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     2015 Events 
Nero Fest
  • The hilarious nicknames for some enemy Servants.
    • The Bronze Caster trio (Shakespeare, Andersen and Mozart) are named "Guy who does work", "Guy who doesn't work", and "Guy who is just here" respectively.
    • Elisabeth Bathory is named "CCC 48", in reference to her debut title and the idol group AKB48.
    • Caesar, Romulus and Caligula are named "Great Rome", "Too Great Rome", and "Great (I guess?) Rome" respectively.
    • The backstory of the event outright says that Nero bankrupted the senate to fund the event. Whore of Babylon, indeed.

Does the Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?

  • Marie and d'Eon are enjoying their dumpling meal, but Sanson is fretting because he's afraid they'll make Marie fat. Marie responds that she won't get fat and it'll all go to her breasts instead, which leaves Sanson shocked.
  • After Amadeus is defeated, his mask flies off in such a way that it hits Sanson in the head and knocks him out.
  • Artemis and Orion's interactions are so funny, especially the part when Artemis is parading around as Orion.
  • The Regend Sasaki Kojirou hanging out with Saint Martha and Saint Georgios as the Dragon-Defeating Trio. At first, the trio even offers to let Chaldea take the dumplings back...and then Artemis reveals she knows they're all hiding dumplings for themselves, including Georgios, who offered to give them back first and then scolded the other two for their gluttony only to have stuffed his camera with dumplings. Immediately, they switch to battle-mode.
    Georgios: THOU ART A DRAGON?!
  • Martha's interactions with Georgios and Kojirou are comedy-gold, such as her getting flustered about how she lets slip she defeated Tarasque with her bare hands. Adding on that, Martha's... rather strong reaction to the idea of ropesnote .

Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle

  • After Carmilla's defeated, like in the main story, she begins her speech while fading away. Then Kiyohime thwacks her so Carmilla can finish cleaning the castle.
  • The thought of Vlad III aka freaking Dracula sewing clothes and cute event currencies is funny and heartwarming in itself.


  • First of all, the fact that the main enemies are chibi-Nobunagas. They only say "Nobu!" for every action, even death. To clarify: the enemies are literally the little Nobus from the comic. As in, that's what they look like in-universe, in comparison to all of the other characters (who vary in art style at times but are meant to all be recognizably human). The first time our heroes see them, the only thing they can manage are brief sounds of perplexed confusion.
  • Because of Nobunaga, everyone involved believes that they're famous figures from the Warring States Period... while also knowing who they are anyway.
  • Nobu complains that she's supposed to be a 5*, but because she had bits of herself shaved off to make the chibi-Nobus, she lost about "half a star"... which is really a whole star. And as she's talking about game mechanics in-universe, you have the option to have the protag be very, very confused.
  • The heroes are running from Arash's Noble Phantasm, and end up having it kill Ushiwakamaru and Benkei before they even have to fight them.
  • Mash and the Protagonist not even being able to express shock that Oda Nobunaga is a woman.
  • Medea complaining about how her Lily counterpart is more popular and how her main purpose is spamming Rule Breaker, which isn't how she's supposed to fight at all.
  • Gilgamesh also complains about not being able to summon either of the Altrias from the gacha. The other two aren't paying attention with Andersen Breaking the Fourth Wall and Mephistopheles promising a Christmas appearance.
  • How does The Reveal in the English version go? By Memetic Mutation, of course. Sadly there are no subtitles to tell us that "keikaku" means "plan."
  • After taking down the Evil Nobunaga clone, Nobunaga attempts to betray the heroes only to be stopped by a Dope Slap from Okita. And then they complain about summoning rates as they disappear.
  • After everything is over, Nobunaga and Okita show up again, this time with news that they need to stop evil Okita clones. The player gets the option to tell them to just go home already.

Almost Weekly Santa Alter

  • Saber Alter becomes Santa. Nothing more needs to be said. Her singing Jingle Bells is adorable.
  • Santa Alter assures you that you didn't beat her back in Fuyuki, and she most certainly hasn't been brooding about it. She also insults her reindeer for being cowards, as they'd run off when she attempted to use Excalibur Morgan as a jet engine.
  • Darius, The Phantom, and Lu Bu are hilarious. Darius was mistaken by Santa Alter as he was so still standing in the center of the room. Lu Bu's dialogue is nothing but Berserker cries, Darius acts like a hyperactive child that can't wait to open his presents, and The Phantom is melodramatic.
  • One of the events involves an Early-Bird Cameo of Astolfo who eventually gets turned into a Butt-Monkey for one thing: He didn't participate in the Orleans campaign.
  • Visiting Martha, Ushiwakamaru, and Jing Ke has several moments:
    • In the very beginning, Martha is ranting about Christmas being used as a romantic day, not to respect the day Christ was born... which was wrong anyway, because He was actually born in October. All while punching out a nearby wall, Punctuated! For! Emphasis!
    • Jing Ke being drunk off her ass the whole time, to the point where she has the Drunken Master skill, which instantly charges her NP. And then she receives her present, the Be Elegant CE, which "hit [her] right in the kokoro." Even more hilarious in a Black Comedy sense, the bearded gentleman (Tokiomi) CE makes her have an urge to stab him in the back. You then have the option to tell her that he was already assassinated.
    • Ushiwakamaru and Martha note the reindeer costume that the protagonist is wearing. The former just thinks it's cute, but the latter wonders if Santa Alter is into that, before hastily waving it off with "That's how Riders are." and changing the subject.
  • After a long, long speech about making Santa Alter his... Gilgamesh is skipped. Santa Alter claims the house he's in is empty, and the player's choices are either "Yes, indeed." or "Yes, Indeed."
  • In one of the daily event missions, Santa Alter gives EMIYA, David, and Robin Hood red, blue, and green Black Keys respectively. This caused several players to believe Santa Alter is the gacha machine incarnate. While they're waiting for the second part of the present, the three Archers talk about how together they're an unbeatable team. Cue Elisabeth Bathory (a Lancer) showing up for a Christmas performance... The whole event gets a Call-Back during the Da Vinci event, when the protagonist brings up his experience as a reindeer to EMIYA, which drags up horrible memories of the event.
  • When giving Jack and Nursery Rhyme their Christmas gifts, one of the Craft Essences is Asterios dressing up as a reindeer. The two girls are marveling at the huge reindeer as Santa Alter looks proud at herself for giving this beast whose steps are lightning itself, while one of the options you can choose to comment about this entire situation is "Should we call Euryale?" The reply is even better:
    Santa Alter: Absolutely not. That serpent of a goddess would corrupt these innocent children in an instant.
  • Jeanne Alter turns out to have sent the last letter, and she's busy forcing a bunch of Pierre ghosts to play Monopoly. Both Santa Alter and Alter Jeanne describe the game as being greedy, cutthroat, and the epitome of man's inhumanity to man. Which is why Jeanne Alter likes it. Santa Alter then begins sniping at her, starting with how she now has two versions of herself, while Jeanne Alter isn't even available as a Servant. This ended up becoming Hilarious in Hindsight after Jeanne Alter was unveiled as an Avenger, and got even more funny once Christmas 2016 rolled around...

     2016 Events 
Saber Wars: The Caliburn Awakens
  • Yes, that's right. FGO-style Star Wars with Saber Lily as the main character! And Mysterious Heroine X who's totally not Altria.
  • Most enemies have Altria's ahoge. The exclusive currency of the event? Ahoge (aka Altrium)!
  • Lily blasts Blackbeard's crotch with Caliburn. Several times.
  • The rocket in the background sure bears an uncanny resemblance to the Holy Grail from Carnival Phantasm Episode 1.
  • Heroine X lectures the newcomer to the Fate universe, Mash, about the Fate franchise.
  • Mash and Saber Lily think it's a bit overkill to go after Jeanne, since she doesn't really resemble Altria. Heroine X's response:
    Mysterious Heroine X: She's not a Saber-face, but even a slight resemblance is unforgivable so we'll have to kill Jeanne too.
    • Ironically, X has the right idea for the wrong reason; the game itself considers Jeanne a Saber-face, flagging her as such, causing skills and enemy AI that trigger on them to trigger with her as well.

Chocolate Lady's Commotion

  • The female servants give you chocolates, with a unique chocolate for each of them. Some of them are hilarious:
    • Saber Alter gives you a chocolate burger. It's her leftovers after eating ten boxes of chocolate.
    • Mordred gives you a store-bought chocolate bar that's already half-eaten. The description tells you to go buy your damn own chocolates next year.
    • Altera ended up making a mini Photon Ray but she's sure the inside is edible, maybe.
    • Artemis gives you a chocolate Orion with a panicked look on his face. And the name of it is "HELP". Its description mentions that he seems to be complaining about something.
      • It turns out Orion was turned into chocolate as punishment for begging the other female servants for chocolate.
    • Scáthach gives you an ordinary heart-shaped chocolate with one of her Gae Bolg piercing it, almost breaking the chocolate in two. And it's a pitch-black bitter chocolate. Even more humorously, in the lead-up to giving it to you she's blushing while stating you'd better not hate it because she put her best first effort into it and even got excited like a little girl in doing so. The mental image of Scáthach being giddy like a little girl while making chocolates alone is worth a belly laugh.
    • Lancer Alter hid her chocolate (that's shaped like her lance) in her boobs before giving it to you. Even more hilariously, she starts the conversation by talking about the tradition and mocking it as a waste of time for Servants to partake in before then awkwardly segueing into the fact she just so happened to find her chocolate in her boobs and states it must be the work of her holy lance and she's never felt her heart flutter regarding such vulgar customs. All while carrying a huge blush before finally shouting for you to not question her and just enjoy it.
    • Stheno and Euryale give you chocolate caricatures of Medusa. Stheno's is made with love and Euryale's is made with minimal effort. They're the same in every way except for the eyesnote . Fast forward to 2017, Ana's chocolate looks the same, but with a lot more details. Meanwhile, Medusa gives you store brought chocolate, implying that her older sisters stole what she made to give to the protagonist.
    • Mysterious Heroine X reveals that she forced the other Saber-faces to help make her chocolate.
    • Jack gives you a literal chocolate heart. As in, human heart. Complete with details. The name of her chocolate? "Dear Mom" .
    • Brynhild gives you chocolate glasses - that's not the funny part. What's funny is that she used ice runes so that it will never melt...but at the cost of it being edible, because if you do eat it, it will destroy your stomach.
    • Carmilla gives you something that she says is supposed to be chocolate... but at best, her attempt at making chocolate went horribly wrong, and even worse, she forgot she was making chocolate and made a blood ruby instead. If her dialogue is correct, the main character mistakes it for octuplet crystals.
  • The event starts with Kiyohime revealing that she has turned herself into chocolate, so Master can eat her. The protagonist starts screaming until s/he wakes up and then realizes it was a dream.
    • Kiyohime giving you herself as the chocolate is a Call-Back to this; Kiyohime is baffled at the strained look on your face.
    • Her Lancer incarnation is just as bad: though it is named "Chocolate Without Anything Dangerous", the background has an empty love potion bottle.
  • Early in the event, you meet Blackbeard. After battling him, he says this line.
    Blackbeard: I was about to mold the Choco-Servants into Mash-chan, Euryale-chan, Atalante-chan, Artemis-chan, Mata Hari-chan, Boudica-chan, Kiyohi... maybe not her, that idea scares me.
    • The English version of the event gives us one of his best lines: "NORMIES EXPLODE!"
    • This is closely followed by him suddenly unleashing Spartacus, who opens with his usual Gonkish Slasher Smile and "CHOCOLATE IS TYRANNY."
    • And his Noble Phantasm for the event, which he busts out at the beginning of the battle? Valentine's Treason, which is a very weak AOE.
    • Blackbeard is defeated when he accepts a bomb from Mephistopheles. The player then sees his Sky Face, which gives one last bit of wisdom.
      Blackbeard: Chocolate is... tyranny...
  • The climax of the event reveals the Big Bad to be Alice, who turned all the chocolate sentient because she needed guests for her tea parties (she tried with her actual friends, but Jack keeps ditching the parties and Andersen is always being an ass). Shakespeare defeats her by telling her all that tea and chocolate will give her cavities and that she'll need to go to the dentist. Played here by Fergus and his giant drill of a sword. One hammy Depraved Dentist act later, everything goes back to normal (though the protagonist thinks poor Alice will have some trauma after that).

Garden of Order

  • The plot of the event's "postgame" after defeating Evil!Mephisto and his giant ghost: Shiki has become the landlord of Ogawa Mansion and the Servants are now refusing to pay rent, so the player teams up with her to get all that owed rent. This is a serious event, yes.
  • It turns out Shiki's a fan of Dr. Jekyll because he is her senior in the "killer with split-personalities" business. She then gets disappointed when she meets him and finds out Hyde has already completely taken over and is just pretending to be Jekyll.
  • One dialogue option points out how absurdly high the fee is for any of the Mona Lisa Craft Essences. Da Vinci still won't change them.
  • When Elisabeth Bathory is defeated and sent back to Chaldea, the protagonist is initially worried given how unstable she was in the apartment but Mephistopheles insists she'll be fine since she'll have her emotions back under control by then. A transmission then comes in from da Vinci, as apparently Elisabeth barged in after waking up in her room and started force-feeding da Vinci "cookies" while exclaiming how good she felt...which she apparently made out of golems. Mephistopheles cheerfully notes that Bathory is back to normal.
  • When Lancer Alter shows up, Shiki is confused by the fact an armored knight is riding a horse in the middle of an apartment building hallway. When Alter tries to introduce herself, Mash and the protagonist immediately start claiming she's the villain behind the event because of how villainous she looks while the Servant just gets more confused and interrupted. Then Lancer Alter gets so annoyed that she strips off her armor to get them to recognize her, confusing Shiki further by this act while the protagonist can note she's either from Fuyuki or they don't recognize her because of those breasts, the latter of which pisses off Lancer Alter even more. When they finally throw down, Shiki is glad because she couldn't take the weirdness anymore. The dialogue following the fight has Lancer Alter reveal she's still in control of herself, give a few answers, and allow you to carry on with the investigation. The conversation takes a hilarious turn at the end, however, when Shiki lampshades her giant bust size, while Lancer Alter just dismisses her remark as jealousy. Her composure immediately shatters when Shiki asks to inspect her room since she's the landlord.
    Shiki: Ah, how about that Room No. 4? That is your room, right? Can we go inside? You clean it up every day, right?
    Lancer Alter: Eh—? No! Absolutely not! If you go in, you will die! What the hell are you thinking?!
  • When you fight Cu Chulainn (Caster), you can choose to point out (twice) that he appeared in the event's trailer. He will be briefly flattered if you do so. He's stuck in his apartment after he insulted his master's age, so in order to stave off boredom, he set up a casino. He rigged it with his druid magic so he always wins. Mash and Ryougi both agree this is a blatant violation of his contract and move to attack. Scáthach then shows up, deciding that she needs another method to teach him a lesson again, namely beating him up. But she's not Scáthach, the strongest and most beautiful warrior of Celtic legend! She's just a nameless ninja of the dark!note 
  • One of the rooms presents itself as a one-shot continuation of the GUDAGUDA Honnoji event (aptly titled Nobu no Kyoukai: The Movie), complete with the event's splash. Apparently, Nobunaga thought that players care more about Okita than her, so she started a makeshift event to be more popular. After you defeat Nobunaga, she shares a few parting words (which is pretty much a caution to keep farming for the event rewards) before she vanishes. Then, Okita enters the room with some ice creams (and in English, with her phrase untranslated on purpose: "Okita-san, DAISHOURI!"). Nobunaga proceeds to revive herself to ask for some ice cream, while Shiki also asks for some strawberry-flavored ones. Both Mash and you are understandably confused as to what exactly happened.
  • The context of Frankenstein's fight is a comedic example of Mood Whiplash. Up to this point, each floor's fourth room (with the exception of Lancer Alter) involves a Servant being driven mad by the apartment amplifying their negative emotions and feelings (Benkei's anger at failing his lord, Eliza's secret self-loathing and loneliness, Boudica's resentment of Rome, etc). Frankenstein's negative emotions? She's fed up with Tesla constantly wasting Chaldea's electricity and has now resolved to waste all of the apartment's electricity as payback. And when she's returned to Chaldea, she redoubles on conserving electricity, and proceeds to unplug Dr. Roman's computer while he's using it to communicate with you.
  • Anne and Mary are found in an apartment with trash piled everywhere, having lost their adventurous spirit to the vast comfort of the internet after Blackbeard taught them to use it. They've been having food and entertainment delivered, and threaten the deliverymen with violence to avoid paying. Just before battling them, they beg you and Mash to not fall into the same lifestyle.
  • Leonidas is running around in his apartment screaming and stabbing at the air. Mash gets defensive and starts ranting that the great Leonidas couldn't possibly have any dark side to amplify, and then Leonidas blurts out he's scared shitless of the ghosts that are gathered in the apartment complex and can't even leave his room from fear. Leonidas being afraid of ghosts makes his famous line in 300 hilarious. So what happened with "TONIGHT!! WE DINE!! IN HELL!!"Original quotation ? Lots of ghosts in Hell, you know...
  • The final floor has Mysterious Heroine X, who's back to eliminate some Sabers and detects the presence of one with the party. When Mash gets confused and states that Shiki is an Assassin, it turns out Shiki's transformed back into her Saber form (which was apparently due to stubbing her toe in the apartment) and can't help but be a little sheepish.
  • Meta-example. The Incinerated remains node has 3 6.66 million HP ghosts while the story support is locked to just Saber Shiki, which is an obvious hint that the only way to win is to use her NP to kill all three of them. This didn't stop the players from trying to get rid of them the old fashioned way, leading to Marathon Boss fights that lasted hundreds or even over a thousand turns. But the champion in all this insanity and most likely ultimate masochist reached 10000 turns. Human insanity knows no bounds.

Chaldea's Boys Collection

  • The draw of this event are the new CEs with pretty boy Servants posing as boybands, BL-inducing images, music bands, or butlers.
    • "Kiss My Hand" CE. You can't help but chuckle seeing Gilgamesh as your butler. EMIYA and Cu Chulainn, however, look like this is their fated job. Mythology Gag as well, because Cu works as a waiter in Fate/hollow ataraxia.
    • "Moonlit Four" CE. There are 3 cool Servants here... and Orion. As in, teddy bear Orion. And somehow, he looks cool!

Vengeful Demon's Wail at the Prison Tower

  • The Prison Tower event deals with Seven Deadly Sins in each floor of Chateau d'If. While the other Servants make sense with the theme (Fergus with Lust, Caligula with Gluttony), in Wrath they have Jeanne of all people. Dantes then spends several scenes frothing at the mouth shouting at Jeanne to get angry, at which he fails spectacularly, before he basically says "Screw it" and attacks Jeanne anyway.
    • Fridge Brilliance makes this even better: it's entirely possible he meant to recruit Jeanne Alter (an Avenger who is quite full of wrath) and grabbed the original by mistake. Further Fridge Brilliance means that Wrath is still represented - by Dantes himself, who was the first Avenger to be introduced for this game. When his attempt to anger Jeanne fails, he gets angry.
  • Much like with some of the holiday-events, the Prison Tower event gave you a different design for MyRoom. This led some fans to post photos of them with servants like Nursery Rhyme or Medea Lily as their favorite servant, jokingly implying what they'd been sent there for.

Fate Project 2016 Collaboration

  • Medusa commemorating the Heaven's Feel movie wearing a Homurahara school uniform (that is too tight for her). And of course, Euryale and Stheno have to pester her. They also try to rename her Noble Phantasm to match theirs, with "Smile of the Stheno", "Eye of the Euryale" and... "Gigant of the Medusa".
  • Nero promoting the Fate/EXTRA anime as well as Fate/Extella. She brags about it to every Servant present around her, including the likes of Blackbeard and Tamamo Cat. At the end of the quest, she pretty much becomes a walking billboard, wearing several flairs commemorating the occasion to the point where her clothes get mostly covered in it. Tamamo Cat then expresses that she will (probably) appear in the game as DLC (she's not).

Da Vinci and the 7 Fake Heroic Spirits

  • The event was caused by counterfeit Mona Lisa pictures being sold because the price in Da Vinci's shop was too high. An angered Da Vinci then demands all Servants to arm themselves for an assault, but nobody cares.
  • EMIYA (in the middle of a discussion about Projections with the protagonists) was dragged in because he's an expert on counterfeits (as a Faker himself). But he tries to run away saying that, "I gotta maintain my weapons, clean my room, make small talk with the operator girls." Never change, Shirou.
  • The group first runs into Caesar and Paracelsus. After a Beat, Da Vinci orders the attack.
  • The fake Servants that are summoned in this event are given "characteristics" that you can find in an otome game, best portrayed in this fan coverart with the corresponding personalities:
    • Alexander: "a superb younger brother that lives together with his beloved sister."
    • Hektor: "slightly frank, easy-going uncle returned from an overseas trip, who may or may not related by blood."
    • Siegfried: "a friendly class celebrity who, by coincidence, sits next to her in class."
    • Arash: "an older childhood friend who's a humanities major and lives next door."
    • Arjuna: "a very sadistic science major upperclassman who gets all lovey-dovey when it matters most."
    • Caster Gilles: "a doting father she really loved in her childhood, but now annoys her greatly."
    • For the last one, Da Vinci guesses Karna, Emiya guesses Kojirou, and Mash guesses Leonidas. You can either guess Blackbeard or Mozart. In the former's case, the others accuse you of head injury.
    • The last fake Servant summoned was Brynhild. Jeanne Alter wanted her to be the "genuine and honest female friend"... but she accidentally unlocked the Yuri route: Brynhild clearly lusts for her!
    • When Mash correctly guesses what Jeanne Alter really wanted Brynhild's role to be in this scenario, the Avenger stares at her in horror, and then immediately converts to battle mode.
      • Fridge Logic makes this even funnier when you realize that the person who would've been the best fit for this would've been regular Jeanne, but Jeanne Alter's desire to avoid her so much likely lead to Brynhild getting summoned instead.
      • Also Bryn became a masochistic lesbian, crawling like a teketeke ghost after Jeanne slugged her and wanting more.
      Jeanne Alter: I told you! I AM NOT! LOOKING! FOR THAT KIND OF LOVE!
      Brynhild: Ahhh, this pain...this impact... It sends a tingling sensation down my spine! I see, love can be painful!
  • The culprit of this event is Jeanne Alter. She want to surpass the original Jeanne, so she creates 7 counterfeit heroes for herself, even quoting Shirou's words against Gilgamesh in UBW.
    "There is no rule that says an imitation cannot defeat the original!"
    • The counterfeit heroes all are good-looking male Servants (and one female). EMIYA (an ex-galge protagonist) then points out that Jeanne Alter's subconscious wish was to be a female galge protagonist. She denies everything. Even better, her wish is lampshaded on her profile. Apparently by Dantes of all people.
    "To think that, in the depths of her consciousness, she wants to perform a strained avenge trade while being surrounded by handsome men of her own liking!"
    • Even better, most of the counterfeits have enough self-awareness to know that these roles are ridiculous, but they admit they put up with it because Jeanne Alter is just so passionate about it all that they can't but go along with it to keep her happy. (Fake) Hector even flat-out calls her "adorable!"
  • When you meet (fake) Alexander, Da Vinci has a total gibbering meltdown over Alexander's youthful prettiness.
  • When you meet (fake) Siegfried, as usual he'll apologize for having to fight... but then...
    I am very sorry that we have to fight... *suddenly zooms on his face* NOT!!
  • When (fake) Arjuna explains his role, the protagonist can speculate that he was cast as a science major because of his white coat. Arjuna admits this is not implausible.
  • When the protagonists arrive to confront Jeanne Alter once and for all...she's trying to get Brynhild off of her, resulting in an awkward silence from just about everyone in the room. Which the protagonist has the ability to completely ruin with the next dialogue option.
    "The final battle!"
    The Grand Battle theme begins playing
    Emiya: Wait, Master! It's hard to switch into battle mode after witnessing that!
    The Grand Battle theme stops playing
  • There's a scene entirely made of Jeanne Alter and the protagonist saying nothing but Dramatic Ellipses over and over. All while Jeanne Alter's face hilariously shifts from horror to disgust and then back to horror.

Fate/Accel Zero Order

  • The event is devoid of most of the wackiness of the usual events, but with the EX Missions released midway through the event, the protagonist and Mash meet Angra Mainyu, and the first thing he does is grope Mash's breasts. He also comments on how revealing Iri's clothes are.
  • In the beginning, you have the option to say you pulled an all-nighter. Mash chides you for it, telling you that you shouldn't stay up late for your login bonuses.
  • Turns out speaking in Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe will annoy Lord El-Melloi II.
  • El-Melloi II tries to convince Kayneth that he was able to come to the past because of the Archibald family helping the Atlas Institute which resulted in Chaldea's formation and the magic behind it. Kayneth specifically points out that he dislikes that "group of eccentrics" and would never work with them. He nevertheless completely buys El-Melloi's explanation, gushes at the idea that the Atlas Institute's ideas (that border extremely close to True Magic) would genuinely come to fruition with his help, and even seems almost embarrassed when El-Melloi points out that the "loving" relationship between him and Sola-Ui "helped" in the future. He becomes almost pleasant to talk with.
  • The elemental Irisviels all have zany personalities, each of them eagerly gabbing away. For example, Wind Iri talks a lot like Blackbeard.
  • Lord El-Melloi II bickers with Waver Velvet when they first meet, just like Archer and Shirou in UBW.
  • When you first meet Saber, you have the option to call her Heroine X in confusion. Mash then chastises you for calling her that, citing this as a "serious event."
  • When Iskandar decides to join forces with Lancelot against Chaldea, El-Melloi demands to know why he's doing it if he has nothing to really gain. Iskandar admits he's right...and then states he's really doing it because he just doesn't like El-Melloi for some reason. The face El-Melloi makes upon hearing his king say that to him looks like he just got slapped upside the head.
  • In an interview about the event, Nasu talks about how he wrote the event with the help of Gen Urobuchi, who he teases.
    Nasu: But during the plotting stage, even though I said, “Write something with a happy ending for once,” first he asked me, “Can’t I have this character kill this other character and end it there?” and he gave me a plot that was even darker than Fate/Zero. [laughs] I said, “What kind of festival do you think we’re making here?! Gen, you should believe more in dreams, aspirations, and the bonds between people!” and had him revise the whole thing.


  • Kintoki flustered at seeing Mash's snug body suit.
  • Some mysterious mist surrounds Kyoto and it has an intoxicating effect that even Servants can't resist. Cue drunk Mash who becomes not only over protective but boldly affectionate, worried about things from petals to insects to the point she expresses a desire and intent to crawl into bed with the protagonist to keep them safe. And of course every time she tries to protect them from whatever has appeared she just ends up giving them a healthy dose of boobs.
    Mash: Careful, senpai! There is a sakura petal falling to your head!! (boobs squish sound)
  • When Kintoki sees Ibaraki's NP, he calls it a rocket punch.
  • If you look closely at the Golden Catches a Carp CE, you can see Orion clinging onto Kintoki, desperately trying not to fall into the waters beneath.
  • The event's finale has Ibaraki throwing a tantrum because you and Kintoki point out that she's not as threatening as she appears. For one, despite boasting that she will eat Shuten-douji, she can't bring herself to do it... because Shuten-douji is, in her words, scary. In the end, you, Kintoki, and Mash aren't even afraid of her anymore, with Kintoki also pointing out that her antiquated way of speech sounds funny. Then Kintoki berates her for drinking too much and not being herself.
  • As if Kintoki being flustered over Mash's outfit wasn't enough to illustrate how bad he is with women, there is also that moment when Shuten slips behind him, pressing close. His reaction?
    Kintoki: SPAAAAAAAARK! *promptly disappears from the screen*
  • At the very end of the event, Shuten presents you with a Grail (or something similar to a Grail)... which is apparently filled with sake. No one knows who put it there, why it's there, and you, Mash, and Roman are very shocked with this. But that's not all... Shuten proceeds to casually destroy it. The story is then closed with one last view of drunk Mash, and she looks even more drunk than at the beginning of the event.

Sanzang Coming to the West

  • The portrayal of Xuanzang's disciples. The protagonist is Sun Wukong, David is Zhu Bajie (since he's a lech), Li Shuwen is slotted into the role of Sha Wujing (a silent but reliable fighter), and Lu Bu is Yulong (Xuanzang's horse, since Lu Bu is identical with his steed, the Red Hare).
  • In the "Go West!!" CE, Lu Bu as Yulong is wearing an absurdly large horse costume while blushing and being ridden by Xuanzang. And David's jealous reaction. While Li Shuwen doesn't need much modification for his outfit to slot into the role of Sha Wujing (He just put on a skull necklace.), Lu Bu has to wear a horse mascot costume and David's wearing a pig nose.
  • Xuanzang 'recruiting' her disciples (and a horse) is an exercise in hilarity.
    • Xuanzang mistakes you as Sun Wukong because you're rayshifted with clothes resembling the ones that Wukong would probably wear. As to why you had those clothes on you, Da Vinci had you wear it before going into a meeting with Roman and Mash that morning. When she realizes that you're not her Wukong, she decides to just roll with it.
    • When Xuanzang rescues you and begins to explain exactly what she's trying to do, one of the options you get to ask "to orbs?" She replies that she is not so easily tempted.
    • When both you and Xuanzang find David squished under a boulder, he insists that he's the (handsome) Zhu Bajie. It's lampshaded that a sheep breeder would turn into a pig before proceeding to help him. When he's finally freed, David immediately proceeds to hit on Xuanzang.
    • When you free Li Shuwen, he understands what's happened and decides to just roll with it as the third disciple, Sha Wujing. He comments that he can't refuse an opportunity to become a disciple of such a prominent figure, which impresses Xuanzang with his politeness. Too bad that he just had to include 'bringing my enemy's head to my master' part on his oath, which immediately squicked Xuanzang.
    • Xuanzang decides that a steed would be nice (after refusing David's offer to ride him), and you somehow brought Lu Bu with you. While Xuanzang is scared out of her mind, Li Shuwen comments that how appropriate it is to bring Lu Bu instead of his horse, Red Hare. Xuanzang only starts to accept him when she finds out that he has been protecting a holy scroll all alone. She then asks to ride on his shoulders, ignoring David's protests.
    • Also, the reason why she needs a horse? Apparently her first one got eaten...sorry, she "gave it a break."
    • When all has been said and done, Xuanzang gives an order to you (as Sun Wukong), David (as useless Zhu Bajie) and Li Shuwen (as Sha Wujing) to accompany her on her journey, while threatening you with the Golden Head Ring so that you'll have no chance to refuse. Li Shuwen is very excited on the prospect of becoming a disciple of Xuanzang and accompanying her on her journey, while David comments that he isn't really having fun.
  • There's also a few chuckles from the Servants who were cast as the villains:
    • Stheno and Euryale are the Gold Horned and Silver Horned Kings respectively; however, they've roped Medusa into becoming the "Copper Horned King". In the end, Stheno and Euryale escape, leaving Xuanzang to deliver punishment to Medusa. Given the choice between 10,000 squats or a 10,000 page reflective essay, Medusa tricks Xuanzang into giving her the essay and gets sent off with a recommendation to the temple's archives.
    • Mordred as the Red Boy. However, she immediately gives away both her identity and her father the Bull Demon King's and decides to just skip to the fighting. Also, the heroes comment on the fact that the Bull Demon King should be one of the Altrias but can't figure out which one because there's so many of them. She also completely gushes about her father while admitting she's scared shitless of her mother.
    • Nightingale is the Iron Fan Princess, and here she's depicted as a strict mother whose obsession with cleanliness and good health scares off both Mordred and Altria. Also, the legendary Bashou Fan that she carries is for some reason Excalibur. She also gets embarrassed and angry when the protagonist tells her she should be more tolerant towards Mordred and not take her frustrations out on her.
    • Altria (the Lancer Alter version) is of course the Bull Demon King and everyone takes a moment to stare at her huge breasts (which Altria takes offense to). She's surprisingly content with just giving Xuanzang the sutras she's looking for without a fight (until she objects to having to go back while everyone else continues) because of a pact she made with the Buddha. After the battle, it's revealed that the pact was to get rid of the smell of the disinfectant that Nightingale put on everything. Especially the food.
    • Nightingale only mentions it briefly, but apparently the castle chef likes wearing a "red cape" and is very knowledgeable in his craft. It seems even in a gag event any version of Altria would have no one aside from EMIYA cook her meals.
  • In the very end, it turns out that the whole time David had no idea where the Journey to the West takes place, and (as an Israelite) was convinced that your crew was going from Israel to Rome. By that point the party had already walked most of China and was reaching the Ganges. This became funnier once the Camelot trailer was revealed, since Xuanzang herself walked a bit too west, reaching all the way to Camelot.


  • Rider!Kintoki appears on his bike while yelling "GOLDEN BEAR CRAAAASHHH!!" at the top of his lungs. Seeing his hero, Kintoki, act like this makes Kotaro Fuuma disappointed. In his thoughts, he's fanboying.
  • After that, Kotaro shows off his NP in hope of his "senpai" (Kintoki) praising him. Kintoki's response can be summed as "Oh, a cool skill, nice."
  • Even as a Rider, Kintoki is still flustered around women. This time it's demonstrated with Ushiwakamaru.
  • Kintoki shows that he is indeed a Rider with his motorcycle, Rider Kick-esque attack, and Rider Belt! See for yourself.
  • When Benkei appears, his talksprite is HUGE... because he is way too overleveled for a bronze Servant.
  • Ushiwakamaru ends up getting completely wasted on Oni alcohol and starts acting like a stone idol Benkei found is in fact her brother.
  • Tamamo breaking the fourth wall as usual when your party encounters her at the Blue Oni Gate:
    Tamamo: Raid boss fight, GO!!
    • Tamamo then rants about Nero since she isn't even a main character of a Japanese themed event but Nero is now everywhere in non Grand Order stuff.
  • After defeating Ushi Gozen in the peak, she appears again. Everyone is shocked, but Kintoki's reaction is hilarious.
  • During the prologue of the Challenge Mode, you can comment about the body difference between the Minamoto ancestor (Raikou) and descendant (Ushiwakamaru), and then Ushiwakamaru says that when she matures into Yoshitsune, she'll also become gorgeous. Benkei suddenly steps into a landmine by saying that even when matured, Raikou's size still beats Yoshitsune's size... and Ushiwakamaru promptly smacks him and drags him to a shade for disciplinary measures.

Chaldea Summer Memory/Chaldea Heat Odyssey

  • It's funny enough that the premise of this event is that you and your Servants are developing a resort island in three styles, but the way it's portrayed is also hilarious. The eastern-looking house is represented by Tamamo, the western-looking house is represented by Altria, while the shabby-looking shed made of iron sheets is represented by Mordred.
  • It starts when Da Vinci distracts Dr. Roman by causing a ruckus during the Rayshift (and knocking him out) so you can go and enjoy yourselves for once.
  • Route C's building choices are very much hilariously utilitarian. For example, while wondering how to easily connect between your initial beach hut and several other facilities, Mordred suggests that you build something 'practical', and her idea is to build rail tracks. Ignore her and she will pout. If you decide to thoroughly follow the C path (and agreeing with her ideas), you might end up building a military base (complete with an artillery tower in lieu of a mansion) rather than a typical-looking resort.
  • At the island, Mary asks Blackbeard to scout the island for the party... using only a log and a branch as a ship and rudder. Of course he refuses, but Mary promises that he could touch her once as a prize. He departs like a mad man, promised a touch on a soft loli body. He returns a day later on the brink of death. Mary high-fives him and the promise is fulfilled. His answer? Diarmuid's curse from Fate/Zero. When he later returns as a vengeful ghost. Mary instantly asks her master to kill him again.
  • Kojirou trying to get Martha into a swimsuit by challenging her to a fight. It doesn't work. She dons it later anyway with Scathach's rune.
  • The enemy on the beach? A Giant Enemy Crab, of course! Then Karna suggests watching hermit crabs to pass the time. Apparently he sees beauty in everything, even crabs.
  • The reason Servants are wearing swimsuits and have suddenly changed their Classes? Because it is too hot, canon materials be damned. This is also the reason that most male Servants present are using their shirtless ascension sprite.
  • Later when they're hungry, the guys propose to fish for something to eat. Marie is the only one able to catch anything, but she pitied the fish that she caught, so she returned them to the sea every time she got one.
  • The first time the party goes hunting, Altria asks Cu to use Gae Bolg to spear a deer. He refuses, and Altria tries to Excaliblast the poor deer. When told not to, Altria protests that this is how she always hunted back home. She reminiscences about Agravain complimenting her for leveling the landscape every time she went hunting. Jury's out on whether Agravain was being serious or just exasperated by his king's antics.
  • The party then holds a BBQ party. As Kojirou feels the meat isn't cooked well, he asks Karna to sear them... and as expected from the Hero of Charity, he goes all-out and uses the Eye Beam, disintegrating the meat.
  • If you build a sheep pasture, Tamamo mentions that Romulus is apparently a good shepherd. The protagonist imagines Romulus trying to teach the sheep to say "ROMA" instead of "baaa".
  • Fionn shows off his 'Salmon of Knowledge' NP, which requires him to suck his thumb. Both Mash and the protagonist were left in such a dumbfounded state that the protagonist was trying so hard to maintain a calm composure.
    A possible choice: (Don't laugh, don't laugh...)
  • True to their legends, Fionn and Diarmuid are killed by a demon boar. Cu claims that he can kill the boar, but he refrains from doing so lest he stains more of their reputations.
  • While the protagonist and swimsuit Servants are having fun, the guys build a YARIO villagenote . The main party is curious, so they follow Cu Chulainn and Karna to the village. But suddenly, a mysterious person appears! It's Kojirou with Mozart's mask (they're part of the One-Star Alliance), calling himself Island Man!! He, as usual, is assigned as the gatekeeper. He fights you and Martha unleashes Tarasque on him. After Kojirou is promptly defeated, Tarasque laments that Martha defeated him too, pulverizing his scales until they became salt.
    Tarasque: Why do you defeat me too, neesan?!
    Mash: Wait, Tarasque can talk?
  • When you build Marie Land, a playground, Karna can be seen standing stoically on an elephant slide, stating that it feels somewhat calming. Other Servants also play there, but the way they play is something children should never see; good thing there are no children around to see it anyway.
  • While the first two options for a larger house are basically the Emiya residence and Einzbern castle, the third option suggested by Mordred is an iron fortress. It is filled with traps which Servant boys fell victim to. Mordred made it that way because she is overprotective of her Master. And like her first house, it is not comfortable to be lived in since it lacks any form of air ventilation.
  • Tamamo seeing her buried statue after returning to the island in Gratuitous English:
    Tamamo: MIKOOOOOOO—N?!
  • From the second part, this conversation between Kiyohime and Scathach:
    Kiyohime: According to what you are saying, the hero of this island, the magic user, is no longer around. Even if one year passes on this island, only a small amount of time will have passed on the outside. So what you're basically saying is... IT'S FINE IF ME AND MASTER BECOME ADAM AND EVE IS WHAT YOU'RE SAYING?!
    Scathach: ... As long as it's consensual.
    The Protagonist tries to voice an objection.
    Kiyohime: Dear husband! We have attained Sensei's approval, Adam and Eve! Adam and Eve!
    • Mordred gets Kiyohime to calm down by giving her a Dope Slap... with her surfboard. Alternatively, Tamamo freezes Kiyohime with the Frozen Heaven spell to cool her down.
    • If you pick the female protagonist, Scathach offers to use her runes to... you know. Fou actually breaks character at that. "Fou-Runes!?"
  • The Summer Servants are called the Nine Goddesses by the boar population because they built the civilization for them. All of them except a certain pink-haired demon with fluffy ears, because back then she wanted to eat the boars. Tamamo denies this every time you bring it up.
  • While exploring a cave, Altria, Scathach and Mordred get into an Order Versus Chaos argument, distracting them from a Demonic Boar that is standing in the side-line, waiting for them to notice it. The protagonist actually apologizes to the boar as they try to get everyone into position to fight it.
  • When Edison reveals himself, you have the option of admitting you were expecting Tesla. Edison reacts about as well as you'd expect.
  • The Boar Piglets reacting to seeing Edison:
    Boar Piglet 1: So he's the Lion Ki
    Boar Piglet 2: Don't finish that sentence, yup.
  • At the end of the event, the girls are all stuck in their swimsuits and alternate classes because Scathach forgot the runes to undo her magic.
  • The summer Servants' NPs are really fun!
    • Swimsuit Tamamo's Noble Phantasm is the "Polygamist Castration Fist".
    • Altria running above the water while shooting what can be described as a "water laser gun", just like a Gundam. She then equips her water gun with Excalibur... to shoot an Excaliblast that probably pierced the atmosphere.
    • Mordred used Surf! It's super effective! Also, her skills are named after trick flips. And she calls her surfboard her partner.
    • Scathach proves that she is indeed the master of Gae Bolg by performing "Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death" with a bicycle kick.
    • For bonus points, this is also a reference to the original myth, where Cu throws his Gae Bolg from between the big and first toes on his foot.
    • St. Martha uses DIO's infamous combo (with Tarrasque as the Road Roller — she beats up the poor dragon, too). Even better, she asks God to close His eyes for a sec before using her Noble Phantasm.
      "Lord, please close your eyes for a bit."
  • During the 2017 re-run, Part 1's challenge quest has you fighting 10k HP Giant Enemy Crab mooks with a 50k HP boss. Here's the catch: they have damage mitigation in the 50% or 75% while the boss' is so high that normal attacks deal only double digit. One player decided to do the equivalent of the WW1 trench warfare before finally beating the boss... in 946 turns. The community is understandably worried about that person's sanity.

Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya End Sacrifice

  • The PV shows Illya being utterly baffled at the mysterious candy land she ends up in and all these strange people around her.
  • The companions of each Magical Girl Queen. Medea Lily has chibi Jason, Helena has chibi Edison, and Medb has chibi Cu Alter (Cu-chan). Nursery Rhyme, however, has a Demon Pillar which she calls "black sheep".
  • When you meet Medb, she boasts about how she's now an undefeatable magical girl. The protagonist then can call her "Magical College Student Medb" in confusion to her dismay. Or you can call her "Medb-chan" and she'll say that the nickname embarrasses her so much she wants to die but she still likes it. Then chibi Cu Alter lampshades the fact that Medb's loooooong past the age to be a magical girl.
  • In the event proper, Illya's expressions alone are a goldmine of these.
  • Part 2 of the event has you fight the Magical Gentlemen: Blackbeard, Caster Gilles, Diarmuid, and Phantom of the Opera. Apparently they were kicked out from Chaldea because of their perverted acts, especially Blackbeard, who's now wearing a miniskirt. Luckily their portrait sprite is from the waist up so we don't have to see it.
  • Illya mentions that Rin won "moe points" by screwing up during crucial moments and wonders if she can do that too.
  • Meta example. The PV on Youtube somehow managed to land itself among the top 10 trending videos list when it was first released, much to the confusion of fans and strangers alike based on the comments section below.
  • A lot of Illya's and Ruby's bantering in the mission screen:
    Ruby: If we were doing this Ruby-style, I'd like it to be more violent! How about dropping a 3,500 km meteor on our enemies?
    Illya: We can't do something like that! And that's way beyond the level of a "meteor"!
    Illya: I never thought we'd be fighting other magical girls... but I do feel better if we're all doing this together.
    Ruby: Illya's fate is in Master's hands, and my feathers!
    Illya: Suddenly I feel like I have to watch my back...
  • Meta-example. Miyu Edelfelt suffered Hype Backlash due to her slightly underwhelming kit and NP. However, one person somehow created a stall team using double Miyus and Tamano... Dealing no damage, but managing to spam their NP every single turn (and consequently, suffer NO demerit due to both Tamano's NP heal and Miyu's heal per turn buff), and with the class advantages, take very little damage, resulting in some speculation that the setup might even surpass 10000 TURNS from the Kara no Kyoukai example from above.

Nero Festival 2016

  • Some of the Servant team names are hilarious like "We Punch Bears"note  and "More Musty Monarchs"note . The official English translation for the former is even better, as it is "Bear Knuckles".
  • In the Japanese version, the name of the Celtic-centric team is "Deireadh Haois Celtic Team" (basically "End of the Century Celtic Team"). The English name? "Mad Celts Fury Woads".
  • The event has an introduction setting up the various teams, Jeanne's has her be incredibly enthusiastic about participating and doing their best, dragging Jeanne Alter all along. Alter's response is a Big "NO!", kicking and screaming all the way. Amakusa then remarks that Jeanne and her Alter's interactions are just like a parent and child. Cue blushing Jeanne and raging Alter.
  • There is a team formed of the various versions of Cu Chulainn. Regular Lancer calls himself "Me with a spear", Caster calls himself "Me without a spear" and he is kinda pissed at his spear-wielding self. All of them look forward to beating people up, but the Alter thinks this is all dumb.
    Other Cu Chulainn: That guy is definitely trying to kill the hell out of his opponents…
  • Martha and Nightingale are on medical duty, and Martha is acting as the Straight Man to Nightingale, trying to talk her out of her usual methods of amputating the patient.
  • EMIYA and Boudica opening a 24/7 cafeteria for all the hungry Servants, and Saber Alter stalking him earnestly. In another skit, Gawain protests his permanent ban from cooking for the cafeteria.
  • Caligula takes the opportunity to start brooding about Nero... then takes a left turn into yelling about medal farming.
  • Romulus says that if you're lacking Ascension Materials, you must fight earnestly.
    Romulus: Yes... after all, this is for Rome!!
  • Tristan, Sanson and Hassan of the Cursed Arm are all having an emo-fest about who spilled more blood in their lives. In particular, while Sanson and Hassan reflected on what they did in their respective histories, Tristan was instead reflecting on his murderous self in the Camelot Singularity instead of his actual legend.
  • Blackbeard is burned to a crisp because he was harassing Kiyohime.
  • Edison and Tesla are arguing over direct current and alternating current and break out into a fight again.
    Edison: Okay, war?
    Tesla: Bring it on.
  • Helena ends up breaking up the fight and starts scolding them like she's their mother.
  • Andersen totally doesn't want to fight in the event. You're asking him to fight those Assassin enemies?
    Andersen: Use your f**king Berserkers!!
  • Caesar falls asleep on Andersen's and Shakespeare's couch. The latter praises Caesar's form and grace, while the former's just exasperated.
  • Fran is walking behind Mordred because she went to recharge herself at a power outlet.
  • Gil and Ozymandias agreeing that the event is so ridiculous, and each end up bragging about how they are the strongest Servant. Only, their egos are so massive that each one thinks they're talking about the other and praising them instead. Nitocris, who's watching this, shudders.
  • Arjuna wants to use his full power... but Karna said it's just a simulator, so he is disappointed. Then Karna goes on a monologue about Jinako's video game hobby.
  • Medb ranting about not appearing in Chaldea Summer 2016, even though Cu Chulainn was there. She also remembers her role from the Prisma Illya event, even though she didn't understand anything. Fergus says that it's rather pleasant seeing her acting like an innocent girl. Scathach agrees and laughs evilly, wondering if there are any heroes that can defeat her.
  • Kintoki, of all people, is desperately trying to stop Raikou, Ushiwakamaru and Benkei from turning the festival into a contest of who can behead enemies the most.
  • In the English version, Ozymandias' title during the last Exhibition Match is "There is no limit to the pha-". Looks like there is a limit after all, and it's 29 characters.

Halloween Comeback! Super Ghouls 'n Pumpkins

  • The event is styled as a retro RPG throwback, with the classic party of Warrior (Bathory), Ranger (Robin Hood), Mage (Nitocris), and Brute (Ibaraki) as your party. The map is a retro-style game map complete with an 8-bit Brave Liz walking in between locations.
  • Lancer and Caster Elisabeth become separate beings, with neither quite sure why there are two of themselves, but the Lancer version rationalizes it away since if that other idol gets to have a Bride version, then surely it makes sense for Elisabeth Bathory, the great idol singer, to have another version, because double the Elisabeth means double the great singing.
  • To start off, this all happens because Cleopatra hijacks Csejte Castle (by crashing an entire Pyramid into the castle) and demands that Lancer Liz and Caster Liz get out. She then summons Tristan and Saber Lancelot to fight them. The two Lizzes are unceremoniously defeated.
    Lancelot: You need to grow at least 10 years older, cute little girls.
    Caster Liz: Waah! We lost to a couple of literal homewreckers!Japanese version 
    Lancer Liz: W-we'll get you for this! You COUGAR LOVERS!Japanese version 
  • The reason the negotiations between the Bathorys and Cleopatra broke down is because the latter suggested the former hold their concert in the stables, because it's a very noteworthy place since a great man of importance was born there, right? The two take great offence at this and try to attack.
  • The two Lizzes then arguing on who they should call for help, and suddenly undergoing a Fusion Dance, creating Brave Liz.
  • It turns out that you and Mash were not happy to be returning to Csejte Castle (mainly because it meant listening to another one of Elisabeth's concerts), so Roman and the Chaldea staff throw you into the coffins and force you to reyshift.
  • You meet Brave Liz at a tavern holding a sign, "Looking for a good home." And it was given to her by Mata Hari. You and Mash's first reaction to seeing her: Run. And Liz's response is to chase after you yelling at you to come back, only to trip on herself and start crying a little. This makes you feel bad enough to go back!
  • Cleopatra isn't very impressed with Lancelot and Tristan's quirks, calling Lancelot "Sir Lances a Lot of Married Women" and attacking Tristan for playing his harp loudly and falling asleep in the middle of meetings.
  • Elisabeth says that you must recruit a party of four people as per standards of a RPG. The first one they seek is a medic, but after an Imagine Spot (featuring a nurse that wants to amputate you for healing, a monk that only believes in adrenaline as a cure, a little serial killer whose only method of healing is stabbing, and a executioner that only wants forgiveness from his crush) they decide against it.
  • For mages, they speculate on even more troublesome ones who create miniature gardens, go to war over AC & DC, or summon flying saucers.
  • Robin Hood is hiding from the party with May King. You flush him out by suggesting Elisabeth sing something.
  • When you're fighting Nitocris, she sics some sphinxes from Ozymandias' rental service.
    Ozymandias: Oh, you want to borrow my Divine Beast Legion? The rental fee is 3 scarabs per week. If you want Marika, it's an additional 10 chains. Ah, and please make sure their stomachs are full when you return them.
  • Brave Liz then defeats them, surprising even herself. Nitocris reasons that the environment (a cold, damp cave) doesn't suit them and she should have prepared some heaters.
  • During the snowfield level, Brave Liz, Nictoris, and Ibaraki complain about the cold due to their Stripperific outfits. Brave Liz tries to deny she's cold because she's the hero, and Ibaraki accidentally mentions how her mother told her to always carry a belly-warmer.
  • At some point in the story, Robin Hood shoots a chocolate bar into Ibaraki's mouth because she's been very annoying. And it works. And when Ibaraki prepares to leave the party, Robin mentions he has so much more candy left over, which causes her to immediately sign on with attacking Cleopatra's pyramid.
  • In the Lava Tube stage, the protagonists meet the yandere trio of Raikou, Kiyohime, and Serenity. The protagonist's team go to hide with Robin's Faceless King NP. But Kiyohime can sniff you out! Then Raikou shows her friend the absolute winning tactic at playing hide and seek: shooting your Noble Phantasms at the places that look like a hiding spot. To avoid getting charred, the party gets out of hiding and proceeds to fight them. They escape thanks to Ibaraki's NP, then lure the trio into the lava using Nitocris' magecraft. They fall for it and dive in... but they swim in it just fine.
    Ibaraki: How the heck did they survive the lava even though they're not of the oni!?
    Mash: I think it's because of love or something!
    Ibaraki: Love is terrifying!
    • Serenity just wants to pat the protagonist's head or maybe sleep with them in bed. Mash's response is a very firm and emotionally charged no.
  • When Cleopatra orders her two knights to chase after Bathory, Tristan leaves the castle... via blowing himself upwards by using his bow's shockwaves to fly outside. He even says in Gratuitous English, "I can fly." This is then followed with Cleo purposely mispelling Lancelot's name based on his one Fatal Flaw:
    Cleopatra: Anyway, Sir Lances-A-Lot-Of-Married-Women...
    Lancelot: Yes, Your Majesty... (the text box starts shaking) I mean, what!?
  • Lancelot puts on his Darker and Edgier armor and pretends to be a Berserker (but still retaining the Saber class in gameplay), because he doesn't want to meet Mash. Even better, all of his one-liners are screenshot-worthy.
    • Upon seeing armored Lancelot, Mash suddenly has an insatiable desire to punch him in the face.
  • After defeating Vlad III at the castle entrance, he tells you to repeat the journey again. Then a huge Siegfried appears in the sky. After sumanai-ing a lot, he sends your party back to the starting point in a send-up to the infamous fake-out ending of Ghosts And Goblins. Everyone is annoyed by this turn of events.
    Everyone: WHY?!
  • Starting all over, they keep on fighting through the stages and confront Cleopatra again. They defeat her, and Liz demands that she remove the pyramid from the castle. But it was not Cleopatra that brought the pyramid. It would be...
    Ozymandias: IT WAS ME!!
  • An annoyed Cleopatra orders Tristan to play his harp upside down. Which he does, complete with inverted character portrait.
  • After it's all over, Liz asks about Cleopatra's dreams, and she answers that she only wants to see her beloved man again.
    Cleopatra: I remember even now. The days of being embraced in his strong arms, his loving whispers in my ears. His elegant brows, bewitchingly slim cheekbones and trustworthy integrity… that man… yes, Caesar-sama—!
  • The flavor text for Dangerous Beast (the fanservicey Mash CE) reveals just how much of a perv Fou is when he critiques her body shape and loves how the costume looks for Halloween. The protagonist hasn't got a clue what exactly Fou said but they get the gist of how pervy he is.
  • The Dr. Roman Halloween CE's profile has Da Vinci evaluate it and she only gives it a passing grade because he used actual wine instead of a non-alcoholic drink. She also wants him to come up with a better name then "Mysterious Count" for a menacing vampire.

Little Santa Alter

  • The main servant of the event is Jeanne Alter Santa Lily, a young version of Jeanne Alter in a Christmas-themed outfit. She takes center stage for the event, and as can be imagined, she's the crux of loads of humor.
    • Firstly, she wasn't even the intended plan— yes, Jeanne Alter wanted to one-up Altria Santa Alter after the biting insults the latter threw at her in 2015, but she did not intend to transform into a 10-year-old to do it. It was supposed to be an invisibility potion that she would use to steal Altria Santa Alter's bag from her room and pass out all the presents. It's all the fault of a certain King of Heroes' potion! Too bad she woke up the kid version to get his, and he ended up groggily picking out the youth potion instead.
    • The reactions of the cast on seeing her for the first time are golden.
      Caster Gilles: What. What. What.note 
      Original Jeanne: ... ...
      • You have two dialogue options upon hearing the whole sorry tale:
      Option 1: What. That's. Wat.
      Option 2: I see… so she multiplied again…
      • Kid Gil apologizes for the screw up, but you can point out that he's not even remotely sorry. He confirms this while smiling, saying that he didn't appreciate being woken up, and thus isn't responsible for grabbing the wrong potion.
      • Jeanne then protests that only Altria can multiply.
      Jeanne: Altria-san is the one with the privilege of multiplying like rabbits!
    • Altria Santa Alter originally attacked her when she came to her room to ask politely if she could be Santa. With Excalibur Morgan while half-asleep. Santa Alter's awakened response is a little more sheepish, though Jeanne ASL still remains a little traumatized from the experience.
    • It appears that Caster Gilles is not fully trusted to approach child Servants. And Jeanne Alter has her "disgusted" face on during his talk.
      Caster Gilles: I find the sight of frolicking children quite pleasant. Though I don’t understand why everyone went on the defensive when I said that with a warm expression on my face.
  • Jeanne calls Caster Gilles the "bug-eyed version of Gilles".
  • Amakusa appears? No, that must be SANTA ISLAND KAMEN! Borrowing Mozart's mask, he takes a role similar to Tuxedo Mask, complete with rose-laden Black Keys and a short tune accompanying his appearance. EMIYA later tries to pull off the same thing to the group, but Jack and Nursery Rhyme immediately see right through it, much to his chagrin.
  • Jack the Ripper even managed to drop in a Monty Python's Flying Circus reference when mistaking Jeanne's name:
    Jack: Jeanne Spam d'Arc Spam Alter Spam Santa Spam Lily Spam, right?
  • When thinking of how to thank EMIYA for the food he made, Jeanne ASL calls him "Noble-Phantasm-Stealing Mister". In another location well out of earshot, EMIYA protests that he doesn't steal, he copies, much to the confusion of Cursed-Arm Hassan, who has no idea what he's responding to.
  • At the very end, after all the tears and cheers are out of the way, a somewhat annoyed Mash wants to know why she wasn't included in everything and was made to stay back at Chaldea as Mission Control. After a bit of evasion, the crew finally has to admit it: the protag was certain that Mash was too honest to keep a secret. Cue a Beat...
    Protagonist: (sole dialogue option) I'm sorrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~!
    • Mash manifests her shield & battle armor (she'd previously just been mission controlling in her casual outfit all event) and pointedly lets the protagonist know she'll be waiting for them. Cue cut transmission and feelings of dread.
  • One of the event CEs is regular Jeanne Alter at a bar, glass of liquor in hand and clearly drunk. If you look closely, you can see Caster Gilles as the bartender (not to mention the bar being stocked with ascension materials on top of booze).

