Toki: Thanks for the chance to see you: May 2018
  • SQS episode 2 - Seibou no Kanata: November 2018 (Tsukino Hyakki Yakou)
  • SQS episode 3 - Romeo in the Darkness: April-May 2019
  • SQS episode 4 - Tsukino Empire 2: Beginning of the World: September 2019
  • SQS episode 5 - Takamura Shiki Shoshitsu Jiken: February 2020
  • SQS episode 6 - Machine Elements Stage: zwei Akai Honō: March 2021)
  • SQS episode 7 - Zanshin: December 2021
  • SQS episode 8 - School Revolution: 2022
  • SQS episode 9 - (TBA): 2022

For characters, please see the franchise's main character page.

The series contains examples of:

Episode 1 contains examples of:

For Episode 2, see Tsukino Hyakki Yakou

Episode 3: ROMEO in the Darkness contains examples of:

For Episode 4, see Tsukino Empire.

Episode 5: Takamura Shiki Shoshitsu Jiken contains examples of:

  • The Case Of: The Case of the Disappearance of Takamura Shiki.

For Episode 6, see Machine Elements.

For Episode 7, see Zanshin.

Episode 8: School Revolution: Ano koro no bokura contains examples of: