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Chapter 2 — Cosmos in the Lostbelt

    Prologue/December 26, 201X 

  • Just after the Shadow Border arrives in the Lostbelt, the Chaldea staff all make a mad-dash for the exit so they can actually see light and stretch. Only a few minutes later, they come running about complaining about how cold it was. Da Vinci quickly lambastes them for just running out without thinking, before making them swear that in the future, they won't do that again. Of course, latter on da Vinci herself goes running outside in a hurry to greet Avicebron and get to work on repairing the Shadow Border before making a mad dash back inside complaining about the cold.
  • In order to get enough power to get a summoning system working, the crew settles on using the Ben Franklin method. Mash volunteers to build a kite, promising a stylish, high class result. By the time it's done, the only qualifier for it the characters can muster is "unique".
    Holmes: It is no exaggeration to say that the very fate of the world hinges upon this kite! This may be the most important arts and crafts project in the history of mankind! No pressure!
  • The Running Gag of Yagas, including Paxti, misunderstanding how things in the Proper Human History works.
  • An otherwise-serious conversation between Anastasia and Kadoc takes a turn for the bizarre when the Grand Duchess announces her intention to hold a ball. Kadoc argues that Yaga don't know how to dance - but he's not willing to explain how he knows this. Then he realizes Anastasia wants to dance with him, to his absolute horror. Anastasia tries to claim it was just a joke, but she's rather sulky about it, threatening to freeze Kadoc's feet to the ground if he doesn't let her have her way sometimes.
  • Goredolf gets annoyed at one of Meunière's comments and orders Mash to go into her Servant form and give him a strong spanking. Mash quickly refuses out of embarrassment and for how wasteful it would be, while Meunière thinks to himself about how overly harsh that is as a punishment.
  • One of the Yaga children in the Resistance base calls the protagonist "Little Weakling" as a term of endearment, causing one of the Resistance members to rant at them about how mean that was since, if there is a human still around, that means that humans can't be weaklings. He then threatens to kill the kid, confusing the protagonist enough that Atalante quickly has to elaborate that it was a joke.
  • During some down time while traveling to hand out the Resistance's manifesto, Mash asks how the protagonist is feeling. Your options go along the lines of feeling warm, because Avicebron used his Golems to make a wall to block out the cold. This leads to a whole discussion with him about the process of creating Golems, capping off with Billy asking about him using snow as a basis for his Golems.
  • Following the above event, the protagonist questions Avicebron a bit, namely about his love of Golems. Avicebron bluntly states he dislikes humans, causing everyone to go silent as he apologizes and tries to backpedal and clarify what he means (namely that he just doesn't like them, but he wants to engage in conversation more to fix that issue). Both Mash and the Protagonist point out that now it will be hard to just chat with him with that knowledge.
  • While traveling between locations, Billy remarks on how useful the Golems made by Avicebron are, though he prefers traveling by horse. Avicebron offers to make him a Golem in the shape of a horse, before deciding that he should do it right there and then. Billy quickly tells him not to, and Goredolf chimes in to comment about how this is why he doesn't like being around "artistic" kind of people.
  • Goredolf's comments about Avicebron causes Da Vinci to joke that maybe there was bad blood between Goredolf's family and Avicebron, with everyone saying that it likely isn't the case. Anyone who has seen Fate/Apocrypha can attest to the fact that technically speaking, this is both true and false at the same time.
  • Atalante's underlings report sightings of a Servant apparently... running around in the snow with no clothes on. Even the serious warrior lady is embarrassed by such a silly thing, while the protagonist instantly guesses its Roland screwing around again. (Unfortunately, no paladins involved; it's just Beowulf.)
  • If you choose to help with tunnel excavation while everyone is building the rebels' second stronghold, Avicebron acts unnaturally excited to work on the mines in hopes that he can get new golem materials from there, rushing ahead to get to the cave. And when he starts to plan out the course of action, he suddenly stops to ask you to take care of the Giant Demon Boars that inhabit the cave. When you ask him to help you out on dealing with the boar problem, he sounds petulant to do so.
  • While repairing the Shadow Border, Avicebron offers to attach a drill to the front of the machine, which Holmes declines. He then suggests maybe making the front more fork-shaped, but Holmes shuts him down even faster and harder.
  • Musashi's reaction when she sees Billy the Kid? Mentally think he's totally her type. She later does the same when she meets Holmes who's so shocked by her reaction that he fumbles his words a bit.
  • There is something hilarious about how nonchalant Anastasia is towards Ivan screaming her name when everyone else is scared out of their mind due to how big Ivan is, Musashi states he is literally mountain-sized, which caps off when she states that the only to beat him is to kill him.

  • The Crypters send an assault force against the Shadow Border to retrieve Kadoc. Said force consists of... Kirei. On foot, with an RPG. While the game itself plays it mostly seriously (he actually succeeds, and somewhat easily at that), the sight of a priest running around at Super Speed and blasting stuff with a rocket launcher is so surreal, most of the fanbase was in stitches over the scene.
  • Kadoc complains that Billy the Kid (who shot him, or tried to) was insufficiently cool and laid-back for an outlaw.
  • Da Vinci reveals a new device she invented while working on a device to stay in touch over great distances: rocket skis for Mash's Ortinax armor. How exactly she managed to get onto the idea of rocket skis while researching comms devices is not explained.
  • The kids from the various villages have no tact at all, ranging from Gerda and the other children calling Goredolf fat, to some kids pointing out how buxom Mash is to her embarrassment.
  • "Just how many shots DOES it take to break to the center of a great hero's Spirit Origin...?"
  • The tense atmosphere of the meeting between Chaldea's crew, Ophelia, and Scathach-Skadi gets pulverized when Napoléon loudly introduces Ophelia as his fiancée, confusing the hell out of everyone involved. Right after his announcement of his new fiancée, Ophelia tries to recover the tense atmosphere by warning Mash and the player about why she cannot allow them to escape...only for Napoléon to point out that she never said "No" to his proposal, causing a incredulous Mash to exclaim that the two of them really are engaged. At this point, a clearly embarrassed Ophelia tries to hastily explain that she thought the proposal was so ridiculous that it didn't even merit a proper answer.
    • Ophelia gives Napoléon a lengthy rejection and seeks permission to kill him from Scathach-Skadi, only for the goddess to say that she would actually support that pairing. And that killing is still forbidden in her Lostbelt.
  • Brynhildr's entrance deserves mention. The heroes are fighting some Giants and Seeds from the Fantasy Tree, and in annoyance, Napoleon blasts one into the castle. Brynhildr makes her entrance by killing it out of annoyance, then approaching the party as if nothing had happened.
  • While a bit bleak, Sitonai's monologue after the defeat of Surtr has a bit of dark comedy to it, as if saying "Did you really think we would end the chapter with just that?".
  • When the player and Mash first meet Gerda, she's puzzled by what kind of animal Fou is, which leads to the following exchange:
    Gerda: Teehee! You're too pretty to be a mouse. Maybe you're a dog? Or a cat! Oh, I know. You must be a horse!
    Fou: (picture actually shaking in shock) FORSE?!
    • Made even funnier once the fandom recalls how Fou actually got used as one during the Babylonia Singularity, by a (shrunken down) Ishtar, none the less.

  • Sion and "Captain" spend two weeks creating a facsimile of Chaldea in the Wandering Sea, complete with cafeteria, operations room, and personal rooms for all the survivors. Then Goredolf asks about his room, and "Captain" reveals he made his out of an abandoned warehouse. Goredolf thinks he means that he made it look like an abandoned warehouse and praises him for subtlety, but "Captain" decides he might as well redo the whole thing from scratch properly. Great news for Goredolf, except it means he needs to spend time in a sleeping bag down by the dock while everyone else gets to enjoy their rooms on time.
    • All the images of the recreated facilities are photobombed by "Captain" flashing a V-sign.
  • As your main allies for the Lostbelt (after Nezha) to fight against Qin Shi Huang, Da Vinci chooses to summon Mordred, Spartacus, and Jing Ke, the former two because they're famous for leading rebellions and the latter because she actually conspired to kill the same emperor you're after. While Jing Ke enjoys the idea of being on the team for that exact reason, she takes offense with Da Vinci's choice of team name of "The Three Rebel Musketeers", and even stops Spartacus (who seems to enjoy the title on his end) from introducing them as such shortly afterward, prompting Spartacus to sulk.
  • The Running Gag of Qin Shi Huang deliberately mispronouncing Koyanskaya's name. One of which is "Koyachihuahua".
  • After all the clues about the identity of this Lostbelt King, including the fact that they're in China, the player can still conclude to his "face" that he's Julius Caesar.
  • Da Vinci decided to test if Qin Shi Huang could overhear Chaldea's discussions while inside the Shadow Border. Having let off a bunch of off-screen obscenities inside the cockpit and suffering no retribution, she proudly states they should be fine.
    Goredolf: *thinking* So that's what all that stuff about old geezers, cyberpunk rip-offs, and eighties leftovers was...
  • The Summoning of Chen Gong and Red Hare:
    Chen Gong: ...Well now, where do I even begin. Why do you look like that?
    Red Hare (A horse-headed centaur): What do you mean? How else would Lu Bu Fengxian look!
    Chen Gong: ...What?
    Red Hare: What other Heroic Spirit could possibly be fit to be summoned alongside the great Chen Gong than Lu Bu, the Flying General?
    Chen Gong: But... you're obviously Red Hare.
    Red Hare: Lu Bu is a man among men, and Red Hare a horse among horses! Everyone knows we are inseparable during our adventures! I'm what they call an Innocent Monster.
    Chen Gong: Oh look, a carrot.
    Red Hare: Neiiigh! A yummy carrot!? Where!?
    Chen Gong: Hmm, I knew it. You ARE Red Hare.
    Red Hare: Nonsense. I'm Lu Bu.
  • Koyanskaya playing at a High-Heel–Face Turn.
    Fou: Fo, fou! Die in a foire!
  • The Chinese forces manage to steal the Shadow Border and attempt to reverse-engineer it. End result: the Duo-Duo Yi-Shan (AKA The More The Merrier), a goofy bootleg tank adorned with a tiger head of all things (there's a flamethrower in there, but still). Han Xin and Li Shuwen think it looks awesome, but pretty much everyone else isn't able to take it seriously, with Da Vinci getting increasingly offended and Qin Liangyu asking if she can just stick with her spears rather than actually drive it, the fight with it plays a BGM usually reserved for the wacky summer events, and it starts breaking down mid-battle.
    Da Vinci: Someone bring me an Anti-World Noble Phantasm this instant!
  • The crew finally find the Shadow Border in Xianyang, to their relief it's intact despite Qin Shi Huang ostensibly taking it apart. Da Vinci starts to compliment the emperor for his skill in being able to put it back together, until someone notices a box labelled "Leftover Screws" in the corner. And then she gets pissed again.
  • The emperor's ultimate method of conflict resolution.
    Qin Shi Huang: Thus, we will decide this matter by punching you! We shall also permit you to punch us in return!

    Tokugawa's World-Changing Labyrinth 
  • Goredolf's antics in general. Special mention to his attempt to punch Beast III/L in the face which leaves everyone, especially his target, completely stumped.
  • Kama is found reading the Kama Sutra while complaining that she didn't even write it, yet it's the only thing people remember her for these days.

    Yuga Kshetra 

    Imaginary Scramble 
  • One of the first problems the crew encounters is their inability to see what is outside the sub, due to their sonar and other sensors being disabled. The improvised solution is to shoot Osakabehime out like a torpedo and have her origami bats function as sonar to gather data on what is around them, while surrounded by monsters that sense and attack anything that makes too much noise.
    • As you progress through the event, other methods are developed for mapping the outside territory, but to Osakabehime's dismay, it's insisted that they work best when used in conjunction, leaving her as living sonar duty for the entire event. (They're right, too: Okkie is by far the most effective of the sonars.)
    • One of the methods amounts to Lambda using her Leviathans scout out the surrounding area. From then on, every fight in the Imaginary Sea has a raft of penguins non-chalantly swimming around in the background.
  • Fran is summoned right before a fight. After the battle is won, she declares the whole event over and goes off to take a nap. She probably would have gotten away with it if the alarm didn't immediately ring again.
  • When Sion and Da Vinci learn that all of Chaldea's Foreigners have been kidnapped (almost: Voyager tried to join in on the fun but was dragged back to his room by Erice) and forcibly turned to serving their Outer Gods, Da Vinci's immediate suggestion is to take a nap and wait for the whole mess to blow over once the protagonist's Magnetic Hero tendencies kick in.
    • Speaking of which, XX also falls to the Outer God's corruption despite not actually being empowered by one. She retorts that she's being controlled by the power of capitalism.
  • Each of the fights against the epilogue Foreigners has details added to the background of the battlefield based on who is being fought. Yang Guifei's is the most normal, being fiery spirits, but Hokusai's are drawings, Abigail's are childlike scribbles of strawberries, rainbows, and the like, and XX's are banner ads complete with the out-of-genre Saber Wars II battle music. And there are still penguins swimming around the entire time.
  • Towards the end, the corrupted Yang was so high on Eldritch Power that she started hallucinating our protagonist as her old Emperor. BB's reaction can only be summed up as "oh boy, this again".

  • How does the protagonist and Corday first meet up with Orion? By having him accidentally stop monsters from attacking the two by peeing on them. "Urine" indeed.
  • After defeating Jason in a battle, he has a unique running away animation he uses instead of the standard backstep retreat.
  • Mandricardo decides to deliver the famous "Are you my Master" towards Gordolf, who simply says no to that. Mandricardo is this close to just quitting right there and now as he flubbed the one thing no Servant should mess up.

  • Each of Tamamo Vitch's phases as a Beast have skills named after a Lostbelt, which generally gives her buffs to help overpower the party. However, the third one being "Eternal Empire Tayunskapon" reveals that she still has a grudge about a certain emperor's insults and apparently it's so humiliating to her to bring it up, that she stuns herself and completely heals the party, removes any debuffs, and fills up their NP gauge.
  • While explaining the Grand Servant summoning, AI Kintoki becomes caught up in the GOLDENness of the situation and just starts saying "IT'S SO COOL, IT'S SO GOLDEN YAAAAAYYY!!" over and over. AI Raikou has to take over exposition because otherwise Chaldea never will get anywhere. An AI version of Fran also briefly attempts to take the role, much to the confusion of the other AI personas.
  • As it turns out, Wodime went through a simulation of Part 1, and took the Orleans Wyverns so seriously that it shocked Kadoc. He also wanted to go to one of Liz's concert with one of the Crypters.
  • After being ambushed by the Dioscuri twins, the protagonist, Mash, Musashi and Holmes run into a gray-hooded man who led them to a secret rebel base. Apparently, Mash seems to recognize the hooded man and Holmes outs him as Kadoc. While Kadoc is a bit pissed that his cover was blown, he's very shocked that Mash can also see thru his disguise despite using magecraft.
  • How did Caenis ended up aiding Chaldea despite being Wodime's servant? Gordolf bribes her with croissants. She was so amazed by the sheer balls on a man trying to buy off an openly murderous Divine Spirit with a basic pastry that she laughed about it for quite a while. The croissant was great, though!
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, the fact that the Grand Lancer with EX RANK LUCK still ends up dying not too long after getting summoned. While it was a Heroic Sacrifice, the Lancer Died joke continues.


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