     2017 Events 
Chocolate Lady's Commotion -rerun-
  • In the background of the Blessful Time CE, you can see Altria and Shirou at a table, with a huge pile of plates already stacked up.
  • Mysterious Heroine X gets an Alter version in the Berserker class. This is funny on three levels: because this was foreshadowed during Mysterious Heroine X's appearance in the Final Order and in F/GO Material III, because the Saberclone hunter is getting a clone of her own, and because Ayako Kawasumi is getting closer to her wish of voicing an Altria for every class (as of this point, the only ones left are Caster and the Extra classes). Also she cosplays and acts as a Sith Lord, which is even funnier. Her chocolates? Spacebucks hot cocoa. It's an appropriately over-complicated Starbucks-esque drink with nonsensical sci-fi-ish ingredients added into the mix.
  • Astolfo, d'Eon, da Vinci, and Enkidu give chocolates (the event feature for female Servants) and a return gift (the event feature for male Servants) at the same time! Their gender is really undecided.
    • Astolfo deserves some special mention here, as his return gift is a self-made plushie of his hippogriff! It's a life-size plushie. It's as much a bed as it is anything else. Still, the sheer effort involved (Astolfo just got a bit carried away with it, but saw it through, because that's what a knight does!) greatly moves the protagonist, who accepts it happily. Cue Kiyohime walking up as the protag departs, clearly contemplating murder.
      Kiyo: ... You're good.
      Astolfo: Hah?
      Kiyo: Going that far to win our Master's heart... but I won't be shown up by the likes of you!
      Astolfo: ... Hah? (shifts into the "smiling, but confused" portrait)
  • Much like her Alter version, Lancer Altria also gives you a "fancy" chocolate! "Fancy" being defined as a scale model of the entirety of Camelot Castle, including details. If the fruits lining the base are any indication, the whole thing must be easily four or five feet in diameter and nearly eight feet tall. On top of this, the description makes it sound like she shanghaied the rest of the Round Table Knights into helping her make it.
  • Jeanne Alter plans the perfect prank for her Master: make delicious chocolate in the shape of her face so they'll be too disgusted to eat it. Except they do eat it leading to a hilarious scream and freak-out. Oh, and despite her cool and cocky demeanor it took her a whole hour of silence before she managed to finally hand it over.
  • Lancer Tamamo gives you a drink! A chocolate drink! No worries, it's non-alcoholic! But both her gifting event and the description of the CE make it reasonably clear it's spiked with ketamine or a similar knockout agent. Tamamo Shark indeed.
  • Continuing her Dragon Quest references, Brave Liz gives you a chocolate version of the Orb of Light. The beginning of the description even has her going through an old-school RPG prompt to do it.
  • While looking for a return gift, Tristan accidentally drops his music album, titled "Best of Tristan", that he recorded while drunk (it contains 40 songs!). The protagonist eagerly takes it, much to his embarrassment.
  • Mephistopheles gives you a toy version of his bomb. He names it "Tick-tock-kun". He wants it to dethrone Fou as Chaldea's mascot, but it turned out to be unpopular due to its habit of exploding. Both Mephisto and Nursery Rhyme can't comprehend why this feature would make it unpopular.
  • Fergus decides to not beat around the bush and outright gives you a key to a hotel room, for a one night stand.
  • Siegfried gives you a cosplay set for becoming a dragon, just like his third ascension.
  • Eric Bloodaxe gives you a letter, but not before blushing and running the other way. The letter itself is from Guunhildr, who thanks you for working with her husband while also trying to curse you.
  • Spartacus puts wooden handcuffs on your wrists so you can rebel with him, much to your dismay.
  • Sanson brews you a cocoa drink while confiding his worries that Mozart has been stalking him for a while now.
  • Tesla and Edison give you cookies, but not before bickering like kids, as usual. As a result, Helena has to step in to calm them down like an annoyed mother. And due to graphical glitches in some devices, Helena's sprite might look like she's producing lightning from her left hand.
  • Asterios gives you a perfect walkthrough map for the Labyrinth, which marks warpzones, treasure and staircases. If you have this, you can return without carrying the Thread. The flavor text warns you to watch out for deer and praying mantises in the labyrinth, because even in F/GO, F.O.E.!
  • Uncle Vlad gives you a handmade goat plushie, for when your servants can't protect you; the plushie will (hopefully) help by dying in your place as a scapegoat. The protagonist likes the design too much to use it as a decoy and Vlad regrets making it too cute.
  • Leonidas gives you an iron marshmallow. A marshmallow made of iron. It's iron. That's about it. Throw it and you can expect to do high damage, so it's necessary to have a suitable level of strength. It's so heavy, when he gives it to you, you drop it because you didn't expect it to be that heavy.
  • Amakusa gives you his "Twin Flavor Choco Crunch" biscuits, which he got from Chaldea's gift shop. Wait, Chaldea has a gift shop?
  • Heracles gives you a boar headgear. A stuffed boar turned into a headgear. It's warm. Wearing it will make you somewhat berserk.
  • Surfer Mordred tries to play the Pocky game with you because Mata Hari tricked her, only to be interrupted when Mata Hari accidentally reveals herself and the player explains what's going on. And to make things even funnier, it's not even chocolate Pocky.
  • Blackbeard's return gift is three H-doujins of Altera, Nitocris, and d'Eon. The three promptly attack him for this.

GUDAGUDA Meiji Ishin

  • This event is a faction battle between players who can choose either the Oda Clan/F2P Faction (featuring Nobu and Chacha, welfare Servants) or Shinsengumi/Whale Faction (featuring Okita and Hijikata, limited Servants). Cue the Civil War meme.
    • Okita is forcefully dragged off by Hijikata to join the Shinsengumi faction. Then if you choose to side with the Oda clan, Okita cries at your betrayal. If you choose to side with the Shinsengumi, Nobunaga leaves in a huff, with Mash remarking that she's acting like a Tsundere.
    • Nobukatsu then betrays them all to join the American revolutionists. Nobunaga, Hijikata, and Okita then race to see who can kill him first.
  • There are new chibi Nobu variants introduced: Shinsengumi cosplayer, Guntank Nobu, NobUFO, and even a NobuZinger. This ragtag army actually managed to destroy the Tokugawa shogunate!
  • In the fifth chapter, Emimura Sanada appears (it's EMIYA with a Sanada-pattern mask)! He says that he lost the war because he stabbed swords at his castle walls to decorate them.

FGO Festival: 2nd Anniversary

  • Unlike all the other Servants who are wearing formal wear of various kinds, the Okeanos Servants are all in swimsuits for the second Anniversary Craft Essences. Even funnier, Heracles is lugging around a not-so-dead Gazer painted to look like a watermelon.

All the Statesmen

  • Riyo's Berserker, Paul Bunyan, is the event's free servant, and she's a personification of Memetic Mutation with her literally taking off more of her clothes for Ascension, having an insanely fast NP, and quirky animations like riding an insanely tiny Babe. Not to mention the fact that they gave Paul Bunyan, one of the most iconic lumberjacks in history, a Gender Flip. Well, remember that one lumberjack (who's OK, sleeps all night and works all day) who wishes he'd been a girlie, just like his dear papa/mama?
  • The event Craft Essence has the female protagonist at her most terrifying as she crushes everything in her path while everyone else is utterly panicking for their lives, with only a lone Saber with sword, water gun and drill-spear (which all so happen to be Altria's weapons in her Saber, Archer and Lancer forms) blasting off into the sky to try and stop her.
  • The plot of the event involves everyone being flanderized by a strange influence, with Geronimo and (shockingly) Thomas Edison being the Only Sane Men. The event is filled with Breaking the Fourth Wall without apology, with the protagonist slowly becoming more and more like a certain red-haired gag character...
    Protagonist: It’s not a 5-star limited Craft Essence or something like that, right!?
    Paul Bunyan: What's... that?
    Mash: Master, it’s alright this time! It’s not an event you have to farm repeatedly!
  • Upon waking up in the "All The Statemen" event, Edison starts singing "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!"
  • When Edison finds out they are in North Dakota, he reveals he isn't quite the fan of the state, even calling it the boonies.
  • After fighting wyverns, the protagonist and Mash are reminded of the Orleans singularity and are treated to a mental image of Siegfried... which then turns into an advertisement.
    Siegfried: I’m sorry for not being able to appear. Please support “Fate/Apocrypha” too... it is being aired on Tokyo MX and other TV networksEnglish version  to great acclaim. Also the book is currently on sale from TYPE-MOON BOOKS…English version  I’m counting on you, Master...
    Mash: It was… an advertisement…
  • Billy the Kid and "Wyatt Earp" appear to fight against the group. "Earp" is also clearly not Altera wearing a mustache.
    "Wyatt Earp": I am Wyatt Earp. No more and no less, and I am certainly not Altera. Master from a distant land, no matter who you formed a contract with, that is definitely not me. I am Sheriff Wyatt Earp.
    Protagonist: So that means you’re Altera, right?
    Billy: I think the budget was probably short, but for now she’s Wyatt Earp.
    Wyatt Earp: ... You’ve got it wrong. I’m definitely not Altera. When the Morning Star lights up the eastern sky, towards Chicago, a streak of light will fly. That’s me.
    • Likewise, one of the responses certainly rings with all of the players who wished their favorite historical/mythological figure is turned into a Servant, but that wish never came true...
      Protagonist: Oh COME ON! Wyatt Earp Servant WHEN!?
    • Throughout the event, Altera changes names from Earp to Buffalo Bill to Davy Crockett, all while denying that she is Altera.
  • The climax of the event involves the group facing possibly one of their strongest foes yet... Riyo Gudako, in all her insane, psychotic glory, going by the title of "Nameless Master".
    • She declares that the only necessary Servants are "beautiful female Saberfaces". One of the protagonist's rebuttals is "You need to stop right there before you curse us."
    • According to her, there is only one Servant below 5* that's worth anything. And that would be Astolfo, her "cutie."
    • After all her Servants are beaten, she starts to be sent back to her own world. When she lets loose that she just wanted to do lewd things with Servants, what's Edison's response?
      Edison: Yup. Begone!
    • Mixed with awesome, Edison calls his Noble Phantasm to defeat the Wendigos WDF: World Faith Domination! Anniversary Edition. He then uses his WDF™ to keep the people from reverting into monsters.

Dead Heat Summer Race!/Death Jail Summer Escape

  • The theme is Wacky Racing with the pretense of Ishtar wanting her Master to escort her as she returns some treasure to the Underworld and prepare a very cheap ritual to fix a supposed Singularity in Ireland (the cheapness is why Da Vinci gave her the go ahead to do whatever she wanted).
  • The excuse for most of the Servants (beside Fran) on why they changed Classes is that they changed clothes. That's it.
  • Gugalanna, the mighty Bull of Heaven that fought Gil and Enkidu in a cataclysmic battle... is an adorable tiny ball that jumps around Ishtar as she fights enemies.
  • James Moriarty has become a substitute father for Frankenstein as he needs an alias to avoid attention, and has taken to the role with gusto, gushing whenever she advances in the race. Frankenstein intentionally called Moriarty "Papa" because Chaldea has a manual for dealing with evil Servants and one of the tips is "Have a cute girl call them Papa."
  • Team Desert Beauty's car has a "walking mode" as a safety system invented by Scheherazade.
  • First round of the race, Atalante shows up with a group of mohawks, who she refers to as "children", to block the racers' way. She plans to make an apple farm on the ruins and won't let any racers pass by. They persist so she lays landmines in the area but Nitocris and Caster of Nightless City manage to pass safely using the "walking mode" safety system installed in their vehicle.
  • The second round has Boudica greeting racers with a smile before flying into a rage, ranting about the last year's summer event. She is completely upset by the fact the she endured embarrassment wearing a swimsuit for the photoshoot. What's worse is she got her hopes up upon learning it was one of the more popular 3* CEs and hoped it would get her a swimsuit version next summer, which didn't happen. She's so enraged by this, she becomes an Avenger and hijacks the race on her chariot, wishing to skin the racers alive, especially Nero. Nobunaga lampshades the absurdity by pointing out that she'll never be taken seriously with reasoning like that (while noting she herself has long given up any hope of being taken seriously being a gag character).
    • In the same round, Nobunaga also steals Okita's Catchphrase, "Kazusa-no-Suke's GREAT VICTORY!note ", before having her rocket plummet to the Volcano and then shoot up to the sky due to an eruption. A mysterious Shinsengumi woman (totally Okita), pops by in the audience seat and claims that it was divine punishment for stealing her place for a Swimsuit version (and her Catchphrase) and hopes that she'll get her Swimsuit next year. If the player is on the English version, this gets funnier because the player can already give the correct answer: No.
  • The third round involves a race down a river, with an additional rule that racers gain a speed boost based on how beautiful they are. The judges are the "Masqueraded Count" - obviously Da Vinci in a carnival mask, who enthusiastically shills the car she designed for team Tyrant Shooting Star before giving every single team ten out of ten - and a mysterious Mechanized Infantry named Mr. B, who is later revealed to be none other than Blackbeard once his armor is blown offnote , appearing with this gem:
    Listen up. Y'see girls hide the bits they DON'T want you to see under their swimsuits. Get it? That means that what they DON'T hide is fair game for the ogling your lonely heart desires! It's a free pass to enjoy the show! What kinda fool you have to be not to take them up on the sweet offer! So go on, TAKE IT ALL!! Everything that they show off. ARMPITS! THIGHS! NAVELS! ARMPITS AGAIN!!
    • The main antagonist of the stage and the one who explains the rules for the area is Penthesilea, who hopes to come last to prove she isn't beautiful.
    • The end of the round has Blackbeard predictably beaten up by the girls he disparaged. Meanwhile Penthesilea forgets about the competition and swims the entire length of the river, then flips out when she realises that coming first (because most of the competitors stopped to punish Blackbeard, and Fran and Helena got distracted fighting each other for the lead) means she's still the most beautiful. After raging that Achilles must be to blame she tries to drag everyone back to the start line for a do-over. Her title during the ensuing battle? Queen of Abs.
  • The fourth course is named Artemis Valley, where lie two "huge tracts of land", as Ishtar describes. Artemis prevents the racers from passing as she and her clones are busy finding Orion among the fakes infesting the land thanks to those two soft hills, and she challenges them to find the real one among the fakes. Enraged by the Orion fakes' indecent behavior, Raikou lets loose her ultimate "prefect mode" (actually just taking off her clothes and revealing her bikini), and brutally attacks the Orions who are attracted by her and Xuanzang's boobs. This eventually scares the real Orion who hides behind Artemis out of fear. (Again, the course is named Artemis Valley.)
  • Part 2 is a prison break from Medb's suspicious prison. She's angry because her Connacht became a giant race track, so she imprisons all participants. Ishtar makes their prison break another race because she's still paying for it, might as well get something entertaining out of their predicament.
    • In there, Servants are her jailers. Lobo has a police hat and the Hessian soldier is wearing a police siren as a head. Enkidu, on the other hand, is a mental institution prisoner who was locked up because Medb figured, and he admits it isn't so far-fetched, that he would have planned and committed the destruction of Connacht on a whim like a criminal mastermind.
    • Gorgon appears as an inmate and confirms that true to myth, Medb's weakness is cheese. Moriarty, Tesla, Edison and Babbage plan to get Enkidu's aid in showing them the dimensions of the prison so they can asssassinate her while she showers by catapulting a piece of cheese at her through her window. But when this occurs, Medb outright kicks the cheese, as she developed a Spider-Sense for nearby cheese. Best part? They actually made CG of Medb's silhouette showering and roundhouse-kicking the cheese. Everyone is either in shock, exasperated, or begrudgingly impressed at the skill of that kick.
      • The joke gets carried even further in Medb's updated animations in 2018, where if you start her combo with a Buster attack, she senses someone offscreen is throwing cheese at her (randomly a wheel, a slice, or a can) and kicks it out of the air towards whatever enemy you were having her target.
  • Ishtar reveals that the whole race was to help rebuild Gugalanna into a MK.II version who would fix the Singularity by stomping on Ireland. All to get back at Gilgamesh after he bullied her in Babylonia for losing the Bull. Using a pirated version of Extra Rin's ATM, she succeeds and immediately goes Drunk with Power, wishing to cover up all her embarrassments by throwing Gugalanna at them. Quetzalcoatl shows up and fixes the problem by piledriving both her and the Bull, destroying the giant ATM in the process. Ishtar's punished with holding another tablet of shame afterwards.
    • And this time, the tablet is shown in all its glory, with "I am a Useless Goddess" carved on it.
  • The explanation for the event's swimsuit Servants are highly amusing:
    • Nobunaga supposedly changed Class because of her Reality Marble but it's more like she just wanted to show herself off in a bikini.
      This swimsuit makes my boobs bigger, right?! RIGHT?!
    • Nitocris' first skill is White Royal Garment aka a Medjed bedsheet. She covers her body out of shame for Ozymandias (as usual). Her Beach Panic skill is supposed to be people expressing confusion at the Medjed blanket.
    • Fran became what she is now because a 50-something professor monkeyed around with her weapon. Though her sanity and intelligence has been restored as a Saber, the heat has caused her to become sluggish like a large dog, and all she wants is the AC on.
    • Nero's NP uses Simon Magus' teachings to create a theater formal wear, the Golden Theater, with all the organ pipes as gun barrels. The theater has an arsenal of fireballs, lasers, etc. but the most dangerous weapon is still her voice (which she hasn't realized yet).
    • Altria (Alter) wants to hide her identity, so she disguises her signature weapons: Excalibur Morgan is a mop and Secace is a water gun that looks like a realistic handgun. She fuses them both to form her assault rifle for her Noble Phantasm. Also, in her Stage 1 artwork and sprite, Excalibur Morgan is actually an inflatable toy version of it.
    • Raikou is a student council disciplinary committee member who wants to prevent lewd things, having called upon her connection with Indra to transform her into a suitable form to do so. Alas, her appearance is still too distracting. She even has an EX-ranked Beach Catastrophe skill, indicating that wherever she goes on the beach, she will cause a disaster. The skill's description:
      Amazing when clothed. EVEN MORE amazing when not.
    • Helena claims that the manifestation of her Kumara Wheel, costume, and Class change are by the means of the power of The Great Sanat Kumara! Tesla designed and improved the NYARF gun, Edison manufactured it. Doesn't sound like a happy collaboration from the way it's said.
    • Ishtar's NP is her heavenly boat Maanna changed into her scooter, which she promptly hops on to tour the world, her motorcycle converting the happy feelings from her travels into magic sparkles which damage enemies.
  • How the teams get formed for the Racing event is pretty hilarious as well.
    • Nero and Altria Alter team up after being goaded by Ishtar disguised as the Master with loving praise. Altria Alter in particular makes her determination to win apparent when she knocks Tristan into a wall for interrupting her while she's getting psyched up. When the two go to da Vinci to get a car prepared, Altria Alter notes to Nero that if she could handle "Tamamo Shark", she can handle her and the two shake hands in a way that da Vinci notes looks more like they're agreeing to fight to the death. What's funny is that when their "Master" starts lavishing them with such love and attention it leaves both Nero and Altria practically swooning. Once she's safely away Ishtar admits that she didn't expect them to just completely melt the way they did and decides that the two now very love struck girls are officially the protagonist's problem.
    • Fran is a goldmine because it starts out with the translation of her grunting being her eloquent and very loud complaints about the heat and her suspicions towards Ishtar. When she goes to find a partner, her first choices in Tesla and Edison have already gone with Helena and are in the middle of their usual rivalry (like Edison boobytrapping the vehicle to only accept DC and explode in Tesla's face if he uses AC). She reluctantly goes to Babbage (who's been kicked out of Chaldea because his steam in the summer makes everything hot like a sauna and forces everyone to wear swimsuits in the open, so he went to London to play with stray cats and stray Jack), but they need a method to ensure she won't get overheated from being around him. Moriarty (Professor M, aka "mysterious, devilishly dapper gentleman") appears to offer aid in building such a vehicle. Fran relucantly agrees and calls him "Papa", which prompts him to collapse and later describe the experience (as "Math Professor (50s/Single)") as the first time he ever shed tears and made him feel like he lived a fulfilled life. He then turns Babbage into the vehicle, mentioning he overheard Edison and someone else talking about how it would be cool if he could transform "like one of those robots" complete with diagrams and illustrations, so he experimented on Babbage to do this and used hypnotism to make him forget about the process. And then he does the dogeza when Fran gets mad on Babbage's behalf. It ends with everyone shocked that Fran can finally start talking coherently.
    • Nobu and Mysterious Heroine X's teamup in particular has No Fourth Wall, with Nobu apparently spending all the funds of the "puny assassination hobbyists" and her niece's gold on her new Swimsuit design. After surviving the ensuing retaliation she meets up with Mysterious "Racer" X, and they immediately hit off and team up for the race. Though their motivations are slightly different...
      Mysterious Heroine X: ...Eh? There are so few Sabers participating this time? Hehe… wouldn’t they be there, in the spectator stands! I can see it, the Saber-faces gorging themselves on shaved ice with a holiday mood, I can see it now! Yes, this is a dangerous drag race! Even if something happens in such a race… Like crashing into the spectator stands… It was an accident! It was an unfortunate accident! Legal justice!
      Nobu: Uh, I’m not sure which of us is the Demon King anymore… —-well, it can’t be helped!
  • Elisabeth in her Chainmail Bikini-clad form attempts to act like a swimsuit model and tries to get the attention of Georgios, who is taking pictures of the venue. He looks at Elisabeth with pity and claims it's also part of a photographer's job to capture the dark sides of the event.
    • Meanwhile, Hijikata drags Okita to the spectator stand, as he wants to ogle all the swimsuit-clad girls.
  • At one point, Nobu shouts "Tell me, have you ever danced with a Nobbu in the pale firelight!?", only to then ask "what do you mean nobody will get that reference these days!?"

Nero Festival 2017

  • Nero once again holds the Festival for everyone to have fun. This excites Brynhild because heroes from different ages beating each other reminds her of the original role of a valkyrie: harvester of heroes' souls. She then impersonates Mash to create a perfect Servant for the protagonist... if she fails, the protagonist will die, and at worst, a singularity will be created. She runs to the control room and wreaks havoc, accompanied by shadow Servants.
    • Luckily, El-Melloi II, Da Vinci, and Scathach predicted this would happen, so they send everyone to the control room to stop Brynhild. After beating her, it is revealed that the culprits of this incident are the "Chaldea Evil Masterminds": Moriarty destabilized Bryn's mentality for kicks, and Amakusa is his accomplice because he wants to create a singularity for a Holy Grail for his master plan (as always).
    • After this, Holmes appears and praises Moriarty for not leaving a trace despite him knowing he is the mastermind. Moriarty attempts to run and Holmes easily takes him down with baritsu.
  • The King Hassan Challenge Quest. The shock experienced by players at seeing him accompanied by 100 Hassans changed into chuckles because King Hassan beheads them one-by-one every single turn.

Halloween Strike! Great Decisive Battle at Himeji Castle

  • We once again return to Csjete Castle. However, the giant pyramid from last year is still there, only now Himeji castle was built on top of it making the whole thing look even more ridiculous. Also, as per Halloween tradition, Servants appearing as bosses are given funny nicknames. Ibaraki-douji is named "Where are my macarons?" while Chacha is named "Macarons are yummy.", hilariously implying that Chacha stole Ibaraki's macarons.

Trial Quest: Parvati

  • When Parvati-Sakura and Jaguarman (read: Taiga) meet, Taiga wants to make sure that "Parvati" is really ready for Chaldea. Sure she is! Well... even if there are three different Emiyas currently running around?note 
  • Medusa is absolutely furious at Parvati's presence... because it's putting the human Sakura at risk and Medusa absolutely will not tolerate that. And then Parvati calls her Rider and she just feels the malice melt out of her, but wonders why.
    "I mean, it's your class name, so I just thought it was appropriate~"
  • At the end, Mash and the Protagonist discuss the possibility that other Servants may feel awkward around Parvati (read: she hasn't even met normal Emiya, Saber, or any of the other Fuyuki crew yet, never mind Ishtarin). The Protagonist's two possible responses: "I'm worried" and "I can't wait!"

Merry Christmas in the Underworld

  • Santa Altera is full of laughs. Altera is convinced that a fake mustache and a sheep doubling as a present sack with presents in its fleece is all she needs to act as Santa.
    "Ho ho ho. I'm Santa."
  • The only gifts Altera has for Medusa Lancer are Shinji-related CEs. She opts to slice the first one (Victor's Complacency) with Harpe before Altera even finishes presenting it, but the second one, the Shinji-kun bot (which is from Fate/Extra CCC and is designed to eat overly terrible food and, crucially, get destroyed in the process) she decides to... keep. Because this does have uses. Yes. Uses.
  • One of the event CEs, Snow Pirates, depicts Blackbeard dressed in a snowman costume chasing Bunyan and Assassin of Nightless City. The terrified look of Assassin is just hilarious. Mary Read is also there about to throw a big snowball on Blackbeard.

     2018 Events 
Setsubun Hundred Level Pagoda
  • To alleviate the effect of the Fatigue system introduced in the event, the staff also introduces an onsen for the servants (maximum of 5 each time). The fandom obviously had a field day with this from the possibility of a Hot Springs Episode by putting whatever combinations possible, such as Altria clones sticking with Merlin (or Mordred), Gilles staring at different versions of Jeanne, the Emiya family picnic...or just look at what Nobunaga Shimazaki did.
  • Tomoe casually throws Holmes out of the pagoda's window after beating him since he's too drunk to leave. At first Holmes seems rather calm about it until he realizes he doesn't have Moriarty to act as a cushion for the fall, causing him to panic. The best part? His name temporarily changes to Reichenbach Ruler for this scene.
  • Chiyome is overjoyed to see Gorgon because they're both cursed by Snakes, so they're suffering from hibernation (they're really late risers in winter) and tries to get Gorgon to the onsen for further talks. Which scares Gorgon away from her. GORGON.
  • At Floor 80, Shuten has the "Onis" of food (EMIYA, Tawara, Boudica and Parvati) prepare a feast for Tomoe and the protagonist with MHX Alter as their taste tester. Tomoe however intends to destroy the tower anyway so she declines their offer to have the feast and just passes by. EMIYA's reaction?
    "We put all this effort preparing all this for you yet you decline them. Just passing by all this food is a sin so we will have you EAT THEM BY FORCE."
  • Floor 90 is Ibaraki's room. Or rather, Ibaraki's over-the-top shrine of Shuten merchandise. Complete with dakimakuras. Animated dakimakuras, that act as infinite copies of Shuten during Ibaraki's boss fight.
  • Most onsen dialogues are also worth a chuckle:
    • Caster Gilgamesh continues to boast about his hot spring and prepares to leave when Iskander taunts him that he just can't stand long baths. Gil immediately goes back to the water and then leaves because the onsen screams in pain when he's in there.
    • All of the Servants' horses (including Lobo) also get to enjoy the onsen and Lu Bu's there with them. The horses mainly discuss their owners' (Altria Lancer, Altria Lancer Alter, Xuanzang and Raikou) huge assets.
    • One of the groups is the Artificial Human group, composed of Fran, Danzou, and Nezha, with Babbage overlooking them... and Tamamo Cat, who's pretending to be a "NECO-type robot" by ending all of her dialogue in -robo. Danzou buys it.
    • Blackbeard leads a team of males for some onsen-peeping. His team consists of Moriarty, Hector, Shakespeare, David and Orion. With predictable results.
    • The rest of the Knights of the Round (sans Bedivere) and Fionn also want to join the above team but they're dragged behind by Bedivere (with his right arm activated) and Diarmuid. Meanwhile Lancelot wonders how Tristan plays his strings when Tristan is brushing his back with both hands.note 

Prosperous Chocolate Gardens of Valentine

  • The pigeon reports that scroll by have up to 7 pages worth of material (one for each structure you build). Here are some of the funny little titbits (Rest of the reports are here : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7):
    Coo. (Semiramis-sama's secret number one. She can't sleep comfortably without an eye mask.)
    Accident report - a giant cacao fruit fell and hit an elderly bearded Rider on the head. Sent to the medical room.note 
    A certain nurse is looking at the medicinal properties of cacao. The sedative effects of punching someone with a fistful of cacao have been noteworthy.
    Some child Servants have been mildly traumatised by a certain chocolate movie. No more blueberries.
    Report - A drill man who is known as a dentist is hired. Losses from child chocolate thieves decrease drastically.
    Rumors that the Supreme Pharaoh has plans to dock the chocolate spaceship with the pyramid.
    Not withstanding the bad smell from chocolate, the Magus of Flowers announces he will talk about chocolates. He then talks about it for two hours.
  • Everyone decides the best countermeasure to dilute the mandrake's harmful screaming is Nero's singing.
  • What's the last chocolate structure you can create? A chocolate Grail-kun!
  • As always, some of the newer servants' return gifts for your chocolate contain some funny elements:
    • Parvati's is a scale model of Nandi the bull. A 1/1 scale model. Even with the help of Mash, Medusa and Jaguarman, eating it is treated like a boss fight.
      Chaldea's battle... is just starting!
    • Circe asked other Servants for a taste test of her special treat, heavily based on her trademark kykeon recipe... and now there's rampaging pigs all around the facility. Including a robot boar that burst out of Babbage's room. And one that appears to be Vlad, but the staff are not sure which one.
    • The Queen of Sheba tries to show off her "cool side" and bets her chocolate on an unsolvable riddle... in an attempt to hide that the only chocolate she has on hand was bought at the last moment in a convenience store (complete with a "three for the price of one" sticker that she failed to completely remove). The protagonist ends up giving her a hardcore petting session as "payback". She nervously remarks that she doubts she's going to be able to even stand by the time they're through with her. The CE description isn't much better, describing the scene of the very out of place queen attempting to haggle with a confused yet professional store clerk while the djinni laugh at how silly the whole thing is.
    • Mecha Eli-chan MK2 hands you a seatbelt.
    • As something that's both adorable and hilarious, there's the protagonist's reaction to getting chocolate from Abigail at the end of her intolerably sweet scene.
      Choice 1: (Swoon and pass out)
      Choice 2: (Give Abby a shoulder ride and run all around Chaldea)
  • This gem from the shop:
    Semiramis: (in a higher pitched voice) H-Happy Valentine! (in her normal voice) YOU SAY?! Why do I have to spout such greetings?!

