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Fanfic / Superwomen of Eva 2: Dark Lady of Tokyo-3

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Most people assume that Mayumi Yamagishi is just a timid little bookworm. Most people think she's just a quiet young heiress living off her late parents' huge fortune. Most people are wrong. Very wrong.

Superwomen of Eva 2: Dark Lady of Tokyo-3 by Mike313 is a Superwomen of Eva story in which a relatively obscure Neon Genesis Evangelion character named Mayumi Yamagishi from the Sega Saturn game Second Impression takes on the role of Batgirl in order to find the truth behind the death of her parents. The story focuses less on the big monster battles and more on the subterfuge surrounding Nerv and building the Bat-mythos in the NGE world.



Alternative Title(s): Superwomen Of Eva 2 Dark Lady Of Tokyo 3


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