Inheritance of Glory

  • The PV shows Mordred and Fran casually fist-bumping each other while walking away from Avicebron's decimated golems, and Jack is riding on Spartacus's shoulder and seems to be having the time of her life with a big smile on her face.
  • When Cheiron is telling how he's going to teach Sieg how to retreat when a Noble Phantasm is used, Achilles gets a traumatic memory of when he was training under Cheiron in which Achilles wanted to become a hero as fast as possible, which Cheiron responded to by asking him to evade all of his arrows inside a cave for 24 hours. When Achilles tried to beg for a steadier way of training, Cheiron just decided that it was better for him to go through this kind of training anyway.
  • After finding out that a certain Amazoness queen is in Chaldea, Achilles suddenly speaks in a robotic way.
  • After Frankenstein joins your side, she gets mad at the fact that Fafnir is resting at her flowerbed. Sieg apologizes for finding a bad place to park his dragon body and asks her to move it into the corner if it bothers her that much. Then Spartacus comes to try to pick a fight with Fafnir and after being convinced by the protagonist and Fran that the dragon is not an oppressor, he decides to just rest at the flowerbed, much to Fran's annoyance.
  • While planning the next operation, both the Protagonist and Sieg start to worry about Shakespeare. The Protagonist claims that Shakespeare cannot stand by and watch all the time, while Sieg is worried that they cannot allow Shakespeare to do unnecessary things, much to Shakespeare's chagrin. While Shakespeare whines about being distrusted, Avicebron then adds icing to the cake:
    Avicebron: (to Shakespeare) So, how many times have you screwed up?
  • After listening to Sieg about the situation, Mordred finds it boring to be summoned in a non-Holy Grail War situation, only for Achilles to provoke her by stating just one Saber is enough. Mordred gets pissed off and challenges him to a duel, to which he agrees, only for both to be whacked by Fran because they might destroy the flower garden. Mordred then suggests to do it outside the castle but Achilles has already lost interest.
    Cheiron: It's nice to see these two heroes make up.
    Achilles & Mordred: NO, WE HAVEN'T!!
  • When planning for their assault on the Hanging Gardens, Spartacus refuses to fly with other Servants because it is a doing of oppressors and he will find a way to reach it by himself.
    Spartacus: If birds can fly, man can fly too. Nothing is impossible with humans. If man wanted to, he can fly. So I will become a bird to fly.
    Cheiron: A bird, huh?
    Spartacus: A cuckoo!! Cuckoo!!
    Protagonist: That bird can't fly high!!
    Atalante: You can't just turn into a bird in just one night. That's an insult to birds. How about we use a rope for you to climb with?
    Spartacus: That is not oppression.
    Mordred: Just what the hell is his definition of "oppression"?
  • When Astolfo and Cheiron make a picnic for the Servants the morning before the assault to the Hanging Gardens, everyone compliments Cheion's food and Achilles starts boasting how badass Cheiron is.
    Achilles: There's nothing he can't do. He is a great sage after all.
    Mordred: Can he do a criss-cross for an hour?
    Achilles: Of course, he can also do a one-finger stand like nothing.
    Atalante: Can he shoot an apple over a head of an evil magistrate?
    Achilles: He can do it while yawning, and he can shoot the head too.
    Astolfo: Can he make shockwaves with just a snap of his fingers?
    Achilles: And the shockwaves can cut things clean.
    Siegfried: How long can he move at full strength without breathing?
    Achilles: Until the enemy falls and stay fallen.
    Jack: Can he be a mommy?
    Achilles: Raising children is one of his specialties.
    Fran: U-uuh... (Can he revive with lightning?)
    Achilles: Well... uh... I am not really sure, but I believe he can do it in some way.
    Cheiron: Achilles, it's rude to give random answers, understand?
  • After that, Cheiron and Avicebron proceed to train and teach new things to Astolfo, Siegfried and Mordred to improve their battle abilities. Although in Mordred's case, Cheiron suggests she just charge in like a Berserker as usual, knowing that she is that hopeless in learning.
  • During the night of the assault on the Hanging Gardens, Atalante uses her Agrius Metamorphosis to transform to her Alter form to be able to fly. She is really embarrassed on how Stripperific she looks and wants to return to her normal form as soon as possible. This is the only time she (in her Berserker Alter form) realizes it since both in her home series and Lostbelt #1, she is too mad to care about how she looks.
  • One of Achilles' horses, Xanthus, can speak and even compares the possible reason why Achilles and Cheiron had not been rogue Servants unlike others to simulation games regarding "high power but high cost" for the other side. Cheiron is somewhat surprised the horse knows about such games.
  • Chiron dialogue explaining how his Noble Phantasm works.
    Chiron: Ah, everyone. My Noble Phantasm has no preparatory movements or warnings, so if you are aimed at then trust in your own luck and do your best.
    Atalante: ...that means I might as well give up then! (<— Luck E)
  • During the planning of the assault, Mordred and Fran don't go with the flying team as well, but intend to fly to the Hanging Gardens in their own way. Mordred's clue is "rocket", which the protagonist easily figures out but is stopped by Mordred before he/she can say it. The night of the assault, Mordred and Fran launch themselves using Mana Burst powered by Galvanism to fly, and they hit Karna who is confronting the flying Servants. They crash into the Hanging Gardens and Fran becomes so angry that she speaks, saying she will never do it again. Sieg is amazed at his first time hearing Fran speak (since in their home series, Sieg was unconscious when Fran spoke her last words).
  • When they finally reform Karna and Semiramis and reach the one behind the disturbance in the Greater Grail, Darnic (or rather his wish personified resulting from his death along with Vlad after their fusion during the Great Grail War), he offers the Servants a chance to exist in the real world. The Servants refuse because it's either not the heroic way or they just don't like him. However, Jack's reason is because he is a veteran magus and she hates the likes of him (since she was killed by them in her life), yet she loves the protagonist because he/she is only a newbie.
    Protagonist: Sorry for being a newbie.
    Jack: That's why we love mommy.
  • Bordering on Black Comedy, the drops for Raid!Vlad are Iron Stakes and Cursed Beast Cholecyst. Step 1: Read their descriptions. Step 2: Recall why Vlad participated in the Grail War in the first place.

Murder at the Kogetsukan

  • First off, this is a detective story-driven event......for which the character choices already broke some of Knox's Decalogue.
  • After the first segment, the protagonist explains what they saw to Mash, Holmes and Moriarty. Mash then tries to sum up the characters' position......while still badmouthing Lancelot.
  • Meanwhile, both Holmes and Moriarty take a vested interest in their characters and disparage the other, claiming them to be both equally shady and untrustworthy.
  • The detective Holmes is substituting for is killed soon after he arrives at the Kogetsukan. Back in reality, Moriarty is clearly laughing his ass off when he learns Holmes was taken out so early, resulting in Holmes using Baritsu to him to keep him silent. When Mash says "Holmes was killed", the real Holmes quickly stresses that it's Sheringham who got killed.
  • The final The Reveal in the detective story is that Juliet and Eva turned out to be Harriet's daughters from her affair with Aaron (Fionn), meaning she is the culprit who only did the killings to prevent a Surprise Incest marriage. This means Adamska (Lancelot) got cuckolded. Considering Fionn and Lancelot's original legends, it is one BIG Irony (As Lancelot is known for cuckolding while Fionn is known for getting cuckolded).

GUDAGUDA Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail - Far East Devil Battlefront 1945

  • The event itself is rather serious for its main meat. For its post-event, though... The title is changed to "Motto GUDAGUDA Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail - Revenge of Yodo" and it becomes a Holy Grail War parody. Special Chibi-Nobbus appear there and each type doesn't use Rie Kugimiya's voice, but the voice actors of the original Servant lineup of Fate/stay night (the official ones registered to that version of the Holy Grail War, the fake or extra ones did not get included) and have them say nothing but "Nobu". It has to be heard to be believed. They are also partially named from their respective Servants (like Medu-Nobbu and Cu-Nobbu) and even have their skills and "Noble Phantasms".
    • The said "Holy Grail War" is masterminded by Chacha, who emerges as Avenger Yodo, akin to Angra Mainyu. Her reason...? She's upset at not getting screen time in the first part where all the seriousness happened, as she was out buying ice cream. She attempts to conquer the entire Imperial Capital with the ability she got after eating ice cream from a Holy Grail (which is shown in the event's trailer). After defeating her, she reverts to Berserker Chacha and things are alright... until Nobu claims she ate Chacha's snacks and Chacha turns into Avenger Yodo once again.
      • To sum up just how silly the whole post-event is, take a good look at what happens when you unlock the node to face Chacha. Too bad it disappears once you beat her.

Servant Summer Festival!

  • This event is basically a Comiket at Hawaii with Servants. It's just as chaotic as one can imagine.
  • The team need to travel to Hawaii via normal airlines, and the four following Servants (sans Robin Hood) are a bit overenthusiastic about travelling on a plane, earning a Death Glare from Da Vinci, stressing them not to create troubles on board. In fact, Robin Hood keeps acting as the Only Sane Man of the group, at times calling out the crazy acts of others; for example, when Caster!Gilgamesh claimed he had lost his memory, he directly called out Gil's name, causing him to revert to his usual demeanour.
  • Anastasia makes a brief appearance where she gets into the protagonist's face and yells "IT'S GODDAMN HOT."
  • What makes Jeanne Alter stray from their initial mission (finding the new Foreigner) and join Blackbeard to draw Doujinshi for sale? The one sold by Jeanne is currently a top seller.
  • Altria Alter's swimsuit version is working as a waitress... because the restaurant is buffet-style so she can snack while working. She also holds people at gunpoint if they don't tip enough for her.
    Altria Alter: Here’s a burnt piece of toast, eat it in 3 seconds.
  • The EXTRA group (Caster!Nero, Lancer!Tamamo and Lancer!Liz) uses Babbage as the plate for beachside barbecue. Steams included.
  • Scenarios involving different Doujinshi are plain sources of laughter:
    • Everyone has a massive Freak Out! when they realize they've produced one involving Kiara Sesshouin and no one even knows how they did it. Meltryllis, Lancer!Raikou and Parvati then pass by and claim it's "dirty"... but they can't find anything wrong. Also, some of the PC dialogues available can pretend you've been possessed by Kiara.
    • As Caster!Gil gets a copy of My Round Table, he suggests the group can make a sequel next time: a love story involving an "Old Prince at a villa" acting as the home teacher of Lion King-chan. And Mash has absolutely no idea that it's Lancelot (in his swimsuit) who buys the last ten books.
  • The last stretch of the Festival gets so intense for our little doujin circle that the game starts throwing you full-blown battles against things like unfinished pages and a giant freaky ghost called "The Deadline".
  • The Monte Cristo Selection quest features Raikou calling Florence Nightingale a threat to public decency over her notorious "Trick or Treatment" and "Chaldea Lifesavers" outfits. Hilarity ensues.

Mysterious Country of ONILAND

  • Some Servants are enjoying the theme park ride... and things get hilarious between the 'couples'.
    • Amakusa and Semiramis in a spinning teacup field, all because Semiramis had to cater to Amakusa's Grail obsession. Then Amakusa rapidly increases the spinning speed of the teacup, without even listening to Semiramis' advice.
    • Cleopatra is sitting on Caesar's lap (Caesar himself is enjoying the ride despite his fat body making it cramped). And then Caesar makes a comment about changing his Saint Graph and putting on a swimsuit, possibly changing him into a Rider to the excitement of Cleo... Well, if the prospect of Caesar in a swimsuit doesn't make you grin uncomfortably...
    • Brynhild is holding her urge to stab someone, which could be Sigurd... except that she's sitting with Siegfried, who's so scared shitless that he decides to stay silent until Brynhild prepares her spear and he finally corrects it, kind of similar to his Material entry. And apparently, the Valkyries were spying on them... and they're still pissed that their great sister is hanging around with another Heroic Spirit, especially one that looks like Sigurd. Thrud even suggests to murder Siegfried anyway for it. And beforehand, Cu Alter was refusing Medb's shenanigans yet he commented that his situation was much better than Siegfried's.
    • Sieg is witnessing the gathering of Servants of Chaldea with wonder. This would be something he'd say to his original love interest, Jeanne... except his partner is Jeanne Alter, who proceeds to yell at Sieg's face about how they're supposedly unrelated. Naturally this troubles Sieg, and Jeanne Alter complains about that too with another yell.

Holy Samba Night

  • This Christmas event is also a wacky wrestling tournament.
  • Despite being chosen by Altera to be the next Santa, Quetzalcoatl's getup is Samba. Why? She misheard Santa as Samba.
  • While they intended to do the usual Santa business, the protagonist and Quetz find out Mexico is covered in snow, and her Blood Knight half hosts a tournament with a Holy Grail as a prize. They have to participate but she needs a Servant partner to do so; as it happens, they run into Bradamante, who is very hungry and beaten up after she was thought to be a thief who tried to steal the Grail. Bradamante mistakes Fou as a reincarnation of her husband and agrees to be Quetz's duo partner.
    • Their first opponents are Altria Santa Alter and Astolfo as her reindeer. Altria wanted to test Quetz's power while dragging Astolfo around. After winning, Bradamante is attacked by an unknown Servant who turns out to be Martha. She intended to participate, but being unable to find a fitting partner, she was disqualified. She decides to train Bradamante later on.
    • Their second opponents are Hector and Berserker of El Dorado. Their reason? Just to have revenge against a certain Rider Servant.
    • Their third opponents are Edison and Bunyan. Edison claims Christmas is the time of DC while Bunyan aspires to be a Santa. They lay electric wires with DC current on the ringside and put on protective suits to protect themselves from the electic current. However they lose when they get electrocuted by the wires, which turn out to have been tampered to use AC current.
    • Their fourth opponents are Carmilla, Assassin of Nightless Castle, Red Hare and a bunch of Atrocious Officers. Despite their number, they are counted as a duo and are able to pass off as such due to abusing a number of loopholes in the rules. And they use poison as well, though Quetz can No-Sell it due to her Divinity; however, she's not completely immune to poison and it affects her due to weakened Divinity after her split, leaving her at bad shape for the next match.
    • Their fifth opponents are Atalante Alter and Jaguar Warrior. Atalante had been mistaken by Mexican kids as a lucha wrestler and she has to win for them while Jaguar Warrior just tags along. Martha substitutes for the poisoned Quetz and dons her mask, trying to pass off as her, although no one buys it besides Bradamante. The match becomes a Curb-Stomp Battle when Martha defeats both opponents with one punch.
    • Their sixth and the semifinal opponents are Ivan the Terrible, who wants eternal blizzard, with Anastasia, who he dragged in. Their combination move is Anastasia carrying Ivan and charging at high speed, which is best interpreted as this. Bear in mind Ivan the Terrible is 5.3 meters tall and weighs frigging 2.5 tonnes, while Anastasia has E-ranked strength.
  • While Ruler Quetzalcoatl dropping a meteor sized gift box on the enemy is already funny, there's a chance to trigger Jaguar Warrior describing the scene like an actual wrestling match.

     2019 Events 
Chronicles of the Prospering Enma-Tei
  • Sion shows off a bit of meta awareness in the prologue:
    An alchemist of Atlas's physical abilities are also sharp. It's done in preparation for being able to appear in a fighting game at any time.
  • Beni-enma's commentary on how several Servants she knows cook: Kiyohime only knows how to fry things, Tamamo puts her special spice on everything, and Tomoe is, to put it kindly... an idiot sandwichExplanation .
    • And they're not nearly as bad as Osakabe-hime, to the point where Beni-enma thinks that to teach her how to cook, she needs to be reincarnated.
    • Suzuka, meanwhile, earns a stealth compliment from Beni-enma; her cooking may be crude, and she has no talent whatsoever for proper presentation, but it is nourishing and satisfying (she also needs to find herself a husband).
  • The first guest of Enma-tei is Sasaki Kojirou. Beni-enma mocks him and his Tsubame Gaeshi, but upon learning what exactly the sword technique is and what it could do on swallows and possibly other birds, say sparrows, she declares him a freak.
    • The second guests of Enma-tei are Marie Antoinette, who snuck out of her clique of French Servants, and Anastasia, who is disappointed that the inn doesn't have any geishas. Upon getting their guest rooms, a demonic monkey attacks and hurls a mudball at Anastasia's face. The annoyed Anastasia then recalls the days she put rocks in snowballs during snowball fights when she was alive, picks up the mudball, fills it with a gemstone, then throws it back to the monkey so hard it's sent flying. The battle after that scene has everyone driving away the other monkeys with Anastasia throwing stones at them mercilessly, which is reflected in-battle as a sudden drop of the monkeys' HP to 1 per turn.
  • Heroine XX attacks the inn because of the presence of another new Saber.
  • The GUDAGUDA gang and Heroine X visit Enma-tei and rent a guest room. There, they have some pillow fights and all is well until they start Calling Your Attacks and transforming. After Mash quiets them down, they just settle with going to the hot spring, but Ryouma feels like they're forgetting something. Cue Izou, who is left alone at the Wandering Sea base.
  • Consort Yu visits the inn to relax. While she's being massaged, she complains that not even Enma-tei's masseurs can do anything about her stiff back, and asks if there's a stronger one. Fionn responds by bringing in Old Li Shuwen, who's temporarily working as a security guard there. She freaks out, knowing all too well what kind of damage he can inflict, and tries to run away, but a sparrow somehow holds her down and she eventually gives in to Li Shuwen's massagenote , to the point that she makes a noise that only Xiang Yu had and should ever hear.
  • Two certain quests can only be entered by male Servants on one and females on the other. Unlike in previous events that allow Astolfo to enter any gender-specific quests, he can only enter the male-only one in this event. Unsurprisingly, d'Eon, Enkidu and Qin Shi Huang can enter both quests.
  • The "Hell's Kitchen" episode. Mash, Helena, Anne and Mary, Gorgon and Tristan sign up for Beni-enma's cooking class, unaware of the hell they just signed up for. A translation is here. Stand-out examples include:
    • Tristan actually came to the class by accident in the first place but decided to stay so that he can be the best cook among the Knights of the Round Table.
    • After the unfortunate Servants land on Hell Island, Gorgon asks Mash how long she's going to use her tail as a cushion.
    • Helena complaining that all she wanted was to simply know how to cook plain omelette and eggs, not fight on a deserted island. This is a reference to her real-life counterpart, who was indeed so ignorant about cooking that in an infamous incident she once tried to cook eggs by putting them directly over hot coals.
    • When it's all over, only Mash is the sole survivor of the class and she's in a daze rambling about kitchen terminology. The kicker? Beni-enma congratulates her for completing the beginner level and there are 8 levels of difficulty of her class. Tamamo tells Mash to rein herself in from signing up for higher difficulties as even she could only clear up to level 5 before having to run away with her tail between her legs.
  • In their final encounter with Nue, every Servant present changes to their final Ascension forms for the battle... except Tamamo who instead changes to her summer Lancer form instead, ruining the serious mood for a while.

Valentine 2019 Voice & Letter Collection

  • Anastasia gives you a Viy doll, like the one she's always holding. Heartwarming... until she informs you that it contains some of her magical energy, and giggles in the face of you remembering her reputation as The Prankster. Later that night, Viy gets into a fight with Mini Cu-chan, and the two proceed to wreck the protagonist's room in the process. The protagonist wakes up to a huge mess and a very smug Anastasia noting that the two dolls seem to have become friends.
  • Swimsuit Jeanne Alter once again tries to give you a chocolate that you'll hate, first by numbing your tongue with nine cups of coffee so you can't taste it, then by claiming it was something she bought for 10 QP, totally not handmade at all. It works about as well as her last attempt.
  • Miyu gives you three chocolates: Obligation Chocolate (which the protagonist is visibly disappointed at), Friend Chocolate (which Chloe extorted her for), and True Feelings Chocolate (meant for Illya, but she rejected it because it was too fattening).
  • Atalante Alter gives chocolate in a very high-strung way, complete with sound effects as she nearly breaks your door, runs away, screeches to a halt, and comes back.
  • Consort Yu once again gets annoyed by how unafraid of her you are. Given what Summer BB's Valentine's scene is like, it's morbidly funny how Yu thinks she's one of the scariest things in Chaldea.
  • Red Hare informs you that you shouldn't give horses chocolate, since they can't break down caffeine. He then gets affronted when the chocolate you give him turns out to be decaffeinated, because it's not like he's a horse or anything.
  • Okita Alter gives you oden chocolate, as in, oden garnished with melted chocolate. Tastes surprisingly good, all things considered.
  • When the protagonist gives Sakamoto his chocolate, at first Oryou looks like she's jealous and is about to pound them into paste...only for her to complain about not getting chocolate. Which the protagonist was going to give to her anyway, much to her delight.
    • Before that, the Protagonist finds the pair inside the tearoom, with Oryou claiming to have torn the room down and repurposed it as a limited revival of her GudaGuda 3 shop, expressing the desire to become rich and hire "a beautiful and competent secretary" once "Oryou-san and co. Corp" turn big.
  • Asagami gives you a mini chocolate shaped like a bridge. Her thought process while making it was that maybe you'd like to feel like a kaiju while eating it.
  • Qin Shi Huang gives you an elixir of immortality. It crosses into Black Comedy when he remarks that it was never tested and he's not sure it will even work, having achieved immortality a different way and noting that it might just poison you like mercury, before deciding it will be fine as long as you have Mash's protection.

Lady Reines' Case Files

  • One of the first scenes (bordering on Signature Scene) is the death of Waver. It doesn't stick, but it seems that the staff made the joke "karoshi" official.
  • One of the memorial quests brings you back to Camelot fighting against Gawain......Until everyone finds out it's in the night, meaning Gawain's blessings are useless. He even feels frustrated about the fact.
  • Before the rematch against Barbatos (and the subsequent pillar-hunting), Reines tried to find its weakness, which is you. The gem goes to this line:
    • Seeing the pillars going down even faster than back in Solomonnote , the staff boosted its base number from 20 million to 50 million. The reason? "Its magical power increased from grief".
    • And when the raid battle endednote , the game server crashed, exactly like what happened back in Solomon.

GUDAGUDA Final Honnouji

  • The mere idea of six Nobunagas fighting each other is one of the funniest things about this event. And things only get wackier from there.
  • The newest variations of the Nobu enemies are the Kabuki Nobu and Kabuki Nobu Max, but they look like more of a disco-dancer Nobu, complete with an oversized pompadour which they throw for their critical attack, a mic stand that doubles as a spear, and constantly striking the "Staying Alive" Dance Pose.
  • One of the "Oda Nobunagas" encountered, who is working with Nobukatsu, is nearly identical to the real-life 16th-century portrait of himself, with his face censored for legal reasons. It doesn't help that he is called "The Real Nobunaga", giving our Nobu a bit of an identity crisis.
  • Okita (at different points) keeps whining about not getting a summer version and demands one for the next summer event. This gets Hilarious in Hindsight because come the 2019 Summer Event, Okita finally got her swimsuit (but as a late reveal).
  • When the player attacks an enemy node, Mash sometimes lets out her battlecry, or even imitates the sound of a conch shell horn.. It appears that she's now caught the usual GUDAGUDA crazy antics after having more passive roles in the past two GUDAGUDA events.
    Mash: BOOOOUUUU!!!! ADVANCE!!!
  • On victory, she shouts Kagetora's signature warcry "Ei! Ei! Oh!".
  • In the epilogue, Okita Alter (who missed the entire main story because she took a nap and was eventually forgotten in the simulation) has become a "Great Demon King" commanding most of the Alter Servants (except Saber Alter, Mysterious Heroine X Alter and Arjuna Alter), as well as Ushiwakamaru, who passed as an Alter by painting herself black, and Nero, who instead built a Roman Colosseum in Japan.
    • Jeanne Alter is summoned in her swimsuit form, along with Santa Lily and a certain whale-riding idiot, much to her chagrin.
    • In the encounter with Altria Lancer Alter, the Camelot Knights show up as the Houjou Five-Colored Britain Five (although Tristan and Mordred overlap as the Red Ranger). In the same scene, Kagetora envies Altria being able to ride her horse every time.
      Kagetora: Ah.. ah.. what did you say again? I did not hear it.

Lord's Las Vegas Seven Swimsuit Swordsmen Tournament

  • Da Vinci punches Gordolf's belly as if it is a punching bag.
  • Upon showing up in her swimsuit wear, Hokusai mistakes the hologram projections of Holmes and Da Vinci as spirits and thinks the two are father and daughter. Da Vinci jokingly calls Holmes "Papa Holmes", much to the detective's chagrin.
  • When the Chaldea team arrive in Las Vegas, they are attacked by a "Grand Canyon Condor". The funny part is in the actual battle, the player battles a chicken, which is pointed out in the story after it.
  • The reason Swimsuit Lion King is dressed up as a bunny girl? Gawain and Lancelot tricked her into wearing it.
  • Gilgamesh's returned and is now managing the Gildalay Gold hotel in Las Vegas, with Lanling Wang as his new secretary after he fired the Queen of Sheba as she got her own business. Lanling Wang though is overly dedicated to his job, so much so that he ignores his boss just to answer phone calls even in the middle of their encounter with the protagonist's gang. In-game, he stuns himself for two turns to answer the phone.
  • Osakabe-hime is in a jungle, talking to herself while making loads of perverted, crazy facial expressions, completely ignorant of Kiyohime sneaking up behind her.
  • During the intro of Hokusai's first Swimsuit Swordsman duel against Osakabe-hime, Merlin gives the latter the title "Blank Manuscript Osakabe-hime".
    Osakabe-hime: Wait, wait, wait... I'll get it done on time. On time, please!
  • After being pushed to the pinch, Osakabe-hime cheats by manifesting the three stacked castles from her debut Halloween event along with a giant Mecha Eli-chan Mk.2, and elevates herself so the protagonist's gang won't be able to reach her. However she is shot down and defeated by Hokusai, who's launched by Helena and Musashi against her will, as well as being empowered by a Command Seal. After that, Osakabe-hime lies about her manuscript progress, in front of Kiyohime. Realizing that, she makes an Oh, Crap! face, and cue bell sounds.
  • Blackbeard warns the party to watch out for other Swimsuit Swordsmen as the defeated Osakabe-hime is the weakest of them. It is followed by a roll of thunder that turns out to be made by Ivan the Terrible, who got dragged here by Teach for this exact moment.
  • To bypass the traps in Pharaoh Casino, Carmilla uses her secret weapon for it, Medjed sheets, which're worn by her, Mash and everyone else to get through the traps and steal the Eye of Medjed. After they get near it, they confront Cleopatra who guards the eye. Carmilla's solution? Have Scathach challenge Cleopatra to a game of "Who is more beautiful?", which she reluctantly accepts when the protagonist tricks her by saying that Caesar might be watching. The game eventually becomes so intense people start to gather around with the Queen of Sheba appearing out of nowhere to collect bets.
  • After finding out that the Eye of Medjed has been stolen, Nitocris wrathfully summons Ivan, Darius and Ganesha to beat up the protagonist's gang. When asked why she summoned the elephant Servants, she states that she had gotten sick of sphinxes.
  • After the theft incident and defeating the second Swimsuit Swordsman, Carmilla offers a ride to the protagonist and Mash to go around Las Vegas. During the trip, she runs over Elisabeth, who is crossing the street, and acts like nothing happened. This happens again two more times, this time with Halloween Elisabeth and JAPAN Elisabeth. But the fourth time, Brave Elisabeth dodges the car, which makes Carmilla furious. She brags about her bikini and mocks Elisabeth's Chainmail Bikini, insisting that the former is a swimsuit and the latter is not. At the heat of their fight, Heroine XX shows up, appearing as if she'll stop them, but she's actually come to arrest both, Carmilla for overspeeding, and Elisabeth for flailing a weapon around.
  • In order to prevent Hokusai from challenging the third Swimsuit Swordsman, Lambdaryllis, Mysterious Alter Ego P abducts Carmilla, Osakabe-hime and Kotarou, and holds them as hostages. The first two are caught off-guard as they are no longer Assassins to foil P's Presence Concealment, while the latter is captured after he gets distracted by her huge rack. When the protagonist finally reaches P to save the three, Napoleon and Hijikata come out of nowhere seemingly drawn in by P's gigantic boobs.
  • In the battle against Columbus and Kingprotea, Columbus being a Determinator has permanent guts, and everytime he is killed, his guts trigger and he laughs maniacally. However, it doesn't stay long as Kingprotea gets annoyed with his laughing and squashes him flat (in gameplay, she removes his permanent guts).
  • In Summer Okita's backstory, Okita was overjoyed at getting a swimsuit version and was about to show it to the GUDAGUDA gang when she bumped into Heroine XX and... died. Heroine XX panicked at accidentally killing Okita because of the massive trouble it would cause her, so she took the dead Okita to an underground laboratory and attempted to revive her, which somehow succeeded. Now, Okita has been reborn as Okita J. Souji, now equipped with jet boosters (the J. stands for Jet).
  • After Okita defeats Hokusai, she realizes that she has no more time left before she dies again as she has wasted most of her time looking for a yakisoba to eat and has only 10 minutes left. She wishes to be with the protagonist watching the sunset of Las Vegas as her last moments. After she finally succumbs, having got her final wish, XX arrives with Musashi and realizes she got Okita's timer wrong as she still has about 800 years remaining. Not only that, but Okita did not actually die and was just unable to get up when XX crashed into her due to her general sickness. Okita then wakes up with her face red as a tomato, and attacks XX out of embarrassment. They eventually manage to make peace until Okita tries to remove her boosters, upon which XX states that only something like a Holy Grail can remove them, prompting Okita to attack XX again.
  • The fourth Swimsuit Swordsman is Summer Jeanne, who owns a theater casino, and keeps a great white shark that even Servants are scared of. On top of that, Jeanne herself is even more dangerous thanks to her "Big Sis Beam" that can brainwash people so severely Lambdaryllis says that not even BB could do such a thing. The gang flees in terror and starts planning how to defeat Jeanne, which concludes with a plan: counter her with a motherly Berserker who fears no sharks nor an elder sister. And there's one Servant that fits exactly that criteria - Raikou, who uses attacks like "Mother Laser", "Mother Slash" and "Mother Tornado" in their duel.
  • After Jeanne's defeat, Mephistopeles asks the gang for one last performance for a play, where Lambdaryllis wants to participate. The roles available for her are a dog and a sea monster, which she declines, especially the latter as she'd have to put on horns and that reminds her of Kiara. Mash volunteers to be the cameraman for the play and asks da Vinci for a multiple angled camera. This scares Siegfried and Kotarou a little bit. Meanwhile, the shark that had been sent flying by Mother Tornado becomes friends with Asterios.
  • Atalante Alter comes crying to the protagonist and Mash after she lost all her money in a casino. Jeanne Alter, who also lost her money, joins her and they eventually go to the bar where Moriarty's serving and chat about their terrible luck. Mash, who is given a non-alcoholic drink, gets drunk anyway and starts wondering whether she should get Verbal Tics, before just going ahead and using them anyway. When Achilles comes to get Atalante, the two drunk Alters find out he has great luck in casinos to the point he got banned from this one, and they proceed to beat him up until they fall asleep. Next morning, they visit Chaldea's room only to find Mash wiggling out of embarrassment on the bed as she clearly remembers her drunk behavior. Moriarty then shows up and offers the protagonist photos of the drunk girls, which he/she agrees to buy.
  • To defeat Tristan, Moriarty proposes using "mature women" Servants like Carmilla and Scathach-Skadi against him since that is his weakness. However, against Lancelot who has a similar weakness, Moriarty refrains from repeating the same tactic knowing it may backfire, so he uses Lancelot's other weakness, Gareth, who weaponizes his guilt over killing her in their past lives, faking her tears and calling him the worst, dealing a fatal blow to him.
  • The cause of the singularity in Las Vegas is traced back to Musashi, who found a Holy Grail and cooked rice and udon using it. When Saber Altria finds out, she wonders if she could do it some time too.
  • Hokusai reverted to their Foreigner self after the singularity disappeared, and became totally embarrassed on what their Saber self did. To calm themselves down, they painted a picture of an apologetic Musashi which is a parody of the real life self-portrait of historical Musashi.


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